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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the Sacramento game

Dec 30, 2012|

Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the Sacramento game

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The final 2012 edition of the Celtics and -- presented by Lexus continues from an arena I didn't bother to learn its name I think -- sleep train every now. If you have enough money you can mail it in and you can have your name on this arena in Sacramento eventually at some point once upon a time. Our conversation -- costar was brought to you as always by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard Pilgrim Health Care count us in. We've done this in this room before and is basically. We're behind the locker room. Underneath the stands there's asbestos on the wall with -- years and years gone only remembered. Bring back on -- -- -- novel -- will people get lost forever. Differently can refine this is definitely health care concern during this interview room glamour. Both about harder Harvard Pilgrim Health Care that's. Very very good that's why he's probably -- to -- -- the sponsor. However it's probably not more or less pleasant than last night watching the watching them unfold. There's a natural thing that happens generally. Where when you -- you jump shots guys are going inside but whatever that click is anything no I didn't and -- with that stuff. One a lot of times when that happened this. Either you're forced to jump shots you know I have failed last -- -- hitting great shots and you know you and drivers and posted but you know -- -- forty feet wide open. Just enter executable and we just shoot him with a missing it. Is there any element to where I was his same thing on the plane but playbook in the percentage of Cleveland. Was there any element to that sort of decision making about not going inside not having him. You probably were somewhat and I'd also a lot of the passengers were off target. You know they would -- where you catch and shoot I thought. A lot of -- first -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- reports that the department well we surprised by effort wise we surprise announcement. I don't know I'm surprised when -- you know when. You -- you know -- bodies into and I thought you'd look good before the day images to move forward. This is one building last year won both games like last night. Happened young athletic team and Johnson for you know you were down 20/20 five -- restore went crazy. How do you what happened to very similar to what -- partner you know the big shots them want you done it right now yeah. Fast. When you play better you make shots. To me it's more it's a lot the two Americans. You missed a lot of shots in a row and you give does a lot of transition birds that are more athletic than you. You know -- -- how many teams she's thirty now more athletic probably 26. On the other three with a dangerous consumers somebody had yeah. I -- people watching tonight to see DeMarcus Cousins for writing of reasons he's very popular on the on the message boards right now people often focusing. You know people they realize a lot of people instantly told -- more into one market. What makes and -- rule out a lot -- big commitment to lead but he clearly he seemed to. Well some -- that I have found it offensive remark to a lot of credit right now is because you emotionally. You unravels and take credit away from its -- that he's -- -- -- -- he has great hands. He steal the it is not a -- It's not a great athlete at all I think that's the one area. That people don't know -- you fills you go to the size and makes up for the record. Using him maybe as an exception does this just occurred to me thinking about cousins. You were an unwitting. Participate in the high school experiment were you that your -- three -- -- it's -- six years plus since the rules have changed. Is there been even a discernible difference do you notice -- players coming instantly on average even if it's small. Over the last few years verses in 2004. Well I think number one and one year on the development help. Then it's still a ton of Blair's government -- someone from last year and you know I think emotionally. Film two -- probably better. But one is better than none about the fact I think real on the. In in sports we've seen different guys come back from injuries throughout the course of you know the last 1520 years now -- it's changed all of our eyes in the last hour so be glued. To watching Adrian Peterson and they've Manning come back from his surgery gets the brunt of top seed in the AFC. Is of all the things we've seen. This is really near the top analysts have stepped back and think one year ago we -- on this west to rural western trip a Christmas Adrian Peterson was all the way to game winner interviews went down looks bad. Could you possibly envision. He relations got him. Melanie should be him because you know locally managed and brilliant all along -- every night. When you -- the vikings have one guy you have to stop. You know met. You know Wes walker Tom Brady is just one guy and he still runs like -- -- it's amazing that. Really attribute to him and his it's fun to watch in the northern like the result of the -- and it's tough to Q urgency Drew Peterson. Yet that's impressive -- that you can't. Just look at the fact. -- it did an excellent WEEI Celtics radio network.

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