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What's the difference between the 11' Patriots and the 12' Patriots

Jan 2, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss some of the key differences they see in this current Patriots team compared to the one that went to the Super Bowl last year.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The stress foods preparation of distress to practice because. They're -- such high expectations -- that when you go to practice every week you know like come home on Wednesday or Thursday night after practice round. We all exhausted because the emotional energy you put out. Don't think you know preparing and want to be really good practice high level electrocution and then. Over the course of the year that really takes a -- as well -- that's for -- -- so that's really convinced also and our team is. You know focused on that made that important part of our success of our ability. Group past wins and losses and still try to be your best as we. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's this team will rest this week no game this weekend divisional game a week from Sunday to -- stadium against the Texans. Against the ravens or the -- much -- 93 point seven WEEI. And obviously you look back to last year you know what's different now. And the patriots team that got themselves to super last year. In 2012 -- last season's. Okay thank you well -- -- not -- -- -- -- started correcting us out of the gate Barbara started to understand that 37937. What does that you gotta correct I'm -- to just told myself you know write down things. 2013. Not Waltz and trying to. This this year 2012 last year last season camp with the market has some issues there are. There are some differences. Between this season patriot team and last season's patriot team like that. And the biggest difference to me is that the of what you makers on defense we spent. Two years talking about a on the show. That this team lacked playmakers defensively and we went through earlier this year. The draft issues they had a getting guys in their secondary that can make plays in the draft currency wasted on certain players and that's secondary well this year gold at the playoffs. High tower tailor Jones Talib bettered according its safety. In addition the -- -- sort of knew about. It's a major difference from a season ago. Right there are guys who you weren't sure coming into the season if that he'll make plays what the impact well it might not have been as big early. Oh going into the playoffs. You can picture more than one hand to say these the guys can make defense a place where your team that's a major swing. The fight at the health of Rob Ninkovich because the double play makers. Here's a guy we -- before you are you gonna replace the most sacks. Ninkovich who leads his team in sacks and eight. -- five forced fumbles huge any everybody so it's -- find it two weeks there when he walked off the field -- -- -- you think -- gonna be -- two weeks but Bo Jackson hip injury I don't I don't think you -- he couldn't do anything in the news that was. You can't walk any slower than we -- which walked up the field Alexy. How he comes back but still you by the guys that can fill that role. I agreed to -- that is the -- the difference. And I popped the net for years the difference with the patriots team will Paul has to be the defense. Of moving forward. You know and -- Greg dark talked this morning about the offense and -- -- struggle a little bit and yet they haven't looked good at all really the last couple of weeks here. It is the defense that I think is the reason why you feel even I feel better about this team this year than last year and with the Super Bowl last year. -- cynical play games. In -- -- the defense that show much I mean the deepest approved last year I -- -- the team that played against they got the Super Bowl quarterback first laid -- -- in the fall on it was it was Denver in open against Tim Tebow lips to kill them they want tough game to get the super ball. And you know he could argue that they could have lost that game very easily. -- I just held on the ball Lee Evans and he didn't Flacco played pretty well this year I think is different. This year I think that they've made unlike last year down the stretch. They've made bad quarterbacks look bad. And I think last year withdrew his guys like -- lost DR Rex Grossman her. Vince Young the made them look good they won those gains they made them look better than they were. The senate this year the -- they made Andrew Luck looked like a rookie they look make getting a look like a rookie. Question in the back up looked pretty damn good -- this year. They may back ups look pretty damn good that's even more impressive to me go back to the first half of the year. I commend Arizona Kolb. Mark Sanchez had huge days against this team. And you wondered what they get better and they got better as the year went on was Bedard story today but his game story recap after Sunday's win over the dolphins. Five point four was the average of twenty yard pass plays a skiing game up over the first nine games of the year. Since the -- it's in the last two games give a five total now and a lot -- -- -- comeback amigo well they played. Jacksonville and handing handing -- Miami and right. But both the type quarterbacks -- That destroyed you as recently as this year at the beginning of the year those quarterback's league chew up the week every day came on the shelf patriots