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Vince Wilfork Talks First Round Bye and Playoff Matchups

Dec 31, 2012|

Pete Sheppard and Steve DeOssie talked to Patriots' defensive lineman Vince Wilfork about beating the Miami Dolphins and preparing for the playoffs.

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Time now once again for a weekly interview with its -- for -- is sponsored by. And by EMD to -- more power house mortgage the nimble one Vince Wilfork happy new year to you sir congratulations. Your bank you have mutant. Also. -- well another and another patriots season over another bye week it's it's it's that never gets old doesn't. -- their Rivera on the those we all year in the we've took home you know tough losses where it's certainly want some -- -- Balkans. And you know if I don't get a chance to give a bye this week so you know. This can be very helpful for us. All of our because you know get a chance to work -- some very -- We think they have put that McCain more war. Common also you know do you know get some guys. You know gift giving helping deputy -- instructional. Over different users term you know to do some very very noticeable -- you need to do. To be better know and there's comparing. -- was that that's all -- reaction by the especially the front seven. Was little bit of a reaction through last week Kim and -- who. He's going into playoffs Obama better know. Well me I think you go. When it came candidate you know we knew we need to make more plays. For. -- there weren't -- writers you -- play better so. You know what was aggressive no. The -- was aggressive play called we was aggressive playing. I can work very poor so we -- after one or two good games and we want to be more aggressive between war and make sure that we. Those get the ball rolling we'll do better you know for the last two weeks we've been doing it wouldn't start prayers and you know. Was kind of financial and we wanted to make sure there and start fast. Do we we do and have -- Victor. Yeah I mean ten -- run for his life received every single play you sacked seven times you guys created. You're forced two turnovers yet another one in the red zone I think you guys lead the league now in the NFL with the with nine. But when when nick of -- went down there in the first chapter is you know for -- got this year though every time. When called upon. They've they've done a real good job the you can't replace rob those you don't eagle missed too much of those guys in. You know in the premier provider of real good job when -- -- called on strict enough that it was a very. And -- and B -- and it was a double. You know was another one last night when you know all went down. No hard detail will be more manpower and we have got coming here on channel you know do we have to -- where -- are so. These guys really stepped up and I wanted them won't call but that's remarkably familiar don't know there are going to determine. You know everybody's going to trigger various. And if if we play right there we'll be OK you know you just can't beat up and down with that would be just consistent football team. And and actually execute where. As we Google's favorite movie producers just. What was more important in -- bye week to boo the hell for. Or. Practicing millions solving whatever issues you might be -- Think it's both because I think. We definitely feel we can actually go well. And induce them you know practice complain there we might be down a role in my national -- home. No probably want to regain what they give them the chance to practice something. And just give different looks in practice. In his work and his business you know at the same token you know you're getting -- there's. It is being built -- your chance you know. We give those guys back and he used you know -- operatives it is the best of both worlds for us right now is difficult to do work would force the current. These days should days with him to a -- with these initiatives so -- -- -- together put equality in terms. Interviews -- America's consumer books and an uncle of one apartment more than you don't make adjustments we'll put some stuff. And we -- you're going to get some are this week. Is there added anxiety not knowing who you going to play on the on the on the fourteenth could be possibly three teams as you know used in Baltimore. Or or Indianapolis -- -- you could know as early as a Saturday night if Houston takes care business but. -- -- extra added anxiety you've been this you've been through this several times as it is anything to that at all or doesn't really matter. No it don't matter because. What are what can we gonna phrases in all the -- of the -- -- parents -- and -- and milking this in the playoffs that multiples of either you know whatever barter. Try to beat the -- because -- different good solid football and so will we actually is going to do good opponent. And we just wherever there SQ where where we -- prepare women have to do risky -- to the World Series there. Gonna take care of a lot of things but moved to town and we don't execute and we don't prepare as well that doesn't -- -- We have problems so I think everyone can understand that I think Iran -- north all of around the world played capitol you know step well. But you know there is clear -- -- I don't know it's one tensions have been going on ticket each week we'll take it game -- game and started. What would treat the first world so we -- we do go from there. You -- the young guys on the team -- that to. There are hoping we got a group that -- group. -- that we had been a problem and very big on the big policy sooner rather than later you know what it's about you know so. But I don't think we have any issues with with those that understand what's at stake. Nowhere will you be this weekend and we watch and all four games. -- -- popular and powerful and Paris that the -- there would have been determined this there was more home run of the of -- see who gonna break. As any one team or any one player surprised you. I would whatever way the NFL this season and everything that's gone I know you concentrate on the page that reveals what if anything stuck out to you this year in the NFL that's that denotes a while can't believe that happen. -- the rookie quarterbacks. And if I was worm of this particular its options. And all of -- plea. I mean. Like very little. That's the one thing that stick out can be no doubt be those who -- induce. The cal world are young quarterbacks especially the rookie quarterback quarter vector there's simply this year. Home in the book is done Porter ball. It is amazing it is and it is. That is -- got a couple road access. I guess they don't turn you attribute that they're -- because of you know the things that we do put. -- they're rookies but these individual players -- -- a little clearer commitment that this little. You and -- a couple of running backs to go up around 15116. Yards to a -- and then more students let's. It's been an unbelievable year for -- off with reporters. You know lucrative -- events best of luck -- a good track hope you have a good week of practice in enjoy a happy new year to you differently. Trenton new bears you have great. -- right excellent rents its Wilfork and they brought you by Ian eagle for our house of mortgage or.

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