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Butch, Fred and Steve are also getting a first round bye

Dec 30, 2012|

The Real Postgame Show guys are in and recapping the Patriots dominatingwin over the Miami dolphins to close out the regular season and secure a first round by in the playoffs.

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These -- so we'll post game show on the WTI Sports Radio network. So we'll post game show. Between coach during its first goal of the nine yard we'll bring back it's over. NFL all pro nose tackle breaks bricks and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie. Get the ball down there. Give yourself laughter. The ground there that's. The -- post game show on the W. EI Sports Radio network. The real post game Phillies on the air live from Toby -- I love this bar and grill. The real post game show brought to you by AM. Natural Casey frank. The official frank in sausage. The New England Patriots look for that Campbell box at your favorite grocer. Can't celebrate something you would like to join us on the real post game show the number is 617. 77979837. That's 617. 77979837. Steve DeOssie -- roles alongside well. Besides the Rob Ninkovich if you'd like guys said the Rob Ninkovich injury. Up pretty much a perfect day for the patriots -- pitch shot out. They went 28 to nothing to go to twelve and four more importantly. Houston go to an Indianapolis Indianapolis behind the emotion with chuck McDonald beat Houston in a big -- to end up with the second seed. And apply and if you want the ones that that's significant about that a five time the patriots have gone to the Super Bowl. The Brady Belichick here live at the by all five times pretty much a perfect day. Million units by my privacy you Austin you followed exactly with cold I Vista logo -- -- -- those -- but do -- point that you. We're hopeful that you were. We're hoping to win I'm predicted she when -- him but that would be did not over the bed of the heart my friend Elton John stark division. Of -- -- -- -- proud of -- -- it -- -- Let guys like you're -- you could have. We've proved we give dogs who were you can -- to do with the game. You I think you realistically thought that Indianapolis. Had a decent shot of winning that game against Houston Houston is -- or football. Down the stretch that this was absolutely no surprise. Whatsoever. Three weeks to go I was to -- who -- that OK you would be surprised that the patriots got a five but the way Houston kept. Kill themselves down the stretch. It turned out to be appropriate scenario police don't know install a lot of flaws you group in other -- but the pressure on the -- recovery -- the -- -- stagnant. Right the quarterback was what the project in his decision to invade Tibet vote. Had it in Miami covenant I think getting to know that but what touchdowns going deception the last couple games five would go. -- no interceptions than usual but it went pretty well the defense last by the by the patriots. But a lot of pressure because that -- operative -- the other night I'm going to escape after that performance against Jack's wife think that. To be -- -- -- deciding factor as to how the pictures from crucial today there was no way they want to go into the season with another performance like a beautiful season. -- another performance like they have gets -- Did did they get. A blessing in disguise that big -- Bill Belichick get exactly what you wanted last week. When you consider that the patriots won as you said -- last week they're bad it's still good enough to win. But they won it yet they got us here enough that Belichick got to talk to them this week. They can bomb pitch to shut out we end up with the second seed coming last week turns out to be he doesn't help. Last time the giants. Every -- the giants starter who put the giants. Go to the Super Bowl. They had a run down the stretch and extremely good run -- -- and -- they didn't have yet to be seated in those seven with the patriots beat them late in the season the giants played a great kid I was like 3035. So like that the giants we've -- to -- -- -- -- Yes so. -- I think those who with this team Tom Brady you know his -- about the cap they want to know help lead this team a lot of altogether we cannot win. Playing that type of football the cable that much but a team that executed pretty well they'll open up the global all the seconds after it wasn't even -- -- just. But I think that that really help this type team that's your point. We got reports Tom Brady. -- -- the eight team only be players only meeting that basically. I would say reading the -- that would explain to the guys what's going on how would they have against Jack -- completely unacceptable. Let's talk about what we know will be on until 830 year leading up Celtics basketball your phone calls it 617779. 79837. Steve DeOssie -- scroll through here. The patriots are twelve and four here's what we do know it's all set. In the AFC Denver as the number one seed they rash Kansas City patriots at twelve for the number two seed. Wild card weekend next week in January 5 and sixth don't know the times yet. NFL put that out later on tonight Cincinnati will play at Houston in the sixth against the three seed. The colts will play at the ravens the five against the four feet. Here's what we do know both the patriots and the Broncos will play home football teams the weekend of January 12 and the thirteenth. The patriots will play either. That Texans the ravens for the colts there's no scenario for the patriots can play the number six seed Cincinnati Bengals the bronco. We'll play either the ravens the colts for the Bengals there's no scenario where that number one Broncos can play the number three Texans so that's what we do know right now. And again I emphasize this point because they think it's important. The patriots in the Brady Belichick -- -- that the by five times and all five times they