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Tom Brady: "This is when the best of the best really start playing their best."

Dec 31, 2012|

Tom Brady joined the D&C show to put a bow on the end of the regular season. The Patriots quarterback is looking forward to beginning postseason play in two weeks and expects a tough test from whoever New England faces.

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Time now to talk to the quarterback Tom Brady. What Stearns and Kevin winter and for Dennis and Callahan Tom Brady's interview was brought to you by. Northeast electrical distributors. Gallery BMW. And by staples good morning Tom Brady. Our morning Tom Dario are important ordered. I feel so bad that we have to wake you up at this time -- you know you Yonder just last week the Philippine gonna do it again. So load of panic a little quick so. Sounds a little happier you sound happy at the last week and it's going to be secure so. They were there about seven torture arbitrary piece that would. -- For the regular season is over as you said yesterday -- early Christmas present early Christmas present. From a pretty successful season for you guys. Well yeah and and I think you know we've we've definitely made some improvements over the course of the year which we always hoped to them. You know -- at one point two or three not looking very good to feel very good about where we're happy because finish twelfth in forest. Is pretty good considering where we started so. And the fourteen people throw real competitive games. So you know we can just keep getting better continue to improve. You know -- competitor than you can draft so. I think they give a lot of confidence you're moving in the playoffs. Promise that human nature yesterday at the end of the game you'd take a minute especially with a bye week to look back at the year to sort of exam in the losses. -- You are you not completely turning the page yet are you done that after -- night's sleep. Well I think you know this this week you know it's gonna be about getting better so we really don't know -- opponent yet so as we going to the week. You know what there's no wonder really focus on you know but who really can folks are the most important. -- the -- sort of yourself. And it's understood why we've once certain games -- -- and what we've lost certain game this. Going to be critically important to -- success here in a couple weeks so. In -- world we were aware didn't say they get back to work in this if we can make an improvement. You're just identify problem areas and -- get better and that's what we're trying to do. -- guys took the field yesterday did you know. What it happened in Minneapolis. Yeah I think most of the guys you. Yeah I think some guys are formal -- -- -- as he went on -- it. You know coach Belichick and the great point all of us said look you know we. There's nobody that can help our position of about you know let where where we just focus our attention on cord out and -- in the game and whatever happens happens so. You know it's it has as the cold not one yesterday's news from one I think we had approached in the same way. Tried to go up there and XQ really well one. I think that's what's most important I think that was the gratifying part that you guys -- really mentally into it and you know it's it was it was proposal cold night of the -- -- -- You know with the guys -- hung in there and played hard they interrogate. In -- you've talked about the execution factor the last couple weeks in the lost to -- Cisco and the performance against Jacksonville how pleased were you with the execution which also I think translates the focus is well. Dirty yesterday it would. Goes better -- Senator yesterday and it's going to be better ball forward so. You know some guys no -- was just they're really for the first turn them in whatever month or so. You know everybody really contribute which was great for our offensive and hopefully we can use -- actually point. Several -- the advantage by getting some rest and Tokyo about the little -- numbers over the course of the year and if so can be our best. We need it the most. On talk about broad -- back yesterday played to I guess little less than a third of your snaps. On the Italian army times I looked down from the press box and it seemed like when he is out there. It's just different defense is just pay attention. Yeah and he's he's one of the best. In the in the game right now. So when he's out there makes a big difference in. He hit two pretty important catches yesterday. And you know those explosive plays in the passing game and his ability to stretch the defense -- from the field and is very important. And Aaron did a great job yesterday. -- obviously you're a lot better from inaudible some bruises you know that he -- Accumulated over the course a year and a -- in Daniel fells him and who -- -- As they're really stepped in to him and played very critical role and to have some things just they're also so it was great to have their but he contributed. -- from your perspective on the ground factor when he's out there are no disrespect to -- are -- manner in the other tight ends that are there but when he lines up. When you step understand when you're in the shotgun. How is it different -- -- coverages can you give us an example how it's different when he's on the field. -- well he's he's