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NFL Sunday Takes You "Around the NFL" for the Final Week of the Regular Season

Dec 30, 2012|

The guys go "Around the NFL" and look at all the NFL games set to take place for Week 17 - many with major playoff implications!

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Third and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. We will in just a moment take you around the National Football League and at least look at the games that matter as we said ten of the sixteen games have playoff implications this weekend. Six of the games we may just skip right by because if you tell -- -- -- -- -- in we're probably not gonna do a lot of Jacksonville stuff I just gonna set up but I. I I would be remiss and I was gonna do this at this point of the of the proceedings anyway and a text -- for instance. Talking about you know holding the single season scoring record here -- didn't you know do it -- only twelve or fourteen games -- yet. But he was ultra wide receiver and he had some touchdown passes in there as well and believe me. I'm the last person in the world taken anyway from -- a couple of ever but there is that that point to add in their that he was open wide receiver and the kicker. I I also wanted to take a couple of minutes here and and this is that good point to do to expressed some admiration for the two guys were going to be honored before the game today. Gil Santos and you know a couple of he will be honored but the patriots before the game. Gmail. Will go into the Booth and work at least the start of the game -- Gil as well. Excuse me. I -- I had the opportunity to work with geno for three seasons when I was doing the patriots games way back when. I he is a gentleman he is one of my favorite people on the entire planet he is still late dear friend. And one of the great players in the history of this franchise the guy who I still think should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Gil Santos is in my opinion the role model for play by play announcers. He's a guy who always understood that the game came forks. He never tried to make himself the story he never tried to put on shtick or an act. He wanted to describe what happened down on the field. As accurately and -- and as excitedly as he could lead. But he always understood that back. Was the show down there. Now they are as good at what they do as anybody who's ever Donna -- is one of the great play by play announcers in the history of the National Football League. And they're going to be honored today not -- not done. At least got some playoff games to go but -- an honor them both for the game today at at Gillette appropriately so I heard Belichick make some comments about both of them today. I've during the week I heard Tom Brady -- -- comments. I also wanted to X. And my own appreciation for both of them. I've known both for many years both are friends of mine but both are just so good at what they do chino is suggests he is is old school. In FLA in your back when it was. You don't. Leather helmets and in -- football fields and you know you can make a real case likely -- McNeal said you need to make a real case he was. One of the primary figures in the AFL -- that he should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In of -- of course you know due to talk about -- and the voice. The pipes and the versatility interest he's -- it's so I should hate him for that. A victims' bodies got great pipes tonight and mine -- it is so good for so Long Will they asked they asked Tom -- about this earlier this week and you know he wanted to sort -- some of the appreciation he did make the points were kind of simpler perspective here like we actually don't hear those officers -- -- and it's the radio broadcasts of -- that we don't -- accuracy. What's cool for us is you know -- -- all about the remember the -- of three games to -- dvds and all the other really cool things from -- -- And for people like me and -- you know retired players that you know you go back and -- football Mosul memories. Kind of the coolest moments the farthest things in my life that I -- ago sort of take part in. He narrates. So it's like the -- of the coolest parts in my life or it is is Gino and -- talking through so let's listen to their -- sort of the sound track girls like the what's his name Fred Savage at the top of the what's going on in the cool memories of my life so. I'll always hear those two guys voices and always just meat shields and allow the rule equal things and apple this franchise kind of goes through them. In addition the fact that they are great at what they do. They are terrific people both of them. I I I know -- a little better just 'cause I worked with him for three years but I I -- both those guys and they're great people -- hands on you. Whenever you meet him is just one of things you you have a friend for life for him and on a big east lights are registered. Can't you can't not go without thinking about. This into those those guys war -- a dvd home those few dvds they we have three games to glory on you can narrate some motive. The pleased with the voices. The situation with the voices in what is being seen -- at this very tariffs so it's wanted to and it's gonna stick in my -- for lots of experience in those two guys. It's amazing when you consider the body of deals work