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How important is playoff seeding to the Patriots

Dec 28, 2012|

Fred and Steve talk about what we might see from the Patriots on Sunday and whether they'll play to get a better seed or play to avoid any costly injuries.

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I think you wanna be playing well so you have confidence going into. You know the playoffs there's no question about that put. You can say whatever we do this weekend as a community there happens in the playoff. You know that phone and we what's gonna have a during the playoff is how we prepare for that weakened opponent and our scheme our excuse. Tom Brady with maybe a little insight as to how the patriots approach this game. Very want to play well going into the playoffs I think he's absolutely correct and doesn't have a bearing on the next game. Maybe maybe a little bit I mean he's correct. That. You have to prepare well for the playoffs you have to. To make sure that you cover all bases during the week before the game but. It's always. Always better to be playing well going into. Well look your giants. -- well. Up there in the album -- leading -- we had to play well to get into the playoffs were down the stretch when they won most of wolves are on five and a one of the playoffs to some other team that won early that didn't have to play as well it was offset. We do -- seven when they lost to vote to the patriots they actually played a very well game him in there and in new York at that time so. Yeah I think I've I think that the patriots understand that Tom Brady certainly understands that you don't want to live until playoff beard. Not the when he you know Boone blooms into the dolphins will be limping or whatever but you still would rather be. Firing on all -- to use a cliche you'd rather be. Feeling good about I possibly -- Over confident and comfortable on the patriots are playing and not think -- the -- in play comes out the EC things are reactive not over thinking concern over thinking. Slowed down a bit clear -- -- behind all the -- not run correctly -- They've when they're reacting fall while it's almost there and then that groove that's when they become once. Awful lot of theories on the text line about how old or why the patriots would would plea. -- a conservative game plan or eighties. Game plan designed to hide what they're doing. You know they say they want people looking for patterns are there. They don't want tendencies tend to put Desormeaux and it doesn't matter you can get tendencies. From every game you can develop. Even even before the day and -- of all that everything being access to news in in your hard drive or whatever. You would still have breakdowns of specific situations and specific patterns he even when they had to cut up film they would do that they would find a way. To show you patterns and it would take as much films -- possibly yet. I just don't buy into the idea that your hiding something from other coaching staff. Unless you have absolutely no respect for coaching staff there to be able to handled their due diligence in terms of breaking down game film and and try to establish. I you agreed you want to see patterns especially in an -- to want to see what their patterns are but the best teams will find a way. They call it self scout for so. -- don't a lot of times if you're developing a patent. During the season -- -- games. People play on that the patriots go back and reevaluate everything and they'll use that against right tendency will you bite on it next you know when -- played Pittsburgh. And nobody had a patent -- -- and we had talked about took a comfortable what they're doing they Britney they took a Polamalu is doing had at Tennessee do something we are patriots. -- to run a certain place. And they expected them to do what they did and he had big dated on and used a tendency against them as -- you -- on Tennessee's the playoffs. They get a big enough that in a cameo on -- that. The patriots. Our team that has customized game plans for each team like I said they evolve as the game goes to the very little patent you're gonna get out of or tendencies with the patriots. A family leave there and lest they want that -- so yeah they're gonna set you up for big play. And every team in the NFL has somebody specifically assigned and they'll even get together during the year as an entire coaching staff and do what they call self styled it. To see if they'll break down the old films like they're looking -- in the poll to see if they have any. Tendencies or patterns and other teams can take advantage of and they'll purposely look at that to break those patterns and -- and -- -- other teams in the patent against them absolutely correct so I get the items stand the theory that your your trying to hide something but. In today's NFL it's -- it's very very difficult. -- -- patriots used personnel -- patents although a certain crucial element. Another team it's very. They also go to little model to bring their bigs in the defense brings