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Bedard: Baltimore could give the Pats trouble

Jan 2, 2013|

Boston Globe NFL reporter Greg Bedard joins D&C to talk about the Patriots in the playoffs. He's not saying they'll lose to the Ravens, but Baltimore could be a tough draw in the second round. The guys also get into the NFL coaching carousel.

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Our 3-D NC even in the new year some things don't change some good things don't change mid week mid show. Means we hook up with Greg Bedard Boston Globe joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT good morning Greg happy new year deal. At premiere pro -- went. Pretty good kick point is their very little or any doubt he's going to be here I'm sorry is there ever any doubt. Or very little doubt in your mind that on January 20. The patriots will be in Denver playing the Broncos in a Brady vs Manning showed up. I mean I think that's gonna happen but it. You know -- Miller birdied. The students don't I wouldn't. Go that far yet but. You know it's a gap that chances are very strong and that's map. What why would you go that far though Greg you know the scenario she knows out -- you know that potential opponents for week. The exact visual quick. Division -- for the patriots where's the threat. I think that. Well I mean look. Where we did -- if there was a -- 2000 and. You're not answer my question where is the threat now Baltimore Houston or or in -- I would have to say. Well I picked it -- I think bid Baltimore. I think a Baltimore could be. The team. Give them trouble and how much spent there in the papers you'll lose the ravens but you know look they still have. He's in multiple weapons on offense. They will be getting Ray Lewis back at some point. Maybe Terrell Suggs -- little regained a little bit more this form. Maybe did discover something get hot I mean just -- one game in the NFL for somebody to. Put things together and while I think that the patriots are much better than the ravens'. It would not surprise me if -- if the ravens come in here and I mean it wouldn't shock me if the ravens coming here and upset. The. I know they can't see Cincinnati doesn't Cincinnati in your mind giving in your mind given how the get after the quarterback present may be the most threat of anybody. The -- and probably the you know they can pay some I do think that. If the patriots were the hosts Cincinnati in the next round I I think absolutely. Considering some of the kind of the state of the patriot offense at this time. I do you think that the -- -- bagels would give them a lot of trouble epic got a lot of people. In this market actually a lot of people outside of Cincinnati don't know how good that defense is. And some of the things that might remember the defense coordinator is doing its first scheming. And bring pressures and I know people cardinal took don't know who Geno Atkins is. The defensive tackle but I mean that's they're really good quarterbacks and that he united the -- that the group. Defense I mean do do I have a lot of faith in the B Dalton and Marvin Lewis winning a playoff game. At Foxboro patriots know but. That that would that team would give them problems. What is we know the patriots. As you wrote the other day there you know work in progress on defense she can't come to any conclusions in September and October 'cause it's all. Designed to improve as the year goes on and now they're playing. Their best defensively. What do Denver are they different than the team that lost to the patriots. Back in October one was October. Whatever was a 7 October 7 is as they -- obviously Manning you know was just get his feet when at that point. Is that a different team that the patriots will likely face out there on January 20. I wouldn't it to different team with a little bit better team how much. It's really hard to tell this point because in the Broncos really haven't played a mean Padilla mean they're they're scheduled reminds me a lot of you know the patriots last year -- at all I hear from a lot in -- order group but like all the respect the Broncos are getting look who they've played. They -- a -- so long well you know. Some folks are saying the same thing about the patriot last year it treatment that like the event talked and soul. A little bit has ended. He used that against the Broncos because look I mean. The pitchers didn't play anybody in the last year and went to the Super Bowl and almost one to. Well I do think that that team -- improved just because. The -- played together right there are portions of that team that I stole -- I'm still not crazy about. But I think them playing at home having home field advantage. It is definitely going to be a little bit tougher to overcome -- -- their their secondary is a little bit better. I'm still not look I'm not maybe the lone wolf. On this but I'm still not crazy about Peyton Manning and I'd I just don't think that -- As dominant as people wanna make out yet has stats say that but you know what I watch them on film. I still see some weakness in his arm that can be exploited in the and that's exactly with the -- did the first -- around here. So it in your opinion the weak point of Denver is. Peyton Manning. Well they've got other better without McGahee and with no show -- Now I mean the you know that they're not better there. Peyton Manning's. You know who did their passing offense has made some progress but still not. Something that you think is going to actually carry them in the playoffs and I still think the secondary will be weak point when they go against a real quarterback. So you think well what about if -- in Cincinnati. Advances Cincinnati at Denver -- give them the angles the chance. After listening to the you know I had the whole thing -- matchup and it will be the for the Broncos is which Andy Dalton is gonna show up that sometimes it looks com really good and Michael world beater. Other times you'd like I don't even know how to cut quarterback and sleek. Soul you know -- You really don't like that they're going into a big spot in the playoffs but our Big Apple is that thinking going in. And down. And upset the broken especially convincing some of their strength of their defense. I'll works against the Broncos I -- game opens done my job. Going out there. And replacing JD Walton but I still think. He can be in the middle of that Broncos like can be exploited in Britain do that than geno -- -- 80 any of the seven coaches go -- Monday's surprise you. The only one