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NFL Sunday: The Miami Offense and the Solid Play of Ryan Tannehill

Dec 30, 2012|

The guys discuss the Miami offense and if they can play a hurry-up style vs the Pats and take a page out of the Jags playbook. The problem with the Dolphins is that they don't have a lot of big time playmakers at the skill positions. They do have Ryan Tannehill though who would be a getting a lot more credit if it wasn't all of the other great rookie QB's this season.

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-- back. Half an hour ago. I interrupted Chatham in the minimum in the middle of as low as his defense is well. -- and I remember and and we we didn't get back and Adam and I wanna give back to it because you were all ranked up tonight I interrupted you -- -- -- The the section of the show we are and let's go back to the point try to make about the defense. And and where you're. Why would you say it is really relative to what currency with Miami today what Jacksonville tried to do the patriots an idea of the rent a foursome. To stay in some virtually the entire game looked back to the first patriots game I think the I think -- against Miami I think Miami had to think it was like 50% 60% in some like that wasn't the wasn't dramatically more sub and regular. But after watching Jacksonville do that it was it was -- I kept my eleven in higher for struck and I think it was because of the uncertainty. I'm just curious -- going to this game Miami takes a look and says -- Worked for Jacksonville but inevitably Jacksonville wasn't able to -- -- for entire -- I think that's ultimate ruling apple look at and I think the reason that happens is in the reason there's teams like the patriots have run the spread. Shotgun check with me stop is together 45 viable places to send the ball. Just some of us so you can you can do it for two Miami Miami and Miami has a better shot at the and I got a few more wild dolphins often it's not great options but the problem. -- cable class will be a Blackman and you know Cecil shorts. And of Montell Owens is basically a punt returner back so maybe you'll have a comparable -- to Reggie Bush Qaeda in style at least. But then date but this week you lose -- on best. Just how Brian Hart won a bunch of question marks of all of the spots. You fall suit I think that's a question or you go what's good for you and if you look what's interest as you go back the game last week against the bills that Miami had. And they were in -- and spread more than you receive and there's actually some plays sprinkled in there. With read option like the old you know RG three things stop result -- nick -- stay in gone in the first option is a read option to a two Reggie Bush. And yet she scrambled to be something interesting to watch today if if -- Celtics off to scramble for some big yards last to beat to death in the semi necessary to -- -- wide -- sneaky good if it's so I think it'll be understand this bill. Fall for that -- and they're gonna try to play a spread gaming and snowing on Plavix the keep -- game. Or they built to do it. And what I think you know the boy have to have a three or four legitimate places to go to ball. You can get away with for two or three but once you get in the whole second half serious and they made the adjustments. -- to have to go to put your first receiver option maybe about the I don't know if it's sustainable I grew him up when I don't know why I think that they have some good offensive options but I just don't know if Miami can keep that a perform -- -- -- -- again you know you do you talk about when. The patriots are able to see what's going on diagnose it -- few adjustments. I don't know if they're going to be able to take it to the next level and make those corresponding adjustment. Tannen -- his last three games has five touchdown passes and no interceptions unfortunately for Ryan. He's a rookie quarterback in a year where there are some particularly for really good rookie quarterbacks. Russell Wilson by the way with two touchdown passes will break Peyton Manning's rookie touchdown pass record. And he kind of gets shuffled to the outside of the discussion it's all RG three and Andrew -- Wilson is right that discussion Tamils been good. Very good this year. Just unfortunately not as good as those other three years he's the lost guy. That group you know who's gonna -- I think he's he's on peace at least them put fifteen games and rescued -- pretty good rookie season and if you can -- -- -- for that's another matter but. You look at this group you look at the group rookie quarterbacks and I don't think they're gonna be like 1983 but -- -- going to be off you know. I don't think -- many of those late in that discussion with two Russell Wilson's union. RG three's and look -- he'd like to say he's been very consistent he's been very consistent and you've seen -- coming out in them on -- you knew that he was a very Smart cute for just for the simple fact is he's -- from a position to another. And ought to do their you have to be Smart mentally tough person B would do that and it did they quarterbacks ordered to school to say what type of my framing has. And what that person you QBs like you say earlier Chris. Just hope that his organization doesn't mess it up in any kind of way there and be on the right track as he was going on the big thing that really. Helps him out and at least -- at the start the year with his familiarity with Mike Sherman -- that system and he didn't really need to do a lot of tweaking they knew there was Jordan and there's some of that too and in Washington -- RG three and what they're doing but I think. You know the credit goes to Miami in the coaching staff they're not trying to and -- square -- into -- -- or trying to make and so he's not what that does it buys you a nice fast start. But it doesn't guarantee sustainability and that's the and that's important because now teams make adjustments now you have to diversify yourself my you have to show that you can regional field and that's the test and that's why we see. In the second year is much more. Of of an indicator of them don't want after the first. So I would I would I agree with Kevin I'm not putting him in that class I think channel's biggest issue is. It is long term -- of course the game accuracy if you look back the first patriots game this -- you know we we've we talk about it does not -- -- on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively the -- great game against this group and and Tammy who was a blow for 2% accuracy. There was a lot of run game given up so. I think he needs to be an efficient all the time quarterback to really get in that conversation.

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