go to the Super Bowl I don't wanna jinx them with that but that's to -- you know. Know it's funny as the two leaders all the -- down and -- multiple -- flavor wolf the early and then it -- Texans. For the top of the heap while -- they post out of all the plot Eva the Baltimore Ravens who changed to a report offers what made -- was it called places college courses. Kind of a dull boom it Texan I think that -- approval for so long that they just couldn't get effectively via. Well and also would give talked about being student was goes to a -- have to deal with you also look at Kerry Foster. Wasn't running the ball like he had three refusing those -- -- regard is -- looking down good. You know six tenths of of yards per carry so they weren't playing. Great football game of the season and some of their flaws show when you look at Baltimore. He started losing guys on defense system they lost quarterly loss Ray Lewis they lost a number of guys who always. Hit -- miss on offense. What they were going well. They were good front running team ball wasn't we're getting you brought up that worked with the what did you do to establish himself through. I'll stick to break Q on this question. When we come back we'll go to phone calls what's up the audience are. Okay -- gonna take a break so I'll give you the question right now which team you guys had your choice would you rather have here in two weeks the Texans. The ravens for the colts and -- I don't think you really matters of government here but the bad as we going through. You would get. -- well let's put the Belichick want to do one game at a time. Which team -- rather not see community next week doesn't matter I think I would refuse to rent a robot to the cold the cold coming off -- you know nice victory at the end of the season that he was is it energized the coaches to back you brought that back up. I did not that we have back to put it was they were really energized that the parent and the playoffs was approached -- definitely the future in Texas we've reviewed I don't. I would worry about seeing the colts all that much Houston coming up here. You've got to know that beat down that they took here would be their minds one way or the other and they also golden awfully good football by the Kamal. Simply great gave the first round that that might. Square that up a little bit but. -- of those teams they definitely think we -- with the ultra low taxes he would have they look -- beat down the other really want an experience right they've been looted. Write it in light of violence itself. Well -- -- big point the patriots have played all three teams. This year whoever's gonna come it'd be difficult to help sort of you know they lost for the ravens are a little doubt that yes we do I don't know. Urine I think those -- just wonder what about the did make the playoffs do you. Already there are eleven and five of them that it had a limited only to get up to the restaurant that a couple of your political ropes I was arrested eleven had probably let's go to the phones we get the people vote but. Before we -- the phones and asked the question at that point which team would you rather have. Going to Denver. And play the Broncos the ravens the colts but the bank. I'd rather have -- that's your question I think probably the colts whose -- you know. The vandals while COLT to its feet meaning we both just made Manning and -- pretty -- I would really just a game of what we're we're talking about the team most likely to knock off. -- I don't know good effort by either Houston or. That's -- thing. I think to have -- -- tougher and he goes to an annual fee plus the district of inevitability to it analyzed dissected analyzed often that would provide advertised in that -- equality it is. Their team that can change their offense. And connects we were talking about I that in all the Teamsters got no Bluetooth and had to go to that we have a -- -- the patriot day yesterday so far. That's what you don't happen -- Stevens could do what I feel right and always -- stockbroker but I don't put all the teams -- in the playoffs right I agree completely divorce hadn't been viewed those teams to -- a bird that. I will give you an update guys NFC we'll give you an update on the NFC securities the only thing we really know. In the NFC -- two things Atlanta's got the number one seed even though they lost today. And Dallas or Washington will be in the play out such criticism for vegetable chips I was well say that the definitive Olympian giants out. -- -- -- -- let's go to Gary in now Foxboro to kick things off you know you're on the real post game show how -- you. Hey I got you a millionaire. I want to talk about and it the number as you go. -- and there's that we think Margaret's it's making. It's. They have yet to be a big part of playoff -- because somebody else gets injured. He's not going to be deciding factor. In the playoffs -- because. Now you've got Murkowski got her name this you've got Welker but boy you've been more the fact of the last report games. In terms of would have played. Very well -- in terms of number of touches available -- gave the all races down the list all the old. You never never have a problem guy like -- one team who you go to battle with situations that. He's -- to step up we'll have a way of let's face it he's the easiest cover out of all. Yup -- the two tight ends and we -- I'm back to ball would have brought county and and as the big men and it was small wind moved. -- -- In the slot as it is we do Lloyd -- -- good -- for the guy. Rich today when he gets one -- to -- I -- these these. Hello hello New Zealand whose wolf because he -- off the back to any given time. I like to contribute and that's fine but we have got a lot I would have been a look at the double up call for Rockwell right from -- -- confidence I look at the on as a a fifth option. But one that in the playoffs I like -- have -- what do Floyd get sort of playoff. -- -- -- replace them but now you've got a veteran guy with a ton of experience the camera is gonna get the start on the mound so to speak in a playoff game bond and you gonna be okay with that I flew right I don't -- but they're looking to drop off the terms of him being a deciding factor in the playoffs here today. Let's go to Jimmy and -- Jimmie or the real post game show. Dave that patriot like the position that in -- -- I don't -- come -- -- the rock and -- that you're limited and -- that -- -- and then food and use our. What do you go through a we have a film about a culture that's the threats nor does it go he took me 27 year old famous -- saying squished affinity. As. It that's original. 