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Mustard and Johnson Discuss the Various Possibilities for the Pats -- Should They Go All Out for the Bye?

Dec 29, 2012|

Mustard and Johnson continue talking about the Patriots and all the scenarios surrounding what seed they will end up with. The guys are torn between whether the Patriots should rest in case they don't get the #2 seed or if they should go all out to find some sort of momentum going in to the playoffs. Do the Patriots really need the bye/homefield in order to get to the Super Bowl?

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Oh not this particular case because there's nothing that we can do to help ourselves must we beat Miami we we can't. Shuttle to do to help our situation unless we went so we have to win. For anything to -- -- positive. That's no guarantee it will but that's the first prerequisite so that's what we are operating under that the promise. We are out there when we go to that we want things to be better we have dealt ourselves. It is the first -- A village Jack in the patriots taking a novel approach to tomorrow's game at 425. The gonna try to win the game. Course. I'm wondering -- that philosophy. Who will be adjusted -- but I can see the pregame speech you know. Just drop there and -- and write a companion -- you have to go out they are in Nam. Veteran to get her by the way when you're trying to mail it and so I guess bill is channeling his an -- Al Davis here. Just win may be the other problem because I keep saying it that I don't think the last two weeks have been that impressive for the team now they go into the playoffs playing this way they'll be home anyway maybe -- a number on May be we're happy. Hopefully. They were wasting our collective breaths here. Trying to come up all these. Various permutations. And combinations. And Houston wins in Denver loses in the now yadda yadda yadda maybe it's just in the best interest. Of the patriots to go out and win tomorrow based. No matter what happens. To the Houston Texans in that game in Indianapolis simply because maybe the pictures need to put together war. Good quarters of football something may have not done for awhile. You know the other quick thing is that. I certainly don't think you can other them acquire back you can you just simply cannot overpaid Julius Peppers with the bit. If you overpay one guy yeah it's like does not enough depth. One -- rushed her because guys get hurt during the year. I think that the in -- miserable situation. One of the great receivers of this error is Larry for Cheryl. -- cut nobody's trauma of all there in -- lousy team. But he's making all this money but how happy can you beat a -- Matt's situation where you make of all this money but. You team stinks and you're not going anywhere which brings me to the Welker point. I want him to get paid you know how well I don't know that that's up to them by. I hope they keep him -- a tea every time this team looks like it's gotten to struggle and they need a third before something. He's just -- it's he's durable he bounces up after some ridiculous it's the guy still out there returning punts. This -- there's no way that I don't understand how you tell us he's unreasonable. There's no way that you can't bring him back well. Again. You're sort of undermining your very argument by practicing it we have Larry FitzGerald -- you can't pay that kind of money. Well the problem is Wes Welker as a free agent and -- he is somehow or other loyal to the crowd is and if they franchise him again you make about another 1112 million right but eventually you have to believe that Wes Welker is going to be playing football elsewhere because I think. Bill Belichick understands. You can only be as good as your quarterback is and that they have a great combination -- no question the chemistry those guys have had. For five or six seasons is amazing. But it still comes down to Tom Brady and if the patriots are going to be. Bankrupt. To keep Wes Welker and they're gonna be us strapped as far as their salary cap situation they're not gonna do. Well like Barbara trying to tell people down in Washington they're fast you have to compromise they as the as the movement on both sides. The other guy who I don't know what he's getting paid now but I know he's grossly underpaid is -- This guys it -- and no bigger than laughs Tom and the guy he is out they're tough as nails. Makes you guys that did just not fair but he's making them they're just. There are cup there are some players on this team villages have Matthew Slater made the special teams all pro again. This just some very special players on this team but to me it's that's an end. With Payton and crime you've got to have Barack out there and I think when we do get him back when we when they get him back out there -- so you'll you'll see different patriot offense. I think Talib is -- you talked about stories of the year I think one of the stories could be if the patriots make it all the way to the Super Bowl again. Was -- Belichick's draft -- -- gave up the fourth round pick. I'm in brought total rebuild here or hope as hip -- valor. But he has solidified the secondary. He's allowed them to movement Courtney back over the safety. Dad heard it the other corner it's it's a much better secondary nominal was out before the trade. So we are telling me is if to