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Tom Curran: Adrian Peterson is my MVP

Dec 28, 2012|

It's that time of year where the MVP talk is really ramping up, Tom gives us his MVP pick in addition to previewing the Patriots-Dolphins game on Sunday.

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Back here sportswriter got a three point seven WEEI as the big -- -- pictured Friday six point 77797937. Texas a 37937. Parents of architectural me it's a divisive for bullets at thirty to 47 dollars and three point -- Don't ordered by the editor I was -- -- by the I don't affect economic humanitarian not like human like you know. Important that parents I -- -- Tommy Collins weekly interview brought Dubai Tom Wes Welker herr doctor doctor Robert -- -- 1800. -- hero Tommy. Fantastical got -- -- prisoners -- have a happy new year. On everything done tremendously well stroke -- looking forward to talk to thirteen out here with the current. Outstanding. Well we got into reports see that -- twenty players are questionable. For the patriots no surprises at all. And I was just talking with corrected the irony of what could happen on Sunday how about this if you agrees -- possible rock plays and Hernandez doesn't. I suppose it's possible. I can't imagine that Hernandez. That got significantly worse over the last few days so I'm not playing and I don't think you really decreasing in the last game to hurt itself. And he was -- protecting himself and -- but I suppose that we don't like iron. The hours and I just thought you know he was not himself I thought was really playing through some -- -- Walker's plan through a lot of -- goes -- guys. I didn't do permit -- to -- Justin didn't look like himself as you said maybe was about protecting himself. Yeah it was it was really not a great performance by him if you -- -- well current. A beat up he -- -- and the worries -- soldiering through what he's got an -- but forgot and cannot dig -- put Carter. In different situations and I think it Welker is absolutely an example a guy who can't. Broncos get a place on the. Everything happened all over the last. Six weeks is that no. But you know help the hateful thing and I think that if we get closer. On the fact that he spoke a little bit this week. In the locker room perk is an indication that topic don't -- really by coincidence that the patriot really shot -- that -- people speak. So I think he has shocked by it but. If you played secular American you know if people don't -- with a tablet. Yeah I mean if he's up there we expect series it's true. So there -- a tenth of a -- center. -- -- -- What stripped ball I mean yeah on dark side totally open and you guys and market injuries stop. I usually do pretty good until well -- the guy a lot of it it generally. Which it would prop want to get to this point. It. It would right now I don't now. Does the mentality of and coach Bill Belichick change if and when at four. 25 or fourth when he during kick off. Adam Vinatieri is they're just predictable move kick a field goal for acute for Indianapolis to beat Houston thirty to 27 does that change the way coaches again. I think the biggest key but I don't think people are still pretty important that they -- obsolete at -- Indianapolis when they camp. -- it was a game so I mean still have to win the period in I think the only thing that could possibly can't think. If Houston wins and then you see in particular crap -- -- Kansas City and I think you'll see what somewhat aghast so completely innocent audio -- -- -- Prior to those things happening -- -- -- absolutely any difference in the patriot my brother captains of -- that's. They're fluid they're gonna treat this game until the reason that take that -- the -- so. They don't read on it back. -- is a great team in the AFC this year Tom I don't about the patriots are flawed Denver's flawed Houston we've seen is flawed but. Do you buy into the idea of the patriots need one of these two -- do you think it's a three seed -- -- couple but the thing going these places of when these games. Oh yeah absolutely I think the effort shell shocked by the -- as the patriots have played on the and I think you know Houston has to be a little bit rattled about its overall performance over the last. But an app and hit the other thing think Kirk voted on the last I obviously. Stepped out -- juggernaut. Yeah 2007 it was two to 2007 probably -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah same saints where we're peace. Doctors were pretty nasty couple years ago they actually left here and they didn't it was -- or multiple bullet to execute and I mean it's really funny that the parity. That doesn't kind of exist when it come -- the patriots. It take it away. The juggernaut that we use to have between Tennessee Indianapolis certainly in the giant capital port a power in the NFC. And they want suitable -- and so United Center and six record right. So -- he can't find that team who really can go wire to wire. At last week the offensive line -- together for the first time -- everybody you know reasonably healthy for the first time in awhile maybe had one of the worst teams of the season last two weeks -- not being good to have for the offensive -- a number of -- And sacked Brady