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Pete says the highlight of the Celtics-Clippers game was halftime

Dec 28, 2012|

Pete and Kirk are in once again on the Big Show, they talk about the Celtics-Clippers game which didn't leave C's fans feeling good about their team. We also find out who Charles Barkleys favorite president is and we hear what prompted Dustin Pedroia to throw down the gauntlet with Kirk Minihane.

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-- afternoon and happy Friday happy patriots Friday or exports re united report seven WEEI of course the big show chip locker -- and thrilling end. Once again this week for a bit ago and -- Michael -- about the poll number right away it's it's what 77797937. Texas 37937. And we will have. We won it once -- 777935. Through five. What's a -- and what's going on. Plan for today obviously -- Friday linebacker Jerod Mayo will join its its employee SPN's Chris mortenson will make his -- -- as well CSN Andy's got Tommy car and as well but I do wanna touch on. -- just the self report earlier on. Because I won't go get with the rest a bit of football news in the so much football to -- again that's gone with the was the starting point. The trigger for I said I was hoping you could have been. Now I know. I think it's a score can be a little bit to see the fourth quarter was the -- but I -- what fifteen heading into the fourth. It it started off -- not at all -- -- because he gave and is startled tech because Dallas attack I like a text to text on a war. Instead app from Dallas you know you know -- interest so late so and it didn't switch it to TBS. -- we miss the forest. Four minutes of the game is Syria reformist -- -- reformist again honor wasn't on NB ATV either are by the might do that right there and do that. Because TNT is such an exclusive deal I believe that's it so. You missed the first or five minutes of the game and bared down and it was 21 to six hours early on which I set myself self. It's it's okay it's early bright it and you know two teams in the MB to one runs. One runs all the times -- -- -- not a not a big deal. The cut that -- the hadn't done before they had possession of the basketball. And they just. Could not you know -- to -- closed about -- can get it back through you know to tie the game. There were several of runs you know days into it and the clippers -- to run. 82 run ninth to run an idol run in the third quarter which really did amend. And unfortunately just wasn't cut out of hand -- late author for the fourth quarter was just -- lead abysmal it was awful awful as I thought the game itself. Was just bad -- it was bad basketball on both sides of clippers to a lot of things run and gun and and and donkey and you know they did they'd be abused the Celtics for much of this game. But but I don't think they played. The clippers played you know great basketball less I think it was a great basketball game to watch -- expecting. Much better. Even appalled and shoot the ball. Well at all on an average is obsessed if it was allowed it. It allowed him a set well so that was okay our second half was just off at a softer tire out the league office demanding overall they were off yet and. Play while the clippers were OK it's almost like they stay on the way to -- just among those. Stick a performs -- I -- the clippers you know we joked about yes -- -- the best team in the NBA now we steroids say that. But right now they're playing is obviously as well as anybody -- -- went in there in the destroyed the tapes they've got the best he may have but they might be the deepest team. Are about what I was there but that's gonna help that -- this in the dumpster and put together right now -- championship -- -- any question about that but. I mean -- to be fair now look at the Celtics Torii 500 team as we start 2013. And that change sure it's happened in the past but. Just because it's happened in the past beat just because they have new guys and doesn't mean it's gonna happen again no it doesn't I -- at the -- is -- now begin to wonder what is gonna happen. What is is going to ice. Think we have to wait and again this does Avery Bradley's back hopefully next Wednesday against Memphis is not going to be like waving a magic wand or anything but I still wanna wait and city. Until after the and I'll get -- -- really go crazy until after the all star brick and just not just bomb out get burned. Too many times at the right drug jumped off we -- street one way or the other soared to one await to see. What happens but what I was very very disappointed. And how they played overall less this particular come out of the gate as poorly as they didn't dig themselves a gigantic called -- nearly got themselves out of it. And then a couple of other times during the game that went on -- you'd thought even Nam. Reggie was talking about it about you know it was wait for the sites like -- -- about the gone wrong where Obama apologist Reggie Miller just adjusted to. Smith didn't get that never -- get that that the few tactical -- and get it to twelve mean get at the fourteen guys just seem like it never -- like to -- game they were gonna win and