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Fred Smerlas thinks the Chiefs will beat the Broncos

Dec 28, 2012|

Fred thinks the Kansas City Chiefs will surprise the Denver Broncos and beat the Broncos on Sunday. Steve does not agree at all, both present valid arguments.

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Other record is. It is. There's different to what their defense puts out there ought to circuits people sprawled. What they're all fares are Karl -- -- -- -- Miranda Stew out of all of Sunday but. They're active on defense and cover well bears playing good options all over the field. And he would get up for the pastor before. I just did a pretty big. Very Manning says and of sarcastically conveying the same message that -- cubes moralists don't see -- minus 25. Apparently take -- -- man does overseas yeah bigger turn that around and call it a matter. All the ball in the game as this. Steve you listen man so women you can -- what I'm saying OK so phrase web. But clean bill when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady come out and try to tell you. How good do. Oh let's say Buffalo Bills are or Jacksonville Jaguars were there obvious once -- -- he specifically pointed out though it will be very specific -- and all the tub only renewed talk about individual players that's how specific -- get. So what paid rarely does is telling the truth. What Brady and Belichick. Do with the same illustrates that the point -- two point six search if you. Believe most people followed me to point out how good the good -- personal -- value value of points of reference not progressed to the levels -- from Fall River. I had -- merely talking about a pulled you have to play next week. Absolutely and -- no reason -- because they almost be the last and they held to seven points to a third middle of third quarter of two Miami almost beat the pictures last. Should they be nervous that's because it's -- -- -- -- exactly -- -- divisional play if it looks it's our league players you have Atlanta through all right. So just so I'll just say it's basic where you'll take your. Information from I didn't run that clip. I'll just say which Hutus have been little that comes -- a value -- and you hear something that you like and makes you feel all warm and -- you stop asking question actually comes your -- right -- the -- we'll all of disabled by half a but just a couple of -- -- -- -- -- real economic -- revelers to -- budget was go back to a phone 617. 7797. 937. Bill West Springfield thanks for joining us. He's eating a pretty somebody going good -- Good good I. I think it's at -- -- Christmas present and -- get -- air that we and it's great things. -- Mexico I felt it was Steve. Oh yeah I got a couple of things going throw it. The first one is not ready yet -- week in your doctor patriots Super Bowl ring. I -- you equitably has been out watching. Show last night aren't stars -- clocks and all the time. My cool and I carrying out the other thing with ratings on an average of all the old man -- other -- Louisiana's to bring. Yeah there was a major program there knock on that a little botched my friends -- -- we kid you know the old guy not viable threat. Bring legitimize. I was thinking about getting back in coach has ever go to the other thing or the other and you ought Ayala. You know my hot Solis when he -- A little while we're gonna try to. No way to get -- as brutal as salute to me I'd. That there aren't. Yeah it wasn't that that this guy Brandon Stokley. Please for a -- now that. I think Manning really like a lot and everything on. I think that's one of the guys that you know -- -- got to spell -- liked picked up I'll see you got the staggered so what are. There may retire yeah. That was securitized goes out Stokley who brings so we go to the wide receiver. I think I heard he came back vote for them. Or really. -- Medicare and I'm not sure. It would -- -- Geithner seemed to -- a game like last week where it was a the receiver without their having missed a cat so he was right there a year ago beginning of the. All my stuff is just the car that was at Cincinnati who has been and so we got -- -- what in the game. Yeah yeah. -- the company that's about it when when you're talking about our. You know what went the way Belichick does business and everything like that I think it's it's it's it's it's amazing how he's able put together these players and everything. Usually the ones that are part of the worse you know like Welker. -- -- It was coming kick returns and has to be at 67 receptions where it was down Miami -- -- quarterback Welker welcome them. Right and an income Ninkovich and everything another guy -- -- yesterday told I could easily be in the global -- with a -- He plays and everything there. Who -- we got on the horizon that's coming out of you know our our our reserves group or anybody guess that's got the same kind of up. You know. The -- Well we didn't have anybody. Lined up before they brought walker -- -- you to -- -- around the league and say -- is are free agents some of the C is Maria college guys that they police protest in project -- -- -- so it when you talk about free agency talk about the college draft. There's no real way to sit there say OK they got this guy tablet -- -- attempt it's really. I mean that was -- an unbelievable steel. From Miami and part of that was because of Miami's incompetence. In terms of of Roger and they they give. I don't want Steve -- -- one of about this what are bright -- -- port yesterday that I know where hurt from it he was on. A Troy you know -- we're talking about how he was told everybody after you know after the game and the free agent next year. -- line unless he's you'll receive and here's a novel Larry FitzGerald 69 receptions. I'm wasting away crime crime right if you -- -- regular radio Larry FitzGerald intellect like he isn't it but their offense at the patriots running I think you're picking up quickly with his -- Larry FitzGerald 37 in a home -- you have to treat for me storm contractors -- big number. But whoever's number is. He's working he's worth it with that TV's -- and until they get a decent during a horse has done this week right that Lara Cho. -- -- -- Belichick when built for that though Freddie. The president and I don't know let me tell you something. There's