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Mustard and Johnson's Year in Review

Dec 29, 2012|

Craig and LJ go through various events, both in sports and news in general, that occurred over the last year and discuss the tragic stories as well as the feel-good ones.

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Cultural -- -- that yeah no question but. I don't think that changes what our goal is for the weekend and I think we're trying to win this game regardless it's. You know it could be different if you know some of the teams when -- that's really out of our control so. We're just gonna go on trying to win. As Tom Brady and the goal always each and every Sunday is to win on week seventeen however. Others some variables. At play and number one variable obviously is. How well the Texans do in Indianapolis. And think about this Larry. Chuck McDonald. Battle that answer coming back on a great story that is you know some people stepped up watt even some of the cheerleaders. They head shaved and everything astute. Support the guy is going to be a lot of human emotion behind that US me to do that when when you went through your struggles have -- -- are just -- you know of a group couldn't stop laughing yeah by the way just quickly are Red Sox -- rob Bradford. Has an interesting piece on WEEI dot com about Daniel bark and summer his struggles of last year and now he's analyzed it now looking forward to new -- a different performance this year in a different manager I think will be just don't -- -- that we both agree are we both agree if anybody can help despite his team now. John Ferrell on -- our John Wayne. And you thought that James Garner car that you have that they were in Gregg turns -- cesium is great for Ramirez it's hard spinning and crash and that guy John Ferrell on an out of Boston Red Sox so anyways football football by the way also if you want to. Chime in I'd give it some thought to it just a little bit because it the year goes by so quickly but. Some of the top stories of this past year I thought LeBron winning the championship was probably. On the sports respect much to the chagrin of the local basketball yes I do that Iran may be -- local but I don't think -- Red Sox it is again last place. Pastor beat up the -- as far as Mehta stories of last year. What I was thinking back is because I knew that you would ask me this because we've been together for about seventeen of these let's look back obviously our last show of of this year you glad you -- I'm glad you had hit a bit this year. I I really that's an slash shows before. I'm just happy I got by the security guard this at this this morning and how someone in authority or any minute. So I was thinking about that in what words a big moments. 2012. As ours the local teams were concerned. And it started in February where the patriots once again lost to the giants it was a epic game. No one's going to. Obviously stand up and cheer for of the great catches of all time in this there and one of the great drops roker. And -- great and I -- -- study -- -- yeah you really think about that's where begins that's the the first mega event and what I hear this just. Within the last couple hours. Not that I didn't know already but aren't written for the giants. A Steve -- Richard for the giants I don't remember which one was. 118. A million people watched that game every Super Bowl course eclipses the ratings from the year the year before. But the patriots certainly. A lot of people disappointed. But give the giants credit for that one I was trying to think what the the next big event. In local local yeah I think the Red Sox finishing last in Valentine slash yeah vision -- yet ask to be up to it was a bummer of a year basically we're here to -- Through its sports Bruins go out the first round. Number that -- -- to play hockey around these parts they were not the first round defending Stanley Cup they couldn't even make it out of around one of the playoffs. And the Celtics went down in I thought fairly. Glorious. -- -- regret is that I did with a good effort yeah they're big problem -- and if I go back to the Celtics and think about 2012 you mentioned LeBron in SI. A crowned him as the sportsman of the year this year. LeBron -- again another bad one for the local teams. LeBron coming into the garden in game six the heat were all but dead we're writing. The heat's epitaph they would break up the team with the game on his back -- -- ended up with 45 huge points they just blow the Celtics right off the parquet. The bank and the Celtics to their credit came back two nights later almost one. Just couldn't just couldn't pull out finally minutes -- that fourth quarter so you know -- right. It just slightly got some of the national stories I thought the Michael Phelps ending up between any two medals as it is just unbelievable his performance. I thought the Penn states and dusty things spilled over its start in November of last year yeah and that's certainly has to be up the air the Javon -- a story unfortunate Kansas City that she's linebacker. Shooting his girlfriend was it was a major tragedy. Junior -- losing him. Was another major. Tragedy sunny and it's funny Craig azeris think from a news perspective is just up the top army had -- think and that. I think new town unfortunately that tragedy just may have not just hasn't happened recently but I think that's the number one story of the year for me. I'm I think the capturing and and and killing bin Laden was was certainly right up there actually that was two years ago we went that was 2011 and yet I can't wait for the it will become. It is out I believe in certain markets not here -- Eric and sandy and but it is funny how -- was -- restaurants was speaking -- wasn't there an election this year also covers a mountain that -- that case it is about the people like and I might not have been the result you wanted in some cases but. Again that that's a major story right. But I would say if you really want to do summon up as far as the local teams it started off on a bad for. I know -- ten biggest rock limping around. Is that he stumbles -- it last passed through all all hail Mary pass in the end zone you know I've seen that now fifty times and every time expect rock to make them play and it never. Why does happen quite get there you know on Brady's throwing -- that prayer that Chase Blackburn was able to when I -- back I intercepting. The Red Sox lack of performance last year slash Ballantine. Carl Crawford will not be a problem if it as the very best to be right up there and some people rate the the Red Sox unloading. The Big Three -- yeah I pushed out of stars are anyway what you call talk about football whatever you want but if you wanna add the -- memory your -- something out over the past year that. The that you think was that a major. Memory for you and then added and that I think a lot of local fans -- probably -- wanna forget always said and I don't think there's really have to -- every -- by 2012. Was not a great year. Of the local I don't think -- and I know you have a different view -- -- me because of the Buffalo Bills but I think of your team makes it to the Super Bowl. I'm you can't say it's a great memory but it is you do it's is so it's a long road. You get there are in it was a horrific gain down to the last past so I. I do think that has to be in the rest of memory I don't see it -- is a totally bad memory even only lost. How is how do you well like I -- -- -- -- -- I add the fact that they made it how many other teams didn't make. Yeah this team you know I know we measure by Wendy -- only yen you know it's the only thing that matters but. You know. Nothing is there anything better than sitting down on the super bomb might waiting for the game in your team is one of the participants now. And you know it's funny because I am going skiing over. Super Bowl Sunday weekend have been on the slopes and almost twenty years going to be outcomes and garlic about a a body -- this is going to be ugly folks but you know I'm. Thinking about the Super Bowl and it it it is not even in my mindset. That any other team but the patriots. Is going to be represented in the AFC. I'm just assuming the patriots are going to be participating that's Super Bowl because we're so conditioned to believe that. Every I'm already predicting Elvis will be what -- are like -- Alaska bumps and bubbles of the patriots and the like have been exciting this will be a great Super Bowl. -- because of the people on the dance -- mean Seattle's exciting to -- exciting. Frisco what they -- cap and it can be exciting I mean there's a lot of grew very exciting teams -- not like mechanical there excite. I would say and it it just it builds and builds and builds and every year seems to be better then the next if you're looking at a totally from a national perspective. There's no way the NFL can -- whoever wins the Super Bowl this year. Whatever the matchups are however they -- figure out in fill out those last two slots in the NFC tomorrow. It is going to be. One hell of a --

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