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Dan and Dale talk the Pats' frustrations and defense with Rob Ninkovich

Dec 28, 2012|

The boys talk with the Pats defensive end/outside linebacker about last week's effort against the Jaguars and whether or not the mood around the team was tense during the week. They also preview this week's game against the Dolphins and how the defense will approach Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush.

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All right now back to what I was saying a moment ago our conversation with Rob Ninkovich is brought to buy lunch dates and by bar making Jewelers. Rob joins us right now rob it's dale and Dan filling in for DNC good morning Harry. Great thanks does it feel like you know all of -- it's the end of the regular season we were just saying how quickly an NFL season goes. Does that when you're playing -- Yes especially are purchased power. You know goes to go that that -- goes quick arm. New beginning is either and he you know feeling payment. A lot of games ago and then you get -- slower like that policies that are real fast so. I think it's just a world. That the progression of the -- and ours just says that sixteenth game it just comes quick. Rob the last couple games and defensively too special last week against the -- against Cuba over 340 yards to the year against Chad Henne I would imagine this week spent. A lot more focus on stopping -- hill and Reggie Bush. You know you go to a final week of a game specially wanna play great going into the post season lot of focus this week on the dolphins and maybe even more so -- what you guys need to do right. They're that parameter it's pretty much saw a lot of serve and improving in the world. From horrendous crush immigrant mentality. And you know. Our continue. You know in terms of creating turnovers and you know playing good defense. I I always wonder how the atmosphere is in the locker room and on the practice field in the aftermath of a win but a win that nobody seemed real happy about was a little more tense around the facility this week. Now in I don't think are more chance at all -- -- There. So let you know pretty tough week so you can you know. He beat somebody and you're playing thirteen. Favorites in that aren't the best record -- it's our -- -- a home. Aren't there when torrential. Problem obviously there's -- -- -- better and play -- better started faster you know follows. Our own old superstar who they are played a better game you know or discuss you know received so. Urban surely don't you have this. Would you look at the way that the patriots have played this year especially in the secondary you see a lot of points muddy yards giving up with you guys. I would think when you're taken out of -- quarterback like this -- you wanna test his mentality is Belichick always tell people. He kind of challenges other team's mentality and how Smart they are. And understanding now what are able to do I would imagine this week he'd like to pressure -- quarterback conceit. If he understands exactly what he's being asked with Mike Sherman Joseph Philbin now. Thought in every reached differ on virtually. Terry Goddard here column from him some credit our entries you know from however. Fat you know being there are able to get out of the park didn't use some things so within you really have to make sure you have in the park just. Arm and don't let them get out so you know he he can definitely complete article also. Now also tour the deal aren't on the -- there are great if you discover part. I'm wondering just in general it seems like there have been so many rookie quarterbacks who have played at such a high level this year you guys have seen a couple of them with -- -- Tannen -- Russell Wilson. Why is it that you think that rookie quarterbacks have been able to command almost seamlessly into the NFL this year where that hasn't always been the case. All are here. You know I think that kind of goes into. Nor is it does -- coach you have arm you know covenant Hillary. You know just serve their overall preparation of our own own I'm sure because during a great job our charmer -- on the still learning as we speak so. I think that they've they've done a great job so far as rookies so. Are sure gonna continue to order. Wrong. There -- currently there are virtually. Good young our group court. Rob last year you guys get all the way to the Super Bowl with that unit on defense. Are you improved this year from last year's group. Well you know there are things you can look Eric Robert told these we we do a great -- our -- turnovers. Which is pretty huge and not think that. Look at New Yorkers. The other some guards that are put you know. Mean look at the whole picture of the turnovers. On you know hold your people Arizona through orange. -- -- that's -- -- saw -- -- so it's urgent turnovers starting. We're definitely a different team. Or are you as a person or lecture let you know a great thing about this year. Her young group of Gardner continued to -- it's better. And so I think they're. And I agree. Come together I'm going to be -- -- Final question before we let you go last couple of weeks you've faced running backs like Arian Foster and Frank Gore tell me how Reggie Bush is different and what different. Challenges he poses for your defense. Yeah. You know he's definitely the right back I can make a lot of ways where it's you know a play -- -- -- -- rather. -- contagion that just going outside. You know so it's not very I'm trying to create some. -- home when there's nothing going on for so it definitely has their ability to erect a big play. Gregory doesn't have a -- sort so do all these terms that are. Further responsibility and you know make sure the peregrine outlaw charter in a particular figure outside Rory occurred back in order subsidies -- I I said it was the last question but something just popped into my head. Are you guys approaching this and as as a defensive player in your case but -- every guy on the team. As though you're playing sixty minutes Sunday no matter what happens elsewhere in the NFL. Are you heard -- report. On greater partner re nothing change history. Probably appreciate time as always thank you.

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