61777979837. To join us on the real post game show but we know what are you put into. That that -- he wasn't approving -- they wanted to bring in Kuwait they. Really people that this you know if you watch some of these notes you've been laid down to buy tickets and they were getting off the ball. But by having virtually at the same thing to play for. They hope that even though all the the score indicated otherwise they played they played you really are given that you really -- he's open to effectively keep those images that we go to this. The storm right now but I got to. Wouldn't be in. -- I broke Dubai because the votes were vindicated. They do it truthfully the I would also I thought it through fourteen -- with Freddie would do that situation where. You're going nowhere. Near the pool. Place at the games start addresses are thought. Even if you don't believe -- Your mind starts wandering so so if they eliminated the seven points the game wasn't what I go to I don't know if they did not laid down right. But how much credit do we give the Patriots defense today they got Cunningham back they got spikes that they only played a little bit -- -- -- -- it was good to see them on the field. I -- iconic hit very hard on what they put they put up -- -- So that we give them credit for that don't ever regretted what do you -- -- the defense is still. A big level overall -- level. Kind of -- deep -- there they're okay well there to play it's off the top -- you remember that are Peyton Manning touchdown. Against this defense city that was one Q hotline I believe it was -- open down the left. And Sony was overthrown by hand held wireless I'm trying to remember the other one of the models built all the reporters and opponents thing through to him that's the other thing we don't believe we've been there right. We knew right away. They're rushing back guys view of the people were going a little bit last week like we saw you have always been good so what. You would be problems -- what it was we put why bother they didn't need him to beat Miami. Give -- that rest now we get some other extra week to rest. We have to leave builder reported people please seeking -- better depicting a bubble -- He he had come out of breaks he can't put a guy cuts he just exploded come to kind of round and out. The guys to the myself I thought that I think -- does Nebraska law. Pops up at the end that he's taken we've taken at the rookie wall you hit the rookie -- was a doorknob you're rushing up eleven -- quarterbacks at eight. We've got to get back inside -- group club inside nobody that was okay -- I think we're pretty good romances didn't match up but you know -- -- -- But the guy it was mostly the weekly. Music is that a lot of water is a tough want to Spitzer of course the press that his opponent -- we got two weeks with -- the patriots officially said it was -- -- injury. So we'll see through it really matters let's go to Robin reign him on the real post game show rob number Floridians need. Hi guys somebody zero people. I mean is that it was right here right now. Like -- -- the call Iowa or at least he says nordic. We -- you know if you with these two people like that and if you do. Yeah I was up against new couple hours what about whatever the quarterback -- -- -- wanna -- about the defense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's move on go to Chris -- bill Atkinson. And it's ludicrous simply looking hopeless. Date rich old white guy that would put everything all right and the -- apartment excitement about what the app in the background and I think it's not a -- Don't wanna leave office. -- and obviously we'll look. At the ball went and I know him completely. Hopefully. Since -- and are you know what you regular big reasonable point that that we both really. With the -- Houston's playing and the way the victim may have hit a few weeks ago. That would be a difficult assignment we used to come up here especially with the rest patriots team that -- Would you like obviously -- six of one half dozen the other Baltimore's got tired to Obama's got last year's AFC championship on their mind if welcome Baltimore also beat the world of right and you'll also probably go to. Now accurate with what was what was your last I don't know what it was with some of stopping -- -- time -- inevitable about. On the patriot would have been put the one night I think you don't worry about it all the -- -- -- didn't in the second round you know that it -- hopefully we will -- You never know you know the that Barack. It's definitely -- I grew up. I don't know if we have a sits on -- give the play well it was a beat up the giants they've they've wanted for a privately they've played parable -- -- They have played both teams who may tell you both Cincinnati's play above average in all local and all that be equal to the TV who may have they'll just a few weeks ago. Also they split up buried them in the late looking at. They don't have enough. I agree with the crest -- up. Either -- the patriots have won on that if it goes through the one they gave. It all the blogs -- who wants who would who wanted to win on YouTube who would have opened doors and a lot of it yeah I would have thought I'd give what