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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, on the Patriots working their way back to health

Dec 28, 2012|

Fred and Steve bring Mike Reiss in to breakdown all things Patriots heading into the final regular season game against Miami. Mike talks about what he has seen in practice concerning the health of the team as the postseason approaches.

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-- no you don't you do not have -- Maloney today they are off vacationing. I think you -- actually they just have a baby -- as consistently -- he's probably not -- he's probably not down in the Caribbean somewhere like more reasonable and don't -- it at all explored and Beasley who knows you never -- Well you know what does that Tom I always look forward to my old friend in them. Thank you I'm no different hurdles from right to receive receive money for double in the restaurant and in the cigar -- -- point. But a good friend and more of -- well truly hard working guys gentlemen a guy that does. His homework as much of thought as more as much as -- more than most people I've met him in the media. Michael -- is joining us and our conversation today. We -- Greece is brought to you by KM the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots Mike thanks for joining us I'm here with friend Valerie and Mike. All credit to the other you thanks for -- -- Fred great to talk generally -- -- today at least -- house go through. I'll send -- a little bit under the weather actually the other locker room the last couple days out of respect to that because I don't wanna bring in this sickness that was the only good but I'm ahead in their shortly. -- a little bit. Like I said Freddie he's a gentleman absolutely but what other state could soon we will -- we will look at this weekend and we see a lot of things going on. How do you see this weekend pairing out first for the patriots and on the other teams. Yes -- be about I'd -- pay that kind of nice pretty quick delete moving their game back from port 25 so Bill Belichick what have they -- it yeah. Before the -- and start you know there's the apple it'll be cute pair men and keep that chance -- -- first round playoff bye and let it. If they do I think Belichick. Put this without on the accelerator and -- for the floor and it's let's go get that I if they don't. I do think he manages the game differently act to keep put so a lot of the top guy early focuses on a fast start. And then there's maybe we pull it back a little bit because we get to be prepared for possibly being extinct from now in the wild card round here -- -- state. But what happens if Kansas City beats Denver. You know I thought about -- and you're right but what what are we gonna what -- but remember -- -- put out Matt. -- -- -- the right -- also I think I I think. You have to play those -- sin. And you have to look out and helping your roster. And. Keep an old guy's expression as possible going into the post season. Let's say let's say hypothetically. Belichick does pull back the reins in Kansas City pulled up the shock and the patriots lose. Who really blame him for taking that approach I don't think I -- But you go with him with the stats is aware -- there's a way Billy will be on it I know you're under -- around the team a lot of news you. -- a lot of inside information any word on gronkowski and robo chicks talked about it already but any word -- -- accustomed to this weekend. So it'll let you that the word is that he's got medically cleared and I really -- buy that at face value when when Belichick says that. Because if you would medically cleared I think he I think he would like. And I think the preference would be let's give them are on to begin field and getting used to the temple game action against -- the first time. It's back on the field that's not you know that's plasticky so. -- but right now I think the doctors are I think it's. Let's not run for purity could use them a little more tired so at this point this can always change over the next 48 hours. I have my expectation that we wouldn't see him at this point. How much practices he participated in his shoe and catch a ball doing -- with them. I'll let you know what how they do -- I -- -- down here we get to see them stretch -- But over the past year. And an -- some light jogging across the field and some agility drills but. I hit it off your -- I don't we don't know how much he's doing on the third bit about wearing pads at this time a year ago there's not a full contact or anything like that. But the difference between the ankle when he's an -- Richard can't -- any time east with a completely out could you cuts. You could turn nearly get the region without the ball coming tea -- a lot of things you can do more to hurt that ankle. You really get a re acclimate yourself to running routes and stuff. That's actually a really -- -- and I think that's not well taken from here and and so I think it really doesn't mean saying. Would just probably be getting back connecting temple which you agree that I am just. That's because that's. As much as you are practicing. You know the team that has always at a higher level. And the hits the other -- -- -- -- really hold the ball and it's just different and all that with -- tap on the shoulder. Mike was -- right to have to look at the -- patriots after that Jacksonville game and then -- that there was more. Public anger of the players were expressing more frustration than usual. Steve you know you're from -- both you know I mean from Vietnam locker -- there's been -- like a certain way after a win and then that's definitely a different way after a lot. The -- than usual because they -- McCain. And I wanted to lock for a minute it felt like a losing locker room I was very very quiet you know that's like a quiet you know after a lot when no one really regularly. That pissed off quiet existence they lost. Exactly so I I think. And and problem also -- was very upset and are partly a result of partly at the way they competed in and it and let the players have a little bit I -- So it's. I think that that definitely -- in the air what they said to us as reporters but also even before we got him there. I think there was some some definitely. Some harsh words and some disappointments. In the performance they put out. Well mark we appreciate your time I always look forward to read your stuff to hear from me and are good men by men -- -- a -- a lot of objective insight to it. I'll read joked to as well watch on the social action and another that. The other great area of that might enjoy have a great junior and that thanks for joining us. I don't. The guys -- you know what he's he's. Of several them many times during and after games and he does his home and the one of the best things about him is that. He knows he viewed as long as he's been covered he still has something to warnings anxious to work he's always trying to find. And in the he has no problem asking questions he's -- -- -- -- -- -- perhaps we'd -- is which is -- -- Wilson whatever we're -- doesn't matter you know that.

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