a bigger in the -- spread out to the war spread out -- the tight ends that can. And a golden no huddle to keep the bigs and that take advantage of the mismatch is that they have with the extra kind of split out. 61777979. -- 37. Going into the playoffs. Moved forget who their first round opponent is I think they win that game regardless of what AFC team. Do you fear the most important. Denver and Denver center -- -- agenda here it will be there won't be easy but easier bridge up there. On the grass. Below but the light area you know and they're comfortable it's noisy when you're trying to -- audible with a changeup. That will be -- different game because pain in the groove. Very difficult to get about a group now -- to leave. Is in him play against the patriots but against -- -- -- against them. Taxable wage are illegal organ plays Denver -- played audio replay against Jackson nobody was limited consumer wouldn't. The authorities have now are changes -- listen -- in August after they had. Initiative -- -- we have a man that can pick out receiver -- couldn't be. Loans -- with -- blitzes because aggregate demand coverage you don't have the whereabouts of real Le Le left alone on the field right in you can. They blitz a little more safety blitzes as a corner blitzes that about the bearable. And the run and they run a more aggressive -- defense but cousin -- ward about there at the top receivers go to guy get for a the other part of that equation. When you look at. Denver they played Denver earlier in the season which was the time to give Denver before. Pete Manning and good. The Denver offense had come around to what they are now there are much better offered to believe they put up some good numbers against the patriots in the back then. Denver is is. A much better team right now in the world in the papers put it -- -- much -- -- -- -- in the flow these these these these. Accustomed to with here's. Receivers gonna break all the little travesty he's like on the big advantages you have offered to coordinate. On the field at all times of pain and now once they all get used to what is called going to be in the adjustments and I'll listen every win electric cut make their cuts and breaks. They almost a flawless office the right very difficult for the -- so. You have to do things in defense the patriots have played abroad more than any other team -- for the is divisional teams. And it is it it's been a rivalry of its -- -- it's been good to protect every game while it has bimbo and also if you rule look at the history of that rivalry against. I'm not -- against Peyton Manning. Richards had a series advantage early on in the Belichick -- altered -- Ron. The second half of that rivalry. The colts who did a much better job. Of playing the patriots so. Maybe Peyton Manning or something over the years about well you choose to appear there's a popular -- blitz -- just can't put me an Angel to -- upon the rumble with. You know they let it make a -- paying your guys. But would you bullets Peyton Manning like something for a he's go to Q and hit a couple of if he picks those -- up and anyone else so. The defense was better when they played. Right and out of all of with a defense is. Has -- this defense. With the league has gotten a little bit but others don't agree rate pass rusher. But to do good job of staying in the -- a little group but recovered to leave but is it is -- Too extreme to say that Talib is. A huge part of the success that the patriots could have in the playoffs. Is that true too extreme it makes a big -- when you have rivas and there was that the much differently he's not -- I know is not -- bugs are Nazis Revis okay vote to try and barely speaking right -- could not of that league but he does. Take over the the initial route away from receivers he does make them change a little bit so you can him. As quick as you want proof of that wreckage of your -- -- lovable kind of get it and I also blow -- can't take your your primary receiver away pretty good and I like the idea that that puts quarterback safety most likely. I am according. -- will be your best safety. And you only affects two things are best corner in about safety with the idea. Director of -- wanna in new recruits the capsule -- Redford well let's start getting to a couple calls it 3617. 