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Ric Bucher on the Warriors, Phil Jackson, and the mess in Brooklyn

Dec 29, 2012|

Ric Bucher sits down with Grande and Max to discuss the Warriors, ESPN, Phil Jackson and Deron Williams and the mess in Brooklyn with the Nets.

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Which brings us to our full court press here at Oakland tonight. When most familiar faces covering the NBA over the last two years -- review group but like pretty much everybody else all the cool kids but the lesbians here. And Rick you -- as well if you blow up that -- him. I have so many friends are ready as the end of last year that left and I'm sure you get the same thing young people see you know like AMC let me just waiting list or not tell everybody what you do and. Go to and doing a number of things when I have a radio show drive time afternoon radio show here in San Francisco -- -- -- five point seven game. I'm doing sidelined for the warriors home games or Comcast. And then I'm doing some. NBA insider correspondent or four NBC. I think. I think that covers that there might be a couple of the things that I'm doing -- them that those are the main blocks more portly still I still -- -- beyond seventh but yes you know what that is the that is probably the number one question everybody. It has and bill and I have been talking about it and neither one of us are sure because. The empire you never know how to -- it's it's it's like you slip foot and a note underneath the door and then you wait for like a -- smoker. Some answer to come back now and we haven't gotten it yet so I -- to be continued. All right you're you're covering your covering this team which is going to great stories in the India is your and it's funny because. We're talking with things like Jamal Crawford first Jarrett Jack also need to clippers are now sexy even if they are overshadowing what's happening -- -- they've -- -- one of the great story. It really is and it's funny because. We just went through this with the Oakland days. That were you know -- -- -- -- team what you tweet about a mall somewhere every day we read it I knew I could and I'm not like an -- fan per say but they were just such a great story and obviously doing radio here I I got I got got sucked in by the personalities and by the way that team. Collectively came together they were a lot of fun and they just beat all the big money teams. Well these guys are doing a similar thing they're not they're not big names and quite honestly think they don't have the means good stuff curry has been in David Lean. Think they know that they are not good enough individually. To beat anybody and so they have come with a collective mind we have to do all the little things we have to defend we have to share the ball. You have some shooters we have some some we have high IQ. And we're gonna have to utilize all of that. To be good and it just goes to show that when you have a group that is committed. To playing together in the NBA. You don't necessarily I'm not gonna talk about play you know what they can do in the playoffs or any of that but. If you come to play that way -- on a on a nightly basis you can have some some for -- some surprising success in the -- It's that prevents well I just talked to Mark Jackson meant to go with the fifth. And really you know and I guess you could attest to this he said I don't have any nothing beats yes in him when you don't have enough quality at. Maybe that takes you a little bit further than you think you'd have a limited talent. And especially when you have three rookies that are getting significant minutes confessed to stealing and dream on green and Harrison Barnes you would expect that with the team this young. You have to have at least one knucklehead I mean you have to have at least one guy that you just have to you know constantly talked to keep and his lane. And honestly got -- -- they don't exist on this team effect Raymond green in some ways is is already. Out of veteran leader of sorts. In the way he plays and end game that he that he brings and so yeah it's been -- it's an amazing thing in and I'm really happy for mark because. He took a lot of criticism last year and people I've felt unfairly because. You look at first time coaching no training camp you suddenly up and going in and by the way ownership thinks that you should make the playoffs OK okay the patent. And give him he's had time he's been able to get his kind of guys in here. And it's all come together and if you watch tonight you watched Jarrett Jack and you want -- and you watch the way they play in the way they run their offense. You'll have what flashbacks to when Reggie and Mark Jackson were back in Indiana and the way that game played they have adopted that style through mark. Jackson's great victory -- greens regarding -- Miami game Jarrett Jack right there -- Jamal Crawford received man you or your step -- anybody -- -- steel. And we just left Brooklyn. And it was obvious -- -- -- -- you know you know around the league long enough people watch the body language during that game we're trying to tell a story the Celtics playing great. Macs are in the Major -- on this big problems here on the other side neighbors dropped them -- his game yeah there's obviously all the Phil Jackson conversation started. There is if -- Jackson one days the courts of the Brooklyn nets that remains possible there's no circumstances -- which that -- in the interim this year based right. I I don't see -- -- -- from the people that I've talked to that are close to fill -- says he's not interested in shotgun wedding and that. Had been insisting that the the bigger part here in Los Whitman women what was that annihilated. They didn't have a shot go to within. Who think that he was gonna coach Richardson had a -- of -- -- and and you know there's a part of him that still would like to come and and and bring. Bryant's off or Kurt Rambis and have them do the daily heavy lifting. And have him more in these -- to ship role and I'm I'm just not sure that that's going to. Why at this point -- but the big question this -- wanna come back to the grind and the only way to because it becomes back to a team that he knows that he can you can not another -- twelve championship. And as much money as they've invested in that -- -- team and it's much is there's a couple guys there that I like I'm not convinced that that group. Is locked solid playing for a championship even if built -- Jackson's coaching. Airwaves about forestry knows you may appoint a site make the point if you look at this point guards. The five point guards in the Atlantic Division so far this year airways' profit by. Yeah I'm not sure I'm made that point. Look at the way he's got. The bigger issue here in and we see it all the time. Is that they had to bend over backwards and give him everything -- lines to convince him to state. And once you do that with a player. Depending on who the player is in the care through the player. You can get them horseback in the pond so now he feels like he can run roughshod on that place. It's on him to take ownership saying OK they give me everything. I need to deliver everything and -- it remains to be seen whether there are willing to step up and do that. Are -- we had a few minutes with the -- -- -- great guest list all the -- be appointed him but we don't know they'll know no no worries at at RI CUC -- you are on Twitter and -- -- everybody from there -- the men were -- from time you got. That's -- here -- joining us here at -- little -- a chip around the NBA next over WE I Celtics radio network.

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