Monday. -- highlight how many passing plays to give up a twenty more yards because both to meet on the back breaker short long drive becomes short drives. You are able to pick up big ground real quick. They gave up an average of five of those the first nine games you -- five the last two that is eight. Huge improvement now they give up big plays in the playoffs I'm sure they will couple. But it's nowhere near. As bad as it was you said last year. As receives the first half of this year yeah and -- market improving the good teams mark played. The first half second half it's not like last year reasonable first -- it's a pretty good teams in pretty good quarterback it's it's more even. Right first eight games that mean it's a bad quarterbacks in the plate they'll Flacco -- Patrick and Manning and in Wilson. You know and you had -- Sanchez's like you know Bradford but the second half. Same quarter Benny went up against job you went up against public -- neck and -- couple times was it was more evenly spread as far as going up against quarterbacks. We look at the first half of the season seventeen touchdowns eight picks in the first eight games the last eight games ten touchdowns twelve picks. And this is a trend and we saw the same thing last year and a lot people talked about a over the week. Well bill Belichick's defense being extremely Vanilla gonna do the basic stuff first -- we can -- the other things. This goes back the discussion the offensive lines bring train mean pre season. I -- there again actually blown up. Lot of people since they'll be got to relax a little bit because it's just. It's just man oh man you know blocking in his note there was gas protection of steaming know anything you've got to get the basics down first. Before weakened implement some more complex things and maybe get a little bit more aggressive. I think that's what you're seeing. Whether it's just having this young defense this transition of the defense that you've seen the last three or four years and that being the case while it's always been the case that's why. Talk to Matt -- -- eleven yes and that cares she when he was there was this sort of the thing Q with Bill Belichick you know very Vanilla to be getting beat the basics down before -- can implement some things a little more complex. In the -- but keep the -- of the acquisition and how good he can look at big turnaround. Well last two weeks he hasn't really played it all great point and they've looked just as good if not better than they have all year and they're still getting pressure on quarterbacks this idea that Lee was gonna commit it would light and to create pressure OK maybe. Early on but is your snaps in two weeks and it's what 78 sacks and against an Helio on the ball lot but the pressure up front was tremendous and it was just it was. It's gotten it's gotten better against tougher competition last year can -- got better I mean the are gonna get better as the year went on. The competition was. The quarterbacks you played work our -- The quarterback -- this year it's down the stretch -- of talent there. At least some guys that make you sweat occasionally. It was not your -- he's in the world and that's a major difference to me like by far the the different the playmakers on defense. And the way this -- -- better against better competition. Is a major reason that they are different from last season. Also point to the offensive balance. And the way this team was able to run the football this year by the end of the season. They end up as the number seven rushing off at the National Football League -- at one B thirty's won 36 and a half yeah on the ground per game. -- give a thought that in my case nobody thought that was Steven really 290 carries. Now we know that first half of the season when aptly -- second half. There was a drop off an amount of carries in the in the AB average yards per carry things like that -- even guess that Miami game. You know this past Sunday when he carries every four yards a three point seven -- now impressive. It was a good run in there -- -- hard running in the with this guy ending to make some big plays he hits the hole. If there's you know again -- -- the holes not there it's not a minus three still gets a yard you know and that was the case I think with Miami but still. You're right admitted the balance -- this team has and we get to the passing attack and but I think as far as running the football. They are there are more balanced team I think -- the of the of their better playoff team right now and -- last in the with a super ball. Because it and I think Talib will be back I think that was just a cold out we don't need -- -- with the same -- ball those guys back at the corner I think to put the quarterback is safety. And you feel really good about this defense. I think that's the biggest difference. Feel good about the defense and the offense if you tell me Tom Brady. Doesn't every Tom Brady game and say the divisional round last year as a fine you lose the game because Tom Brady has the play at such a high level. Steve -- 150 plus yards against Denver earlier this year. They've had some games where they have allowed their running backs especially late close out there it's relief whether it would and she and Marines and a bigger role brain -- the knicks back in. They got a nice mix at that position and if you take out the relief fumbling issue. That balance been able to run against eighteen when they know you want Iran is so big -- much they