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Dale and Kirk on the Race for NFL MVP -- Manning, Peterson, Watt ... Brady?

Dec 29, 2012|

Dale and Kirk are discussing who they believe is the MVP of the league this year and why. They both seem to think that if Minnesota wins tomorrow and gets into the playoffs, you have to give it to Peterson. If not, then it's Manning. But there are outside chances and arguments for JJ Watt and even our man Tommy!

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What should a try as best you can and I know you know you're always mr. positive here since try as best you can -- Temper your disappointment at the fact that we're not here as long as you thought we were going to be here. Nobody told me which is a stunner. We a crick argued for hours to get two hours that's tribal. Hey there are so many unanswered questions in the pinstripe ball I don't dare people with cell right now and play out there people listen and scramble. In if you make it through all the pinstripe bowl there and the alarms and I don't even with the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can't may be watched the -- and going over the Arnold's house to watch. Come and watch and my friend will find that melts though to watch. It and this is very quick aside this will begin and and -- bull discussion for today. Grand total. Combine them all together. How many minutes of the bowl games that have played so far have you actually won a -- right now action audiences so why where were flip it around the other day I went into the kitchen came back my daughter took the remote. In the where once that happened on a bowl game. So it goes out six or seven minutes or found it changes the something. Right now as we speak on the on the monitor over your shoulder -- -- the Armed Forces Bowl is on airports and rice that will be the most I've seen video games that's about right. And nobody cares about any of these things in and have you seen some of the crowd shots -- all games of opportunities and nobody's nobody's. So nobody's going nobody's watching them on TV. Explain to me again why you can't. In AA college football playoff system because there's so much money in the bowl system in the United States and organic. And I watch as you well Notre Dame alum and I'll watch ethical waksal John football. Taxing employees in. I watched from the Rose Bowl may be flip around January 1 but that's it. And by the way that is not just because this is Boston and and we don't watch college football. I mean that the bowl games have become so diluted. There are so many ball games that nobody knows the names of nobody cares. You're looking at teams who he wanted to explain to me exactly why this team deserved an opportunity to play in the post season. And and pick up money these schools have tied up in. In housing these guys feeding them and putting the mop built for the long time during the Christmas break and traveling and I mean they're all losing their shirts on the all these schools are losing their shirts on these games are the armed forces ball -- -- -- soccer game and that they did arsenal in Newcastle is much more exciting where -- an air force rice I'm just -- aren't. We got a whole bunch stuff that will that will cram into our jam -- two hours here and a lot of it will have to do with football. I have to admit I I've sort of been a JJ watt than anyway. When you read the stuff that he's been doing lately especially. Over Christmas and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and hosting the kids from new town in the picture of the mall on the football field -- and and visiting places now. In addition the fact I think he's a really good human being at least apparently. -- I cut -- -- is good human being to small put that provides a wanna I think he's a really good human being I think he's a great football player. And he brought up a great point yesterday. The last defensive player to win MVP -- National Football League are the greatest offensive player ever Lawrence Taylor and a 1986. Yeah. How about that for a minute are you gonna tell me that in the 25 years cents. There was not a another player. Who was worthy enough to be considered now Lawrence Taylor is one of the great defensive players of all time I agree with you there but there was not another defensive player in the 25 years -- It's very hard to believe that Ray Lewis wasn't the best player when you're Deion Sanders wasn't the best player out here a Michael Strahan young whatever name he's -- Smith. A million these guys not one guy for one year. Was the best defensive player I didn't look at I saw that. And looking up I don't think maybe -- can close the voting. Since then national I think I should of looked it up. -- there's a piece on nfl.com today ratings that the MVP race. And the obvious candidates that they point outer Adrian Peterson Tom Brady Peyton Manning and they list JJ watt as a fourth candidate. But they freely admit that he has no chance to win. And -- to his credit. When asked -- yet hard for me to believe that if a defensive player. Can't be considered for the MVP and and if they work I would think I have a pretty good shot that I agree with him. So -- -- listen I mean wealthiest four sacks tomorrow and they win that game which the once he's not in the mix for him BP Peterson's definitely wouldn't. Seems like it's waited almost a two man race now between Peterson. And Manning one right there at the Brady that put Aaron Rodgers right there too it's a great year for him and I know it's not baseball BP people cares much it doesn't really but boy so many great candidates should. It's certainly not as big a deal media wise as the probable selections -- earlier in the week very exciting so congratulations. As as the website awful announcing tweeted. This is the only event where the the balloting for the Pro Bowl gets more attention in the game that's true that's probably more attention in the game yes probably true. But back to the the original point I I actually do believe in my opinion. Bet