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Will there be a new look New York Jets next season

Dec 28, 2012|

Pete and Kirk talk about the issues surrounding the New York Jets and whether Rex Ryan will be back, what the rest of the coaching staffs fate might be and will Mark Sanchez stay in the organization.

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6177797. -- 37 Texas 37. 937. It's six so Texas has best -- Rex Ryan going to a he was let go would be alliance he would finally have a offense he keep the discipline in the locker room over. The young team. Interest and yet it -- agree coach you know I know people not my understand why I mean he's a good coach and he's a really good defensive coach and even when doing good. Team of the good offense. To a Detroit -- surprise me all the turnaround next year not at all 617 judge says of Rex Ryan is about defied the patron to pursue him heavily as a defensive coordinator. Lots of mean that but you know then. I wouldn't you would think you're I don't I think -- must still be -- head coach -- watchers agree that coach Eric -- approach I think is a -- a really good defensive coordinator. But. Of these questions it was learned his lesson. The things he did -- once. Again -- rejected -- guys do you know some of that second time around is the better time that may be figures that says listen I did this -- -- this -- -- -- are going to write this jet team reminds me very much of what we just witnessed on yawkey way this year it just seemed like the right hand doesn't -- the left hand is doing and there's miscommunication between the OC that coached. The GM and the older and mean it really is a great right from top to bottom. Don't know it's it's it's been a mess and in Rex is had a hand there's no doubt about -- a bomb -- and Johnson hasn't players -- it's a -- senses. While those things when you said boy what's the worst case there for the jets this year it's this mean everything has gone wrong just like -- the Red Sox to go to Paris and keep everything. Has gone wrong. Which you started to you to vote this week over -- I probably wouldn't authority jets only because you play well just headache to deal with that they don't win that game he makes plays why I mean to wipe which soft spot he knows not to be back next year white. Yes it certainly seems that that he will not be back next year in and you know all the rumors of point -- there's an -- Jackson robot. Look at the jets are gonna have to do something. To get back contractors are gonna have to -- meticulous -- Sanchez is not going anywhere that a lot of money it's like they have got to get an offense support its Ronald ago and he asked ago. They have -- and offered deported were there that knows that summit to work with him maybe get back on track somehow against Antonio Holmes out this year and yet Revis. All that stuff and speaker to Sanchez it was not a heavily -- quarterback anyways I mean he's been dealt a pretty crappy hand. -- opposite corner of banged up offensive line not great skill players I mean a good quarterback we have a bad year it bad quarterback is having a really bad year. Yeah and -- to me stole the -- At worst left properties progress although the question -- eloquent elegant where it wasn't started -- not accurate passer penalty you'll ever be good NFL quarterback. You know it wouldn't surprise me you know 67 years nappy you're watching games on Sunday with your pals -- you -- -- game or something yeah. They're starting quarterback runs the sideline their centers have on these outlets writes in the right that's a clipboard as as a sporty and associate it wouldn't surprise -- This in a cart next here on the epic Cilic beat Jeff Ackerman and again. -- now what's up them. I look at they regret they're quick -- -- pitcher tepid job. I'm David brought them all are about amount -- you guys are but he quickly go to -- -- -- social issue pretty history. Dog among -- outlook I am not a doctor I hope an ally and look I hope -- he -- gonna help team has no question and they need him. They really need him again no magic wand. Soccer -- -- drug the team's defense a soccer shoot down by ten points because herb approved by ten points because he's on the floor but he definitely. Definitely will help especially. Becomes off the bench and KG OKG's not in the game. It's it's atrocious that defense for the Celtics were KG is not the game was bad last night when he was in the game. Yeah exactly but it like that covered them all cropped -- you made huge current market. Yes no doubt I absolutely that's a good point I think that's the kind of stuff you've you don't think about what Bradley -- right now I think giving LP Bradley back in Garnett is healthy in the post season those are two you know. Sort of you know we definitive defensive players transformed -- defensive players that's the kind of thing you -- -- of those guys and -- these other guys doing you shorten your bench. That's a that your sort of odd guidelines for the -- to be good in the postseason but -- they get a yet. There -- now one -- patriots young stupid guys bought the secret now until we come back. Yeah I would describe securely back in in the and that kind of spot these him before Pete that would that would -- me yeah I was shocked me and Romeo coming back I guess you know nothing nothing would would shock me anymore. It's. You know -- -- city's you know if they do Luzon island Sunday it is the -- the level of one of the worst record in league you know get the number one pick and you've got to figure also changes -- Gloria there's -- that organization that the -- and appreciate it. Callous and Quincy up next here -- W Riyaz big joy -- They -- job you do. Actually I don't agricultural. Iran until next we appreciate the sentiment. I am concerned about the -- welcome to your church -- the Berry for I know shot. -- sign that I don't understand why. I don't know if friends Nicole for. They franchise him next year he's gonna make over twelve million and doubt that that that's that's a -- gonna happen and in my work got a two year deal form as well as held their -- -- franchise and and if -- work got to deal a three year deal that working out if not in all these that he still -- Richards for. Another year to twelve million -- -- year old there is a great player I don't think he's going anywhere. You know I think Brady would have a connection if you left and ended it by. I would be shocked if he wasn't with the team next year. You Augustine that play the outcome -- execute would be more reassured. It's about it -- Iraq and no doubt all last year quite a while that he'll come. I don't goes orders him out of his weblog talk regularly. As -- Don't just let nobody put reassured that he wanted to shout out now they can't sign right now I can't I don't I don't promote. As you doubt going to be violent that we did you have trouble religion that -- well yes has he shown signs -- he's not buses all play don't get like -- what do they might be -- like the typical. -- enjoyed. -- -- -- -- I don't get that pretty well out like. It seems like. All -- well I'd I'd get the pick -- Well and look on the bottom above that but Welker is one of the top receivers -- lead. There's no question by the time it passes the matter for the -- years that's that's the only conversation matters and I think they will franchise him next to the pay him a lot yet as we talked to a before. You know he's the best at what he does in the league and he -- repaid that kind of money he's worth that money for this team out of any other team. This page is he must -- working eleven half million boxes of questioner no question about.

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