he's always system missed that she's got a really great speed he's cut. He tracked the ball really well ordinary separating -- It is very tough. He's he's very quick you know in the biz break. So he does everything well. You know which. He just went out there it's just it's it's a -- respect for the defense. And they got really unique skills to -- he's been so productive and so they got here so it was great food. -- -- -- -- -- -- Lets him get a complex beat these guys were it's a very good morning. Tom you've always talked many attempts this last week Wayne you know when -- -- to start clogging the middle I imagine they do bad. When rockets back on the field. What's it like to just sit there and watch whether it's a safety come up old linebacker dropped out everyone converging. On drunken through watching the rest of the field spread open. Yeah that's that's part of -- you know the more attention. You know defense faced -- one player. The less there is to the other -- You know -- in some ways it's like basketball you know use. You know there's. You guys you'll get a certain America. You know if you were to try to stop -- one guy and extra attention no one guy there's less. For everybody else and that. You know that's that's what we do in football to him in our defense has to pay attention brought to west and to grow and effective care and opportunities that gives. Our running game opportune executives trying to avoid opportunities in -- bridge opportunities -- those all those guys made. Some important place -- -- -- so. I think that's important thing to be able. Distribute the ball around so that. When you need it the most you know everybody is a viable player in a viable receiver. And a -- but we did a great job running the ball yesterday which was important. So we did a decent job of passing game and so. The defense crucial against a few weeks ago down in out of Miami and so. You know our execution by no means perfect but it was better than it was the first time we played. On talk about the bye week in this week in particular it's seems to me it's one of the most unique -- get a bye week during the regular season but you know your opponent is. Two weeks from that. You now know that you can play one of three teams you don't have to prepare for the Bengals so what's this week like you said it before that he'll focus on your cells. This week but are you preparing it all for one of those three teams this week -- not even. Pay attention until that teams -- finalized this coming weekend. And that's really up for coach -- besides you know Brett I'm sure. There's really no defense to focus on technical -- practice a look at her own defense and individual drills and techniques and trying they're trying to get better a lot of self evaluation and you know the bye week is a really important time of the year during the regular season because you can evaluate. The things that work you don't really have that -- -- time of the year and trust to be able to do that again you know -- You're always so wrapped up in the course of this season. With the opponent that you don't -- -- can't get a chance to focus on yourself and know what -- the chance to do that this week so. -- the importance as well as the rest here. You know mentally and physically because there's really a -- into the season to do with the stress if preparation of the stress of practice because they're both such high expectations -- -- when you go to practice every week you know likable one. Went there Thursday night after practice tomorrow. Don't exhausted because the emotional energy you put out. I'm thinking of preparing and want to be really good practice -- -- electrocution and then. Over the course of the year that release takes a -- as well also. That's where the metal cup this really comes in also and our team is. You know focused on that made an important part of our success from our ability. The past wins and losses and still try to be your best every week both mentally and physically. Tom the three teams you could play in that divisional game would be a rematch of game from earlier this year. What's the advantages. And even subsequent disadvantages. To face a team that second time. What's gonna come down you know there's there's nothing that really. Took place in the first thing that's gonna have much of an impact on the second game and it. Good to have its own individual week preparation tax commission and so. It's just a matter of you know figuring out the opponent and put everything got into the week and I think that. You know we faced that playing our division opponents. Every year and that is another step -- more familiarity with. -- particular team and in it and it goes both ways so. You know to me it always comes down to execution and you know this is what you gonna trickle on this player. Come that a blocking attack from the sort of catching and running and making good decisions and and all the things that lead to winning and losing. Speaking of running. How do you feel like this year's run game riddled throughout the year that Ridley and it was over 12100 yards into the end zone -- odd multiple a lot of times. How do you like this you're running attack this year heading into the postseason. As opposed to some years passed away and it has -- think it's -- is sufficient. Well he's done a really good job just even in the incredible when he's