particularly as an announcer and you look at his history with this franchise and and you can speak to that as well -- -- to support where they were. Where they came from and where they are now it's just amazing to look at what he's what he's been able to accomplish. And it's cool for him I mean he wasn't there at the at the depth I once. I was there for one on fifteen I was the guy calling the games for one and fifteen but he was there for some pretty lean years. And then he got to see them at pinnacle and you know he he got to see them a Super Bowl champions and perennial Super Bowl contenders and it was great for both those guys. They will be honored before the game and deservedly so and I'm looking forward to seeing it myself just because I have such admiration for both of them. Let's take you around the National Football League now week's seventeen. Final -- of the NFL season. We're gonna kind of skipped by some of the games that don't mean anything maybe not all of them but some of them. Pick up 1 o'clock games Tampa Bay at Atlanta at Georgia Dome. Tampa may not playing for anything Atlanta and up playing for anything they are locked into the number one -- no matter what happens. -- this if I've missed while it does have playoff implications. Because one it's in the playoffs the game doesn't mean anything and so much for that distance. Trust me you're good to somebody because it -- we'll we will talk about a game that doesn't mean anything because it involves AFC east team we always concentrate on those they've been -- -- Ralph Wilson Stadium in orchard park New York the five and ten Buffalo Bills. Post the six and nine New York Jets. Pretty real possibility one or both of these teams could be looking for new coaches before the -- the week is out. Rex Ryan says clearly the season didn't go as planned but that's not gonna stop him from looking. For success obviously he you know which -- you don't make -- play action I don't win a championship this year but there again. We'll see what happens then I don't want thing. I'm always gonna keep believing nominee Kevorkian and am and keep trying to to search France at -- reporting that after this season Tony Sparano be fired as -- -- about -- to put -- read -- right now through. How could be enough. I mean that just failed miserably in this. That was a pretty offensively inept organization him. If you're the offensive coordinator you probably -- the price that's I think that's how it goes. Baltimore ten and five at Cincinnati nine and six at Paul Brown Stadium. Here's the deal now if the ravens week. And the patriots lose. Then the third seed goes to the rates and they would play Cincinnati instead of playing Indianapolis so there is something. On line here but online for at least one of these teams. Ray Rice says the ravens had to fight to get to the top of the AFC north. And they're not gonna stop now. It does feel different that you go until game knowing that the situation is sort of controlled already. But you know they have seen north -- you know cause all of his preaching and you know we wanna build around him who want to win every game this team right it's focus -- it's about a team's been -- a lot. Lot of adversity. And to win the AFC north no matter how you've done that you did. You know so we're battle tested go forward and you know that makes me feel good about this team. And -- by the latest possible -- two teams will play each other next. Now and always sort of adds a different dynamic because we both know the -- -- will be playing to the next week what's your show and Xena we took the real ones that put it. Exactly I you know I have a lot of respect with the things with help from the last month or so that's a really impressive young team I really like he'd -- 92 matured. To a point where he could be one of the better or one. The top tier quarterback community we -- -- password in the mean Victor green which everyone knows that's the sexy secret Geno Atkins just a monster on the defensive line. Chicago at nine and six goes to Ford Field to meet before eleven Detroit Lions by the way within the last few minutes Adams after reported. That. Can Schwartz may be fired at the end of this whole thing despite the contract number that he got going. -- -- Smith who also could be fired at the end of all this says he can't worry about what other teams -- you to help the bears just kept focused on winning against a familiar T. We know what's at stake we know the scenarios and all that it none didn't have anything to do this is just. Detroit. But. My best game yet. I know there playoff consideration and all that. There are a lot of records there's two important things like. Division opponent should be much more than an advocate -- motivated me. If Chicago wins and Minnesota loses. The bears get the sixth see if -- now think about this if they won in Minnesota want. They would be out of the playoffs with a tendency -- record. And but the word out of Chicago is if they lose to Detroit Lovie Smith good. Loses jobs who and we brought this up on the you're here a couple of times apparently the -- came in Detroit is concerned about that Weinstein culture. Again they should be should be used this as the team it's a young team that needs to do an awful lot of -- -- going forward. -- Jacksonville as -- Tennessee. I Carolina six and nine as a New Orleans these next to