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Chris Mortensen: AFC comes down to New England and Denver

Dec 28, 2012|

Pete and Kirk talk with Mort about some of the potential changes some teams could make in the offseason after missing the playoffs, he thinks Rex Ryan will stay with the Jets. Mort also says he thinks the Patrios emerge as AFC champions.

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Back -- the big Joseph 617779. Seven ID 370 Texas a 37 937. It's up in jeopardy Kirk -- and today once again for the big Al and Michael Holley our conversation with ESPN's Chris -- that brought you by the sharing credit union. Dragon speech recognition and by town fair -- are you more -- what an exciting time you're always is the last week of the NFL football season. Well there's even though they know there are certain in the process that certainly in one conference but there's the seeding issues then. You know even even when you look at this this bye week in this home field advantage you know comes down -- weekend is great. It doesn't -- is Jason -- coaching for his jobs under and I -- I don't think so no it never been one report. Right by any news agencies -- predicting -- dollars and jeopardy. The popular talking about it. But the but the thing about it and then never anybody out of -- seducing spirits coaching for his job that Jason here's jobs in jeopardy. We simply speculated that because we ask the question is so much it that somebody visit. There's you know that that he would -- -- for a job. You know my feeling is that. He's not going to on the job. Seems like forever he's -- he's going conditions this is two and a half years. And so obviously. You know they'll be disappointed if he does make the playoffs. John -- lingering out there the freeagent. Guy I don't think Jerry Jones's and -- going to want -- Antibodies known Bill Belichick -- 88 Aetna and bucks a year and now now the big opting to embarrass forty to six during that it's so one sided than. Maybe that changes the conversation and then and then that -- legitimate question but. To this point we've never had any journalist. Who covered the team or even nationally who said that they can get -- in jeopardy. I give me that as we talk about the timing of the NFL is just so difficult to handicap -- a week to week basis in this particular game with Dallas and Washington coming up. On on Sunday night. You know everything seems to be. Favoring the star seem to be alive for the Redskins two win this game so it did for most of the game on Thanksgiving night dealt to make that. That nice comeback. And I cannot figure this Dallas cowboy team out for the like for me and golfers I don't I don't know what to expect and quite honestly I think washing beef really consistent. I don't know what you're gonna go to Dallas and I've no idea. Well -- quarterback's play the best quarterback in football the past month Tony Roland always played their quarterback Tony Romo performed five games. So he's playing at a very high level Dez Bryant is -- up. Up. It often do lions settled down a little bit because of you know they've had injuries and then DeMarco Murray's back an -- -- running backs so. But the defense has been hit so hard with injuries over at the top of the season as a Pro -- interior -- the market's worst -- with one arm and to meet its huge. Factor in this game because -- being spent and -- side the other outside linebacker for the cowboys is that haven't. Really great year and I don't believe no matter where Robert Gibbs the third says that he's a 100%. He certainly wasn't last week so there's mobility is. Limited if he's more pocket guy yes he can throw from the pocket. But you would think he'd be able to put some heat on the key that we just you know when we get to continue to out about it -- for more -- in the running game. Mean you know he's done a phenomenal. Rookie season and they are hitting played up that you know we don't just stop -- him. And I know all of sudden you know we get a lot of opening windows for Robert Mitchell -- -- like it did but -- the cowboys. No because they're getting -- cigarette as a went off the ethical considering. I think another agency scenario before we get to the patriots simulate things in the AFC is the giants and you know people at this kind them but I I gotta tell you I'm looking at the teams that have to lose. And I think. Very good shape as I don't think great I think rebate going to be Minnesota I think Detroit's gonna beat the bears and I think I think I think Washington beat Dallas you disagree but that's. But at the ten most of mostly well that I really respect to pick in the -- himself. But can Michael -- beat the giants that's that the to Michael Vick be the giants playing -- -- -- maybe a starting position next year for somebody he's gonna have got to show up. I don't think he can but you know it's interesting because there's a few years I don't know maybe it's six years ago Tennessee Titans needed like five things that happen. And and all I think happened to them think about the giants up you know you are things that happened so. Because it wouldn't count without -- -- But nobody's Angel Minnesota's is going to be tough that's going to be a tough game for Green Bay. -- in the metrodome and not allow people like playing their bit. And Rogers has no problem plan and don't see these eco likes it had so. You know I think his neck of the game and yeah I think you're right there risk and cowboy you know most -- I think conventional wisdom is that this is directing style. So that happened you're right Jack I think Jack and take your business incentives singled. I gonna play out the jets more -- -- -- next year is -- to be back tandem bomb Sanchez I mean you know with the starting next year what's that franchise. It your best guess what's gonna look like. I think the Panama move will be out -- I think Rex will be back. You know Sanchez didn't -- -- they just don't know how you. -- seventeen million dollar -- in -- and get money you can you can wait till you wouldn't want some -- I think so. It by the way and who who boxes out serving you know so I -- keep incentives that eight. Point 25 million. And then you know you draft a quarterback or you signed one to compete. And but I believe that the other major change you'll probably be with Panama. And that more you know many jets turmoil today is a soap opera continues depending on what to believe but the New York Daily News