has received not to mention the missed blocks from the running backs. So to me that that is probably to me number one key to this game. I think that Sebastian Vollmer who -- pop up field at the end he's probably the biggest advocates. He -- -- -- late in every week -- My it's at all -- -- get auto Michael hasn't at all for the president. On Monday. That's a system that match up and I think the game costlier. It really -- the last few weeks. So that's that's the concern -- if you -- what the playoffs. Not only to the concern this week but it -- with the playoffs patriots to match up with the Cincinnati Bengals they have 13 best. Imperial -- and out that's sources in the week. And you lap. So I think probably when -- is -- definitely a level that. These -- sort of what it warm should be ballot and -- big -- perspective now. Especially are respected as -- -- player and those guys -- -- getting shot up. Every week and they're gonna regret some date the 2012 feet and a lot of those guys because I think those guys to play a lot of things. It doesn't Texas questions on this let's just say Kansas City you know starts over gets repeal in Romeo. Any chance to see those guys in some capacity within your organization next year. Yeah I could. And he hit the dynamic that I think it is supposed to -- it. It left on great terms they're still. Extremely valued friend the bill though it yet. And the rest of the organization. And I don't know where their heads are gonna be at the end of this year -- Scott Pioli. And Romeo Cornell which he witnessed. I mean -- -- on -- happy enough. But few tragedies the -- as a -- and -- a situation but I don't get fresh in my -- feel in Hollywood or else. -- a -- process so that. And I think that. What they want you erupt are. They wanna work somewhere I think Bill Belichick might be applied to just make sure that they're OK with whatever situation may have going. Told that that to me it was the primary reason. I don't think the patriots -- streaming out war. Another guy in the personnel department and -- popularly scream out come back to Wimbledon. But I think the Bill Belichick would you might say yes that would be accurate if you need to work currently plan I think that that -- will take what. Do you think that Romeo and bill converse this week is I am still I know everybody's predicting Deborah blog member blog ever blah. But they played a pretty close game early this season I know was a Kansas City in the past they have the last couple times yes I know was Tebow. And not Peyton Manning. But we did stickiness of the team -- Green Bay team last year Daniel was at home. Late in the season and to me Tommy tell me if I'm actually crazy go nuts here. But it Brady Quinn could just not turn the free can ball over and they run the ball very -- well as you know Charles and and Hillis and have done a really good job this year. It candy can they stay in this game have a shot at it in your opinion. Sure I think they've been competitive. In a lot of games we we can find. You know of their. Fifteen games so party -- fine particles. Are committed that they want to they've been. Barely competitive it's important -- the -- in the night. Yes dead earlier this year. -- I'll use my other girl broke. Running back here in addition Peter Peterson. So we got a guy can run yet -- Ollie the one that that's structures and -- -- viewpoint is well taken operating -- you know. They take care of the ball but having it spread to exceed yup I mean -- the money line below directive that they could -- to make. -- to make a hundred I'll probably a bit under one about its underwater about at the top what -- I take the underdog because it -- that it divisional rival Tom we've seen this happen many many times over the years. Yeah I think they've. Put it this way they haven't built and it. The way maybe a raiders anymore. You know some audio and I think it's -- to build it into electric and -- that he -- but played the Romeo and now again they're very different dynamic. Going by him going -- in the city because. Don't what he could experience that it broke. About and that you know there. I feel good story and all of a sudden yeah but I just don't think they'll put on Romeo -- -- Did give it -- -- chatted this week at all. All seriousness -- Shortly. What you got it he said he absolutely believe that bill would probably in the year. Of -- obviously I think that goes on all -- and Jim -- possibly vote on our lot. Well for the rated the patriots weren't so I I think these guys to the ball in volatile thought I would be surprised that you have. We have all four firm BP -- I guess that he major decision. I doubt it's -- over Adrian Peterson. The reason being an optical sellout by a sport but that's the reason for that. What that scandal all of every single -- quarterback -- process. Coverages. Have to process Russians. -- do get teams in and out of that way after the date the franchise that that carry all the pressure that goes with that. They take more on guard -- that are running Beckett a well. So all those reasons you have to have an incredible speed on YouTube -- And I think the operating Aaron Rodgers compete -- all that great either but I think it repeated that it had. An historic one and I think the