you saw it sound like we were chris' point about. Battle tested playoff experience when you look at the six teams in the playoffs OK you -- it in the AFC. The team -- playoff experience most recently he got the patriots got Baltimore to meet -- right there but again. Playoff experience with this roster. -- Peyton Manning yet this Denver team got someone here but they don't have as much experience is my resume at one game last year Cincinnati colts none. Although you still got Dwight Freeney and -- -- -- what do you think Houston's probably the least battle that's the team in the playoffs and have you last year. You have Manning that's coming off an. And playoff tested him a couple of defensive line of -- just everybody focused on him an offense he's the mood of that open. I've and they have had. A very very easy these last ten games outside of Oakland Baltimore. I'd support it with him today or when except for Baltimore which could play that well working with the about the way out anyway they. I think. Denver is the team that. Approximately -- get a formerly. They've had those issues a lot lately -- let's not forget too there's a lot of good home field advantage is you in the NFL. The road to the Super Bowl goes through Denver that they are the number one seed. I'm -- take a break if you'd like to join the real post game show. We CU talent off on the line you guys are up next 6177797937. We like Toby Keith were alive he's still a big game come on Oprah will be Italy thirty. Toby Keith I love this bar and -- This is the real post game show it he's brought to you by KM natural heating things. They are the official frank pants off of the New England Patriots look for that -- -- -- take your favorite grocery. Can't celebrate something. It's the fourteenth player to drive coming up with a great future when they get a quiet yet. Get up to Ridley that's -- back here. Steven Ridley with two touchdowns today finishes the season over 12100 yards. With twelve touchdown BenJarvus who. You -- listening to the real post game show brought you -- -- natural casing -- -- official frankly insulted that the New England Patriots look for the camp blue box at your favorite grocer. Can't celebrate something steep enough -- grows alongside the NFC playoff picture is. Almost set. Here's what we know after the 4 o'clock finals. Atlanta is the number one seed San Francisco with the number two seed Minnesota has beaten Green Bay in the dominos have fallen. It -- Chicago out of the playoffs. Giant out of the playoffs they were out earlier today -- here do we know next week in the wild card weekend. Minnesota will go to Green Bay and they just played in Minnesota today Seattle will travel to either. Dallas or Washington. The winner of tonight's game -- write to both you guys who wins tonight's game Dallas to Washington why Washington. Been playing. Pretty good football right now RG three is as. Good young quarterback with -- see -- in many years -- -- you know. You know what looked good last week 22 we I. It's just when you look at this through the Dell felt it was important role in particular they have ways of -- victory. Until they change that have no reason to double life well Dallas and it. In particular won't want to play pretty well last couple games we a lot of points was reportedly been about. -- -- he's been receiving end of a lot appointed based Cooper role itself was played extremely well sort of and so it -- -- because RG three runs great. He doesn't have the massive numbers probably twenty seconds of the passing gods but he's I think he's second the third. With -- way to -- over quarterback rating of someone very official with the ball you -- defense is very well and he doesn't just run deep fly. Rubble of another athletic guy doesn't run like I do you prefer puts up big numbers -- that defense vote who wants is not a great defense of all the port is pretty good speed as a but I what I I think talent is there. The right big. I think that Dallas wins this game. -- ID three it did Locke who fight it out but well before NFL player I think gallery and the game two but if we're wrong how wrong and RG three gets in. Here's two good quarterbacks we have him besides Manning Brady Matt Ryan Aaron Rodgers three rookies right we have Andrew Luck. RG three calling -- it. Figure and Russell Wilson for Seattle we'll all be in the playoff average certain. But still just what it's limited overs you're started -- at first you start. Fourth fourth quarter of the Seymour Smith -- Smith and help right right you wanna watch -- -- that because verdict. Even the second evidence that they could have been fired they had a big enough lead the patriots you don't -- that -- a the Dow lost to Seattle he was our let's go to the -- do a lot of people wanna talk about it -- on the -- you don't -- even a real post game show. They got right into the apartment. Let's hope they act regulations because of the great people look really hard to -- -- -- it'll be isolated. You know burden removed him. I also plummeted about obviously -- first came -- couple weeks I think that we should go and handle. Any of those in political ripple through the alarm -- obviously talking about. In many come to our own and if we do what we do -- -- it is because while on the run beginning of the game. I think it's is Manning and if not criminal element values. I think you're a little bit step ahead in and one correction Peyton Manning will not come to town if the patriots win in two weeks and if Denver win that game will be in Denver. Patriots still can host the AFC championship game if he -- the ravens pulled the single winning the Denver and upset. The Denver Broncos and again I ask you guys I think I agree that the toughest match up or follow the patriots -- like the ravens. Going to Denver I think that would be the one team that has a chance to really I don't think that I think that -- -- I think the ravens defense is what