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Ryder and Megliola: What is going on with Mike Napoli?

Dec 28, 2012|

The Mike Napoli saga continues towards the New Year after dragging on for the last several weeks. John and Lenny try to figure out what the holdup is and if Mike Napoli will ever suit up in a Red Sox uniform.

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John Ryder let him make -- awaited 617779793737937. -- did. One of I thought that what most underrated as stone sides their can't hear me knocking. Mike Napoli is gone a Twitter. And some big news here an idea Mike Napoli. He says his favorite soccer team has Manchester United in his favorite television shows like dynasty. Allen tells me a lot about the signing. The kids. Right the build that up -- you know about right so what's that all about mansion -- -- and -- -- -- -- guys -- -- team itself. Not enough to have reached an agreement in the subject but I I will say it is not always I would shocker T 'cause soccer fans Kevin Garnett. These parts ordering the idea soccer team Canada through -- civil case ignored every once I got interested -- how are you there right but you know I am answered in this intrigue that and -- police. Clinton out there for everybody I mean so. Are they still checking his body BC still showing a lifetime physical here at all what it hasn't haven't you know I mean. This is this is going beyond. Yeah I rationale the you know and -- Max one of those three week deals you know and then -- suddenly figure out some -- OK but John obviously it's contentious and it's so quiet around you don't hear anything. But how well we're gonna make some -- whether right -- how long. Continue examine the guy and not be sure what -- they examining far beyond give quads and children's -- -- -- how awesome that day. Number wanted to sell my you know is -- a case that this young they've done all of his skill examination they gonna do. But now that not so sure they want them because they concede more likelihood of a breakdown as you said in the first I always been on the DL five times while ago. I think it's -- a man -- pretty basic one is -- that. It's money here even though that they've agreed to the -- what the Red Sox wanted to do is they'll bring it down a two years or maybe. And they go three about a major clause in the contract if it's did you generate but I situations so it's an injury. In length of contract. Well yeah that's what I just said but the thing is if if these Inge and now if they want to bring the Miami down oh. You know well I guess you're gonna pass this exam eventually maybe by February or if -- that war -- void the deal on move on. Point number three why or why they hole and -- this. Because I think -- infatuated with -- at Fenway swing they're hoping that they're probably. And off -- go for outside sources with the doctors summit this is the first out time am guessing and there's no reports here but this is just common sense that Napoli and his agent. Or are probably has stopped. At the at the team doctors and their assessment of Mike Napoli and his physical condition. So I'm sure they're upset about it they want to three years 39. Three years 39 million dollar deal and they won his own doctor -- or for a minute maybe. Maybe they meet in the middle not to read sexting doctored not his own physician but an outside physician here there mediators -- has collaborations. And this is the first ever has been a sticking point Lenny as they're between a Red Sox player to dent in it and the doctors. Now what does this you know I mean elders -- it has been that this is really been drawn out because the guys here supposedly you know and obviously with the Red Sox offered him that they want him in the lineup that's and it's not a bad move. But now it's like well was seen the X rays and that will still take it -- -- three million last year army what's going on here this. I get text of the year as we wrap up the year led the race here got on an overly read but it just made me laugh. I'm sure it make ever -- laugh at texting here for I've Boyd says -- go back further reduce tweets. He's -- porn stars in Texas we should get their opinion on his body. We're pretty low brow but and juvenile but funny here's David in western message always sports guys. Puts -- David. You know I'm an artist first base I think I'm on fire on it all year long if they don't get the right guy. -- right guy to earmark thing and it's a you're gonna -- in all its. They need some like implied that spot that. That's capable it's it's an important. Position on the field it's always all the law they think now we -- that this guy that we can put this side there it doesn't work. Those -- right canyon mine it's either an apple -- Roche would you like. What either -- and sell over -- I mean look at the Yankees look what they did it. Would Giambi the only thing secret there was jumped on the base ball -- chain is way. I -- -- is well it was a heady when the -- -- -- well he had an iron glove and ended up cited Teixeira who's one of the top down to three. Best defensive first baseman in baseball. Ya know like LaRoche there's no argument here Napoli as an iron glove appeared to -- -- And you need it. You'd you'd need eight capable. You need some guys can be coached and you're really do I mean it -- -- make it compares into the Yankees and bear with me here. Come Null and Rodriguez. And there's a few other guys that team. They blocked a ball they go to a plate and made this site to swing both for the pictures even -- I watched I -- so many times. These well into the -- they walked two guys on eight pitchers he told judge when -- the first pitch and grounds into double play. In no amount to culture ability it comes back. Who now that about so he did it take then not Q if I get you on the -- and can no. Yeah I can't tell you I will I will I election to a lot of Yankee. Keep baseball I have. Government do what I mean probably can now he's pretty good -- -- -- you could say that -- second baseman debates and he does hitting if you double plays but -- or you're out of the park for you don't want to. That's what makes him dangerous to you don't know what he's -- Deutsche. On area as -- does in his bracket look this 300 averages and his 25 guys sometimes give a tip of the cap to idea pitchers well. You know I mean man rob has economic so many variables yeah. But Adam yeah I'll say it. You'll want to coach well guys might want. Plays you don't wanna have picked coached guys buy time to get the bigs you shouldn't have to coach him that much especially you know veterans. You want to listen to on and cooperate. Beat good you know good guys and problems. If you asked earlier -- what they're attachment about Napoli -- -- -- bit about that home run swing his numbers at Fenway Park a question that's -- you know what it is and there worried about presence in the middle -- if I mean that's. Besides the pitching staff my second question is -- do with this team as the middle out of how old David Ortiz do little middle Brooks have a soft -- -- -- -- continue to be a good player I think he will be a good player. And you know who's who's the other guy who's the other thumper part of the mix -- of the though align them. You know. Will continue here a review whether it's the red sex of their offseason moves of the Celtics and -- to buckle last night against the clippers who. An -- ever won an even you know earlier this season probably dot. They were for real and I think that the definitively for you look at that cats and maybe I'll tell this not as good as they were last night the Celtics hopefully I'm is that all they're -- glad I agree with the completely there and I think most would. So we get that of course great week in the NFL so many games get it to any one of them if you want to talk about the cowboys Redskins -- the called stacks and certainly the patriots dolphins any of the games meaningful games and we're not going to be getting into. Against Dallas now we're not really that's just must watch for soap opera standard my. Yeah when I can be edited jaguars titans. And that has to be the Dallas that's probably the -- is saying. Probably in the last thirteen years they've number Lloyd pick maybe for the jags have to have the chiefs can pull off that upset at Denver -- won't happen 61777979370. -- text -- 37937. As John -- and the great let me make -- your WEEI. Back with more after this break.

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