certain players that transcend numbers and and -- one of those guys -- You look at it you're looking into aspects and built thanks for the call we'll get into aspects of first off. How many uses Tom Brady have left. OK let's go OK call what do you want to call five he has -- five years under five LC for him good. But you know what you might be right for you this -- needs with a protective quarterbacks that's fine exits you have. -- would you take the idea of surround him with some some unbelievable players like that like she did -- several Randy Moss and what what what we do know. Black blue alert for Cheryl is Randy Moss is not known as the speed but he is -- -- would no baggage. This is a classy guys enough of -- great things he's been in Arizona. If you get to a team with a superior quarterback you have -- -- if they might not welcome back up they might not signed that kind of money. -- bring a fixture -- -- with with moss out of it without. Brought him in Hernandez. -- -- that would be. Humongous -- right right. For them the whole moral clout that the cardinals but don't have a quarter of database so many different things different they need a quarterback for us of -- get a pick for him and get a quarterback. Somewhere along -- -- or even being ill let but the backup quarterback trade for him. -- -- -- -- Who's out of that -- have they'll blame blocked pictures spectacle program belt relic Microsoft. Arkansas Arkansas -- -- -- you get a trade for breakfast she was the third row particularly people like a -- papers to particular seem like Namibia. That trip and Libya. Lot of people -- trying to mentioning Danny Amendola from Saint Louis as the -- replacement for. For what Wes Welker cheaper replacement the problem you have lemon goal is -- does not stays open was Welker Wes Welker. Takes a beaten and and keeps common keeps coming and came back ridiculously early from that knee injury he suffered so I'm over Amendola is bad guy if she's. If if he has. Injury history like -- you've seen that might be a difficult situation but there without government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I have a feeling it worked this out somehow. That they both part of way to at least another three or four years together. Because if you go three years I don't think that are -- morning for eight million bucks a ball model would guarantee you can't really hate America but little more that we got probably a somewhat put. If you look at. What. He brings to another team he has to be with. A quarterback like Manning like Rogers like Brees some of these very high and quarterbacks because he sold. His. Best thing is that. He reads defenses well he knows where to be all the time he knows how to set down in the zone he's good enough. To beat 101 coverage illness in a smaller area about it undersea deeper. He has to be with a precise quarterback are the small tiger and and those teams -- go -- and pay him 1011 McDonald's here I don't see Pete he. If you -- -- Johnson or FitzGerald some team you control the ball in the general area of those guys as the -- Astros 63 Johnson both 66. You can maybe you could throw the ball in the general area and they can -- you go get it right he can't do that he can get opened. But opened the Tom Brady is much different opened a -- troop casino opening Tom Brady is -- as this eight inches sales -- and is twenty feet yup so. You've got a permanent system that can utilize his talents and is not too many Peyton Manning Brady. Breathe please. Maybe I -- Aaron Rodgers of course so does a couple guys but. He has valuable to aluminum. A slot receiver but he's not maggert cronies Rob Johnson he's not alert with -- he's not these guys he's he's a guy that. Is -- phenomenally. Great compliment to your passing game and it's through his own hard work study dedication effort energy. A toughness that he's catching hundreds of passing game and the fact he's with Tom Brady. And he's got an old. Another he goes out he gets another -- 5300 catches he's in my whole thing. He's always boasted I think you'd be broke a record for most and most games 10% to assemble its own sort of can record that puts a minute that puts him another class and he's got a great job he's he's already in that class -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have no idea before it Obama's -- themselves but what I know is that -- I -- was that he. He is a hall of fame caliber player as long he's in the right situation goes back to rob them of Miami and he gets 72 receptions in the year. What does that do for their vote to -- for five years to get to a given to all fame it's -- -- I think that he Knowles. But it would be the dream on to have him as a slot receiver if FitzGerald us were -- wide receiver with the Qaeda and you have in this team. That would be unstoppable I mean it's it's a great offices for a while about -- NFL but for children of dementia if if they ever decide to get to who's been around for awhile. I was in 98 year in east sure Pekingese -- We withering away in in the doldrums of Arizona Kyle's incompetent so perhaps we -- maybe they would make double look what they said look what Miami did for. Well there's not a exceptional walker was a -- -- nobody did he was. This guy and I think it'll all of the get some form a political glory but if you trade for FitzGerald. A -- Carlsberg wants something big in the -- don't have a top five record top turn it they -- you you're gonna get. Top top broad term for a guy like how -- would go after. Any team because some postings to. Us over and different errors and -- tragedy -- -- open all the angles number as a hundred million dollars from our point is a horribly caliber receiver. I don't care if you have -- -- -- -- fourth Olympic room nobody was leave notes at a ball -- it was a bumpy year this year Larry it is 37 the NFL receiver but it doesn't matter of of -- of the year was thinking it's capsule was opened and I would love. Phenomenal but. Two we have the team will offer more than the patrons will be able offer was too. On the teams would offer more the patriots just keep to pick it's from yet it's all about the patriots -- operating items today is that you know -- it's on the wide conspiracy against the patriots I understand completely my friend.

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