does have the speed and all but six of one half dozen -- -- Houston how you've been playing in another but put all relevant bastards that. Right they have the ball pretty much the same but I just think you -- was defense is Lutz Florida in -- and will become a -- And now to Houston for the privilege but I think Paul. We'll be worth -- in Baltimore might have a better a little bit better chance with you don't want I don't think is really or him who put up that figure -- a victim was gonna win that post -- -- You don't want those teams put this stuff produced called me to point. Baltimore will still. Give physical defense with a there -- up to your low -- about this through and hit just. And maybe you don't want to continue but it would be that I -- to pick Clinton if you fit the physical thing not us who pollute we were categorized miserable for them. Not a physical wolf we're. What was defensive. Will be two more multiple pretty physical. But I help more people of which I will say this. If the colts in the loaded the COLT is going to Baltimore beat the ravens. Not gonna get a better storyline in the colts' winning the end of the year to get it to knock off Houston -- winning a playoff game with the Andrew Luck and then going into Denver. Flash frame from the beginning of the season and all the story lines in the off season number one pick. -- to -- -- beat meaning chose to go to -- first round a division round playoff green with a street value I'm gonna get a better storyline and that except that there's not. I don't think there's that much animosity because. Everybody understood at least most of them seem to understand that okay. You have a chance at getting what you have to do that they've Manning might have three years left backs that's for baby goats. Andrew -- was the next guy. -- two of you that the cornerstone and franchise that -- twelve years. So we have Boston maybe as they're brought the storyline is still a great story -- -- -- if you have one of the greatest prospects it policy -- quarterback you got him fifty years. -- -- If it -- but if they -- they got a quarterback that got the Pentagon this is it to you does it look at all Roger Clemens coming back -- -- -- right uniform right but still if you're a colts in your favorites to root against. Peyton Manning brought so much joy rover that. Remember the first few days of the super ball left early in the week. The more all the Jews all around town was pretty debris team -- an awful lot of valuable -- over the -- I got from Italy thirty Cal's Jeff Gordon you guys are up next this is the real post game show. Rock you by KM natural Casey and franks they are the official frank and stuff to -- the New England Patriots. Look for that -- we'll box -- your favorite grocer can't celebrate them. The real post game show airs live from Toby Keith -- On this property in Guerrero fed -- the Nazi and was there with you had been mentioned off top. The patriots in the five times they have been to the Super Bowl with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady they have had the five. Whether that's about it but I know my good buddy Ryan's neighbor correct me on Twitter 2010. Years ago. They lost to the New York Jets when that -- the divisional round will help with wooden -- -- Through that right now -- that are chronically deprived of the victims who it was at the box but his big body. With the -- fill it with a cut this off weekend but still lost. They've come up and done that yet if you -- its -- -- -- -- -- NASA's jet flew it varied so if you believe in history repeating itself. You don't want Houston to come back in here. Because that would be a similar scenario but when you beat up nobody understands but I would assume -- scenario is that the -- that -- they -- applied. There with him. Right that's more prevalent than the one throughout the two time that would have twice within groups who will. I would have -- Baltimore in 2009. That was in the first round that's right that was -- that was the but the one -- I plug that in a couple of the conflicted -- -- five of the book five book. Five of the six or seven times that at 5 -- but I wouldn't let's listen to Tom Brady who just finished at the podium but didn't. Very good at that today -- -- -- on the technical value in the back of this Tom Brady -- finally have dialed the alleged to have another season at twelve and four. -- -- Can -- Christmas present so we accept. Yeah he -- couple big catches. You know it's nice to get back in the flow of things then. You know we used everybody so exciting to you know have kind of everybody out there once for first time -- so use the volume. Well we come back strong -- weeks. Yeah. Yes tough out there and it's pretty cold pretty windy so. -- we have a better in the often most important. When we came in after pregame warm -- Not really. Just kind of -- coach Belichick just you know he said look you know -- people that can improve our position us so. Regardless of what anyone else -- we have we have to win. And we did. Who won ten of eleven so it's pretty good. You know we're two and three at one point which. You know that's a tough candor than a year and you know winning ten of eleven on the loan losses against a pretty good football team returned over four times. So you know we don't turn over four time her chances. Nor should keep that I think that's that's why you play them all you know you don't you don't make you know at the halfway point. You know Thanksgiving you know you kind of see routines our position very -- -- sixteen and now. Have to put them all together -- series stand in and you know we compete against everybody so. We'll take our time. You know get -- get some guys showed up and hopefully. You know get ready to go you know and find out where we play tough question. Registered user different skill sets so and those guys are incredibly touched on Erica some pretty critical. First down