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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, on Week 17 in the NFL, Pats-Dolphins and Rookie of the Year

Dec 28, 2012|

Dan and Dale talk with the hot NFL GM candidate about the goings on in the NFL and how they Pats look heading into the final week of the regular season. They also discuss some end of the year awards and whether RGIII, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson should be the Rookie of the Year.

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Mike Lombardi from the NFL network set to join us our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire. By HSA insurance and by Colo space Mike it's dale and -- silly L while filling a pretty NC good morning. Good morning Taliban are had a heck are you my longtime ban -- -- -- -- that dance the favorite of mine right there than done. He was always. He was you know today's article -- radio Boston -- can't keep her mouth shut but she asks -- always a favorite of mine mr. -- do so. -- Mike -- you know what one of the greatest times we ever had Mike was that I got a chance to become personal friends with Al Davis and the guy was absolutely a maverick and the things that you guys did their bill and -- franchise. No question about it -- let me ask you this right now -- decision become and in general manager of the New York Jets. I don't think so I don't think so I don't think I'd -- competing -- no -- -- here. That would be a Smart play for -- I think the jets have a perfect -- what they're doing and I think they should just stay the course that. There's an interesting piece in the New York Daily News today in which supposedly reportedly Rex Ryan is in automated. He'd rather get fired if Woody Johnson isn't willing to change personality eats and contracts and move things around do you think there's some validity to this. All I definitely do I think look you know they can spin it anyway they want another great spin -- in New York but. The reality that -- cap situation this is not good and and their season for 2013. Is tied to those contracts and they just didn't go into these deals and say oh let's try this is you work for 2012 they made a commitment to their team for twelve and thirteen. And now that that commitment looks really bad. You're not gonna get away from its so they're tied indicate they've gotten contracts are tied the players and the whole notion that well you know we can just moved to GM over to do contract contractor where the problems start in the -- The guaranteed deals that they have the inability to be flexible within their salary cap has made it very prohibitive for them to be successful so. I think they'll stay the course I think the GM it's got favorite with the owner I think that that's always a good thing for patriots fans and -- be able to move off. Mike what's your take on the quarterback situation for the jets and how Rex is handled this the last two weeks and what's going to be ultimately the dispensation of guys like Tebow and Sanchez. Well look look -- has always been PT Barnum which -- mean he's never really been able to be honest with themselves. You know and -- they refused to say all the time that when you speak to the media and you go to -- comforts her talk in the pre group of people you're talking to your players you talk to the owner and you talk to the fans. And so that messenger and -- to the fans is very very important because you've got to be able to convince. The players that what you're saying not every day -- training camp the -- for having great practices. And then you know from playing in the NFL there's never been a coach who's been happy with practices never part of the -- problem at their inability to be honest with themselves. And be realistic about where they are to football team and so they've always believed. As they do with Sanchez that it's gonna turn around in the sense that there's enough starts to know who -- a player. And I don't think it's gonna change but they wanted to guarantee them a point 25 million next season. And part of that guaranteeing you know means let them deal -- -- -- so he's gonna have to be the quarterback so it's really not surprised. But he's back playing about starting this week. Mike let's head over to the patriots here let me ask you this here -- we're talking MVP conversation every single season -- Brady puts up these insane numbers which is this year. Are talking about a quarterback that's won 25 with 32 games over the last two years if they went against the dolphins this weekend. -- so. -- the word disrespectful to the guy but. It's always at almost like the Montana and Bill Walsh mentality oh well it's just assumed that those guys are going to be there so we don't give them a lot I mean. Another spectacular year for Tom Brady but yet it's Manning. And its -- world. Yeah and I think Tom might it might be having his best season I think the improvement -- -- had during the course of this year. Has been really remarkable in its ability to be flexible and change within the offense could be -- -- question. The offense still has the elements of Billy O'Brien in the short passing game in the middle field. But it also does some things outside the numbers and comes thrown the ball better down the field probably that he has a long time. And I think he's really have a good season and you know we as the standard for Tom is always so high the bar set so incredibly high. That would you look at this football team in DC that they've lost four games and