that was mildly surprising was Lovie Smith but then again -- oppression -- been dumped about three years ago and has never. And from covering the Packers -- that division I've never been crazy about. Lobby as the team manager and as arm program director Darren and I like how. He -- I'd like how we got his defense to play at times but. The team is wildly inconsistent I just think that that is not a recipe for success -- thought it was. A little bit overdue that lobbied a fire but I'm sure you know he's going to be back -- quickly and they wouldn't shock me if he's back and buffalo. Is the bears' job the best job out their based on the fact that they won ten games they've got I guess arguably the best quarterback of the seventeen -- fired their head coaches is that the best landing spot for somebody. I don't think so I wouldn't work for the bears ever it's not very good organizations and counties com. You know what punish people they don't really know how to run a franchise that that stadium. Deal was baton. I think that. I think that depending on how things shake out. I think that in this city is the best job I think that the talented team. Yeah you don't have a quarterback right now but you know you'd find a way to go get get one but I think that team is. Extremely. Talented -- you know at some bad luck but you know it's amazing what. Just getting the right quarterback can do and I think if you put the right quarterbacking in city I think you went pretty quickly. Even with the sort of damocles hovering above Scott -- Lee's head. While I mean big bet I mean about the except shake out I mean I don't know what. The deal loose we're pioli I think that. I think he's Al. You know whenever they -- they -- head coach but it all by at any. Poll as a coaching candidate in our I would. You know actually I mean if I was the head coaching candidate in the city I wouldn't. I would definitely think about keeping you'll because I think I think he's done a good Darby talked to people around the league they expected that he's done a good job. Bringing people in now if he's brought some questionable characters. And he never got the quarterback right which was the. -- -- third straight negate -- extension but yet you know it's still -- team comic shop. For the first eight or nine or ten weeks of the season the questioned that -- everybody but moaned around here is when is Bill Belichick the defensive genius. -- to fix this defense and lo and behold in the latter half of the season last 56 whatever seven games. It looks to be. At least a little bit repaired in terms of the secondary we saw seven sacks of the dolphins on Sunday. How fixed is the defense Greg. Well I'll -- I mean mirror much further along and -- this point last year and and you know they went to his -- and the only -- look at you know actually cattlemen displaying. Nicole keeps -- our quarterback -- -- -- championship game but still can't believe that really happened. But it did. -- you know you look at what happened on Sunday against the dolphins and the job they did on defense and you know pandering Mac gamer at least. Entry the past couple weeks have really. Oh look at. Aqib Talib has made the huge difference in the patriots secondary Bo he he's barely played the past two weeks in the defense is probably play the best all -- You know that this is what happens -- -- early you know since I've been here covering the team and into the past three seasons is that. You know -- eat there are times during the season where. You you look at the -- pensioners like this is I mean it's terrible and who who plays defense like this national football. You know they built it slowly over the courses you keep adding layers and suddenly by the in the -- memorable writing this last year it said. In Arabic that they now can spin the -- the defense that they've. Gotten the point where they can play man coverage they can do this -- be back in like I sort of broke the same thing this year now you know last year are rove ought to be. -- -- have the personnel was just not good. And I think that ended up being true this offseason they -- a better job and then went -- went down. Who spoke to be their best man quarterback they went out and got another guy. Very similar body type very similar talent even the police but bet for news is better than telling him more -- But you know they definitely have more talent this year so. Yet this just happens year after year at least since they've started rebuilding the defense in 2009. And I would say they're much. Further ahead now you know are they -- presumably better. And they were early on this season. I don't know we're gonna have to see I mean it's one thing to do what they did against the dolphins rookie quarterback you're going against. You know I don't even know who they're afraid of state that you could -- the way they were called game that they had no. They have no fear of any of the Balkans. Weapons outsider Reggie Bush -- so they just. They've they took the tool and play man coverage and push people around and can make you gotta get the Broncos I don't know. Would not be logical to expect what we saw on Sunday and again your point's well taken was the dolphins they had the buses warmed up they were ready to get out -- there. But with this bye week you're gonna get up ostensibly Aqib Talib back. Dinner back Ninkovich back as well and and there were the return of the to a defensive backs I guess allows according to go back to safety. Can you see this thing getting better. Based on those people returning. Oh I absolutely I mean those guys all in the in the -- going back to safety giving it all make the defense. I'm better but in company in every still have to go out there. And execute some time that that's been an issue for the defense. And has been much better in the past month. But in -- at this point it's not really surprisingly and I guess it doesn't state of the of the patriot turnout. It's not it's not a defense that has the word is the opposite point. It that your headline that -- offense is performance wasn't well received. So would accept them a couple of early drives you thought they were pedestrian. Yeah -- in some respects I thought that but the Brady was very -- again. And I know some guys like you know pro football focus you rate things like they've had treaty being. Com pedestrians like a month now and I could not disagree more with that. And I thought that. Often the lot with very good running back rare good Wes walker was terrific deal -- the next job but. You