plays. -- -- very flexible guys you know who Manning and Daniel played big roles are four titans played. The receivers -- plate -- it's good to say thank -- out about. Welcome back to the real post game show in Toby Keith I love this bar and grill. Tom Brady talking about the patriots -- win against. The Miami Dolphins when he cannot -- would do what we needed to develop it. Was -- for this team to help you right now that was the first time -- -- -- line all play. Right that both my that it. You could look at it. Well ward got an order while those I would -- what you would opens this tabloid they had a whole Murphy's law that's out there. Which -- you know he did different varieties that this difference you'll -- that makes it goes but he missed matches but different levels makes it very difficult to god that you. I've -- 'cause he'd be back they obviously huge difference in the two catches one for the touchdown -- for nineteen. One went for 23 but the very first play of the game for all of them up in the press box. He goes down and he runs the seam route looked like it was going to be curl behind the linebackers and what happens. -- the corner come off of Hernandez. Paying attention to gronkowski and Hernandez is wide open underneath my -- he has such an effect on the soft and they're definitely. Well you have to pay attention to -- who's just come off an injury was collectively would be slower look like a Legos you know but it wasn't something like the giants do have to deal with -- in the Super Bowl because he was. He was running at a Big Five percent clip we've normally -- they had their fifties black recover from which we -- of -- real life because we've moved into the oh. The guy like black and we've recovered from coast to. -- to have him. Oh go would term his royalties fees and cutting. Absolutely have to pay attention to. And now like British had earlier you've got a full complement of receivers and their. That we says that we've been told him a couple of the guys I don't think a lot of people realize that you know it's different recovering from an ankle would you run. That would be running its source you're not putting well we've accelerated well if you post operative blocking well. Now he can run the whole time but to his legs dual explosions console of the that. -- back in the -- is so much easier with the output and it broke his own -- Let's go to Jeff and bill record here on the real post game show Jeff. Hey I -- ruined my. I question sources who would see mostly. Let's look at what they're as the night went book. Because the other was. In. Reporters there again there's. I'm aware that there is it like he. More. All of it went all the office hey I won't. It's like your vehicle actually they won't be -- Most of well Steve as far as the numbers go you talk about other guys have -- attention. Welker was targeted twelve times he had eight catches woody had was targeted is amazing within that an -- it. Five targets five catches up 79 for the jets missed Aaron Hernandez eight targets five catches gronkowski. For target to pitch it beyond one and one Brandon -- five and once -- Welker was probably the biggest benefactor. -- him back -- that I would -- That you would you have but you also look through because I think probably would do about point five please hold a lot of sub views if yeah sold. When he was in there and especially early in the game we saw the news that that got within the -- literally got -- openly. You all of a sudden you have to pick your poison you know that you try to double Welker. Because he's there from double gronkowski her name there welcome you the way you can't double three guys -- we hope. That one guy who put on one person is gonna do about. That you don't want to -- because it's just that it both the time you try to do something with maybe -- But -- guys underneath -- or maybe you guys over the top but recovered some guys over the top but the -- the patriots from -- -- -- you know that the. I found time to play Atlanta Miami and all the patriots like to go over the long. And what to do that if not everything it's not -- of the real close -- don't classes toward -- almost -- like screenplays. That's the Pope and the flat where there's no. A label and that's why are making a lot of -- -- you're trying to take a walk through and brought in his rebuttal. There's no word that -- he's down at the twentieth thirty yeah absolutely and that was it that was it that was the remedy to what the plan we want to do but I don't think upgraded a apps act. And they thought I'd want NASA didn't do that. The Brady it does give a precious to look at a backdrop to all the news announcements read. That's a long play well you're nose guard you're linebacker I look at gronkowski no matter where he lines up. He's tighten a pro set. He's the third guy on a trip right out in the slot he split wide today. There's I think there's a -- he's a guy and I -- the second guy paying attention to him no matter where he lines up. In the offense that he's lined up tight you know you're the linebacker inside you've got to know where he is right. You do which -- better hope you have some help because if I don't I don't go right I don't know we'll be inside linebacker in this league maybe deplorable would be the Patrick Willis that can run with the guys. Like Glenn tells you to that is not with our credit up those guys are good that's that's but you have to think you'd better hope you have some -- -- over the top or whatever. So what -- which -- -- it down at -- for touchdown. -- governor of I think that middle back it was -- looking for the run but about most most of Ronald Brownstein rant about two feet. McGraw was already gone -- Gordon in Michigan -- Gordon here on the real post game show it to you let's talk about leaving Brady in. I think we all at those thoughts any you know they're gronkowski touchdown. At the end of the. I yes. -- -- You are on you a I had