came out with a story earlier the Rex Ryan has told people that -- -- Johnson can't fix the offensive. Tell level on the offensive coordinator that he be better off by the be -- -- fired -- -- the -- is -- we come out. And denied that that I was very. Strong and his denial Andy is also questioned with a reporter because reported column last I didn't. Where the night in -- reported in include the denial on this story. And you know I have had heard. You know a different versions you know on that in terms those so maybe you racked -- an exasperated moment. So it's no. Actually don't -- could be better have been -- so nobody even that was hearsay and and and in this case this is more. Would never pretended to Obama owner how to spend money. And get to this team that he would never quit on them and he denied it to the reporter the reporter who did it is vertebrae not a -- of the press conference today. And then dispute with the drama before get to the Miami via the patriots game by. How do you think the jets as an organization this year have handled Tim Tebow do you think he has a right to be upset. I don't know I mean in this and you guys to me probably practiced means something. So you can't prove to them in practice that you can process things. And you know the -- out yet he was always joked to me and Oprah's book is don't read basically because they get in while -- -- his success in December last year was out of the zone read stuff. In that that they can use -- a little more effectively in the things we talked about the short yardage and red zone stuff. That indeed he is the number three quarterback in Denver. Who LeapFrog Brady Quinn. In the number -- -- don't -- that complaint. And you know so I ninety -- -- bring -- -- at that when it comes down to. I'm with a completely -- and we all have faith in him as a human being obvious we always -- -- that is ridiculous preamble about what kind of kitty you know not only that we -- -- what we are we are good we should we shouldn't because -- attorneys terrible NFL quarterback enough said but do you think he adds up the Jacksonville Jaguars next year. Oh yeah well out. Not -- than that not given him the starting that -- he'll he'll be -- development here. When you look at this this -- at Seymour is able to play Miami here week's seventeen do you see team given the injuries. It needs a bye week to get to the Super Bowl in the -- you went Kern -- has banged up in the secondary gronkowski can still fairways in three years in the forsee who gets in the world. I think until they got a way to me at. The two would have Timorese and I and I -- that -- -- get to see a ball over Baltimore does coming up here. You know if they are rebounding for some reason that the media it's new England and -- and I think no -- can do this and we've -- other -- do this mean banged up and gone through well you know I haven't without -- and going the distance so I'm gonna -- the page connect category. It's such a copycat league as you know Chris and last week we saw of what Jacksonville initially early -- we talk their talk to Bill Belichick this week as well as principal for and they both said. No question that that Jack's book came out. And did some different things early on particular obviously in the first quarter when they just lit up the patriots for Jordan's extra -- to date. That they had not seen before and I'm warning of the Miami Dolphins are gonna -- -- think along those lines. Well no I mean -- you do and then. You know to patriots credibly on on and paid their adjustments and and without holding so probably a good thing for the patriots experience because. You know it's it's you answered those things so I know. Some people do that that's not very impressive for the patriots that is they well. You know what -- do weird things definitely -- and came back and won it in the end you would expect the -- attract key thing. But I think they're really open -- -- -- finish. -- consistently. Strong the most -- And whatever it takes to have that success for him is there's probably their goal. -- do you you're pretty do you think -- if he's healthy should play this week -- healthy or did you one of those that thinks players like rock. -- a quote important need those reps you get in a shake the rust off or Univision just cinnamon -- but are you more about it. If he's old enough to play I think he -- -- -- Amid a piece -- -- medically there's nothing there but having you know at the same you know there's little bit. I have complete paid the Bill Belichick will make the right decision to drop in the game. Get -- -- people right now I know can change a lot of the two don't know what is it down the Peterson -- premier. And I think to the vikings beat Packers. It's -- Adrian Peterson and that if he doesn't that I and then and then they missed -- Gonna go to Peyton Manning. It's only gets 84 yards -- inaugural and -- it up and do it we have and office two player of the year award and he -- -- because the vikings went three and thirteen last year and you know look. The what he's done for them. Film -- know I've always Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan -- guys in it then you just think about Peyton. He with a new team young players OT -- Value and in just making players around him better than Brady doesn't ridiculous it is still. This thinking things system and he could only get -- on the Brady remains and Aaron Rodgers these guys can be MVPs every year. And that in many cases in the more I've thought about it it is really has been extraordinary and has been extraordinary creative Peterson. We talked about it though before it imam or talked a couple of I want to do our job tomorrow most most disappointing NFL this season is that alliance. Now you know it's. It seems to me and. And what the lions got there was one on the team you know nervous. Giants jets. Well no it didn't you know. It's not the Steelers that that -- have a bit of that down your but the camp that he keeps me you know with all the talent they had -- realize that -- the quarterback was an issue I thought they would win the division. In the proper Libya wildcard team attended that team completely sold it. And -- -- to me they were probably as disappointing as anybody. Our Chris thanks like great stuff as always we'll talk to next week and happy new year to pick in the market that ESPN's our Chris mortenson here on the big show.

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