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NFL Sunday: Tough to Have a Happy New Year on Black Monday

Dec 30, 2012|

The NFL Sunday crew discuss Black Monday - the day after the final week of the regular season in the NFL in which many current NFL head coaches will be let go. Peter King of SI and others say that as many as 10 NFL coaches could be fired from their posts! The guys discuss which ones they feel are gone and which could be safe. This also leads to a discussion on Josh McDaniels' future and if he will indeed take another head coaching position for a team like the Browns.

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Back when there was the National Hockey League member of that I was really awesome back there with the National Hockey League they would have what they called lay out a holiday. Embargo. And when you got at Christmas and it was like a three day period 24 point fifth when he sixth. You couldn't trade anybody. And I wanted players to not have to be thinking about that over the Christmas holiday not have to explain to kids and wives that. They were -- and you know we got to pack everything up so at -- a little trade window where you couldn't do anything like that. It is the holiday season will be the holiday season through Tuesday. But there is no embargo in the national football in your house and haven't had that -- are coming down toll. Mark mark Jack exactly come -- view my interests on the travel and really makes Christmas is like and I promise you -- barely a minute that there is no embargo against firing in the National Football League you'll have some coaches fired today. It'll happen after their games today psalm. You'll get a bunch more fired tomorrow you might get a couple more that will last into Tuesday. -- but it's interesting I heard Peter King tell Fred and Steve on Friday he thinks as many east and I have seen other people suggest that it's a minimum of seven. Coaches who were gonna get fired at the end of this season and I just give you a quick list here. And some of them -- obvious that they some of -- easy we know what's gonna happen some of -- -- a little a little harder cardinals absolutely positively. Panthers. May be bears if Lovie Smith loses today -- Chicago is he's gone if if they lose today. Cowboys. I know Jerry has said Jason Garrett say but if they lose to the Redskins tonight. We gonna be shocked if if the trigger gets pulled -- in Dallas -- titans I think he's gone -- its have its have done deal from everything we've -- Jets I think it's a real possibility. Bills. The only thing might -- Chan Gailey and buddy -- says the agent ailing health of the owner Ralph Wilson. But there's a lot of folks who think that it's gonna happen there as well. I'm not gonna be surprised -- of these happen I don't know bunch of them absolutely positively. In you'll you'll want to meet those moves. As quickly as possible because you don't wanna be the team that loses out on chipped a leader John grew by -- at Kansas City yeah you can throw in the city and it makes you Jackson well. If Philadelphia Andy -- Oakland Dennis Allen as San Diego Philadelphia I forgot a whole line off my list and a there's there's there's a group of guys out there who did Tennessee's coach is safe. That this game how important it is. These -- things that view and the view is only. Cyprus and don't know it's it's it's -- mean this this is this is you don't wanna -- the team that loses out on the next hot. Coaching him and you'd wanna be team loses -- In wet weather and and honest a lot of these guys are just gonna get recycled every time to get fired in Philadelphia today or tomorrow he'll be hired in San Diego or Arizona. By the end of the week Norv Turner would get a job business of coordinator. If you want one duke Reid will probably get a job somewhere in extremes artist wants to coach somewhere next year. Whisenhunt Lovie Smith indeed he's got -- gonna get jobs. On the line yet there's going to be a lot of guys were regarded if this United's out angered. It's out yet that is eleven at exactly -- -- -- not get another job -- No openly not right away but help but -- corners. Interest in Bob at casinos out there via. Says yeah welcome the idea jumping on a college coaches is the -- -- going to be in the NFL next year and -- men and he has if I was gonna throw our house -- Lubbock better and -- -- -- whatever it is an -- and -- at the browns ownership -- standard -- -- -- you look at the -- newspaper across the good news from the -- in -- yet to be abused by a different benefit. If -- -- -- for them to do but I just think the idea of college success not translating to college -- -- -- much the same as as a college football player but you don't want -- -- in -- -- -- -- see -- not a -- help themselves tonight. An operator won't happen but you know I'm -- of an -- you know his philosophy is just an up tempo thing. And Nielsen gives up seven -- -- so tell me how it's gonna translate I don't think it's gonna work -- well it -- but I'm just saying don't use that as evidence that wield it must be some sort of other outside factor -- -- break out as the only team that -- that time in my old temple offense capability and and they don't do it on there and they don't tell all -- -- I should -- I don't think you can -- -- -- -- I've been -- in on that you know sort of -- -- on. Tip the one important breakthrough that borders are and jobs are prohibited Josh had never even spoke to. But I think -- I was making fun of that because it was made such a big deal literally years it's been such a tiny percent of what they actually -- I have to sort of recant a little bit because last week was the week. The first time since probably early October relieve the Denver game that the major -- they used it down like threesome -- is where. Every single place snap to snap the finish was an actual Korea plays so I've been -- now for awhile because it was way overblown and the patrons even use that they've always -- -- -- talked about this yet -- in the part of the offense that's always used for prime time series of ports in situationally. Last week they actually had a concerted effort on multiple tries to artificial misery so I'm taking a bracket it has been blown out -- sentences -- -- -- it. When he went well that that case that stretch where they killed back to have 38 points down at about three series in a row where they were using it pretty expensive. The real minister Dick get the temple going hi temple. And get demoted due to -- is going to gaining. At same time -- the defense tired and give them off balance. Personnel a lot of times. Coaches try to change personnel apparently throws people off those they the confuse no huddle and upper right which is tolerant they're -- -- -- -- and -- the now the other thing that's gonna happen here almost everybody is of of all the mind that when Cleveland fires both the general manager in the coach and they well. The Mike Lombardi is going to be the new general manager and that it's very possible gonna take a run at Josh McDaniels is the new head coach there. I. The wealthiest and look I've heard people express different opinions Peter King is of the opinion that