some long term thing -- me I've been doing this services they went sixty you know during the regular season. Or when undefeated in the regular season I mean whenever it gets it -- quarter. Or five -- only things operating line. That they could get in. Your are obviously insane Alec has been very. We got lucky. Apologized to her argument that once those first one's been hurt once and at first but the truth I was the first 2001 Roland you know which you have like. You good fortune who would guess what over the course of that 1112 years now. -- -- -- You it's got a new report what it's got to be like just another -- -- and -- they want it period that it's good luck OK we'll have relevance by a lot of visiting hours. I never played professionals globally in college football but that's one thing I do know from high school you can get injured. He's an injury ending injury on any flights over. So why not take on the first one that and I bigotry that it will. Because you don't ever won the game but that's not only got hurt Bruce government workers -- lead in the fourth quarter in the is that the end of their -- up and. That didn't have a place in the San Francisco right -- to a 31 of the great. Right they come storming back 48 points in the fourth quarter while I'm gonna go -- with -- -- you that there are some luck involved. Or are we OK with that the some luck involved we have deliberately looking okay good -- that -- are low. I'll say that there's been that he was unlucky. When -- when you -- about Paula if you can be the first quarter. Of course you know. That luck has worked pretty good for these guys. Blocks -- there was no like -- brought that hit a few feel more protection because don't forget your threw a perfect club I gotta admit when it was eleven minutes ago when I was 21 enough and they had a long time out he was thrown from now it. Now it on the sidelines we were all saying is he coming back in and then there was a timeout they went out on the field Brady got his helmet on. He's coming back you up to about one at a mile -- I wanted to -- model because. What's next game Freddy he wants to play -- -- defense wants the excitement when he went really went that way let me -- -- -- you -- -- It Brady and understand that why would they want people like Freddie they want treatment. I don't know because bill says -- -- the -- would be believable and obvious that because about them which we thought people were. Which doesn't really hold much water you want put you know -- that would draw -- you know don't trouble worried about it because it doesn't happen I don't wanna spend a lot of time and it's all right you know -- Brady did you know. With ten minutes ago we'd be out of a whole different comfort feeling and other reforms or tentative and I let them on different it's a lot different Richard. If you -- to get a recall whenever they generally because they like to execute plays. He wants to practice he wants to stay at the massacre at Bobby as one time let's hear from Vince Wilfork. Vince look at this game. A game where his defense had seven sacks a game where defense put up a doughnut and events like the veteran Eddie is the leader of the defense had this to say after the game. -- mourners who can you better. So. We -- -- -- we we try to protect those areas and make sure we you know. Doing things that we need to do right wait until some time will be different and sometimes these things that we've done already. But. You know like us at this point most important thing now is to win might not be Kurdish. What the wind so you lose and are you going home so. So it's up to us what we want to how we wanna be what type of team one of the army when our own privacy right now so. -- dropped Corwin to go. Drive the car where it needs to go. If it -- well like I like the idea of my -- that the captain Norman now. After he won all patriots P&G beauty when -- think about the by a lot of people about a young players might not but -- possible way we get a week off. Think about that phone that we've done nothing. Melissa receivers what I read out. The right you know Pitt did you know -- that he -- -- what we have a few to be -- that -- the five. I got my ticket yet but it BP's that would with what -- -- that it and then everything you do is that it exaggeration. To embellish what he said. And to take it to the point we said look. For those of you guys who think we deserve to shut out played really well we probably played out much better than Jacksonville let -- -- I think that's. Part of the point where I think the other part of the point is that letting anyone of that team might not understand right now that. Playoffs -- defensive. You're going into the by the time you get to play two weeks. You'll pray for the best eight teams in the league so. If that situation. It was the movement of message. That we always hear about what better notebook that are bubble bubble but. We've also that message to anyone in the younger guys that might think -- a bit more and so now but they sure. Because you shut out team. Used to a lot of work to do that to the point you look at look at Mexicans or awful long time his players got better better. -- When the couple's taxes did throughout his players Breaston got worse. It is -- young rookies you know -- you go to work every day I got to you've got a sudden now they -- you weakness. So there's an off week next week we get about five or six minutes left here so keep -- glance it might take us inside the locker room for this week. The patriots have the possibility of playing in two weeks. One of three different teams teams they've already played this year Houston Baltimore or Indianapolis. So what happened this week. Before those games happen this next coming weekend. How did they prepare -- -- divide their time -- the only they work on themselves in the component BDM for this particular. We know what they have already is big book -- place that