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Bill Belichick Talks First Round Bye and Playoff Matchups

Dec 31, 2012|

Pete Sheppard and Steve DeOssie talked to Patriots' Coach Bill Belichick about beating the Miami Dolphins and preparing for the playoffs.

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All right -- other coaches I was brought you by Mercedes-Benz and buy a bar making injury was also no nonsense conversation with the coach on the big show has realized the no nonsense like insurance companies now -- new low rates for men and women call 888 get as BL IR visit. SBO -- dot com for your freak quote. Echoed Bobo checked -- -- Steve -- with you on this New Year's -- happy new year sir. Have a new European and this is almost. Thirteen to go vote for all of us. Absolutely could go to because approach of this his bye week. Olympic victory for us -- the improved target that are in. There is that we -- target here you know in all three phases of the game in terms of any targets that we need to get that wrong. And which in it will -- look. A response there -- some common denominator with those -- and something we can work on -- applied. You know whoever we play -- certainly from our execution standpoint. Or so. Like trying to game plan just trying to improve working. Every asked receive the same kinda questions and all one and 030407. Every time you guys have been viewed one. -- the number two -- you just hit on a little bit. But -- take do you do you hypothesize you take an educated guess to say maybe Houston I didn't look at it from a statistical standpoint maybe Houston probably had. -- -- had a better chance to beat Cincinnati in May be used to concentrate on them just that little bit more than say Indianapolis. Or or Baltimore. Mobile won't really integrated for all -- -- and of course on a Saturday night whether it's the Houston over the winner of the all -- became. Come Saturday night will. We either -- full steam ahead on on Houston horrible. And Sunday morning. -- it rate for Indianapolis or Baltimore ever all -- -- in the week. We played them further and apple is that we talked about whether people an organization that. That worked as a band. Go to compile information. In. That will concentrate on things all of us. If there before. Coach how important was the -- performance yesterday and -- vote Jacksonville game and going into the playoffs. We'll also was good the good play well. -- -- -- to carry you when we. Or. -- -- -- been -- and only challenges but. It's good to see. In preparation or work. And from the week in and practice -- and Earl -- and execution. And reality of the the good thing. -- -- the offensive line that I could you could tell early on that they were they were right on our first series you can tell that. I thought it was a real long -- -- Miami as far as getting to the quarterback it was -- -- last couple weeks Jackson -- San -- but. The guys really plated -- yesterday. -- excellent or good job but again I think it is effective is it a good team offense because in the receivers create separation and their open these different -- better -- accurate at all but locked. All the and one -- long enough good receivers not. Actually get into their routes that are. When separation of that we have a lot of elements of both of those in the passing game protection that route running. Receivers at the get open and get separation of -- It was good there's good team effort. But certainly -- -- -- -- that could be -- Held their own and has -- game in the running game but we ran the ball. If construction on the running game you're rich Wallis also the number of them. Oh -- there. You forget their -- fresh -- Cranked up -- in a one dimensional game group of people that'll run against us. Those -- anything in particular -- to -- to improve upon going into the playoffs. A lot because all things that we can. If that wasn't. Coaching and playing. And we'll take those. First and tomorrow and in the proposal this time lewis' day here in the world which kind of pick good look at that prioritize and think that we think we might wanna use in the coming week pictures that we we get some extra time on those. And -- fusion I mean. All kind of been spent more time -- tomorrow specifically he can find out exactly. We -- things we need to work on. It. Is there any update though on Robert rich. One -- dog -- a little bit is it for about a quarter -- plays yesterday twenty for the 75 in a nineteen passes five runs and did. I was out about what you expected him to be or did was he in a little bit more than you thought because it was real so Gordon playing so well even -- was with one arm basically. We don't really have any any set number of the -- -- -- You know we got him in the game and in these situations. On third down and the writers and those things like so. It was good to have back out there and they -- continue to make progress on the practice field for game action. With the Indianapolis game but he's worked on right -- -- that are so. Hopefully this'll take a little closer to -- in fact they're given. -- full performance that we've seen them. Villas FL they tortured -- have you ever been a privilege of coaching a four running backs at one time. That can make you know an impact like golf for these guys can and they all do something a little bit different. You put a minute at all different times I mean that is -- that that's a tremendous. Advantage to have four -- totally usually agree eventually of -- to -- to have four. -- what's that like. Well at this that's not a good position for this year. Those guys are younger healthy. And they they've been able to take water routes and youthful look at that position. On both offensively and in the kicking game certainly have Brandon. Woody chain those rule on -- given a reductions in while. In the running game and passing game I think that there. It's a position and has good now. And on the -- Of this initial but. It's good group that complement each other World Cup production level so. And good. This strength or -- -- this the ball here a couple guys step up the we've seen some of this year and Francis and Scott. How to moved out of the look on film. Two at. You know we got good contributions from all of the number -- and haven't played as much as as promoters like those -- America. Mr. Morton America. You know so those those doesn't really you know that this step up and given us and good. And it's out there. And if that's been good it has been preserved. After -- in the last couple weeks. And then solid table not to and it let them as well so. That's -- good Kyle went back out. Think that'll that'll help our overall -- Confidence as a team. No we have -- players that can have -- those -- Malcolm stepped in there and help us in the kicking game. So. Let you know -- room pass rush Trevor and Jermaine come -- back in just the practice. Those guns. And they they showed a special report that -- The last we were to leave it and we we eliminated that and not be able to play in this we both of those guys out. Certainly seen late night and day with -- American being forced it to know to play a lot more corner. They just have a better week of practice because or was it or what was it because of the day's overall the secondary played at Rada. Real good game yesterday. I think against federal function -- role -- team defense. We had good coverage and and our test but was able to get there are -- times the past elections was good and the