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Steve and Fred get you ready for the final Sunday of the regular season

Dec 28, 2012|

Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas are once again in on the show and talk briefly about the Celtics loss to the Clippers before they switch to Patriots-Dolphins and other must-watch games this weekend.

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We are here for these -- is Steve DeOssie filling in for Lou -- in my Komansky. For the -- notes of patriots -- Leo I go to page it's Friday. But does a lot of stuff up there right now use visual look at the fact that the Celtics late last night though Miller led. You know of the lava being nice house listened to the magnificent -- -- -- broadcasts. Actually does for all drugs grandy. When the Celtics got down by well he says they have never come back this year from a ten point deficit. To. -- India well. The lower overall -- got a liberal we got that in his jail told you with the in the previous hour. Of the NHL apparently coming up we have another offer closer. To what the players were talking about there's some things on the table there. You know maybe the NHL season isn't lost to -- I'll take whatever they put up there right now you or your Bruins very -- to play until August I don't care doesn't matter so what it was in -- -- investors Midland -- couple months 95% of the country agrees I don't care and a it's -- ball brilliantly and Bruins land around here we care was -- see this team. Back on the ice assumes boss walked through notes page it's Friday there's a lot of other issues out there there isn't a number of things going on -- the patriots. Oh with a big game hosting Miami this week. V. Game itself. You know you look at the game itself which should be a win for the pictures but there's a lot of things going on around the AFC in particular. -- with Houston Indianapolis. -- big key pick of the week Denver and Kansas and honesty is still and I think I did a great picture up who 72%. Correct and the spirit against the reds know about your life as you made that up I -- -- -- didn't -- show where she just then he made it up to pick up shortly you know -- in great one but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- said here. All of the air during the crossover yesterday that he thinks that Doug was gonna win that gastric cancer it is just that we -- he's -- deadly gives it the deadliest -- said. Or do you just make stuff up beat governor who. Court to do but -- have -- but. Not that one it's that's. It's. One of those games where OK can consuming committee and make an effort put. Nine times out of -- and observed and was gonna win that absolutely correct them undoubtedly just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not even questions to the web. -- -- had a lot of close games have been -- -- playing pretty well right does it for touchdowns and zero interceptions the last couple games spot. Five -- writes I downplay things. So I think it's it's going to be in it's it's a game is he's a rookie quarterback that no talks about he's come a long way since we embassies because as it's not worth talking about him in the light in the light of -- Wilson and RG three years and locked handles a guy that's OK he's no one he's learning he's a he's a work in progress he runs he's very extremely good -- And you got to learn to read defense policy is evident receivers sure you're picking the dolphins to win this game popular little doubt it's all the flames but I mean I don't hero hero but congenital. He's gotten better OK -- -- coming up -- it's going to be a cold day units but he's. A guy that when they threw in there. You you know that they would they were that it was about this season this is about -- -- play and he's right he's come along. We've got the Tulsa and we've we've got the patriots are on tap a we've got Peter King joining us later in the day Mike -- of course -- love his stuff. One -- more knowledgeable guys covering the patriots right now. And at some point -- tongues were called women voters so we'll have a chance to have to talk with him a little bit that juggling a lot of stuff slow a lot of stuff on. The doctor put took a big football weakened and I'm I am. I'm so glad that this weekend means something I'm so glad that there's things going on there that keep pretense is that some good games that Houston in the game was good game. You know there's a couple of these these NFC Dallas scale McKinnon may dallas'. -- is -- art gallery more so it's that's big Tony Romo had a great year. He's had a big year my numbers he's also had some games where he's some big Tony Romo and yes it's amazing to watch -- -- more while. As a great. Right reads well at times and also displays a gigantic we've got all the stuff farm to upwards 61777979. -- 37. You can also Texas at. 379. B 37 we have a lot of stuff talk about there's going to be a is going to be a fun weekend for him and I'll be watching. Him the next day and a half for two days I'd love to see if this response. From the Annie -- Is legitimate come closer to what the players want a much abuse to see what the players say about this of they've come up and there. I think -- sticking issues were length of contract. The sharing of among the salary cap. Also -- himself Eric Margolis. Struggling small market teams out there. That that that that that don't wanna have that minimum in the government albeit watching Batman experience half by and I'm really excited to see. Or what the -- players' association response to that is. I'd like to -- on the Celtics respond to what happens. Last night in and -- I'll young athletic and well actually that the -- era lot of veterans on the clippers team. Griffin has learned to have an outside shot what is inside game arena. Great point guard play. But that's clippers team is on the little fun to watch scheme it a lot of things at work well as a team together they look as athletic. News. As that he did don't know last year they they look like Joan. That that that team control the ball all wrong with the place and aggressive defense to I guess when you have that style of basketball. Everything about who's going to be aggressive you're aggressive ball often to take chances you do