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Patriots Safety Patrick Chung talks Dolphins-Patriots and Ryan Tannehill

Dec 28, 2012|

Chung gives Fred and Steve his take on the team’s upcoming match-up this weekend and the progression of Dolphins’ QB Ryan Tannehill. The guys also re-visit the win in Jacksonville, including a questionable hit on Jaguar’s receiver Cecil Shorts and whether the hit was deserving of a fine.

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We have the opportunity. Like we do on every football Friday. To talk with -- knowing who preaches safety Patrick Chung brought to you by quickly tire and auto senator Patrick how are you Steve DeOssie for its morals what's going on. I don't rarely are we doing okay brother how's things going all right. I don't regret ever practice artwork here. How things policies of rags and old -- was upset after the game you know you guys going to a team that defeated by a high point a lot of pressure on new guys. But how -- the team reacting to that wind. With a sloppy play this week of practice. A little we will leave little or no we're not actually a little -- mind you know American lives commander there they're picking duke players from me. Well we do that particular show where -- contractually natural turned out. I know it's. You you won't officially be. Scoreboard watcher and or worrying about the these are seething -- but. Everybody seems to know what anyway you're -- -- -- kept that out of locker room this week. Now where -- -- their movie but only in jail or should also care whereabouts in here outside distractions and well what other teams Mercury goes nowhere popular Miami a career come -- here you're certainly soldier where are you -- Miami how how much difference to atom bomb a quarterback now last -- replace them. Hello -- how -- bettors can bomb a quarterback and he'll tell him to retire and collect old and I was just looking at -- -- -- -- It can't hills and getting it on the liar and black okay and in eagle fly emirates airline apparently you do begin this year than you know he's he's too old curtain air. Got a lever on the Ian eagle eagle at -- -- Olympic gold that concept in Cuba you better and older could clobber. Was -- was the start last week. Bootable overlooking Missouri -- that in this game against Miami. Well I -- a world. Doesn't matter who got their man have you ever been caught on and be ready. How I want to risks fracture was ruined. And had to put. According at cornerback and change that's are you -- Talib was out who looked like he was very comfortable at safety in any move deported back and things table below -- for awhile. Not that you demand that those players they play -- national. And -- recorder there -- today in a couple of days to review the play who play good whenever isn't he gets delivered place. Did you pick up a fine for the news receiver that you had with shorts. -- -- -- -- not directly -- but couldn't soon finds already out so maybe it's good news to get on. It looks like it looked you wonder what sort of her shoulder hit. Out of this area -- about Rick -- or where we're here. Through mystery -- who grew up excellent that's one thing as a group that really lay out. And is there is a -- -- this you get this -- has -- 55000. Dollar fine today. Right on look at the fine to read. Believe I'll tell -- -- a 5055000. Where they come out with these numbers is kind of bazaar repeat offenders defendants as what is. It's an old guys run that triples -- -- go to hit him to drop Scholl and what that the next you know get a penalty but you didn't have with the head Todd. Mean it this -- in the united Hitler mobile operators -- certain how your health school this week. Program of up and there are critical match so the game. Excellent our pack to listen we appreciate your -- your assumed. Good luck this weekend in Maryland hello we follow you through playoff to. -- -- -- Good kid. Obviously we've had the option gets Norman. -- laughs he's he's been here it is difficult to Concord here that you really -- go to to a game what do you say about. Miami has improved that's at the right that's an elegant yet as -- got to play toward Israel. Bomb our. We kick it right here understand those situations where -- five hits -- -- the question to wanna ask some will talk with that would within. A group there he hit he can't comment I like what he's the last witness who went through it has gone right that's that is the patriots. No way. And they do it and although even though it's a huge win or loss they go on to the next game and haven't been around these guys are enough you know that they're not they're they're buying into they're not been its knowledge there just repeating something like zombies are robots there. -- -- don't buy they buy into what they believe it and it's one of those things where you. You know. The culture of the patriots and Bill Belichick and Brady in the group is too. Move on big -- move on big loss move on or game move on accept and understand it. -- from it move on the residual great Joba will -- about Miami right now. What about the -- so that it was thinking about my camera that theater again and all three of course -- is -- and what bogeys you've talked to I read it to a. You -- know you read anything into Woodward you've talked to him before during the season these guys actually believe that there's volunteer. -- hand realignment of corporate bow line that they believe what to say when they talk. When -- I don't think Tom Brady believes that. There you know objects rules are great team but when they talk about themselves. And what they're thinking and at or -- the next opponent. Abbas was an -- about how the game went over or how the season's gone they're they're pretty much all the same page. It shows but the consistency -- record every year you know double digit wins every year at ten out last twelve. AFC east championship they won the miserable five times because they don't get too high or too low. Bill holes aren't that low to highs record -- excited after game them culprits who. -- --

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