had that last year and a green Ellis is a dependable running back. Pollen and a lot -- get a could again or is all about Tom Brady. I think this year that balance and that threat of that running game whether it would -- shocked moderately in a single back much. Bigger private BenJarvus I think gays have -- football we Donald that used. That he got his openings when he did cabin even look at it carries are limited use -- a goal line back almost last year released different story. The have to be concerned about the running game as they can run the football this year and you mix that in with a better more aggressive defense. And I am so happy that they are in a more aggressive defense along did you call for I -- we sat here you know patriots fans now for years have been like why. Why the web page at the sit back. And just try to play zone defense. And just confuse the quarterback and we for got to make a bad decision white shoe to drop the ball liking -- -- more proactive. Goal after the quarterback on third six go after the quarterback on third night makes some plays make something happen make these guys make decisions quicker than they want to. You've seen that this year you seen in the second half. Whether it's to leave -- -- -- more talent what you think it is innings more talent combination of both I think it's also competence and got the accordion Greg -- -- played -- their deceit -- position. You've got exactly that. That's -- the next round. None of those teams I'm I'm afraid. I don't care which one of the readers. 61777979. To three -- the phone numbers we see some differences clearly between this season's teams have that right the seasons this CFL last season's patriots team will feature differences as well. Mario's and Carl talked to him -- good morning. They -- they don't know what's up Mario. Yeah I gotta say Arab and urged that they hear repeat the -- eight at eight. Your -- in a fight there or -- what they are not there -- Odeo. They want to do it right. It's like this don't they maybe they want Mort gate and let the big deal but it. I can't read he did in the playoff. Everett did it get out and be -- and that the matter loaded nobody out of beat it beat. Out they don't play well let it go yeah yeah. Obama Mario. How can you how can you look at the idea that you get to avoid Denver. Until an AFC championship game -- -- championship game rather than in that divisional round and round two is not a major advantage for the patriots. -- Major benefit your beat them. But is it that you keep that in and everybody is flat -- -- I'm not talking about what ever but everybody -- the -- are we crush them in December or -- or 48 -- a we eat it and ripped off the field and everybody platinum -- but he did it back. -- Everybody -- I ever. And does it ever gotten into that. With -- 088 naked -- keeping you it would make it work it will in the week it's your. They've played nobody. And I hate the deputy that was it yet what we've ever that the material what we did you do not have a lot -- bad. Indianapolis that OPEC plate or. Well you can make the argument to meet you go to Denver when that divisional round but if you say. It's not a major advantage for the patriots to avoid the Broncos the beastly FC title game I disagree with. Every day of the week and twice on game day -- it looked like two weeks ago. Home game against navy a frisky Pittsburgh team team you're scared -- right place at the schedule was Pittsburg at all. On the road Denver around 20 on the road for AFC title game. Wrote was so much harder the what the patriots are based on paper writes -- -- -- Folks there's no question I mean. It but the whole game -- doing it one home game -- is probably gonna be against Cincinnati. Which team there when -- said it's an unknown is -- played in this year. They're pass rush they can get low frisking I don't think it would ever come in new England and win. But -- gotta get through that game and then you gotta go to Denver and and who knows what you have to go may be -- host yet if C championship game is Houston loses by then but still. You've got three games now we go one game before -- get the AFC championship and it's in Europe and it's and it's at all. But it's a much easier path I still think they could've done it but I agree with the caller -- I don't take any game two lightly I do remember that jets can't. Lost the cardinals' home -- you know what's taking games lightly -- or ranking teams we scared of teams. That think it went separate playoffs. But the idea of the three teams are one of space are about the three best the Blake got a hand picked opponent that the FC bracket that you -- teams are gonna make the playoffs. Baltimore. Indy and Houston the three teams that Clinton that's it I get to avoid sits in Denver in the first two rounds of the playoffs. And I get to avoid Pittsburgh team you talked up didn't -- -- -- -- but the wind stopped. A pretty nice setup for outrageous -- is it was to Pittsburgh loosen up in the playoffs yet but the giants. Steering them to. And I texted me between means that you can't spell eliminated without Eli and I thought that was great. Follow favor meanwhile your friends a pro football talk carry bird yeah huge huge columns week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the AT&T text on a 37937. Patriots this season last season. Feel more confident about this team major differences you see talked to Matt Chatham 11 o'clock.

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