some things. And an athletic team I -- securities and as the Celtics just violent enough to keep public though. I mean it just like you missed it look like complete -- look like -- last I looked like the they didn't have the athletes to run with vote with Los angels from the clippers were too. Running up and down the court and doing it -- about -- -- us. That team. The quality -- what is -- -- and a little extra. Pop mogul stepped accompanist in other words it's like those things where you look at Sufi is that. What it takes in in the NBA right now consultant don't seem to have that they don't seem to have that ran out and you almost -- on on mirror so there's a major there's some page there of their submissions and and you've gotten around to age you got a lot of games between. Paul Pierce and -- there's a lot of games and they're both over the last however many years -- played it there's a lot of things that the Celtics need to look at. You know we want to Ecstasy and it's it's time to blowing up of the of the way of the -- -- the -- the clippers the future these of the NBA. I'm not convinced the -- the Celtics can't make a run I'm not convinced of their that they -- out of the picture though by no means one game room not one game but. You know the first -- portion of the season your 13 of the season -- It's it doesn't it doesn't bold well right now. You still -- the Jews to -- and on -- cage -- she's been around how many years yup because he came out of high school -- It -- has been there and in Rondo when he's on his uses group boycotted -- -- -- -- the -- and -- dished the ball -- -- gotten -- so. That would with with with those three guys alone and help with the -- the other guys -- -- -- have a chance. One of the things also that I was looking at this morning that. There's a little bit under the radar that I think could have off a pretty decent. Impact on the NFL playoffs. Richard Sherman from the Seahawks won his appeal. -- know they were looking at him and he's a he's a big strong corner very aggressive player a big part of their defense. They had the there was a possibility that we lose him for the playoffs. He won that appeal. Things aren't going well for the NFL these appeals and lost the the -- gave appeal -- lost this -- Annual don't you think that other players audio eager -- enrollment system. He appealed it. I had -- what was the test thrown -- motives. Was for a via a for the federal bureau and and there were some sort of chain of from. Of custody or whatever was I don't know what you it was based on but. One officer's ability to it that's a big that is a big thing for. Of for Seattle -- that's going to help them in the playoffs and it's kind of gone under the radar but I think it is so it's a big event. There's a physical team cornerbacks safeties they're owed to -- backs their whole defense is team with speed. And never really -- on alas she gave to pry it out the best you get a -- on the stretcher right the blown out kings by fifty points. They've blown out Seattle. I mean a blog. -- the niners were dessert you know team in the conference so. That's a team that's playing at -- extremely tough for Wilson's trip into excellent quarterback and I said yes that he's not. It's -- -- RG three but he's like a lot of money. Peace can change directions and finds box quickly he sees things -- Rivera asked them yup and they got to watch regular season is much differs much more confident that -- We have a quarterback who virtually can't grab and yet the -- decent it's -- difficult -- He's been very good the secretary of treason and you're column makes you wonder you don't. Was. There early success that I thought was. -- -- due in part of his replacement refs -- to impart to a somewhat teams armored via a -- underestimating them. That is they want a team you don't except Cisco is look at that team saying OK well we our hands full if we have to play them even at home. Even home so there's a whole lot of things. My big question is. -- -- city. That the patriots might be in place for. I'll buy a bye week will let's just go Willis just go with the idea that -- mean Apple's funds will be used. What tool -- What happened against Jacksonville last week in terms of the -- -- start. Can you have that or start against Miami a better team in Jacksonville and recovers easily as they did against -- -- -- Jacqueline is all. This history ST it's Miami it's patriots. They know -- Miami does. Page Obama -- Miami knows that the papers to what is familiarity just. There is a general dislike for the jets for the pay for the Miami Dolphins I'm not too much the bill was they have been relevant. As far as complete with. But the patriots so I think whether it's into division team like that. And they play a -- times or is it it it's it's natural rival -- topic is going to be and it's at home and I don't -- -- -- You go to output -- -- -- play about offering it's the dregs the world of the NFL yep Miami is still Miami went to the patriots with a plan team. But they're generally don't like a lot. Admit it in in its into its into conference and we always after you know I think the -- -- -- was one item what I liked the best of bulk last week against Jacksonville. Besides the fact they found a way to win the game. What I liked was V -- door of the players after the game I don't recall hearing. Some of the quotes from that we heard from Brady about how terrible we were how. -- we've discussed with the execution all the so I don't remember players being bad vocal about how poorly it played usually we get. You're straightforward Belichick line of we'll play better coach better go do this -- music we hear that from players too we saw some real. Anger from Brady and from a few of the players a ball. How -- how the played against Jacksonville I think that's a good thing. Where you know -- probably have to admit there was a problem throughout the -- and a lot of injury. We had an off day. And in just chalked up that -- they put out there and they were disgusted and how they played how -- executed the emotion on the field. Most of this can't happen again we can be Jacksonville because they are not a real good team but we're not going to be able to compete in the playoffs. Well compete against good teams if we