me. Now -- just barely. Cleveland is at Pittsburgh again these are games that have no playoff implication here and canceled an act of it now and -- people -- on Roland okay Philadelphia for an eleventh. At MetLife stadium to meet the eight and seven New York Giants here's what the giant position it. They have to win. Dallas. Right. Dallas and Chicago. Have to lose. All team and Minnesota. -- -- a -- -- the -- dagger right of the I'd written down Washington I was wrong. Obviously I'll see what -- you're wearing colors -- -- yeah exactly and in other words the chances of the giants making that are barely slam. Eli Manning says you should be to -- the final stretch of the year and the giants just haven't come close to that. We knew we had to play our best football in the seat in the in the season to into -- -- we haven't done that. For us last few weeks we have -- style football that we needed. To get into play -- to you know win the division and and knowing when you're not playing your best. Came through the mountain there. What they have not looked good the last -- 234 win and it has and of one side of the ball you look at all those people who keep reference them all year long this front four -- -- -- they don't have the production numbers but I'm sure there's other factors why that is accused of Hakeem -- has been hurt for -- and a lot and yours -- turn the ball over -- shoulders. Perfect storm -- -- wrong it's strange to watch them. Play like this at this time here. It is considering what they've done over the last it is not strange to watch during November's crucial December yet Victor -- a flip a switch for whatever reason they are able to kind of you'll figure it out but because inevitable for that's right port 25 games Kansas City who went thirteen visits sports authority field at mile high -- the twelve and three Denver Broncos. Denver wins. Houston loses. The Denver Broncos get the first seed in the AFC and home field advantage throughout the course of the playoffs. Peyton Manning says it's the final game but the Broncos will have the same approach they've had all year. Try to get better over the that a good job of that always. All season just take it one week at a palm. Although it's a boring cliche but coach faulty switch it over there -- bought into it. And -- would do the same this week. Now we told you this before but just to repeat. It either Houston. Or Denver lose today and the patriots win. The patriots get a first round -- they both have to lose in the patriots after. Right to do one. But it well outlook if -- -- both -- that they get the first overall seed but it won't either one of them lose and patriots win they get a first round. I'd today to a lot of people weren't there had to -- -- now you know we know -- listen and rallying the troops in the city that's when I just don't see it happening advocates. If your patriots in you have to go a little bit more confident about the need -- to -- -- -- was those who have begun opening. -- to your room -- -- -- they had had -- Internet and then there's the Oakland. Is that San Diego okay Arizona five and ten is at San Francisco ten forum wanna Candlestick Park a San Francisco win. And a Green Bay loss. Makes the 49ers the number two seed in the NFC. Jim Harbaugh says the 49ers intend to win the NFC west and would like to win their last game of the regular season. There are some that definitely want to. We wanna do that's it's on main objective. Two. And play for the Western. Conference division championship this week and also you know running start into. The big championship. This important. It was fascinating to see how these guys respond to ordered America's different team last week where it really did how much of that as a no justice -- the -- Justin Smith at halftime. The patriots team. They got blown out last week and you can put at all and now but I think it definitely fixed with a can be defense. Don't do that before. Just this great there that that you just one of those games where you -- really right now for their their speeches victory and I think. I hope the opener as a little bit because those embarrassing -- Saint Louis 77 and one visit century link field in Seattle to face the -- by Seattle Seahawks. A Seahawks win. Coupled with the losses for both San Francisco and green -- Seattle has a first round bye in the number two seed in the NFC. Gus Bradley Seahawks defensive coordinator discusses his feelings on learning but cornerback Richard Sherman won his appeal. Is great news this morning here that. I know we had our fingers crossed that the whole process than. You know we heard the news this morning was so I think everybody's pretty excited about it. We haven't even touched on yet it's the first time in NFL history that a player has won their performance enhancing drug. And what was the reason for him than while holding the cup pregnant well that's what they saying. It it does not as Richard Sherman would have you believe it does not prove that he didn't take performance enhancing drugs. That's the way he's playing it what it proves is that. The B sample may have been contaminated. Because of the election issue and he gets the win -- -- broad and that Vinnie yeah ambient. Police have veto a defense -- Just stayed at three times says real fair and adequate My Cousin -- -- in the case. Of Green -- at eleven and four goes to Mall