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Jerod Mayo isn't looking past the Dolphins

Dec 28, 2012|

Pete and Kirk talk with Jerod about the Jaguars game from week 16 and what this week of practice was like as they head into the final week of the season and a game with the Miami Dolphins.

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Back here it's our number two with a big joke page -- and Kirk ran earlier for the big old Michael Holley today 6177797937. -- and Joseph Lara Greg as you guys are all lined up a first. Time pro quickly interview with Jerod Mayo was presented by SB alive a no nonsense life insurance company. Is now offering low rates for men -- women call 88 get SB alive or visit SBO I dot com for your free quote good afternoon mr. mayor how are you. -- fantastic. All wanted to ask you about. Obviously coming up last game of the season against the Miami Dolphins. Last week Jacksonville we talked with Bill Belichick this week and Vince Wilfork. They said. That Jackson broke through some things that Jim maybe that you. -- seen before on film concerned at all about the same this week from the Miami Dolphins. Love it earned in the year has seen. Doing different things that you understand a worker conflict as saying. -- -- an awful long time but it's never had not carry it around so yet you're concerned about it but sent on their consular adjustments. -- -- -- -- -- They'll get to -- and -- second but I'm watching something called the advocate here Independence Bowl -- there are I think 76 bowl games this year if I'm not mistaken -- And Tennessee. Somehow is not in one of these. Five kids like this Obama. Just happened to your alma mater what is going not especially with all your SEC brought them back you were you linebacker -- they give me like crap -- -- -- your -- on your credit. I think I think coaches to actually put a trap was a coach this team was the coach his team future. -- don't. Yeah. Make me at it and let that's all you go on the that's true that's always admired. Well doubles last week -- and again it was Buffalo's run defense budget something the pay attention to because Lamar Miller bush and even ten and help. I mean they rushed for a combined those you know 103 yards something to be concerned with this week. There you have it on there aren't great Japanese football they're also doing -- little you know -- -- -- -- -- -- had a reduction on. So that there's a lot of different things off while blocking well and -- -- ball up and nobody bush also -- -- -- about the election. He's on the -- left. How much attention repay the 1 o'clock games particular ones that impact on your potential seeding. Ultimately I'm I'm sure I'll hear someone I want to -- attention a game that -- much -- its focus on our game plan. About the -- citizens -- -- And I know. You know coaches and in all you guys try to say the right thing tonight I appreciate it I understand and I respected however. If you know if -- up ago. I can buy it if you know Andy has won the game and beat Houston does the mentality change at all. Going into the you know the fourth -- game against Miami knowing that you if you win you're absolutely. Can at least a number two seed and and even if Denver gets upset by Casey have a chance at number what does the mentality of the team change at all. Knowing if in the -- wins that game before you guys take the field on Sunday. Well obviously will be very excited reluctantly vote to be honest with you know I've got a really. You know try to focus -- put it -- and together coming out here plant well off. I guess we're excited to the Max for -- it's definitely -- football. And China would go full course so all of your Italian Chinese authorities and he's also. Now he has about a full season under his belt. How would you -- who -- high tower I was played this year I was progressed. I had -- moral question that I ask you know of those as good as far as going out. And and and be in the lines in China -- -- -- I'm an excellent job he has a lot of composure. We'll update make plays and becoming more comfortable each and every -- like you said there are no rookies that more leaflets flatly -- she's never -- so. -- -- nice and I wanted to just. What do received from ten Helen and I mean obviously not a lot of the first it was a very close game you guys and the page dribble to basically run out the clock at the end of the game. For a 2360 went to one of what is -- what what the stint he'll do well that that has to respect. Obviously he's run the ball I mean he's he's in the group that. And and -- not a total blog on the field. They had shot in the and the first game where I mean there -- no -- that but. He got the ball a lot of great army he has a lot of composers Roy Williams yes. No be concerned about that couple plays so we agreed upon anybody but all -- -- The also it doesn't look like well this there's reports anywhere that partly Davone best. Bob May not be playing on Sunday he's an easel is a lob or bagged up as as you guys are as well also back that particular bit of pressure off. Auburn that yeah absolutely. -- -- a great player put them on that last thing -- -- -- But definite. Actually -- kept the ball heartland on the outside and then the final on any of the stories making a lot of -- about that process. Yep that's what Fasano the last game of the -- we had one catch a -- remember correctly that's the first time he has to come up with some big plays against the patriots because he certainly has in the past. Right here let me say he's a big physical that was a very solid ultimately you'll do a lot of different things he's -- point of attack from Iran dance but he also in the can get if -- separation between. -- obviously you've had this in the past talked about I guess the value of that -- practically with this team but I guess every team in the Uga right now at the injuries you know. Talk about having the -- reverse is not in terms of getting to the Super Bowl. Well obviously had a chance it'll let you get a chance to work our tanks. I have called problems -- the legacy -- his -- seem ready to go and not focus on a note saying that there at the same time. You know not having about a week you know you ask them where you are not often irrational as fathers fathers and equitable way. And whatever happens that's what -- -- Drug talk about how the line backing core gets affected knowing what happened with the secondary last we're going to leave it is bagged up knowing. Note to undergo was out of the game in the way that you know bill out of rotates and guys in and out according had to go back to corner does that affect you guys as allied backing you're during the game. Obviously it kind of it's a little bit extranet communications. -- you -- -- -- got an excellent job practice. All we hear it and all you're due out which is so -- -- -- Ed McMahon attitude that comment and that I cannot force. It doesn't cost that much of a problem and it's in sanctuary and while it's still. Who -- your MVP vote. I really got -- doesn't mean you're happy that he had what I understand that that you have when we get it. -- -- -- that's of these -- by the way rental congratulations another pro bull by the way I treasure. What was the music. A lot to ask you this and we try this last week when you try to get her Glock looked awesome in practice this week -- I'm the old already added. That couldn't -- among -- all the book. Separate entire Iraqi Army field that. So he's not late you know -- you bought a recruitment goal by captain ball passed up like that you know you're used to the doubt as to tell you shut down. Ups ups thicket you're our drug good luck this weekend I hope you guys get by inducted -- and by the way outlook for the talking down the road. Our backs patriots linebacker -- is there were tried that I might hurt him every week in the video the Euro. Program to sailed all the right things -- what a cheap shot -- to -- about Tennessee not preventable this place are disgraceful program you can imagine what he's here and public -- hightower Alabama. All the other guys allowed back in Portland SEC guys and that team of speaking must be hearing it. Was brutal the depth that's who probably cheats that these local five incest I mean it is tied to -- much of that bad it's breathtaking.

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