play like this right in the Iowa upset with how they play that's a great side. It made me think that if the players were saying -- and the players were voicing their displeasure at how the play that game. They don't go off the reservation big goal with what Belichick told him to do and Brady's though the perfect example that -- he was. He caught also earlier this career -- how to voice. The one company line that they always do. That made me believe that Belichick. Probably went off -- a little bit probably. A -- from the Rydex probably. Did something that gave them the indication that it's okay to be angry about this it's okay to better. Yeah shortly angry doubles he wants to find emotion and it tigers listened earlier and while the comments. Earlier was that they played a left handed game under that law. Yeah I guess that means that your plane would want him -- a vacuum not giving everything but it had a desire to me because. What someone says that the patriots are trying to show anything in the play and trying to hide things for the for the playoffs you mean the teams not to go back and watched an entire year. Yeah you -- what I heard that theory -- it made no sense to me whatsoever because. You know as a fair and you can get on to that all -- -- and seed basically coaches films of every single game it's not like. You can't go back. Tune with the San Francisco game or refused to game where they were not playing left handed or not playing with one hand tied behind their back where they where they're giving. You know everything they got to work to win the game or having their heads when the game. It doesn't make sense in this day and age. The way they -- these games -- -- the breakdowns that they have a of all the video over recent game. Doesn't make sense that you're trying to hide something without the camera back in the day trying to win the -- -- decision to -- what you have out there way way back in the day you had access to the previous three games maybe. OK maybe you can make a case for trying to hide something against the inferior opponent. In in moved. Of keeping it from you next go to pull your opponent playoff. Now -- who have access to every play that the patriots or any of the team played for the entire season. You can break down. Anything you want. You're not just because you're not showing something one game doesn't mean that your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A team that's played the papers before knows -- customize their offense it's an evolving often it just to what you do. Did you change something up their patent their root -- change right the reads change and after the first quarter that -- -- just to what you don't have a plan depicted you know. Trying to get a bead on that you're gonna have to wait for the game stats show them some different things the other just. But the reason the Patriots offense is so difficult to defend. It's a -- it changes on the fly. To your point how many times we've seen this season and in previous seasons. The patriots come out especially defensively. And the team that they're playing will marched on the field and oftentimes score. And the Patriots offense you don't usually does the same thing. And then the defense adjusts and then the him like in Jacksonville Jacksonville. Scored some quick points the defense of just having got better as the games. Google jumped out to a lead to a thirteen poison and they were stymied. Virtually across the game right there and they gave some -- but they're just what their -- and the Patriots offense. Like -- are against Cuba at San Francisco -- of course with 28 points they're just what they were right so. Most teams. When the play play them a lot of -- cookie cutter. Offenses what's that gonna run the patriots don't do -- to say that we're gonna get the -- gonna be bland. They got to win the game -- -- to the bigger the defense the gold against gives them looks that the going to be Mobley and things that they go after. A more a look more or more buoyant than they normally out. -- from 413 says left handed is a political reference to clean. Conservative. A much her political or the right way color right I don't I don't know but. The idea play conservative. OK but to what end if playing conservative to the end of hiding stuff from your team works as. Going out thinking you don't have to put on much to be objectionable OK maybe have by the you're not hiding anything and I'll be not hiding out. I knew what he meant after you said it but I had heard of that often for us -- a second ball. Maybe the team you're playing against is playing more bland defense we are offered you think you can come and run inside on a run some traps. Run summit Italy draws some slam sort of -- it looks small Blancas a team that that's acclimated to the team to play it again. This day and age who are not. Hiding anything from anybody that beat every team has access to every play you ran. For the entire season so the idea that you're hiding something it but it makes no sense whatsoever. The idea that maybe you'll -- -- conservatively because you don't have to because you're there you would maybe year of your guys are banged up orbiter you don't trust -- -- Maybe but I I you know that wasn't what we're doubles -- the theory that we were espousing their that was the idea that you're trying to. Hide something from your future -- students. You know -- -- -- Obama. Via patriots are keen to play call for a couple things in the wall you. Right just to give them more -- -- -- -- -- playing someone runs a fake punt. I'm wasting time in my practice or were all just -- just a goal of that so you want on the race when he's practiced well if you gimmick plays and the -- not run in -- -- some -- that this guy that citadel rectum. But do you hammer Pete Carroll for doing just that running a fake punt when it was up fifty points solve stolen the -- the world to come over and receivers were disputed by just he was giving the -- something to look at a but the patriots. Don't have a double standard when it comes to all of slimy as a doubles created regularly got. Everybody loves to go out -- a double -- three a pretty -- emotions. And your likes the six foot existing event.

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