if you were if you're looking at things realistically yes JJ watt should be in the conversation for MVP and actually. Sure of course I mean who's going to be over their mount a sex is gonna -- for team it could it be. Number one in the AFC this year twenty and a half now we want to -- 2223. Sacks. He's got to be in the mix you know I do you think of -- -- a big game when tomorrow he's gonna win if he doesn't -- -- -- Manning probably when it. And those are fine choices but I think you have to at least give waddle on what do. If you're wondering about whether or not to Bill Belichick and the patriots will approach this game against Miami tomorrow. A with some sense of of wanting needing to win it you have to look no further from the fact that several media outlets Tom current. CSN Andy is is reporting it I'd -- Chris price from WEEI dot com was reported as well the Rob Gronkowski will play more the out. You know and and I'm OK with that because I think it's important especially you don't have a bye week. So don't just sort of feel it would be important for him to knock some of the rust off a little bit I guess I guess so yeah I'm OK with that and now I'll be honest I thought to talk to the media. Earlier this week I just figured it was open was yeah I kind of figured -- and elect guys the that they usually place I figured it was probably going to be ago. I have no I think. Currents that limited. I'm sure it will yeah I saw him and that's part would you expect you know hands -- some rust off when he -- are like the way Aqib -- played last week -- played what -- defensive snaps -- something like that they'll play in and they go in and that makes sense if he's healthy he's -- don't right now we might -- -- -- -- tight -- The more healthy if it's just something to keep in mind let's sad parties the probably is healthier at this point in Aaron Hernandez who to his credit. Trying to get it out there and give the team everything that he's able to get them we talked with Michael party yesterday morning. And doubt it's it's why Mike Lombardi is you know on the NFL network and probably going to be the GM and the Cleveland Browns and I -- weakens the guy took because he's a lot smarter than me. At any he -- great point about last weekend's game against Jackson that. Where the patriots. The way he -- -- is they were playing left handed and when I asked him to explain that he said. It was a very Bonilla. Game plan. They were gonna show anybody anything they were playing a lot of guys out of position because of injuries and because they were trying to protect guys and you know he had according back in the corner you didn't have dinner didn't have to leave except for eight snaps in a very Vanilla game plan. He said and and you're gonna see it again tomorrow. Because the defensive coordinator from the dolphins. Is from the same coaching free as the defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals out hers -- where you're gonna show nothing. The dolphins you're gonna play very -- you're gonna play very basic. So that the Bengals don't get -- and out of tomorrow's game plan that gives them such. Work on now it's true at all -- Marty talk to Belichick about it. Maybe I -- them in Tampa may have happened I'm excited when you think about though it does make sense and I would be surprised to see some of that same stuff tomorrow. And it was debated -- back and -- people talked about the -- it's like you said gronkowski playing the -- -- the scheme in what happens at 1 o'clock I think is immaterial to a large extent. I think is gonna try and go and try and win this football game in whatever. Happens happens. Well and tan. The NFL was smarter than I gave them credit for when they initially -- the patriots game to 425 by about what possible reason could there be doing that. You know what it is it's that you want the patriots. And the Broncos to be playing at the same time. Because you know he would. You don't want the patriots to a party played Denver sees Houston as one Denver sees the patriots have won. Or -- lost. Either of them lost and they say -- wanna play anybody to noncompetitive game. So so that the NFL was trying to make sure that it kept these games as much on the up and up -- it could. I don't think there's much of the chain and back I think there's zero chance Kansas City beats Denver I agree I think there's a slim chance. The Indianapolis. Beat Houston I don't think it's a great chance even in Indianapolis. I'd -- it's a one in four I've won in three different argument put this -- a decent significantly better chance. Then Kansas City being that -- don't think there's any way in the world that's gonna happen other than you know things happen short of that I don't see it that game. Going the patriots -- Kansas city's way they're definitely having Indianapolis worth keeping I can definitely win game. Well yes. And on the patriots scenario for tomorrow -- everywhere from finishing first in the AFC and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. -- they could theoretically finish second. It's more likely and upright where they are now but in a worst case scenario they couldn't finish his lowest for. Now if they end up where they are now they play Cincinnati football as far as sport they play Indianapolis. If they finish first or second. Obviously not I don't play at all right first week in that would be the best case scenario but one of those other two teams either Houston or Denver has to lose. And I don't like chances much. -- I think if you ask me right now -- proceedings over in the AFC it's gonna look like it does right now right now I don't through six and of the page its chance to move up I don't think they're gonna move down in Miami I think will be okay tomorrow. In -- fight in Baltimore probably win. But yet I think you know you're looking at the top six Burgos succeeds not moving at all and it sees a little more -- and obviously their teams that are out of them again in but if civic stays the same.

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