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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Offense vs the Dolphins Defense

Dec 30, 2012|

The first point that has to be made is the return of Gronk, although no one knows just how much playing time he'll actually see today. While the Miami D doesn't have too many redeeming qualities, the boys discuss the awesome Cameron Wake and how he always plays well against the Pats. Brady will be sure to have an eye out for him, especially after the pass protection breakdowns last week in Jacksonville. Speaking of last week, Tom Brady was really down on his team and was noticeably upset about their play. Look for Tom to get back on track this week. Price also thinks the Pats will focus on limiting turnovers and getting their run game going again.

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Earth to start to say three I was wishing my life away our number two NFL Sunday -- losses idea supported radio WEEI. You already heard the announcer voice say with a cast of characters is this is the part of a -- where we look at the Patriots offense specifically. Against the the Miami Dolphins defense and we have to begin the offensive discussion from the patriots perspective. With the word that Rob Gronkowski will play today -- anonymous know how much my guess is not a lot. Aqib Talib only played eight defensive snaps last Sunday in Jacksonville. Is this just knock the rust off get him ready because chances are you're not gonna have a bye week next week is -- this about. I don't think. So bad they -- says -- what have we seen the last two weeks on office right now and not really been consistent. On my pick is we wanna get go full -- out there and see you see what we Guidant knew Steve -- you see that's the problem. I think this -- George is -- producer -- -- competed and activists and girl were that'll go exactly -- Daniel -- is -- and salesman ruinous order for them recently had its agreed -- -- man has had another -- couple few big weeks again as in the -- gonna stay because -- allows him to do between one package he's basically have the fact -- -- -- -- his team as well. So with all for a think of a limited -- gets -- if he's gone he's gonna have to play a reasonable amount of time because you're drawn out a roster there's only 45. So I would flip to sold -- and look back to the rule that Hernandez had when he first came back. They work him back in our I think the toll situations are exactly agreed analogy just because I think they want him to play more than he did. They did the pregame workout and he was holding me I mean I think they they were in a must use situation they knew the mouth are causing you to the warm body. But he was he looked like he was laboring and they were able to play more than they did. Let me play devil's advocate with the apparent about about a keep -- -- -- talked Mike Lombardi about this on Friday. And and is he said the patriots kind of played left -- against the Jacksonville Jaguars that that they were not gonna show anything to anybody they were gonna play at a fairly Manila. Offensive in defense of game plans and by the way he expects them to do the same thing today against Miami and and and and that yet. You could have made an argument if if if he hit gold don't -- them at all and it looked as though he was laboring almost from the very first play that he played out there. It looked like he was -- If you threw a perfect situation would have played last week I think was one of the situation -- -- look and we need to get their for a few steps gives -- stamps again immediately eighty snaps. I also I'm also BP right I'd like an analogy to I think defensively they played essentially left him because we moved a lot of guys around. We didn't see spikes trees on Ninkovich in the middle we saw a forty -- corner. They were doing some things that we necessarily haven't seen from this team an awful long time -- with a was with a was injured within the -- guys on seeing what they had. Going forward into the post season but did again and I liked it without having to replace left and they're going to be start again today on defense -- -- national poses no he's out he's out and ruled out a written -- so. I think I thought it was -- wrote about this or this week and Harold and I think there's. I thought it was a really Smart move by Jacksonville if you know looking throughout the course that week that both your top corners. Currently to leave and a better. Are either Dean Pees or limited and looked like they were -- question mark sort of the beginning and knowing that the alternatives. Or. Probably a safety who's not play deposition which is -- -- what happened. That means your shuffling and Harrington and you have to use in new star which is like the of the of the of the fifth for the fifth a defensive back and nickel. They made a strategic move they came out of it if you got three question marks and four positions. Why don't I go to the personnel grouping them -- put five field. Can it can we do this and we said that part for the next segment when we toppled Patriots defense percent option because the left field I think it's a great. A discussion point but let's hold off for a minute and concentrate more on the doll didn't that aren't so one out and out there and and and and I'm only trying to swing it back from moment here. There's one guy in particular on the dolphins' defense who scares the crap out of me because even when he's great against the patriots. And I hear Tom Brady talked about Cameron Wake sort of like he used talk about Jason Taylor. You know that because there is the respect and the admiration he has forum is not just -- and doing -- Dante Scarnecchia -- -- line coach. All five offers some linemen because he's that type of player he's their guy he's made is so known in her frail. For protecting quarterbacks in beating offers his -- on its. Into -- up against an offensive line that. Or frankly struggling the last few weeks in the last week it was a it blew wind into that situation for the patriots feeling pretty good about that