you know three of the four losses were about four points in the wonder what was by seven I mean there in every game I mean this -- As good as they can possibly be they played left handed last week against Jacksonville and still won the game. And so you know I I think it's a tribute to Tom with a tribute to the patriot organization. And I and I think ultimately. Our expectations and our level of standard for comment wait are -- destroy the people. Tell people what you mean by they played left handed last week. Well -- that that they they did not you can see from the formation and you could see by the way the style that they played that that they play they even know what game they play the style the where they were not going to go in there and demonstrate a lot of penalties that were creativity but they were gonna -- and -- let their players play they have a lot of injuries. It wasn't a skiing game for the patriots it was more about you know we're gonna do this will play this style and it's you can beat -- so -- -- but we're gonna play let our players play. And it wasn't based on a game plan that was based on allowing the players to play and they were able to succeed and I mean people walk away from the -- well the page Richard trouble wadded it really. Time out you know that game wasn't exactly. That game wasn't exactly. Game plan in the style where you were gonna you know you wanted to children mean their -- at a point in the season now. Where you know they're gonna have to get ready for Cincinnati bar for a 5 on Sunday morning Sunday afternoon the patriots will -- Baltimore's -- play against -- let's just beyond. Baltimore Smart enough to know that they would rather play at home against Indianapolis the home against Cincinnati so they're going to be the foresee that won't play the game. And so it for a fourth by the patriots don't know that the best they can be is the third seed or if you still loses they could be the second the so at that point what you really do now here's the interesting factor Kevin -- would be escorted for the Miami Dolphins is also a disciple of the -- number defense. So the -- to go out there and try to show things that they would do against the Cincinnati Bengals seven days from now is that really a Smart play now. So they'll play a very left handed game. They'll play the dolphins and the style on a matter that shows what they do but won't be showing what they would do against since that. Mike here's my problem with the women for the last maybe even five years here. Last your thirtieth district 27 and defense -- when you get ready for the post season if you're not playing great defense and -- I get to turnovers. No question about it the running game is a lot better than it was a year ago. On the date there a better unit in a year ago offensively but again I mean thirty to 27 patty field but those numbers going in the post season average here. Well I think it's a concern but -- I also think that they when they were playing good and they can keep their players on the field with Philippe was helping it better with healthy. The court situation with -- -- going inside the slot helps them a lot more I think the safety situation when they are healthy. Does I think any camera films on the other that you saw last week in the three man rush you've been able to get pressure on the quarterback. I think there's moments where they turned the ball over the can create and make a lot of it has to do with the match -- And who they play each week I mean where they place Cincinnati -- -- don't match up well against Cincinnati if they play them in the playoffs they've played Denver get I think they'll match up. If they played -- fiscal again I think that's to create a problem form because separate -- athletic quarterback. And that creates some problems for the patriots in terms of their athleticism speed on defense so. You know that I -- think the numbers cult story but they'll probably in character I think it's more about the match -- each week -- how how it affects what they can do at an end and I thought the patriots this season. When they played Houston and upload it when they're attacking more secure better defense. Do you agree -- both of us that of the two Houston has a much better chance to lose this weekend in Denver does. Would that recycle with the cancer him as he ran for 350 yards against last week it's the law of the game I mean now the Kansas City if if if they put nine guys on the field. Against -- the cancer is gonna win the game so that you know that was gonna win that one. And you know I I I don't have a sense Indianapolis before the eighteen their different at -- there are much better team at home and on the road. They're very good inside the bill Mathis and Freeney obviously are very effective Russian capacitor and Houston. You know Houston can run the football effectively autumn but Houston is missing some elements defensively and offensively. When you look at them they've got to Audrey Johnson and then who else gets the football and it is a nice player but he doesn't change the game. And they don't have anyone else in the passing game that they can get to a that they can get Houston to play from behind. I think they can win but I have a sense that you know when the game could -- down with Indianapolis plan for the plan for the coach to return to Pavano. But what else are they and I think he'll be an emotional flurry in the first quarter but after that I don't know. Have you ever seen anything like this in NFL history where you