know the tight ends and -- -- Brandon -- wide receiver. They've they've got problems there that need to be worked out I mean you know -- and Brady -- thinker. Coming to. A breaking point on what they can expect of each other in post season. Compliments of the response Sunday. I mean Brady it's nice -- -- should have been completed if Boyd ran more precise route I don't know that the -- But -- bothering him or not but. I didn't see Brady going much further problem with this. In the playoffs as he needs to know that it's going to be in the right place so I. You know I don't know how much or it's going to be in the planned post season Tom which you didn't think he'd be saying in the in that before the season and then it tight end. You know rock. You know just having about their running down the scene is is good and will be exploited by Brady. We'll have to see you know how far along comes to bet on whether it improves. Hernandez. Really need to pick it up he is a little bit better this past week but they need better in the post season and they because you know they just can't play. Man and -- anymore I mean they just those guys are limited -- guys that they have the play a lot of snaps in the post season. I don't see what these keeping teams you know -- teams from I would. I would doubled down on Welker Tom I would beat up gronkowski. Hernandez I'm not even afraid of that much at this point. And look to the patriots moved the ball -- it that way so at this point. I wouldn't say the patriots passing offense is. Scaring anybody but I obviously back in change and do not speak that they've got a long way out to make got a lot of work to practice. If teams are able to do what you just suggested with a blueprint doesn't that then -- some attention on -- in the running game and I'm wondering with this running game now in place a little more balance are they more. Playoffs built than they were a year ago. Yes I mean just because the I admit it I mean I thought the running game was good. Last year I think at times that in years than not but there's no question -- much more explosive with. Be all for the backs are are much better I think -- -- -- please play speaks for itself this season. I think Marines come along way from where he was in the game this season when he was very tentative and you almost one -- the question how poppy was inside running he still not the greatest inside runner in the world if the whole -- there. If he gets little panicky but you know Bolden. It is this is suspension every rep -- will be a better would hedges. I'm tremendous value healthy last year he was beat up -- -- like words would he's not as good. You know he was really injured last year nobody really knew about it but I -- yeah I think -- The running game because -- -- -- the passing game -- the play action passing game becomes more important in an open things up for greedy but. You know look -- you know against a good defense in the dolphins are good defense and they were missing some people like quarterback. You know the patriots are. You know they're not the purpose unit in the passing game right now to stop it looks very much like. 2010. To me at this point with limited weapons and it most of them are in the middle of the field date you know -- it's just a shame that Boyd has taken off because they could really use a guy. Take off the top of the defense and I think that they will price still try to do better at times I just don't think it's going to be as. Integral part of -- often as we thought it was going to be. Greg got -- let's go here these seven openings we know Andy Reid is gonna fill one of them but is Billy O'Brien and nor Josh McDaniels a candidate for any of them. Yes. O'Brien is. -- top Camby in Cleveland and Philadelphia and in a while I told you. Some of the reports out there and even you know jobs somewhat talked about this week about how old you know he's not -- interview for jobs. I still don't know whether that means for the entire offseason for. Four. Just until it the playoffs at the clips -- for the patriots I think that. People probably think that. When the patriots are done he will be open to listening I don't think this will be eager to leave and get it depends on the right circumstance I think that. The browns are still in the picture. For Josh and but you know he's in just a bit this thing and -- is back part is that he knows that. Look he he he does not mean rushed -- because what the pictures -- -- -- next year -- to give them not be as an offensive coordinator. With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and everything's so. He can wait -- the absolute perfect opportunity. And whether that's this year or down the road I'm not really I'm not really certain. Speaking of having patients final question doesn't Jeffrey -- saying on a number of occasions it's not important to make the first quick up -- with a quick pick here it's important make the right pick. Indicate that he's probably sniffing -- on the college ranks is opposed to assist answer or other coaches in the NFL. Yes but I think that also means it's teams that are going to be busy in the playoffs. You know who knows comeback but he become after McCain -- -- -- are much her. But I do you think you know I think it Jeffrey blurry is one of the top owners in sports -- really knows what he's doing my -- sort of -- like -- structure that he setup in Philly with. The head coach reporting directly to him and then you know that the coach and GM and having. Figure things out together. First personnel. That worked for awhile there has worked late but -- definitely still. They based on your assessment of Peyton Manning earlier this conversation I assume he is not your most valuable player. No I mean I think he's had a great year but I think if I had a vote it would be Adrian Peterson I just think that you know you take Peter Peterson -- -- and I don't know where they are this year that the brokers said Tim Tebow last year great. Won the division don't want a playoff games so I don't think that's that really helped him -- at this point but there you know there's no question that. The Broncos are much better whip up Peyton Manning and I guess we'll see. How much better once they start playing in the playoffs. Is Greg Bedard Boston Globe could talk -- happy new year we'll talk to you next week. Eric Bedard Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE six or 777 on 7937. Fault lines open we'll talk with you next.

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