7797937. Friday of that that's -- gonna is gonna -- I can barely a dream. Clearly screwed up -- right from Scott in Spencer blog talk about the. They don't I don't -- I'm I met your idol yeah a lot of yeah a slot for the bulk of the giant. Down and out when wherever I like and I got a great guys coming down. Yeah I like. I love I love soccer I hear you guys -- pat and I just want to say part of my job. I'm always -- well number one and. Program the -- people who wanted to lose does that -- is that wishful thinking or is that there's a logical thinking. Not all just say -- is a more wistful I gather you that would be ideal for the patriots but do you really think Kansas city's gonna going to Denver be Denver. Well I'm looking at a like that can't why are they play -- -- on -- -- and -- but they gave a good game -- and to expect and that you know the waited late in -- You know he answered all of the same and they don't. I'm thinking that it got on they -- it got a right to vote fail and onions are I'm I'm up a homebody I guess they -- almost all the at all. Well all good and that's that's a Jackson who gave Steve the tracks on not play for -- -- -- Jack flash is jacked out of their minds. And they gave him a good game -- wasn't it was a lot to -- -- the paper plant level but Jacksonville played a pretty good game they played. Rebate -- the play -- -- the play the patriots though. Right now. The -- are all right guys are what got my call that I journalist I received that I I agree with. With the idea of Indianapolis have we have a reasonable chance to beat Houston. I'm still -- born with came through these chances will be Denver Denver is on a great role as -- Go on this that are just relax notes defensive on the defensive I'm just telling you exactly what I object will permeate. Netflix co limited your logically saying that the you're saying it's a logical choice they Kansas City beats Denver. Exactly we know now it's gotten a real proud salute all of -- I want patriots they wanna get that are recommended and I'll just read -- women -- -- percentage -- -- as pulling -- -- by -- you're not just saying it because I don't really believe because -- in the pocket of the patriots -- -- What you're saying is because our apartment -- popular blotted your objective of NFL analysis. Using your what fourteen years thirteen years in the NFL as one of the great players as an analyst. -- since you've been out of the league with a hundred got you you're using all that's what I helped that expletive. That is what it's OK I got it all right we're going to be in Providence -- -- how -- you. Good morning gentlemen at the late great job first -- Steve -- It isn't there yet that he's nervous wreck. But he help out our simple up. In your opinion of you guys are Specter patent in her game at all that. What you that -- explain it spell checks so much. -- area that everybody else know we can do about it that's quarterback coach combination Abbott thanks. Well I think history because that all right Steve typically the have won more games as a tandem of 2000 history I think one of the big things that make people have. Visionary minds they see things and create things other teams haven't done they can analyze and dissect on the goal so when -- check writing going to a game. He he adjusts every. Every series they adjust it Thomas write on page that he's swinging in defense is getting the Tennessee's and they are just better than anybody else and he can see things. On the field -- It reopened and re act you can see them read him a lot times is a hesitation between reading and reacting when Tom doesn't have that hesitation and -- him. Are on board as far as really analyze and dissect a defense and and get the excellent solutions. Series by series. I'll give you the reason why they are the best in the has to lead. First off look at the record together a second off. They're doing it in the era of free agency when teams that are successful have the players picked off from them left and right. When Joseph Montana was doing in San Francisco and when Terry Bradshaw was doing it in Pittsburgh when -- like that. There was no free agency could keep those teams together how many hall of famers came from most of Cisco and and Pittsburgh teams. In the backyard and -- was -- -- -- eleven call him evil when Dallas was was winning. -- -- free agency was just in its infancy and it wasn't as big a factors it is now that's why I consider them the best quarterback coach -- amendment. In the history -- and how they do it is because they both have. The same approach to the game. They will study table study them when they're done study in the study some more. They are students also reject their students of the game and they and they are are tired of guys that know through pure hard work effort and intense. Of preparation they can win this game. They also we could studied through Bluetooth race right. But to get the things in his coaches that you started to blow -- Bullock study but at what brain cells were filled up quickly. But it's able to die look at it create plans. Created adjustments that no one else you could see up in a Marshal to apply it on the field as a as it's going on some people can't do that those two on the same page it's remarkable. Remarkable combination but they have the ability to read things -- react instantaneously what most -- -- -- wins -- soon have to. Kansas City November 25. 179. Loss to Denver that's when -- out on the ballot 25 overall -- instant but that's about it the better of them. Those results July that history your line. So all I learned that they've lost eight straight and I'm gonna Moneyline a stroke -- but so what -- you offer you the honest about it I'd -- -- troubled by all lies so.

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