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Peyton Manning won’t miss sitting ducks in the playoffs

Dec 31, 2012|

Kirk Minihane and Troy Brown are in for New Year’s Eve and breaking down the playoff matchups in the AFC. Troy explains that the Dolphins left points out on the field Sunday, something that the Broncos won’t let happen. Kirk and Troy believe that the AFC is going to come down to Brady and Manning once again.

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I you do not have -- alone for today or tomorrow the guys will be back Wednesday. Today you have Kirk and hand in Troy Brown. Etiquette says something. In the east the consistency of this franchise that today is black Monday. And a black Monday for the patriots have been three seed in the NC. I mean that's that's where -- where exactly I mean you know you see it in your read about a minute ago it is official. He's out. I can bomb is out. UC -- guys or Smith -- -- all. Not a death on the hot seat in a film and you are right this is a lot about. The consistency the man. The attention equality in the tail and perfection. Here in new England. And you talk about Bill Belichick number eighty. And so many of the people that company an organization that helped stabilize that situation since 1993. Bill Parcells. And what they've been able to be guilty ya know people you have -- the and to. Really complain about but he except will be in -- number the reason I don't finds out that that would have been a catastrophe abated and give the by pro fights this year people find something well we can be talking about right now. Which may be bogus calls on the Arizona game and. It Toto bag a -- that I think I've a well at that best New England right at 1204 season is. You mean you first got here I mean -- member of the team the first he went to the Super Bowl went eleven and five. And I felt like sixteen and -- is -- -- so long around here for a good team now eleven and five is about a twelve point four. Not that Tennessee boy -- that was about to -- you expect it's almost 500 that is the kind of look at twelve wins at the start of the year but yesterday when that twelfth game. Get a break with Indianapolis beat Houston and now and you look at. It's not perfect and up once he -- -- a two seed heading into the playoffs the patriots you have to look at. As you know if not the favorites are typical favored going back to -- Well you have to look at it that way especially with the collapse of Houston Texans. Really they got exposed by the new England and new -- is the first time when he played him earlier this season -- was -- what about tents and -- and I really Green -- kind of exposed him -- -- -- -- and that is when almost 600 yards on and -- president of but it was just ridiculous. To west of patriots execute so well against the best team in football at the time we it's myself become artists are -- to -- there -- there -- talked about the Houston Texas -- the the greatest team NFL. Fair point you look at Houston team on the two games before that they gave up votes yes points X about one yards in Jacksonville and Detroit on. Thanksgiving and after that -- and when it comes in Monday night humiliate them. I lost the Minnesota yesterday lose again. There are three seed right now -- look at them is almost having no chance you looked at in Cincinnati when the -- seen in Indianapolis. Probably not Baltimore struggling you look at it right now that the one and two seeds for a reason. The think those are the only two teams give a real chance make mr. ball onto. Yeah I mean really that that that's about it I mean years look at him. It does not go back -- -- to Houston again and talk about where the apps that exist. At this win two games. And let's look for that we citizen deal and they couldn't do well I mean. They need to show up yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you walks in the room there was no enthusiasm. There was no sense of urgency. From their football team airplane for a lot and they hope they -- a lot -- surrender which is blamed for took strong. Rush this for Pratt basically in the probably going to deploy a little bit of momentum sure but a lot of the press how hard they came out there and played. In this game and how well they played that game considering. There was so much of that known for the Houston Texans sure and then -- to wash their demeanor via an entire game well and the the second series. Both Foster came on that'd be -- -- things up on did Johnson play well yeah man. And you look at the head -- And Jesus like -- has no clue no Hanson who -- tell you that was one you kind of beat up the -- -- capture as a leader in there is no ballots like you know can be Lewis books and -- that ambit. -- don't get downloading coach when he has to get down and saw -- yesterday you know as it is don't do it went for on this guy if if that game Eagles anywhere all script. He's done. What seems like patriots punched Houston -- and Houston never got -- is get that sense and yesterday and a game. It was -- -- 2116 in the fourth quarter thought Kubiak made a big tactical mistake had a chance it was a fourth and twelve. -- from 37 -- then they could -- today help the colts to straight three and -- and September 1 call time. In -- Shayne Graham out -- -- 52 yards 25% guy in his career fifty yards plus misses at. Colts go down the field two plays later -- seven yard touchdown 2816 games was was that the parity between the replay. The touchdown analysts yeah. Analysts' mean you really you -- a thirty point three NB -- and that's not just now you've got to tenement in its army and you know I've been Pope will get to the Texas -- the other two teams here. Later on we'll take your phone calls at 6177797937. Attacks are coming 379%. From pitchers respective Troy. When you look at the AFC you look at these teams -- the once he patriots -- all the rest of the page is gonna go back to miserable. -- they have the guys got to think so right now. That the biggest the biggest problems going to be for them as it was Agassi -- went out the year. Win i.'s solid day of a certain amount -- -- -- to text him and and that's they haven't played anybody. But the Denver Broncos and don't what they're supposed to do regardless though. They had on the schedule they beat every team that -- -- go to bed they beat Baltimore you know you let it be named and and Baltimore right braves -- -- Denigrate anyone has Cincinnati Louis they had to a lot of bags when I started out on a defense and -- the -- -- occur over gas out -- You know Joseph Flacco. And I don't Flacco holds that you also -- you -- not -- the deal with from the Baltimore Ravens but I. Do us to lug of a pretty solid football to in the playoffs you know I am done without really was no gas for quite awhile so. Look at that -- a nominee. Against the that the Denver Broncos and they have at that they have what it takes in the AFC the -- one and -- have you wanna put on pages one chronicles one -- -- -- Latimer right now with a team best teams in the AFC. And unfortunately for -- and British fans they got to go through Denver. And play that game. And you've done in the postseason now a much different is going to be for this patriots team who has the last three times Brady's play this defense three times really last year. He shredded them in Denver remember last year and -- after six touchdown passes this year at home how different is going to be when they go there in the playoffs. It's a problem now you have Peyton Manning and how level right right end. They can score some points to pick a score some points -- yeah is gas sold weapons that they weren't able to -- used last year with Tebow -- and Thomas and -- You know you gotta gotta give him the ball. And that was -- you could now score Tom Brady and there was the fiscal have a hard time stopping -- But. And that has been playing pretty well but I still see. Don't see -- simply -- enough this time around her and or gotten away with them is going to be able to score some points against his team I think I pulpit. As good as the new Olympic his defense play yesterday. Then the -- like Baptist on the on the -- Miami Dolphins -- End. A man is not wanna miss the owners sitting ducks out benefit -- -- that right. In -- it was maybe it yesterday the question is though will Denver realist operator come out of nowhere Madonna and you know -- that beef is just isn't built. I think a little too small and get pushed the Obama pick his office that's the one. Advantage is that I think the patriots have won just a little more. Physically in a different defense is used to -- -- you know on the flip sat. I mean offensively. But he doesn't -- -- doesn't element within a -- is gonna below what do pages do it to them and big -- in -- Google. You see. Any chance of them happens all the time against you see any chance at one the other fourteen is gonna come in and playing at a championship game or do you think there's no questions can be Denver in the win a couple weeks. -- Denver. I like it to be a little tougher this time around with them face an appointment probably in the face and may -- the colts here in the divisional round. Nothing has probably the better team when we look at that next week and an -- these games right. And they they're playing with a lot of emotionally I became here the first time around -- -- a lot of emotion in that game took strong and all that stuff and it just didn't match up to. Two Tom Brady and a team you know is is just too much firepower foment the young quarterback coming in with a lot expect a lot of him. -- a lot of pressure on himself and he didn't play. You know nowhere near what he wanted to play I'll believe when you -- -- more relaxed this time around I don't think you can beat Tom Brady and Peyton. I do wonder I -- Cincinnati pretty live shot Houston and beating the tax cuts size meal -- like Cincinnati -- a lot like -- -- the best of one team scares me wanting the patriots. Don't know what they won't face the team in -- richness -- -- -- -- -- so. I like him a lot because they have a couple of guys that can hit a home run -- -- it was just the home bull great -- it works on most abused. This is a different attitude. That we -- from this isn't anything right along to make as hot as it's not the same Cincinnati Bengals right but in the past when you have so many talented people. Which is horrible wherever teams and work epics. And have the wrong things. You know first on their broad list of is the different type of -- -- being listing so they really scared me a lot. Doesn't it I guess anybody out today that the guys that have been under the radar right you know and just kind of doing their thing in that reignited in the whole lot of it listen to what they've been whom they've won the last. Seven of the last eight games that I looked at their best team in the NC -- yeah I mean I I I would agree with you and I would agree with you mean with the stated that the the the ravens right now. The way their bank downs and and just China and winning quarterback is regressive and thin and is going backwards right now and enough this is going back. Yet the put them as. The the number three team right now and AMC and and they can probably. Been known as though they did I mean in the unity of -- ABC game you know. Who knows what that. 61777979376177797937. Troy Brown here along with -- and your phone calls we get back and we'll take a look at. Back a look at your yesterday's -- if we learned anything for a big picture perspective on the page it's -- take a quick look around -- leads. More coaches here on black Monday looks like determine just got a lot to you at all that more and actress.

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