leave his health the grind is healthy. Patriots roll roll to another Super Bowl and finally. Not get dep for I picked up a -- yes I do believe yeah I do. I was in it's you haven't been as high up -- I got back and consult you about an hour and forty now I've -- -- -- was I'm conscious aren't because I don't understand the consistent inconsistency of late. This than this at the time when you should be putting together. And that that Jacksonville game last week I came begin to explain that my question is. If they get a second seed or even -- it could happen I mean the chances slim but. If they got a for C one of those two -- to make -- to play at least. The second round game at home their chances are pretty good. No Bogle I it as as much as they roll over the Texans have a Texans are hobbling right now they're not playing good football. I'm a -- it's gonna be a lot more difficult on the role for the patriots that it would be at home. They've had their homes stinker ruse of the post season re Baltimore read the jets. I just think their path historically in the Brady Belichick here it's right there it's very simple. Their best path of the Super Bowl is if they get. At least the divisional round game at home. Getting the bye the week before they don't get that I'll -- their chances are you think -- nick but blaming him your neckties were trading nine battery EI. The -- I got or good it's not. I wanted -- to talk about. Ray Lewis here for a moment. I think. It's possibly being overlooked how quickly is coming back from his his torn triceps. Injury. If you look. If you look in -- the people were sustained that injury in the past. It's a complete care and -- which this was. That required surgery which she. And at the very least they say it takes three months to Foley you'll. And that doesn't even include. The amount of time it takes her in Q. Regained. To their normal normal strain on them and most in most it has taken a full season for -- to -- Back from the type of injury and on average it's about three to six months I mean it's been a few weeks and the latest news on and that that -- active for the upcoming game. I don't think you'll play however. Yeah -- active not he's the emotional yet he's the emotional leader of the team he's a phenomenal. Our hall of fame player absolutely one of my favorite. But unfortunately he doesn't play quarterback. Well he's certainly not see a problem. Nick and I'm not sure how you're looking at this thing the ravens. Pretty much of locked up the fourth seed does that really make any difference if they move past the patriots and get the third seed. Cincinnati is locked in the sixth seed. Some neither of those teams really have a lot of wait for tomorrow. In neck games so what motivation would Harbaugh have. War actually having -- what was a lot of the football field and and and place them snaps and anger. Well I mean -- a book that's why he's not actually going to be back this game put it that Carol. Feeling that they gonna be back for the playoffs. And that's just. That's just way too soon for the president injuries starting on whether. While on a limb and say that. He's really in no condition to play well in the playoffs -- play like himself and I'm -- -- even go out on the longer limb and say that. This sort of indicates. That he I mean -- -- it's sort of indicates steroid use. Well you know what there's always been and I appreciate the call -- there's always been that suspicion. Teddy Johnson had that injury twice. With the patriots and there were rumors about. Steroids -- him nothing was ever confirmed but certainly a Rodney Harrison said did he. And I asked him about Clinton he does it -- his reason miles he wanted to get back court. And -- -- seriously W and have a -- -- you know but I'm saying -- you know one of the reasons -- in people on is concerned about it. Is that no record with the NFL they all rackets in in the in the cottage every week that these guys getting hammered -- CNET. Who was its CEO Vernon Davis that point nine is tight end up -- several of these hits. In my doing one or some of these kids starting this here you well I think they've got to really win and nobody wants it but you know. -- I the last thing I want is for -- to be wheeled off on a stretcher but I think -- not talking about the the violent hits and head to head. Helmet to helmet contact he's talking about. Perhaps PED use would be surprised. We know in baseball obviously and football as well. Very widespread this desperate the ravens are. There -- success was always predicated on defense this year they're giving up all kinds of points and yardage. And that's why they're really probably not going to be much of a threat. In the post season 6177797937. This correction the arrests. In our house of corrections attacks machine here. I said that it was Bob de Niro. Who uttered those words Mickey mail never paid the right of course it was the jazz. Palminteri character who snuck in error responded to him right because of course the bus driver I was a big Yankee fan remember how they were. Reciting all the statistics and everything else to the Yankees in the early 65 favorites team as -- ask for in -- for the bikers to -- That was a great security establishment and refueled yes and -- lock that door he says OK now you can't really thrust.

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