city really needs to be recognized. That's done appearance -- 46 yards as -- -- they lose you still vote for. It doesn't matter. -- know very well. But what bugs and rushed for 46 yards they lose it only the playoffs -- saying he shouldn't be MVP I'm just saying you party it's already locked in as -- -- questions. What was the other one really guys do well are you Manning goes Manny -- third apart okay well. Mangled up beat the chiefs beat the key word -- appreciate it. About it but it's I understand the point but I probably Aaron Rodgers goes -- that team he went thirteen games of that team all banged up. He has -- your vote. I mean not backed up just as Aaron Rodgers -- up and I walked down main street talk about the. I'm I'm I'm I'm uncomfortable with your flexibility and upsets me. Among comfortable with your flexibility with -- weeks ago and upsets me. Don't you worry that -- it hit it. Exactly well I think that that right now I think we'll look vastly -- -- before religion goes -- argue I like it go you are. -- I think the most interesting scenario is as with the giants this week because of three teams that have to lose I think are all gonna lose I think Detroit beat the bears like -- Minnesota lose to Green Bay. And I and I think Dallas loses to Washington that being said Michael Vick. -- it's possible card and -- maybe have a real one of his better games yet -- -- stuff -- the proof here. I think that's gonna pan out I think the judge is gonna get the help they need a Q what judging was -- up against the Eagles. I think that giant dark and I mean that's. That's the thing about -- all the time -- I mean that it is so cute when you break it we get the playoffs don't we all feel more comfortable going to a game at saint. It's gonna happen generally does this time you have to measure. -- -- Not gonna give an effort I mean the giants and and cowboy read a couple of directed both at some people but how do you predict what the -- was going to be. For god so my client to streak in Aruba. Now. That immediate what makes. If you wanna gamble on the -- Can make for apple the money we seventy if you could figure out which team claim about. Now that's that's -- All right -- go get your prediction for the for the -- -- to Miami yet. The pitcher got the chemical and like Pete the piano went like seven -- -- he got a lot of principal 87 -- I'm with -- -- beyond the spread I thought -- M were cover absolutely epic they have a lot to play for I'm not sure about the patriots secondary help bagged up going to be we don't call is doubtful. That means to me is not a place so I think I it to be close game. -- -- our guest on. Let me ask you this Matt Peyton -- Paris for sixteen touchdown passes on Sunday let's let's change the conversation. And I will read -- -- there are right Tommy Carroll reports it's up on CSN Andy. It. They're tired locked hobby car and greater ability at the network to bring this up that. Separate between dollar today five players are pro bullets sent literally for this current Champ Bailey torn for today. Clay Matthews. -- -- Julius Peppers 200 -- Jeff Saturday. Until we pursue the story if you actually helped make it by it's not much another action not seem to me given -- -- -- -- -- -- patriots. Under for the patriots yes Wilfork now. -- -- Welker don't know who is Matthew Slater rarely gets 300000. Dollars -- in the pro ball acts. Man -- of that she's skeptical of that he's one of those guys -- go he's locked in for the rest his career. Yet what -- what your budget is going you know he's locked in. Is locked him for the for the restart our reputation pro ball was coming up for him. Former -- and 978 says Pete there's zero chance the chiefs and with Brock was -- said the same thing last year agreed they went into Kansas City. Waste in places as their chance I am pleased when everybody went into Kansas City -- and there's no Peyton Manning you know chance. Zero to merchants don't know I'm being Syria they're not gonna win neck yeah. Didn't knock him in the what you thought last year Kyle Orton will be reviewed it and we didn't lobby -- -- giving us one I like about that -- the support of the Packers now there's a don't get -- get past that that's not gonna happen it's divisional -- -- under close to me -- We said that helps and it's and it's going to be a close game on talent and gifts to scandals that we're going to we're still statistically. Divisional games are close in the on division. Goes that long but it was this that most times particular towards the end of the season just. That cliche. That's the back to -- -- -- ports deal of excitement over the over the Miami beat the patriots -- -- twenty exact cause that's what if I Cincinnati Pittsburgh last week that -- had a blow up and why did the candidate Biden and their last five games liberal last year of five games to Pittsburgh beat him mr. thirteen attend divisional game. The president at the list of them as opponents over the -- ticket to a million was what was your pal rob boards was Super Bowl pick patriots. Patriots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not 37 in Texas 37937. To baca marker for because while it's -- 27 seventh at 93535. Rebecca.

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