says what. Similarities these teams have the three teams that could possibly play there's probably some overlap in what they do offensively or defense we. -- and basically focused on on now would you know. That all three teams have in common and then went to figure out where you're going that you third down and you can go to work to do face. The way. The technology used now -- we've told computerized. If it's a few keystrokes with some quick IT guy in. In the papers often with a look at you that think big and he went. When where Baltimore move or who. It used to move or whomever. I need to know what they're doing some situations that's that's that overlap so that they -- practiced against with a human face but not specific -- people. But still haven't picked the advantage of the season played a while -- -- focused -- the -- -- -- But the -- gonna break down fourteen to the play. It could mentally right that it at a practice together generically but still have war compile the sport you see that in my direction -- -- we recruit. Routinely silicon Denver retrieved the gonna break don't have that over the break it down with a -- agrees to what stuff that -- -- The that a break down the feud that played a practice solely for that. The patriots so they have that in this week with 13 13 one Purdue but generally -- on the -- -- that -- -- -- that would mean your opinion. Again you guys we're guys that played almost three decades combined in the NFL in your opinion the patriots. Obviously have this one game. At a time mentality almost better than any team. During this era with Belichick and Brady is that part of the reason. They've had such playoff success of that part of the reason they've gone to five super bulls. In the last thirteen years if you -- breakthrough here. It is when you get to the playoffs isn't that image the image it's it's almost like any other week even though the intensity more because it is one that. Team at a time you were able that. To do that when they. Well. A lot of teams dwell on the team they lost a long -- -- -- celebrate too -- what you wouldn't talk about. Who we -- on today. I was it's as volatile -- cut -- you know Jackson here. If they do it what people say -- dispute does it. The colorful -- want it to happen shop the last few dozen doors that it would take before we start to -- we thought that that they do that. That's one hell of a physical well and what you've been using up ports in the -- to -- -- vivid display. Here's how -- -- -- -- -- in the playoffs. And it's it's the mentality that -- all. Over the last ten or twelve years that the feasible -- literally. Put the ball even more so. That. Number we heard Tim Brewster talk about what had -- -- when the -- sees him. Because he dismissed previous -- that okay fine whatever all that we've had to ensure we got bigger -- They are capable of understanding that -- is one of why we what was that bad if you get knocked out first run matters up from nothing so. This Goolsbee as high as they are the standards that the that this team in order of things to separate themselves allows them to. With stuff behind the Beasley and look forward to what's directly problem took. Let's hear the tone from Bill Belichick before we go as he stepped to the podium afterwards and say this a good effort but hopefully. It's stepping -- -- Bill Belichick. -- -- -- Those -- the performance for our team and it's guys really did a good job they do we practice. There are obviously ready to go today. And -- players play well good good contributions from all three phases of the EA game. And a lot of guys step up make plays Sonoma singling anybody out there was so many guys that contributed -- I was good solid effort proud of our team and so the results are what there are more. So you know it goes here going forward but it's on. To hopeless they're good to begin with and still fulfillment. You know keep working to improve and get that are -- on its own. They go to when he got the the patriots finish at twelve for the once again -- by. And they watch next weekend in Cincinnati played Houston and the colts play the ravens' final comments guys that will be back here to -- the laws -- good game. Debate subjects covered -- with what we've moved back at them offensively that a little Malone the report would overall -- quietly gone about the have a lot of white wolf. But this with a -- performance about it well. And the way the patriots approached things is. This is not they are not satisfied even remotely true. Even the fans but the patriots are not satisfied. With the fact that that the number two seed you see. Maybe one of the probably one of the top two or three teams in the NFL. Fans aren't satisfied. Players aren't satisfied coaches are satisfied and older should not satisfied. And what that permeates through the organization. That's good but because you when you have those high standards and you willing to work. Towards those high standards that's when good things happen that's whether it's or victims include -- For the last four years not satisfied lessons through. As patriots -- we cherish these playoff games there won't be one next week and I don't think anybody upset by that patriots get the week off. Get to watch the wild card game that will be back and -- a good -- -- on the real post game show. They'll post game -- -- I can't natural Casey and franks they are the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. For Freddy's borrowers -- feed ya for the third. Or as well the main -- smile. Go back in the studio have a great week after my daughter in her dorm room having to look for that -- blue box at your favorite grocer. Then by the blue cross over number two as well. No good if read it again avoid. -- churn out this notice evident. The patriots are twelve good ones and the finals of the the Miami Dolphins and wanting -- and I think. -- -- -- --

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