he pointless at the Rondo. We've -- three at the end of the third -- fifteen you thought well -- will stick around for a couple minutes here and then the KG they had a shot at the bugs are -- the green hit it right or didn't count was off by about half a second was right call right and our current sounded December you're right -- when you talk about depth. For a team from clippers' perspective I mean to talk about him off the bench terrible Barnes off the bench who played really well last night about Crawford off the bench Bledsoe problems -- get a sixth man of year again I mean to some it's amazing to see the move so Crawford was making it all right late game last night and probably. A lot of people who say -- and start to nearly 11 o'clock because of the Dallas game to overtime. By it was a he would like to -- believer. Yeah like Barnes and have always -- -- destroyed and I was in Fargo and these points heads on right he's playing right I mean that's that's a team you know you know obviously with the but the starting five they have pulses of that's a team if they stay healthy -- be a really tough -- schemes but. The best part of the game if there was one in case you you didn't see it again it's almost a -- less than 1677. And they just the overall adjust and play your game clippers were world. We're better all of the -- -- nine point spread of the what are what are you try to force -- it was a -- ever there was there was of -- better about fifteen enrolled by the clippers but the best part. How about we saw an amateur was played today at all on the station by anybody but I don't know. The best part about T and T even when the Celtics are playing a game is you just watched the halftime show it's a lot of times pregame show Ernie Johnson and Shaq. And and Charles Barkley Kenny Smith and last night in case you missed it this was absolutely hysterical is all about conversations about. Who have started -- part about about who the favorite -- we favor president was and wide and patio we got a vacation mr. justice this is very funny I've -- Who goes for the president. Oh Abraham Lincoln Coca distance I thought the mood there are no you know why did it on the low low low President Obama. But evenings Monday they were present Ottawa. Lock code word for him to be colored balls. -- -- Laura believer in the this review of our own -- the who I don't want to average in the. Iron and then it went out and -- and were column but Rory Johnson a column boss Johnson boss jobs in the entire rafter was actually hysterical that really got crazy. When Kenny Smith jumped on Shaq piggyback style and starts bank it has bought this runup to the big screen that -- always doesn't -- right rate downpour. I was I was capsule we NC that was the best part of that was the best part of the game really was the halftime show iron carrier. Charles great the -- halftime of of the first game Dallas Oklahoma City that I want all the players in NBA today and Charles basis on the affect of the real talent to put these guys they are dumb as rocks. I mean nobody else concealed Gil says that nobody else talks like that yeah and I know it's been around for a long time we're used to Charles being honest refreshments. It is amaze me how different jackets awful obviously he is is off twice on. I think to be back for -- I don't -- why lot X opera broadcast it was c'mon it's very true but that and I also and Charles also talking about the clippers he was not overly impressed yeah like wait -- the playoffs commonly make this team half court team. That's an effort he'll be different and maybe it will be but with that depth at they have. Is that Decker Decker apps Leah come to play but he was he was not overly impressed by. -- -- wrong before but and he wasn't overly impressed by the clippers he thinks they can be had in the playoffs when you reduce and slow them down you think she got. Yeah they're going to be subject to that to go with Griffin and like eight I could see that that that is a fair that's a fair. Criticism of the clippers but you know from a Celtics perspective again like I said error 500 team right now. And we could be patient -- is we've done before and we haven't gotten burned us. But this is a different team the team to -- -- before three years ago last year I mean this is a different group now some of the guys officers still here. Those guys older Ray -- -- it's different right now it's different so we can say -- -- a turnaround because you always Durham but we don't know that. Now we don't we don't know about at all and and disposed to wait city unless you're what happens house team responds -- Bradley's up here depth and you know who knows of -- and not Melo if up if that -- up most back -- -- continues to progress and I don't doctor trying to craze with the league stats but if he continues -- just develop. -- your apartment distilled nine new players on this team. And a -- ago I'm not gonna get carried away -- way to -- let's talk Christmas Day. And maybe that was an aberration saw moments also and -- just an aberration by maybe hopefully. You know of the -- do. Play more like regular Christmas Day and not so much like to do