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Best Whines of 2012

Dec 31, 2012|

The Big Show recaps the best of the Whiner Line for the year 2012

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My -- excuse views expressed and expressed the minor minor stars like AT&T proceed with caution. -- -- -- -- -- Suddenly Morris yeah and now losing Laura you're alive. We came up short today there. We still on the team and no one person lost this game and we -- that we are you go to Korea to. Do the giants and now on what they did they came here in. They got to win but WEEI. -- in their lives and I just look at what new things that we we've done throughout the course of the season. You know obviously great to -- -- no matter. This is very evident that a great season medicine -- the playoffs stars. This game is game dial 6177793535. We came up short to. You guys can point the finger. At him. You can talk about. The vacation and Hawaiian Airlines and if you do this is really unfair. This really. Quarterback and now on if he does do -- Manson there. -- -- -- Wallace's team the WB EI didn't whiner line. Yes yes you're psychologically damaged team is now one and six and one and on games and yes -- room was big part of it. And I'm sorry about some of the horrific interceptions and he's thrown. It takes the wind out of the sale doesn't it at an opportune times that mean they are just what does it was. You I think 9% of the country. On that last drive was waiting for Romo to prove it's just it was unavoidable and -- -- -- contract value to resign and let her off today I thought so too until about this afternoon. And while I asked -- -- AT&T WEEI lives of a lot iPhone android Blackberry device Roger by AT&T AT&T full -- GL TE which leads up to. Here to say ten Pete times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. All right let's go get up. And the video game and it's also looking at coming out a with the lady NHL season going it would all vehicle because they let -- make the video. And that message thank god -- to start talking and what for a 29 -- season please 48 operated -- please joked. -- -- -- they could have acted within appropriate it was it was brought -- -- is getting paid what they that would. Can be found it dead what -- Republican proposes to common problem. -- a year. And -- yeah he'll grow and Yang he. -- you people are crying -- about that yet. One of the -- and the whole league and you think you've got to win the Propofol what had happened when the purple ball big African can now. Not forget the fact that our ball I agree but -- -- I'm foaming at the haven't. Had a lot. How people act OK -- not going to be in this Propofol and at that -- the football but I. Like at eleven. OK Tom Brady is done. Not that guy on that block out -- articles -- I don't probably was but with the football back and said Tom Brady is. Got. -- what he's all but that's correct. Did you know about psychologically damaged and those who said there were noticeable but if they do they'll lose like -- do every year OK well he said they wouldn't make it. But that he said did make it and and make it every year well we noticed that every year no New York teams make buster. Hello I do hope they go Michael Oliver who. Well Mike but I just to -- will probably be our ordeal network. Or above -- and only. -- -- -- Nobody that wanted to check yet but don't -- your rapid side of the -- obviate GPS but -- Now part of that the idea about why people -- ball but but I kept it. Worked out well should be out there but got up like there's been 500 people who. They don't laughed at but I expect good quality dorms but -- did bill. While all abide by that did you yet but people -- about how does not. Baltimore pike but I got bigger loop. I'm W yards short -- about work. Support online order at WTI dot job at prep -- -- perhaps. And then Matt Luke not getting their GPS works terrifically nice excellent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No room or crackers do and that's starting again this guarantee that house there in the palace. Like Kevin's sister in those students its trek -- If you can pick up the offense frequently. OK so thick so it figured out -- -- -- got a group of. And this message. That you would that be -- right to protect the donor had not to gin bottle but the actual cars -- be -- them. Gary I'll let it do about it and dropped by about rent check you know they have. And cabinet and the -- actually done that goto. And about app apple can't pick up -- -- -- -- only peace that comes out on that via -- hey you know whatever he's -- me. But it and then I failed camp but -- and one count them two down and don't want to vote for. -- like top in my hair off how -- gonna bandit the Boston red. Good. Crazy bet he'd done mode one to many who he homebuyer. Decade going to be better than Bobby -- whether it was built by not. But he. Have been hard call right. And spoke out I have home lot. And they -- up the belt or that they patent iPad -- apple would. And check out that may. I don't let out. And that's that attention that we'll do that rewards teachers. -- spectator. Collapsed big news because truly. Did it just kind of a three year deal mobile act got a badly. They've got drilled for oil in. Here. Little self deprecating humor from little man with the big -- And that message is change it up though does not some Muslim. And here and. 1877. And I know it's cold creek. I I feel like it did properly your. Only number I. Important but -- out. But nobody has ever -- -- -- an episode an important and I got a lot how lobbyists don't watch but I decided to take it. Thought anybody would balk at the board -- our -- -- Call it a lot about my new number 6177. I still. Double break eighty I five the only. And that message thanks -- That the. But Titanic -- that a hundred aired later thought that -- board. Warm typical -- learned about 2012 you know it was yeah. We'll be ready to go back to touch him. It's exciting day as we. His body counts. 45 manager of the Boston Red Sox the shift -- insurers -- But you here we go out there when this came and went to many great memories restaurant. Beginning little -- that I think it's going to. And beyond anything that there -- -- my purse. One side. Aren't back. -- fifth in the end zone they -- jump off the name. Of safety. -- source yes and good hands on super ball GW games. She just doesn't benefit the water was over the tops of the moment that he's. As physically or emotionally. Into the game is as he has been in the past it achieved. From one tonight this is my job FaceBook is my -- back and option ninth inning you know there's something. I don't really understand him -- I was trying to do that's -- the way we go our. There's security. The three period. There are so many unhappy people that organization you can't even imagine to. Responds it was going down he didn't. It is due to the Dodgers. Josh Beckett Carl Crawford it -- Gonzales but so they -- there are a waste of money. Doc Rivers had to get the thoughts. You're really -- up to it. Honestly Bob I just thought we hit that ground balls and you feel that the coaching staff have been loyalties don't portions and now just get rid of the guy you lay in bed at night because about you know everybody that you -- look better. Yeah disaster. -- -- -- That's good though it the best they're two Bartlett Bob by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to that contrast -- -- three JAT and T. -- -- -- --

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