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The top sports rants of 2012

Jan 2, 2013|

Kevin's got something special for this Flash: some of the best sports yelling on TV and radio in 2012. Listen to all the top clips, including the infamous rant from our friend Dan Sileo.

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I'm definitely Terry it's not like not like you were -- -- -- -- a gallon and a lot Joerg on. It's danger element has come out the list of the cane shoots outs. On television. In a radio out the top the top and screaming matches if you hit a couple right off the wind and it bit on the list -- -- to -- and know you run a separate list -- idea by by ratings the idea was at -- front. -- -- now -- I write your name did not in a house. Of the you know why don't you'll. -- So who's line is is that TV guy and yet all -- -- into public I would never gonna be -- -- -- of course made his party's famous falling asleep Sweeny Murti matter video that is television yes it is the best audio -- the -- after -- day on -- sports out. With. Day -- in Joe Simpson chip Kerry's ticket. There's data. -- a couple of days ago. So whichever one you idiot -- We get that racetrack -- exclusives this effort and time I'd like to meet you wouldn't be home. After the game tomorrow and I'd like to -- There's to doubt that's right out and -- playbook what -- well. What I'm saying he went on to say skip Skip Carey said to him. We'll leave ticket was that the tickets will -- those to. Or is it safe to say he'll -- giving friends on Twitter. At that age eight doesn't like a little over reaction to yeah. Awfully calm with the news threats against guesses I would be huge and that that's how baseball it's a baseball altogether always com. Got a 162. Weeks ago except for John Sterling or how moderate view this yeah I believe we Coleman a -- DC clock carols and. Yeah let me give me. That is so bad that is. There is high. Carpet there are also makes Johnny emotional -- I -- girls I Protestant. I it's it's not time throw off for Chicago -- so expensive to get to listen to deal. And any -- the -- -- you personally and the oh yeah they won't play him will he he was forced to apologize. That's right nice day. I'd I've told the story to do you know many it has never told you winter but we're a way to do. Sports I'm not saying it's not personal reason like my way to do sports final word channel four years ago from going to go on low bail them hanging out there with. And Ryan and Chelsea you're somebody and and and hawk Harrelson who different segment insists there is in a chair and stand there and a -- moon -- hangout -- He hands me adult -- -- Diet Coke and a -- students. -- duck hook if you're an Intel -- -- I don't care said that that's not much just like why are the ways and arrogant SO -- you can tell he's just cocky arrogant. I still remember there was one they use the Red Sox White Sox 05 he came on with you guys and everything was out my third baseman our -- yesterday's price this is the joke treaty is much better than any -- based in the Red Sox right and it -- -- of the list we'll give you a couple of more can I guess. None he's not there yet now he's not. Not a he's number one OK he's number one I we are at play we'll play a large chunk -- talk of this what this Bulldog Bob fast skull. In Kansas City. Portrait -- sixth that after game two of the season for the chiefs say they're gonna stop comment because. Fans are gonna support York crap. And this city got deserved being treated like complete total crap but both teams. Both teams and is now make no effort for the fans. You shock and especially that the increased now blood right now. Yeah why you care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bulldog well that's yell at that bone crusher over Bulldog on the seed in the weeks. Pressure not a law -- LA it's sort of -- pitches -- body. You think. I'm fortunate thank Lou the Robertson would have made on that team dropping. Bank. -- Somebody. A quarterback standing there when he doesn't quarterback sneak. I want someone to do not bottom -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me stick ball shopping and -- UK. It's but right there. Three -- that's number one yeah that is number one on the list by -- -- before him like. Mora saying playoffs. Yeah ever for a will be item -- and when Edwards say enough to. Get him to go get him a beer and -- accorsi -- commercial. So we weren't here winter and I got I heard much of the show and I paid money Miami. That he I didn't go off that -- -- of those kind of ransom and I heard he didn't have any yeah like at 6 AM -- wasn't always a dollar and -- inevitable ups he tried to keep cool -- to calm and cool and collected. Still the -- and it is -- us. However I all of a sudden became the quality most quiet on the feel. All I no longer was allowed to -- more energetic I was out beaten out by. Afraid of him I think if we had a bottom of the wheat to gold could have been a problem yet dale -- three days on the calendars cattle like bush crap I got to work with this guy for three -- I got a colonoscopy in two -- root