see a coach it's got the the mindset of the team and jump the gun on as you know Mike -- -- was down with me at Miami and won a great guy loading rate personally political. He is just a super guy. The person is to actually become the NFL coach of the year. As an interim guy you think he'd get some snaps out there for being ahead got some work. Well look that the best thing you can do if you wanna be ahead coaches prove you can be a head coach and that's the Bill Walsh used to tell young coaches all the time don't. Don't sit there and wait for your shining moment go make your shining moments to go pick it up don't be afraid to be a head coach don't be afraid. To go to Stanford after you -- to be that the chargers have become -- head coach at Stanford and maybe before battles are you. So what would Bruce's studies show that he can do the job and what better demonstration what better interviewer is there that would Bruce's dug in in terms of his work in Indianapolis I thought -- you know. And I thought Bruce did a tremendous job to. Really shines a light on on -- on on chuck not letting the players forget that he was the interim coach but also been able to be the leader of the team to. I think that's a great tribute to Bruce's call you as a person and his character. We're talking to Mike Lombardi of the NFL network Richard Sherman becomes the first player in NFL history to beat a drug test of a drug test conviction. Your take on the Sherman situation. Well I don't think the first I've been in the league enough to know there's the few that have been able to -- -- to do that based on samples and based on that could be that the lab work and all that. We didn't know about you mean. We didn't know about it yes so I I think that you know look I think it's. You know he believes strongly that he wasn't the part of this and and perhaps they've made a mistake Connecticut any system there's always going to be some margin of error. And anything we do in life and and so. He was very adamant -- was very adamant about coming out saying he wasn't taken it. At all and he was it was involved in this -- system and I'll see proof that the correct. What team have you been the most impressed with this year Mike. I you know I know they got killed in Seattle last week but I think the 49ers are dangerous team because now they complaints about how this is the 49ers would just meant. Because no one that you know that no one holds offensive -- better than Justin -- I mean. It's remarkable he never its call for defense of holding but he hasn't and their defense really is predicated on his ability at all this ability to generate pressure on the passer. But I think offensively what what they've been able to accomplish. What they've been able to do with Colin -- predict where they create the illusion the capita thrown in the passing game this sophisticated it's a very simplistic passing game. It's not old -- organ passing game but it's very much like that and are able to run the football. And will be able to create plays in the -- throws four touchdown passes against the patriots. Really they were there was it was probably one guy or not for the ball ball and that's how they were able to win. And I think they're -- can now score points to a big get into a game against Green Bay with a defense is the strong I think they can win it they get into the game against the a team where there may be perhaps -- plan that can score with them they can win it. I think they're setup for policies really well. -- -- let me say this here though is that -- but the 49ers got in to another Super Bowl wins. The patriots who would you take. Well I think the 440 another Turkey we got to play at least once the bell bottom. I don't think you can play them and discuss some cold you know they are certain teams that had speed of musicality that you have to almost feel it. And that's why I think the west teams have played the 49ers better than any team has because they they they know. So I think the patriots would be very good against the but I think the patriots would have a chance to play about it that's the kind of game where. You know with the patriots in the if you played ten times so that the patriots could win six supported -- -- -- four. It could be the other way around but I think it would be great civil war which we have I wish I could get that to happen right now. Final question before we let you go Redskins are cowboys Sunday night. Well I like to read it here because the tablet to beat up I think the markets -- hurt you -- gonna try to play over the shoulder. Anthony Spencer here only other pass -- for the secondary kind of beat up. Their defense hasn't played -- and -- we saw the won't move the ball and on the field last week and then. I put it almost had a great season. But I just. Just don't think will be able to be as effective on the road against Washington there are slow starting team that's what happens on the first on the put on Thanksgiving to read the tablet or the worst -- course -- teams in the National Football League. Which is shocking because their weapons Jason Garrett the great game plan coach. But they don't scored points in the first quarter -- and I think that the Redskins will be able to build a lead inevitably it's good to win this game home. Mike well as -- it's time thank you had a good idea and -- talk about that man is -- Mike Lombardi. Our conversation when Mike is sponsored by town fair tire by HSA insurance and by Colo space.

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