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Mustard and Johnson Open Sports Saturday Previewing "Scenario Sunday"

Dec 29, 2012|

Craig and Larry kick things off discussing the upcoming NFL playoffs and the various scenarios that can come to fruition depending on some outcomes tomorrow...precisely why Craigs dubs it "scenario Sunday". The guys talk NFC and AFC seeding as well as the latest woes the Patriots have encountered.

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And happy holidays to everybody as though we continue this. Wonderful holiday season mustard in Johnson's -- Saturday back on the radio. Maybe sports Saturday but there's no question about it Larry tomorrow is scenario Sunday dog ran -- Had none of the twelve playoff teams in the National Football League are already headed to the post season. Only two spots up for grabs it is at Dallas and Washington to cap off. Week seventeen tomorrow night that's going to be a great one in the DC area as RG three and Tony Romo go after the NFC east championship giants hoping for. A lot of things that happened three wins going in their direction they can get the other spot maybe Chicago we will see a meanwhile over in the AFC everybody. Who's going in the playoffs knows they're going now just a question of the seeding and I know seeding is I don't know how it is in your backyard. But when it comes to that a cultural so down to exit -- as I did excellent what are you don't speak with a spot Scottish accent don't Peter Hutton of the globe yes. Many many yes -- housing gardening in the -- one time agreed that a -- down before the and what the snow on top that's your tip for this weekend it is OK very good -- bit -- now but how explain the seeds in the AFC forcefully. Oh yeah a great. Golf there were not that she argued enough trouble with the phone number but I think you can handle I can do that I cannot remember the phone number but I'm pretty good with the seeds you know it by now patriots right now. In the third slot ahead of them as Denver in the second spot. And Houston clinging. To the number one spot if used an endeavor remain one and two they get byes to not have to play. In the wild card round will have about fourteen days to rest up before they play. In the divisional round of the AFC playoffs now the pats obviously. Could slide into number one or number two. Depending on what happens with Houston and Denver the big thing here is what's the difference between two and three. If you're the second seed you don't have the play the wild card round this is one patriot team Larry. Who could definitely use -- the rest. But the first game at least their first game in the divisional round at home. Instead of having to travel in round -- to either Denver war used well. And I and I think as you know at this time of the year rushers everybody's beat up Logan Mankins. -- If you can get an extra week to arrest these guys it's going to be to your advantage I think the other story that needs to be. Analyzed is. Which teams are playing the best right now it's not a question of which teams you thought might have been the betterment I think Seattle they -- former role. Mass effect a loss of their last loss came against Miami. Tom but they're playing very good football they got there -- think apparent there cornerback he ended up beating the rap against the Richard Sherman -- -- the beating his appeal. So they've got great corn is they're playing very well. They've got Russell Wilson com their quarterback who seems everybody keeps and guys not that good of all I know is taking important things here's the problem Seattle they're not gonna win the division San Francisco is gonna win the division. And by definition. Of -- a Seattle that is -- Cisco last week yet lately is the problem at Seattle cannot. Listening because there are wild card team the likelihood. That they're gonna get any home games is extremely. Remote yeah. OK so. As well as they've been playing and particularly that defense and you gotta get Russell Wilson a lot of credit. He is snuck up as obviously a player. As a rookie agrees focusing on lock -- RG three here comes Russell Wilson having a rookie of the year quality year. But Seattle got to play on the road throughout the playoffs now here's the speaking of that. And I thought that Peter King made an excellent point were frightened Steve I heard it on the replay this morning was first aired yesterday. On Sports Radio. If you really think about it over the last several years started wind Roethlisberger. In his second year going to the Super Bowl as a wild -- six C they had to. Get into the playoffs on the final Sunday. Of that season the 0506. Season giants that it twice. Once is awhile cart wants is a foresee lots of road games there. Five road wins in two Super Bowl titles for the giants Green Bay was a six slot. -- a couple of years ago when they won the super boy did in such convincing fashion. You forget they had to get into the wild card on the very last Sunday. To get a playoff shot and they wrote itself isn't necessarily. A key thing to have that bye in the first round and home field for at least one -- two games but if you look at the patriot history. The patriots have never been to a Super Bowl in the Brady Belichick era. -- Bledsoe Parcells there. Without getting the bye in the first round and having that next game at home. So history does not bode well for the patriots in their quest to make -- -- And all -- an argument that I'm making has been them and they did have a game at home against the ravens they got debt they get beat so. It is also iroquois I said it to you before and I'll say I said it last week numbers say it again this -- within