matchup because you got your entire complement. Starting offensive lineman or you're going up against the pass rush but I think had only three sack that it's something ridiculous like 3% of the sacks on drop backs this year. The -- 10 worst teams at least statistically -- to -- the pastor over the course of the year. And being knocked around pretty pretty good and I think that's one of the things that really bears watching today. This offensive line needs a positive week going into the post season chewed through tanning get some momentum going. What I think remember. Expect the first time they played them -- Miami and Sebastian -- mean it's only scored what 26 point 320 so intersect Brady for time there was one lowest overall production is what the point was -- remember. Sebastien -- coming back from a back injury first game back after being down for awhile. And Cameron Wake is long in camera -- plays -- with great leverage that's half that's a tough matchup Lieberman having back problems your Bender you know and you Bender and thank. So for anybody told to do exactly suffered -- calling -- now via. Even -- or it's like Yvonne Miller right Dumervil kind of boy bush it was a tough -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coming off the kind of injury it's harder to play against. So we got a little bit rough week that's good competition but gave up a couple and now you get that second swing at the guy on a cold feel that or an important part of that is it's really tough as the pressure shirt -- -- quorum on the ground is slippery and it's worth mentioning -- -- Plan this artificial surfaces not grass. The bill before being used Hoff -- -- -- interest tough if you if you get the -- get off and get appeals ruled part of turn the corner it's. So you may see more power rushing BC more inside stuff. That's cool when you when your when your you know sold Romeo -- his order capture order as a really good on defense event or -- funny name body type of bigger 300 pounders type guy. And then wake on the other side. Look for more inside moves look for more power moves mark cornerstone stop the men's open -- what is going to be really tough and these guys have the benefit the both 6667 tackles. To be able to invite him field. Let me ask you guys questioned as you've been there you've been in the locker room and you've been -- this. I can't remember the last time I heard Tom Brady this upset. As he was Sunday after the game against Jackson reportedly he did it behind closed doors -- his teammates. But I've never really seen him take it public the way he he he was really unhappy with the offensive performance. -- with how in and he said by the way they got out effort which jumped out at me. How much will that I don't think it has an effect when you're you know lining up third and three in the in the second quarter. How much did that affect preparation this week focus on the practice field this week the thing. To come with a defective. Was one of those things we talked about that's what I thought it was going to be focused. Home there was an and it's another thing come of this week is one posting they have to be focused. Not worry about who you play any gains because the last two weeks that you stepped on the football field. You have not would you agree you best effort on their. And to your comment about Tom Brady he does -- go to pander. I closed -- analogous but but he didn't do it publicly very much you right. What you have to understand and toddlers -- you have a very young football team right now he feels like they haven't got. So what I have to do now. Maybe after going two -- and make it publicly make the stands out there that know -- look. We're not satisfied with the way we're playing right now we know we have to get better if we want to go farther in the playoffs that's that's what a leader does a leader takes. Things to a certain extent there's thirty guys don't think about and as we've done. Kevin I think your point -- really well taken when you say that this is a younger team and I would I talked to a couple of radio stations and in Florida this record asking about that in talking about Brady's. Republic statements and I think you have to remember that this is not a typical old school 200320042007. Kind of patriots in this is a younger team this is in the beginnings to be treated as such I think -- in Brady. Do more of that I know that there was reported keeps you did that. The Jacksonville game as well as the Houston where to look this is not enough you know we need to keep pushing because. The -- Did more urgent at this time a year in the situation to get more -- at this time and -- treated -- such -- about the messaging that's happened throughout the course this year wind that we've seen things that we considered from the outside a little bit -- we we we talked about it the media's you know that was an ugly win in Miami but -- great final drive right. Boy publicly they came out and said -- there was beauty inadequate reaction really appreciated that so magic your. The public person for the public pronouncements usually like that yet they don't give style points a win is a win and well but -- and again the message is different each and every week regardless of what they're telling us and and that's important because they have the message the wrong people and there's a reality that happens on film for them and their and their. Meeting rooms but. I think this was probably that point if they came back without sort of public message their -- enough people in the room with the to -- say it's always okay. So I think were at that point there's a bit of urgency -- some urgency of the situation that you don't want we can't have. XYZ think that that was good enough because it's now not and were now what the point where there is no time to clean it up and practice for a few weeks we have to put something better on the field and the importance of that. Is because you have this sort of young crew and because the penalties bumps -- that the term orders of snuck in some of the uneven play. That the specific word that he chose -- was out compete yeah and I think if you look at remember who's making the common to what I ICC's things -- office received from his own perspective. The first interception wasn't great ball boy and little bit on the -- but the compete portion is wall restore -- depict the you know compete get the ball down if you don't make the catch. The woman Brandon -- reported now not a great throw by Talbot also. -- -- never should be undercut on that rout by the receiver Brandon Lloyd Soviet the notion of competing OK it's OK to not play well. It's not -- to meet the worst possible scenario happened. The last two games Tom Brady has thrown three touchdown passes and four interceptions. In the previous seven before that. Nineteen touchdown passes and one interception -- now you can say well San Francisco's one of the best teams in the NFL would Jacksonville's not. Also the point is its mistakes and it's -- -- again and do you look at that what had. Miss on the wheel -- the German -- knocked down that was not throw balls well so it's not like Tom is exonerated in this I mean he's a part of it but I think he feels. Also the remembered an older quarterback he's the only guy under in the experience all the winning really mean -- has got one well most of the guys in the -- he's the guy so. You know there is a sense of OK we just put this regular season council mice and go and find fourteen to load -- only -- matter were here in the tournament now. And I now understand what's most important and I -- know what won't be good enough and I'm the only one in the room your -- slowing those that what you just saw back can't continue to happen so it's sort of a line in the sand moment I think was Smart I think it's tactical I also think it's just messaging. So yes to come out. And let everyone here. And you know chemical meters he can get corrected himself who looked very refers more exact area because -- Portland on every single guys it's the humble -- I think -- -- real mover while about but. I think it was a messaging thing that was more on his -- thinkable that Tom Brady was running for his life lasts. I mean I see a lot and I was background I want like that yeah I yeah I think a lot of disgust. Back to pass protection you talk about the sub standard numbers over the last couple weeks I mean you look at that defective he was -- three time from week 62 week twelve. Taken eleven sacks and we thirteen two weeks sixteen and -- we all -- estimates sacks and we overreach their importance a little bit. But that speaks to level of pressure that other teams are getting on him and I wonder if this is one of those things where. They'll start to tilt the balance in the other direction just a little bit in -- while little bit more than running -- to death. And those keep those yet keep those pass rushers coming on the heels as a few stairs there really till the till. And that they do. Mean. Name wants to. Oh that is true you know -- you cannot and that's part of the problem by the way if you say -- on the ball more because you know want to express -- -- Even released the ball on the ground too much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They understand what they have -- they knew it. Whenever they scouted this guy they knew his -- doubt was that we didn't have retained it will never change they knew this was -- reduces -- -- you -- -- used will be one of tears. We communicate with him. A fumble and -- now early in the season we did not hear anything about it now he's had a couple of games where he's had a few. Now we're talking about it and can he'll hold the ball well the guys -- -- here for fifteen weeks sixty weeks -- a pretty good season bought about a few times but. Eight it is -- right now he knows what he has good football player and I think -- knows what he has in their four ball. I think there's a lot of errors and I agree and I agree that there were protection issues and there are some -- you're the one nice at the -- have to -- at the -- -- if you remember. There were cutting on the edge and they missed the cut both both. Ballmer in a big believer ringing mixed missed on the pick up. OK but the point of it is that's not drop the carting because the -- to come out fast and they -- on the content and extended play -- vicious dog recent orders are the result of the review of the interception to -- Ridley was a wheel route. Boy if you watch the pattern will play middle field safety and it it was a three. Anyhow Tom had shown shoulder to the right side you're trying to move the safety problem is the there's nothing in the past pattern that was vertical with tech and the safety so -- He's showing shoulders in the safety seeing a routes that would actually make him go there are so. -- tries to move the move that moved the middle feel -- doesn't move him but yet just. Robotic we come back to we -- we didn't get a Moffitt so an under thrown ball he's short he's trying to fit -- pretty small place with a route common issue what would've taken the safety anyway. So maybe not best decision later on and an extra to remember via the in the red zone where Britain Brandon Lloyd got jammed at the line. In the -- back of that seven government of the play prior he tried to throw seven -- the corner on Hernandez a little overthrown maybe not the best -- I don't know who would be a fall Kevin could say more than that. But -- and so -- you know big big drove it right on the -- lot of lot of Korea -- -- lot of actual success on the -- that particular series. They miss on the seventh cut to Hernandez to come back the next side in brand and actually -- standard lines of pomp and right. Doesn't realize he's been Jim left in just simply goes the statements not there so. Yes protection issues. But I think this is a week where they also looked at the film the -- multiple things both in the release this from the line the receivers some of the route efficiencies some of the running game -- -- security reads the quarterback could mean the worst off are all over the place that's. As general telescopes.

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