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Peter King, SI, on playoff seeding: What does home field really mean?

Dec 28, 2012|

King explains how week seventeen has much more at stake than it has in recent seasons especially in the NFC. He also takes a look at the impact of a bye week on a team’s chances of winning a championship and if home field advantage is necessary to be a serious contender.

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You don't you don't have -- you don't have Maloney are on vacation there sunning themselves on the floor or something I'm -- in a phony you. You have who. But. What about -- That was -- one written off the bill would you know what to as as used as is the case in any time someone makes a mistake. Are -- are quick to point out to a mystic a yes Baltimore can take over the number three yeah if they win the patriots lose. They of the tiebreaker I was the -- the tiebreaker the patriots had. Oh with the Denver -- finish up. Oh with four lost a little we -- -- we know way. The way -- really not wrong are right one of the highlights of these pictures it's Friday is our opportunity to talk. With the great writer reporter Peter King our conversation with Peter King sponsored by. Town fair tire. By crew boat a tractor corporation and by drama -- four. You that's for its morals and you know Peter KWO Fred Burton -- and Steve DeOssie here how to do my friend. Everything's going good -- what you -- doing -- enjoy the holidays have been some good football talk it's nice to have a a very relevant it's a week seventy in the NFL is -- Yet it is but it rob just finished quite frankly copper site that common them access at that. A long time since it seems like -- with -- state other than home field. In week seventeen -- mean there's NFC championship game. Which there was last year. But everything else essentially. It is playing for the one last playoff spot in the NFC. And everybody jockeying for position for home field which. I would argue after the last seven years what really -- home field. You've had -- you know succeed seven years ago that he the Steelers win the Super Bowl. You that the giants to quite go on the rural furcal piping in January when a ball can go on to win the Super Bowl year at the Packers. A couple years ago it -- succeed go on the road. For all three games to play out so. I'm not really sure what what home field means I think what is important at this -- years. Who's playing in the barracks so. I would much rather be you know England patriots travel in the use them right now. In the Houston Texans. Host and player Oscar the patriots are playing in public record each. Almost as via health of a team -- Mean for -- if you get the -- you don't get the -- and as compared to like you stated how well teams playing north of playoffs. Well I mean obviously you've got I mean if -- beat out this year. You know the Baltimore Ravens right now in the almost all their linebacker hurt. And you know that's gonna have a massive back. How you play but. I really think that. The you know injuries are constant and you. Something you're just gonna be out of that because of injuries anyway. And you know I think it's. You know if you have. Debt it's good that basically you're going to be able to survive that -- you don't you're not have a -- like in the player and. It appears speaker the ravens received the move well the the via the timing of the move often supportive of Caldwell. Well I think you know to me. This -- Probably a long time coming it was a surprise that it came so late in the year. And you can debate whether smarter not. But. Mean first of all coach. Cam Cameron and the quarterback didn't get along well the -- got a long while for a long time. And I think beyond that. There it pin and a red accents like Cameron now according to people there. Two. You know trying new things and do stuff that. That what you know a lot of people in the organization felt would give them a better chance to be successful on offense so. -- the way I view it is it's probably so that should have been done before this season. Because that would give them more time to adjust to a new guys but. You know I think at the end of the day that is going to be what wins or loses her to have this year whether. Came can't burn or Jim Caldwell call on the plays I think it's gonna beat. How loyal to -- plays. Where they can get some consistency on offense which. Mean -- Clark can't complain anymore about it you know anything in my opinion. Because he certainly has the weapons. You know he's got -- speed and Corey Smith and Jacoby Jones he's got a great possession receivers and get down -- -- mean crumple them. You know he's he's got to play well -- pec injury rights but you know -- you know also say that. We might not even be having this discussion at. Lee Evans held on football at Foxboro eleven months ago. -- How do you look at teams. A bed and of course coaches -- really admitted but on -- talk that much about it. Jockeying for position in the playoffs. Order in the last week of the season to try to get the playoff matchup of that they like it. I don't know scenes. Did do that really because we mutate jockey for position. You're sort of implying that the team won't put it that put forward. To try to win the game now look I mean it's been written about it then you know theorize that. He you know look if the if it turns out that -- Indianapolis. -- Two. Our -- Denver to New England three. He you know clearly. It'd be better for any -- to not want to face the meaning in Denver. You know pretty -- state -- your -- anybody would rather I would anyway -- Matt -- in Houston. Yeah oh yeah we actually meaning in Denver now it. You know honestly I mean think about it respected if you don't -- if you -- if if you're sitting there. In years the New England Patriots right now and if there were even. Going through your mind you know hey let's let's lose so that Baltimore can jump over. It's hard for me to imagine. -- Especially Tom Brady. Would come out and blister is keen in Jacksonville for playing poorly. And then on the -- even a year. Go out and -- purposely lay in a former call -- Ryan mallet and call plays that. They hope don't work and you know it's hit very hard. I mean even -- Ryan mallet wordplay. Very heart to try to lose the game. And I did I'd be very surprised that the patriot. Well let me ask your question. You think that the -- colds or rest their players. Oh culture while. It important to put their best foot 42 in the game with the rest of footer because -- never sure what we -- their of the by. I can't imagine that Gretzky and they can either they're gonna play the game normal straight up and you know look. Bill Polian and Tony Dungy believes. That if you -- up and play for in terms of your seating or any. In a week in the last week of the season. Then you should -- the guys who -- who need