that drives me crazy with this patriot team. Is -- very inconsistent. In again and they played Jacksonville last week in that game was horrific it was awful and I mean they even Brady was mad about it and they don't just kept letting jab at that they've been having look like -- like Johnny Unitas Specter or for any number of times. Fourth -- -- how about that pass on fourth and ten and where they were told mostly out of it somehow or another you skate then threw a perfect pass. The wide receiver and hate who knows you know that ball gets batted around the back of the end zone Nikki could go on and overtime religious. There. Again in his house cells that before in terms of wary about how are your team looks in December and January that the time to really take note. On how far you can go on the playoffs regardless of seeing matchups or any -- -- kind of thing if your team is not playing that well on them not in sync. I don't care what kind of advantage yeah all right so you're telling me it really doesn't matter that it Matt of course it does you you you'd prefer to get the by. You prefer to get -- you guys healthy you -- But on but if you ask me my number one priority is for this team to be more consistent. In terms of their play. Offensively and defensively. They just need to be more consistent. The island the last couple weeks have really cause you some and it should causes some concern. Brought you look at the first half obviously against the 49ers dreadful. Who would have ever expected a patriot team to be down 31 to three. And in spite of that gallon in inspiring comeback they still did lose the game for all intents and purposes. -- last Sunday. How was the losses so we didn't count in the east standings and it's certainly helps them also with a possible seeds scenario but the way they played. Essentially the last two games you could make a point they're limping right now going in to the policies. And I looked easy it is you're looking at a team that comes out we said the next two games Houston in San Francisco were really get an idea where this team is. When they face the giant. -- transfused in 42 to fourteen so -- say oh man get the Super Bowl. Tickets ready and in the -- Freddie -- Samper and pages play them in San Francisco Friday when pitchers 34 in as you said the enemy determined his comeback. In this at this Jacksonville game again and they far behind they can't get anything going. And then they have the comeback and win these games and Greg as you know. When you get into the playoffs you can afford these teams are good very good teams otherwise they wouldn't be in the playoffs. Kenyan market -- will follow up behind by two or three touchdowns and then make a gallant comeback all the time. See the -- look at Houston game. They were actually brilliant from start to finish both sides of the football utter domination. 49ers they got it together in the second half not well enough to win. Then they played another one of those Turkey games in Florida same score winning by 2316. Miami couple weeks before. They managed to beat the dolphins by that same 2316. Score both games were mediocre efforts to be kind. So as they play their final regular season games on the problem with a final regular season game. Everything really hinges on the way we assess this final regular season performance. What happens and Indianapolis at 1 o'clock. If Houston wins the game -- don't have to play that game doesn't really matter. If Houston -- is the game. Patriots don't wanna put in a full effort they wanna I wanna go out there import submit a sincere performance because they could move up into a second or even -- one slot. Depending what happens in Denver. So I mean you know I I I think it's important that they. Go into the post season feeling good about themselves and certainly you wouldn't think they'd be going into the post season feeling. Good at all based on what they did last. You'd like to see them get that by you'd like to see the game not matter as much in terms of that they they got to win but obviously if you can get Brady off the field I think one of the things are sent to find out. Did these teams are figuring out is if you can get Brady to move. -- of his spot. And you gotta make a move around a little bit in IG three he's not. You can create a little problem for them. So you know what team you don't wanna play in the first for a house like a Cincinnati Bengals so I could think of any number come because the of the Bengals have. That this second and number -- -- bloody seventh accident and guess who's number one the Broncos were 48 -- yeah although all they handled the Broncos very well yeah that was welcome we will tell me all right -- -- was that October it was just getting -- really comfortable with the offense now I take it to devers won ten games in Iraq. I'd never heard -- out the team I got right this that you turtle which seemed UP of the most that's one of them well. I mean right now as a matter of fact I think they've LeapFrog everybody and most of the power rankings. Peyton and company are number one at this point. I still cannot. Get out of my. Mind either the Denver game this year their last loss that dropped the two and three haven't lost since that. War some of those early playoff exits. That Payton had with the colts are a couple times against San Diego. What things I would say that's in Peyton Manning's favorite this year as opposed to previous seasons in Indianapolis. How often dungy and polian would struggle with how they're gonna play the last borrow these guys. Many times they flirt with undefeated seasons they're blowing away the -- that to her original video camera and intercourse they they tank -- game against the jets. And they just could not play the end of the regular season well. This year they cannot make that complaint. These guys are on a roll their home against Kansas City the Broncos are. Remote shot that the Jesus suddenly gonna pull together. At mile high and win that game so that was gonna have a water to see you must -- were very religious man if you think -- -- -- -- -- Olympic got to Wear a met game -- I went to work for me all right let me ask you this that. What is your expectation that this is important and I'm glad that. Houston and Indianapolis are playing at a different time of the patriots because we're gonna see it all unfold before us reds on. You know why don't you I don't know what game at the reds on -- -- worry about the networks anymore no no camaraderie I used to remember every week musical what is CBS after the doesn't matter. -- that accurately. One doesn't matter with a red a red zone was as a red box and watch the movie red box last night but the red zone we'll have used in Indianapolis. And I'm sure CBS will be covering that game next game will be in the -- you don't have red zone -- Amazing though with the NFL the -- wanna write this is the greatest of all the major sports is. They keep coming up with new stop us and you guys IG three. You getting Andrew Lackey got Russell Wilson Alfred Morris at running back put the skins arming crews every -- every couple years they come up with rev Wright really good young. Talent like the jets Francis who are they coming up with. And -- candidate. But you know it's. That one way to finish off the regular season. You have RG three in the scans. At home against the cowboys. And the cowboys after that big comeback last Sunday. Two touchdowns down -- overtime. Only to lose the game on a field goal in OT. They got to win tomorrow to stay in the playoffs RG three has the win to get into the playoffs you've got to hope I hate Dallas anyway but the league is. Must be voting big time for RG for -- the league in Jersey sales and I mean he is just right and think about -- about the impact market I didn't realize that I had to enter a corn ball. If -- about best those three quarterbacks not only are they legitimate contenders for rookie of the year having terrific seasons. All three of them are in the playoffs as full time starters the -- he sees it that is. Soledad that is one thing we learned last year they had a lot of quarterback injuries you're had to bring India back up quarterback in the light. Without a very good quarterback it allows the game. You know you gotta have a guy who could throw the ball right into and create and manage the efforts by the way -- Styling for Arizona the back acquired outside it's about time. About -- I think you handle that certainly based on some of -- -- predecessor got a court course Norman -- -- go to the break is how would you feel about the Tebow situation now is being handled. We just last week no -- to a point where. A Mac Horry can't play this week right and you think people should have been given a shot to play now. Because obviously it was too disruptive. Was -- unfair to him I understand where -- coming from and he was missed treated. There are certainly a couple schools -- thought about it. Some people. Think that maybe he and his agent should have tried harder. The find a way to go to Jacksonville. Said the New York we all move that this was going to be very difficult this like this -- comparative. I compare Tebow. Going to the jets. As. The same disaster in waiting as Bobby V going the Red Sox. People in the -- from the beginning it was a bad marriage it was never gonna working horse thing about it that's a good comparison okay -- you know the worst thing about it is. You had a fragile quarterback. Who for whatever reason. Needed to have as much positive reinforcement as he scored the last thing Mark Sanchez needed. Was Tim Tebow -- presence on the sidelines no matter how bad he throws -- But the jets make it worse by having I had this huge press conference for a backup quarterback absolutely I. Now our boss or criticism about Tebow because of the way he handled whether or not he refused to go -- -- on the ground -- that I don't know the animal at the season but I'm glad to see the guy is somewhat acting normal after a while McChrystal after problems to -- -- -- gaga. To accommodate every day -- -- -- sunny face I mean you know you know me I mean that you can be used to -- every emotions and in feelings. I am I think they should let him out the last game. I really that's an insult to the problem that we think about it this is the problem -- have last year. You cannot encourage. Tebow mania to suddenly reignite itself. The -- -- if he plays well he plays well while that doesn't that what do -- does play away or to pull the plug on the -- expert in the lower -- more plugs London just Tebow but to -- is you can everybody says while he stinks and practiced amnesty and Matt. But I'm also of the philosophy that some. People just don't practice that well but when the game light on one. It's a different about this same guy was ripping Tebow from Soledad -- -- I think you're a fraud out of may no I don't NFL quarterback no no I -- -- -- was a fraud now that he's I think he believes in my as a skillful player now I don't think he's that good. But I think it took me -- from the back up. In the and that's not a deterrent by definition don't I go win. Again how -- from the back up back up in both of the players around. Don't I get a shot out what you're doing that decimated disaster of that whole situation down right Bobby V Tim -- all equals disaster for both team.

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