of America field to face the nine and six Minnesota Vikings it's very simple. Vikings win. Variant they get the sixth seed in the NFC Adrian Peterson says the vikings -- the Green Bay will -- box. But he stressed that it's aligning quarterback Christian Ponder and step off. -- -- ultimate tough stuff around. Of course like every other team and when there was then there's not a lot of fun and and and be productive and my game -- we got the balance. And also on the receivers and Kristen there was not a moment achieving. He is the -- 8208 just so you know. First an event to -- 210. -- we need to start you revert back you -- here talking but he noted here respect that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know one of the Republican blame them. -- I I appreciate the honesty of the difference with Jerry rice's approach last -- Johnston was sort of it great break and I'm fine with them you know what I did believe -- -- ability to -- Didn't hear right off the that we you know like I'm allowed to duplicate once I got forty years take out a halo mum my motto is -- records. Records are always made could be broken the outgoing that you broken -- be the longer this record been standing didn't people break when he erected in a couple of years ago after the vote as well I thought about. To spread over by love to -- Miami 78 visits Gillette Stadium to face the eleven and four New England Patriots we've kind of gone over just to repeat. If the patriots win and either Denver or Houston lose the patriots get a first round -- If all three teams win the patriots at the -- -- Cincinnati next week. You're at Gillette Stadium Tom Brady said the pats would prefer -- not go into the playoffs on a bad note but either way. This game has no significance on how they'll play come tourney time. I think you wanna be playing well so you have confidence going into. You know the playoffs there's no question about that -- I can say whatever we do this weekend as a community -- happens in the playoffs. You know that's fun -- what's gonna happen during the playoff is how we prepare for that weakened opponent and our scheme and our execution. These right do and that's it's hard to translate immediately -- have no baron -- a lesser faring just because it's such a game plan only. You can look really bad against one team that you don't matchup that what you're gonna see from Miami's defense is no real lot -- what you see from the colts' defense or what you see from. Cincinnati's defense so struggles in that environment might not translate to the other of course I would always argue. It's different because his team is so we don't but confidence thing I think matters more. And finally Sunday Night Football FedEx Field -- nine and six Redskins host the eight and seven Dallas Cowboys it's very simple. Dallas went over -- over forcing Washington win they're the number foresee loser goes home act it shouldn't say that. Washington could lose it with a bunch of other stuff they could still get in the playoffs but chances are loser goes home if Dallas loses they definitely go home. RG three says the -- have played well and turn things around since their three and six start -- -- itself talking on the. You'll talk yourself on the -- also something you don't believe and you know going on the very much at Tilden buzzer or we in my head and and just know that you don't have to freak out and a situation like. As long as everyone takes the right mindset in every game the rest of the season that we can win a mall. And I we've done that to this point we expect to go finishes. Fifteen just reeks of like a 39 to six Washington went. Yeah I don't think there's a lot of people who even in -- feel good about this wanted -- but you know I watched a Tony -- segment the previous punitive element or it's ultimately worries have a lot of really big game failures what there's a couple sprinkled in there where he's actually played pretty well with the on the line so I think his own personal legacy -- -- itself -- the cares about things like that. This would be a nice move to sort of put some dirt on some Mosul storm on the -- real. -- -- -- -- I love this -- through. Because it's an old school Mets who could that used to be -- Dallas Cowboys and wrecking their affiliates as -- those Mets -- That I used to watch him that -- in Louisiana a lot of Dallas fans -- you -- understand when I was younger enormous thinks it was a good. Didn't they will -- to -- and that is an expert out the cowboys fan base. I. I agree with yet and it and I I like the match -- as well which is like in this game away from fox and should've -- this game away from fox. I think I saw that earlier today. Did in week seventeen. The last twelve years. Dallas is too intense yet but it. He you do think about the league season. Problems that I -- didn't didn't go to Philadelphia the last -- here before with seeing parents an area where you're reading your read into it just got stomped. By the Eagles again it just it seems to be bi annual thing with -- -- -- -- about it in about. I have this season that's I have nothing further notice history to back it up just -- image NFL Sunday is presented by -- natural casing francs. The official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the Campbell box to paper grocer KM. Celebrate something.

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