to be rested. And they it was them it was maddening thing to watch the years news. Remember a year whatever -- was street for years ago Hartford at one. But. They were in week seventeen but nothing to play for. And there are at buffalo. In a horrendous. Day which is an icy field blowing snow. Terrible week in -- buffalo it. Yet the game. Peyton Manning plays. And Dallas Clark and -- -- play long enough. Treat it needs to get under -- And I guess you -- It is so it's it's not important and now. To go forward undefeated -- that was. But it's important enough to. To get to get -- he -- in and it on a on a horrible field. Where somebody easily could have. Slip in and hurt itself. And I you know I thought it was -- I -- there's one of the most contradictory. Things. That I've seen him do all the years -- covered the NFL but especially which -- about coming back. I can't imagine him -- understand under center and say boy it is so it hurt today. Right I agree -- you know there's not a full bubble. Second team and whatever fixes second and third teams utilizing more. That's you know what that's a great point that's a great point because. You know if you're going to in essence. Stark -- to. It's not like every team has and offensive linemen. Active and they they don't. You know and it's not like every team you know it has all these extra guys in every position. They clearly have backed up but. It's it's always. I have always thought it was it was funny that when people say well rest this -- well. How many guys do the arrest. And what kind of situation does that create your locker room if your resting. A left tackle who's really good and who's on injured. Okay and you're not resting right tackle. Who is not quite as good or is valuable. But maybe -- a little bit of an ankle injury but he's playing. Because you'd rather not Rick the left tackle get our act have been ignored this and I I think -- great thing about this weekend. Is that no one is talking about. Resting guys everybody's talking about playing guys -- at least playing him perhaps -- and I just I -- I think that's. Every time not every time but many types. Where you hear about teams resting players. In the Green Bay Packers. In last year. It's weekend are. Didn't play Aaron Rodgers and a lot of key guys in that game. Against the Detroit alliance. So by the time that the Green Bay Packers played eight play -- Eric Rogers had not played for twenty day up. And -- else and that any look terrible he looked beyond rusty. So I guess I don't know that it's very Smart thing to do and I'm glad to see that a lot of teams are talking about -- Theatre Denver. Or Houston who wound. Has a greater chance of losing that game those games. I think Denver a better team in Houston right now and I mean. I'm going from memory here but I mean it once had a thorough and they've scored in the thirties in -- -- those gains. Manning looks as good as he's ever looked. So. I don't know how old you'd -- Houston. And I don't hear it it's it's in Houston with a 120 -- samples every time Peyton Manning goes back at the also. I think I think Denver got a better chance to win they're exceeding these. How about those two teams this weekend. Well I think I think that I think Houston. You know it's gonna winning Indianapolis -- world. To see the Cinderella story short ago coming back and winning but. -- this -- Houston has had played well and they have to be thinking that. Or we we -- we could if they stumble around Sunday. It could be well over a month since they put together. You know to retreat good games in a row by that time they play a playoff. I'm sure Gary Kubiak is stinking. We have to play eight good football game you know because we're gonna apple -- we don't wanna go into the playoffs. And play a pretty good team whether it be you know whoever is what's it will be Baltimore we don't wanna play Baltimore. One were you know were not a bad run so I think you're gonna win that went and I think I mean I think Denver killed in the city. I question does your audience are guys. Rex Ryan to a story. That he leaked out out that he wants to refine it. Always say wanna be fired dollars as -- he wants. My ideas about that story. And I saw this morning and it appears what if your Rex Ryan. I gotta say -- watching Rex Ryan over the last month or so since the patriots and the launch on Thanksgiving. Watching him day today. And listening to what he's saying in and parked in the press and then talking publicly. He's a different guy -- and routed them -- and he -- you know it's like he's beaten dog. And that's what it sounds like me and so. As I look at him I basically say this is not him. And there are no question in my mind that whoever in general manager is whoever whatever happened. Early in this talks he's. He's gonna say Julie Johnson he's gonna say the personnel brain trust. Terry -- -- in and bond and whoever else is for audience. You have got to beef up its office we've been playing what is. A minor league wide receiver -- this whole year just an average at best running back and Shonn Greene. An offensive line its weight to leaky. And quarterbacks and stink. So you know figure it out. Or else please do your favorite put me out of my misery. Like your Rex Ryan is from the old school he quit. And I guarantee that. How much control does have a little person I don't really think he wants to be fired I think what he wants is -- this -- -- fixed which. Being in new your Woody Johnson have to realize now that he's got to find some way whether it be free agency. Are treated correctly -- find some way. To get better on offense fast. Here great stuff as always thank you very much for your insight appreciate you're. Join us we'll see down the road have a very long period straight guys. Are bonuses. Always offer students I've always he's got sort of fraud. IPhone because it. Who food content from couldn't be -- on salad know you love what. How are fraudulent wrong I asked you this case at all those -- I'd ask who listen and audio expert I would his hall of silly me I listened to a and a fellow expert you -- you -- all -- -- -- the relevant games this week -- -- -- -- nobody -- -- -- -- 5% Q games do we is that he wanted to ask what about buffalo. Well that's what buffalo woman as we love basketball Jacksonville the I asked him a ball and wrote a little energized by the men are just certain advocate solar and other experts that so far we've got eighteen experts -- guys you're gonna say watch what he sees a report the which of unity -- -- Dugard and others are all right. We'll get back to a four calls right after that secured seven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You go to -- judging he was. He was making lots -- points over talk Belichick once once have I ever again and looked at judo and you in Japan just gives -- little portal.

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