quarterback -- -- to see the fielder or two receivers which. If you weren't always perfectly defended. -- but the poll. Pull product but that was in good consult effort -- both that are our communication -- -- loose. Good in the secondary being given in Martin was the new. And a nickel back and -- Played three safeties. So the thought that was. You know on their different formations and they are kind of try to hurry up there are times and only two minute mode there. That -- at the end of the game that -- handles situations. Fairly well. With some guys that either different ball or -- -- too much so that those who are sick Americans as well today. Coach of you have to choose two or do you have plans to talk with several recruit a little. Right now Steve just try to focus on and get our team ready to go well and don't know consultants this year or anything like that. Not the point mountain -- good. And number that maybe some people don't know but you talk about being a tremendous -- I mean you know everybody talks about Brady every week of my goodness coached. Become the first quarterback yesterday in NFL history to throw for a touchdown pass and all sixteen games. In three consecutive seasons that I mean. That's that's mind blowing when you think about it to be able to do that to -- image. Well -- certainly the great quarterback and no quarterback I'd rather go on a football -- and -- Tom Brady. But again that -- so often does. The team sport -- -- all eleven guys. Be productive there I think it really speaks for the entire. Offensive unit. They're they're great players. On every team in this -- You've got to have other players to compliment of them and no one guy's only as good as what. What the other ten people -- and so. And this year through the years of on the team and making great frozen -- grows especially in the -- economical one averages always -- bird what was the real strength as. But our our receivers and offensive line. Able to step up and and made their -- to were created those. It well separation. You know opportunities. Look to their second second and third receivers. On really. They did a good team off -- the form yesterday in an even through the years to reduce the numbers. Rosie has evolved over the years I'm sure it has in terms of whose. Input into the offense and then -- and how much. Discussion or input of those -- Havilland in in this office. Well -- I'd say that. There's some certainly. That I think think the key thing for most players. And it's pretty much all players. Is -- be able. Just think about what they have to do after the play. -- there and think about what know what are the options on the player what adjustments or have to make on this well it. An ankle out there and and be aggressive and do. For quarterbacks sometimes it's you know either workplace which are people who live on this -- run that was based on the decent look that kind of thing. Well Mike here's the players -- -- this or when you just kind of get the whole playbook you know. But the work that all blazer. We'll get a decent signal caller for five different options in position is that you can do this -- -- something else against different looks and and sometimes you know Peter get nothing done right or communications. -- in all eleven guys on the same page. When you're trying to get into the perfect defense of the perfect office. You know do we talk about things during the week shall you do that it -- and arms. As great input because of the experience in the system also is. Natural football instincts and understand the game and what he can do with -- or humans do what he has confidence. The same time I think I'm really. Really the first does go out there get the play and go out there running. And get it executed well. And then he can just concentrate on. Game plan also plays. A little bit of down there. In my experience -- -- players like. Laughter Q were those that do their job know what it is closer to aggressively -- Make it happen. Involved structure and play calling. Him. -- last before Yasser the last couple weeks and projects Roy -- via third down conversion rate was about six of -- -- Nice to see that Europe -- on the 52% mark yesterday back at the 50% mark for the game and it was -- sixteenth that's something that you Riverside to practice last week. -- facility -- and we emphasize that every week and thought that was a good Miami to get third down defense wants a third down defensively and and of course. Not in a -- third downs and -- first downs on first and second down keep in the third -- and manageable and erred when he. All -- that's that's the big part of this -- -- that we executed. Early well in the situation along with the the red area and goal line and other areas those are others that the -- and -- aliens are already areas and goal line defense. Very able to the converted those situations and all -- You know we had the two drives at the end of the first we drove the earth to. When an air force -- and didn't leave much time are Miami's. At the end of the game we did the same thing we had a good prizes are accessible. Drove it down there on the opponent but you know left and much time and animal feels so. A lot of the situation football third down record goal line. Two minutes Foreman and if you will all the situations -- Pretty good works well -- Julius. She says it's a big improvement from what we've seen in the past. I finally wild card weekend obviously you have the boy a week ago when you do coaches like second picture are you guys around -- big table with a bunch of -- and you know and sodas. The guys all hang out watch the game out is how does that work you watch all four games together or. -- oh thanks so I think. They pool. You'll definitely be ready to -- Sunday morning and it. Houston went on Saturday and we know or opponent is and Sunday morning them will be. But everything we have into. Getting the finalized and it is discovered for use in the game plan so we're. The game doesn't turn out that way then that will be raised as a result of the Sunday game and will be in here. Even one the game and another on. The preparation things that were written for. Those two games so. As soon as -- know illnesses than that's so every but we know them. Or can't people are -- -- move that worked on ever podium. We'll try to try to sort out. Different proposals sort of different areas. As we get most of the weekend. Or and force covered -- Our coach congratulations on the great a regular season and the -- good luck in the playoffs rest of the way and have the a new year to you and your family. Well placed -- appreciated and the same thing or -- appreciate the sport is a great crowd out there yesterday and we know the snow and it's all weather and everything they are very great environment and that we're able and deliver. And and results if they came out it was forceful way around. With reports a good year but here at all listeners. The -- talking next -- thanks -- the issue. That -- to talk too soon thanks a lot that's up patriots head coach bill bell a jacket. No not this conversation with the coach yes brought to you on the big show is brought to buy as realize as be alive and on nonsense like insurance company. Offering a new low rates are men and women call 888 get SP a lot of visit SBO I dot com. For your free quote quick break as we continue to -- its Monday edition I'm in New Jersey tradition as well. Other big show.

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