canal. When you get -- you have twelve hours on your calendar to the and you can do is start watching the clock tick down. You're OK you can get it now. And I didn't and enjoy him and I do enjoy his rants but one thing I can't stand and he's got those he played played the game played college and pros he'll tell you is this stuff and hear from the guys too that they know what they signed up for when the tournament that -- -- intelligence head injuries at all I mean that's like you really think. Like Mike Webster and went from Andre waters knew what they sign up north -- Isn't that the whole point that's what we put Chris Liwienski on the on the -- -- all the time that's what we would like we we put a lot and less -- years. Now I know well now afford to make the case absolutely -- know what you're signing up for yes and if you secure lead blockers a -- back. -- -- prob if you're down Jay Cutler one of these guys who have. Someone did last week I forget who had a concussion and it it. -- -- -- right -- we're at right tackle right it got a concussion inhibit yeah than your response sure. But we didn't know. We know now in 5101520. Years ago -- Detroit had no idea right right. -- didn't get up and -- bone crushed today and didn't know I mean they didn't now that's the whole point but I'd been you know 45 minutes from now. I will let you -- number one -- a -- draft pick in one. Fourteen where they've left here. The play of the Carl I know lol yeah I know this if I -- years ago. Who's -- what you get on the number who's going to be the number one pick. The sheriffs in 2003 nobody knows Tony guys wants Aaron Marietta Georgia to say where -- biggest mistake ever. It's going to be court you know there aren't any -- it doesn't matter they take -- game when their -- alone there. They take we announced. Yeah culture. From all right Achilles Smith yeah calculus have been taken quarterback even if it JaMarcus Russell -- -- they will take a quarter -- let's take a couple phone call 6177797937. In -- has been waiting patiently wall -- good morning arrest. Good morning John and Jerry are you guys don't we do and will use less than I would you talked earlier about. About Denver Broncos and their defense and got statistically you're right that they are much better than the patriots but. But the matchup for the patriots against the Denver defense I like -- -- result there on. For several reasons first while Brady has talked about the different defense on the last three occasions. He does very well against these Jack Del Rio defenses which are very predictable -- just come right you. And if you're talking about front -- and Elvis Dumervil that they could have done a very good job of keeping them. Keep them out of the backfield. Unless you have a couple couple occasions where they do pressure Brady saw I liked this matchup and if you look at the last game. Important to review radically gave Steven Ridley ripped -- 151 yards. And that was that second and they had no problem against this I guess is great defense and in my -- I guess that it has but the tickets have been number. The -- would you not agree on both sides of the football Denver's defense and Denver's offense they are exponentially better than they were in week number five. This is true but at this case they are defensive coordinator. Nolan would do well because the defensive coordinator does does does nothing to. It's important not to risk isn't anything different that is definitely one that just gonna come right out there and I'm telling you the tickets will know what to do pretty well know what to do with the prop. The tickets will not have a problem in the ballot in Denver and also the hurry up offense is gonna give the Denver Broncos are kind of fit. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa I had -- think about this. Running the hurry up offense in Mile High Stadium is a hell of a lot different than running different than running the B hurry up offense in -- John I agree with you put the tickets didn't ever know worked in Denver last year. You know you mentioned Denver leading the NFL in sacked just -- you. They're tied for the lead in sacks. That there is statistically that just blowing the patriots in every way that they're top. You know by defense in everything yes points per game eighteen their fourth. Yards total defense second third in rushing passing. Third rushing third -- first. First downs for them in every statistical category not just. Rushing not just passing right not just because they get you know a lead new team that's throwing sometimes those numbers are deceptive right. In this case it's balanced in on the get to the passerby stopped the run they do Reverend -- so if you call. Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady offense vs offense and even think right. Where's the different -- not with -- -- Manning's down -- last eleven games and how do you not and obviously. You know Brady is Brady in the this Frances -- -- another spectacular year but how do you do you look at Manning cannot thank. He can hold his own against any but.

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