he will absolutely not leave the patriots this offseason and take that job. Also it is once you've failed miserably in your first head coaching job you better make sure the second one's good you better make sure that the second choice. At least gives you a half a fighting chance because if you -- and failed miserably in the second when you may never get a third. I think the one thing that would point to him taking the job would be the fact that he's an Ohio guy. In that he is a special job -- an Ohio guy is it to -- coach of the Cleveland Browns or something different it's not being. Yeah it's not like being head coach of the chargers are being -- go to the saints or something it's it's a little bit different. That being said I don't think he takes it out to keep up roots his family his young family right now I I think it would be foolish for him after a year back with the patriots to pick up again and take that job. You think about it musing about the idea Lombardi kind of quote unquote get the band back together in Cleveland in in at a Trenton. Replicate some the magic they had that franchise and the early ninety's it's intriguing thought. That is but I had to be honest. Peter King whoever happens to have an opinion only person who knows Josh I think it'll be very personal solution for the reason that he has moved his family three times in three years and this will be foreign foreign that's tough with the young guys a couple of years old program and Kevin. But I'm sure that's part of decision and I knew he obviously doesn't weigh in and -- under contract it's not -- from also sets -- I think that's one of the respectable ones out there that's just sort of thrown against long and quite frankly. We don't know what this organization's plans are now on the road you know 567 whatever build asides that. Call it quits might. Usually -- that law that lets you Josh McDaniels and and Bob -- -- you know what when when bill leaves Jason Garrett did we want you we want you to take it over but. Could be six years from what is also I mean it dead at six at the and so workers. I don't know what and I mean it's -- in this conversation makes me think of them the -- you before Belichick came here. The conversation -- -- team Parcells would always have wherever they wouldn't have -- in. Which Parcells and well you know I'm just gonna be the one we that your team on -- -- when we have been -- team in you wonder if that sort of dynamic is coming in to play it it I know it shouldn't there but it means. You wonder about that dynamic you do you wonder about the bid between Belichick and in in the -- I wonder if and muscle from -- issues will small. What can -- I mean the guy is so good at what he does I think he came back this year and if you had any doubts quote coach he was. As an offer to coach she just blow the water this year April lot of question marks about how to -- and was perform what you would do differently how could you know go trying. System -- obviously pretty successful as well. They'll put it better and yet it is better it is and -- was -- was -- twist -- immigrant a lot of different things but different jobs in Munich coach it's an administration position verses -- -- position. And be interesting just did Josh has taken it would probably wouldn't give that until we all season long may be won't if you'll stay here -- The idea that because he's a quarterback coach. AMA's office of court ordered I'll Lotto I think what he sees us through guys quarterback and he's with the best football right now. And you've been in a situation where you didn't have -- I wonder how much of a factor that is when your choosing another place if you're looking -- the please -- -- understand -- in the absence of that all this can not leave her in a minute. You know and had to go to Cleveland. And the rest my fortunes and my wife might lightly -- as an NFL coach. Because -- and shot a moderate willing to risk yes Olivia address this'll be old faces -- might want to risk my next job. On an uncertainty at the optical pitched -- position because of major my job here I understand how important positions it's just it just a thought about it I wonder how much of a. All that it all of that is true and yes you we all can put ourself in -- issues at this point because we -- And we understand that's huge part that's I think this one and these are things that like to say he'd moved to spend three years in a row. He has a life that has been a very strong voice unity young family to sound very young fans so to continue to move back. And I'm just put myself in a situation is that you sit it continue to move I -- of roots of family is one of things -- okay. No we're really wanna do this but he's from YU. Of this please I want a group myself and despite that we liking. Go home all on exactly. What the right situation. And I don't think this is a model you choose a Jon Gruden -- who probably will be named in five of these coaching vacancies for his name will come up. Can choose kind of guy. But he Smart enough to know when he does pick and -- it becomes back and that's it. It's going to be a place where he's got a quarterback that he can win win yeah. And let's use Dallas -- an exam again you can taste it -- Phil Jackson he's going to be -- and you've got quarterback in the -- got an ownership and as you know he's been recruited note these quarterbacks all these show a rookie quarterback since we haven't scored back. And do it for three years now for just where you need a. -- it to him you talk about the quarterback situation in in Josh going to a different place in understanding what it means to work with Tom Brady as opposed to work McCormick you over to Denver and he. Upset the apple cart if you remember correctly I mean he wouldn't and the Denver situation he said -- went -- Colorado their argument and got in there in. Just when you're talking about his relationship quarterbacks I think that has to figuratively but -- fast inimitable. He was the guy who hitched his wagon in people's well. And go order -- I think we're like ten steps taken just days but I don't know. It will be interesting to watch -- We mentioned -- I think most comfortable guys in football right now he's got -- glory -- if he has the pitch that's that can overcome that remembers the old though cholera there there's still some other guys who were on the silence who have bad venerable name even. Most of what's gonna make -- -- -- event so well. Nothing's gonna probably gonna have to save your program systems and I think Linda and estrogen is going to be insane nine figure offered Nixon. I don't know that they'll make an insane nine figure offer I conceal Lombardi. Again that get in the band back together mentality I can see it and if I'm sick and I don't go near the Cleveland Browns. Because I again and I'm one of those pick and choose kind of guys I'm Nick Saban and he can build his legacy was -- it was even as it at this point expert that's a little blue frame of mind I thought the greens and these last couple years is -- him popular Venice while I think he's been choosy and I think that's probably mismatches degrees absolutely.

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