in their bread and always seemed to make yards -- He runs really hard he's tough to tackle. I didn't would have -- had a phenomenal year and if so dependable and consistent. Gains made a bunch of plays and they're like you did yesterday so. No it's it's four guys were -- contributed all played yesterday. It's great for. They have to share those carries so that. And you get to this point here and there are really reliant on one player. Carry the load the whole scene. In the run game you're able to distribute to guys that you a lot of confidence and then what. All those guys playing really well over the course of the season it's been. It is that we get through port where those guys are are relatively. I would refresh let you know more freshmen key note be if they had one guy who got all those -- so. Even carried a big load but. He's done a great job for a -- and he did a great job again if. Tom couple final question before -- let you go this time a year getting into the playoffs. You've been fortunate enough to be -- a great organization you've helped make it that way you played -- When he two playoff games of the thirteen years have been in league it's only been three times. Unfortunately that you haven't been in the -- after the -- how do you balance. Not taken for granted but also focus on -- an advantage of the opportunity. That's funny right. Well the only thing that we haven't this year you know -- there's no next year there's no last year. The only thing that we we can take care of as you know what we have ahead of us which is you know to -- -- from yesterday so. You know it's. The expectations lower or -- around here and I don't think we going to see -- -- I hope we win any games this year. No we going to them and we say that we know we hope -- we that we -- -- -- sort of good position when it comes -- -- -- -- decent position. North we. Were playing well playing hard we'll play conflicts. And we want to -- -- we've lost close games and you know I just hope that where I was still are our best football that it literally do and if you're waiting for our guys to get healthy and hopefully we can be helped it's helped is going to be here in two weeks and I'd love to see what that looks like we can finally get more out there one time and I'll put our best out on the field for sixty minutes. -- final question is this what. What sticks out with you from yesterday and did you get home in time to watch the Dallas game. What you like what what you'd taken as a football fan outside of what's going on. What you guys it was such an amazing season we're gonna talk about it for the next three and a half hours there's sure he's like Chicago and giants. One and -- goal of the playoffs is there one thing that sticks out with you from yesterday from around the league. Well I think -- -- I think the important thing is is every game matters and you know our week three loss at Arizona early to look for their against Arizona is a huge reason why we're to -- -- -- -- or. Go -- Houston when -- if they we have been at least seats so. That's -- you play sixty games in every game counts and again that the beginning of the year count just as much at two games at the end of the year so. That's why he got to play them all and I know there's a lot of predictions are made after four games are straight games after fifteen games. You know how the outcome of play out that that play got to play the ball. And you know he's sort of the best I've played the most consistently and that's reserve. Don't be in the position area. Those who want to make the playoffs most reward to that -- in the playoffs and you look at a team like Denver group. Didn't start very well but they've won eleven straight so they certainly earned it and you know that's that can be fit for the NFC teams as well so. It's going to be it's going to be a fun -- degenerate always says this is where the that's when the best of the best released are playing their best -- -- -- -- -- of the players and I know it's exciting part for the fans to. You know will be excited and ready to go there and a couple weeks. Tumble and the setup on a fun note because in the opening quarter it hit social media rapidly. You know the networks have a lot of microphones. And I know some wind at some time -- taped up. Everyone caught a what are -- rubble is still scream -- sometimes what Omaha Omaha right before the snap. Yet you made one adjustment with cougar cougar. I do yeah where and I'll wake -- ricotta cougar park in and now the next question so we're gonna come from. -- We got we got plenty went. You know that in our repertoire so. We keep changing about. You know you need to it how close those black four -- to. You know my now. You know talk humans eat -- -- pretty much here and everything so. From the week to week where -- change -- -- -- -- communication isn't that part of the -- NFL is so well as some new stuff for a -- week. Spaceships remember the microphones are out there society typically Malia I guess if it -- generally -- Tom happy new year do valuing your family and I. I'm sure we haven't looked that far ahead on I'm not sure if you noticed that the Super Bowl this year is on the taxing. In the exact same places when it all started in 2001. Not sure if you heard that yet. I didn't know that -- and or. Hi Tom happy new year.

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