most of the game last night that was there was this awful times awful. Anyway -- from that -- at the football one more thing as I'm at a dinner last of my wife -- I was as excellent went to India -- tavern and a great time it's a great time great -- and -- been there a great time yeah break -- cool place high Def TVs the ball game was action between Cincinnati -- and our old idea very entertaining game. And had a great time that the -- going and I'm listening of course listened to via -- of show. Up would obviously review robbed right in and Alex. And the best part was Dustin Pedroia case people missed it it's not like you and and and -- just about critical blow. Why is that well did you decide you -- duty shall fight I didn't tell your partition missed it here in Jersey renders the nuts and bolt of what happened McCarrick if you can -- Blaine what your column was about and then I guess testing came a rebuttal given bottles is terrific now just an honor roll what are called. When I go to college. Fordham. Ford -- in New York. All all OK okay -- Okay typical go to. Typical of what regards at the well I don't know -- I don't know -- -- -- as opposed to say listen to stay up -- -- -- was that if Ben is going to be preaching fiscal discipline I think will be tough to give somebody six year kind of deal. Like on Ultrapetrol Longoria to a guy who would be in his contract. Would be his late thirties and as I wrote now I'm sure you read the column. I'm knocking it was a player -- your terrific player I just think it doesn't make a lot of sense given the history of guys at that age making that kind of money that's taller. -- -- all all you're -- art -- response that yet her when whatever whenever. I. Think that we actually have a little chitchat about what I'm gonna do and I -- Have a great China next RD line up would drop we're gonna shut up something or maybe like. I don't know a artillery you know or maybe we we can do we cricket do webpart over there we can set up like like a charity fight. In a weird. I would say I would say you know I think you sure he would win that fight that's great for immigrant from the charity is about because it -- Or whatever college. Our our. State that it took it to. Did you know is that they -- I understand why he gets toward defense about Plame Mets why he's gotten where he's gotten his because of you know his determination his grip all that stuff. Absolutely. From a baseball upper spent expert perspective -- from a cold sober perspective. There is not a chance in the world right ventured to that would send signed Dustin Pedroia was three more years -- his deal. It up 39 which is really good value after that. The six more years and he's 3839 years old -- contract hundred million. Not a chance in the world in fact were right are tough for anybody no word -- right now at the penetrate draw. It is -- doing that if you're willing if your -- of what's starting over. That's a good chip out consider moving him before he signed that deal that makes no sense I was there were dozens coming from that's fine but there is no way in the world. I -- I've got an injury history. That kind of deal and she it's. It's like your first you thought you were talking about north size and speed mechanisms I knew you weren't talking about -- it now and it's not about not about that an undergraduate studies of these -- a great ball player absolutely must open Michigan captain this year -- -- believe that. If you believe America. That -- and now I'm just not that you know again I would say he was in the clubhouse to September's ago he was in the locker room last year and I don't know what he's -- -- Well I think his best I think he's the best player on the team he plays his balls off a recent day. Every every day every time's up -- I but I Brady's got displays at a spot in the past like pixel a lot of other guys and I think if more people acted and played an approach the game Mikey did. -- minded but I mean I guess that's -- Stephen Franklin Morales would care adrenaline right now and I don't I don't I don't I'm just you know it's an actress I'm saying you know you want culture change clubhouse or he's going to ignore that and it may be. You give Tennessee and look he's the go to guy anyway he is the on EE is. For all intents and purposes he's the captain of that team anyway. I think people realize that what's to say he's been a captain here for the last year to I would say he's done he's the fact it has the club postman. Well at a -- and obviously one month last year that was horrible and last year among. Year -- last it was a it was a bit it was horrible -- brought why does a lot of different reason of I plays he's the captain if he's the -- captain said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get -- this drug may operatives -- at the join us at some point ESPN's Chris mortenson -- and Andy's atomic aren't. All right lots of football to get into this is an exciting weekend once again we seventeen -- that of the and a policy and a -- there's there's so much going on against the patriots and Miami and all the other us scenarios and.

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