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Doc Rivers with Grande & Max before the Golden State game

Dec 29, 2012|

Doc Rivers with Grande & Max before the Golden State game

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Senate that I presented by Lexus continued slump all the way to. You know the coach if his courage as you can turn off your all of your electronic device that you're wrong airplane. They would say turn off your electronic devices but no that yeah OK okay. This could change now that -- -- -- on electronically instantly and -- -- -- he didn't they would hear every wonderful -- Appreciate. I don't -- even better. Conversation even with the electronic device and occupy our bill of health care Harvard pilgrim countless again. I don't think he saved and they expected trying to protected species but. After the game Thursday cardinals makings of an athlete and thought is indefinitely without -- -- that is almost what it says you know you're thinking you can't be quick look at the fast. Other major both the major delay. And I think you can't be as athletic as if you plan for how does that relate to what happened what you thought. You can -- -- your -- too much chatter about let's do this let's change this and I thought we came out played that way you know what I'm sure what we're doing. We don't change what we're doing and that was what was frustrated that leaves -- room. I thought ourselves and in the course of the game that means more effective the wrong thing if you have trusted. The trust -- down. I thought we're doing this. That's why you don't change the NBA season what if you have more ability to do because you're -- Well he changed tonight they want you or not big thing you lose to talk many many times endorsement. Percentage of the playbook it's a new thing now Jason Terry percentage of the playbook goes away there. Don't know what percent is a lot but Jason has been here now know 2530 days so we start to pick up a lot of stuff we can run more stuff. But you know you just do -- a lot of stuff obviously brought little more about the difference between game indeed there -- big difference. Of all the things you don't state that we can talk about. Defense and rebounding from a fourteen hasn't changed that -- that much he's pretty stagnant. We're talking about finally number one question most hotly yet I think it took market year to get them to buy here you know I think last year. I looked and thought you know we can be triggered we have a chance to be a good team that we did it. I think mark so that so you can see this year they're committed to it that. The common theme because that was the idea of what he wants to do and given the way in the contract rosters are set it almost. Takes time to get personnel either eight to -- him but also to figure out who you want to play that way. You have the right person there aren't and the guys don't later -- -- -- to get him out of there -- -- did better as well so. I think that they've done some really good things here the French oftentimes in the -- you talked about the clippers. Being overshadowed by the lakers. And clippers were in their second team Jamal Crawford technically or legally plus minus -- -- I'm not sure he's been much better Jarrett Jack do. You -- your Jackman great lessons of the last 56 days but overall all year. Yeah you know I still don't Crawford but -- -- -- he's one of those eight you know what are combo guard he takes -- apparently he's on he's in that. He's in that 67 year window now guys you posted what he can be really good and now is that whatever -- -- -- to him because he's comfortable now. In the store at the point error position I think what happens -- most of the guards that try to convert to a point. Eight it ruins the shooting it would -- their office today and did they don't have great point guard skills. So massive room -- painful I think now he still has got to make a good point the place. But he's going to be a score and I think everyone's comfortable with him doing. This is underrated or. Instantly yeah I think it is actually dead for years even when they were not good -- are deployed. Again great fan support they had -- had a long when you think about their playoff. Israel the last twenty years in fact they sell out of town of games -- -- -- -- -- -- answer. I think coach released tonight in Minneapolis or new good friend Jerry York and -- but ultimately it's -- -- college college is regards. Yes what do you ever think throughout emea -- I deeply appreciated that. Clearly. It was your hockey knowledge. You'll or Europe here last year and post -- yeah -- had to do -- I thought I was the one little question that he needed. Congratulate. There that got to meet with when you're all -- it and that's pretty cool -- -- and 41 years. I've known for oranges pageant. That is the rest of the gulf that made it. He'll do his coach if you have. Maybe that's why admit that. So that's -- for your next -- WE -- Celtics radio network.

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