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Day 3 of the Sileo experiment: recaping Celtics-Clippers

Dec 28, 2012|

It Dan Sileo's final day filling in as he and Dale open the show by sorting through the wreckage that's left after the Celtics' 29-point loss late last night to what is suddenly a juggernaut of a Clippers team.

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Our let's be honest we all lost none of us had still Leo making it to -- it. Everybody put your money in the pot silly August taken out of Miami Wear them -- -- And almighty -- -- where in the whole University of Miami sweatsuit thing it -- -- the Mark Green and orange in this place -- right -- -- champions that you -- right there can't be I will say this at least you don't have the camouflage fatigues on today you did gullible warm -- I have those rain because. We are all knowing and around college football. That. The thirteen weeks. Is college football. It's brand it's like sky stuff. He should've bought and to me that's when you're when you're younger and you know I'd models and I have the bank ones I had the patriot one I had that giant ones. I had jet ones out we just my buddy. My buddy Steve Nelson was real big you know former Atlanta back -- great what great guys government. He was real big news about as well loved them they were so I'm pushing it like you know. And go for ordinary you know I mean I -- -- -- have to -- draws. Not eaten breakfast the acts of its roads aren't aren't going to anymore. Yeah I'd like to affect the Celtics because I wanted to spend most of today talking football a little. Patriots Miami jets quarterback Sherman winning its appeal. And the Celtics have made that possible because we probably awards and all talk and I. Speaks and points. Or else people's war. You were -- They as as doc said after the game you know they played great and we played awful and that's always a terrible combination I know that. Celtics is. Looked -- they are de LA and and they looked old they dated there were not on the same athletic plain as the clippers. Ivan -- highlights this morning on sport -- because I'm not tunnel idea. After the first quarter rice and that's it I'm going to I've had a USR one yeah I said I've -- by and -- seem enough to -- and yet. Here's how bad it was at one point the Celtics fell further behind during a timeout. There brutal they call a timeout. And during that timeout they review with three Italian -- that I was at three so the Celtics lost the point during a timeout and and that's when you knew it would probably wasn't your. Danny Ainge has not done something that again a lot of organizations fall into. They needed to make a move last year and revamp the entire team -- your old man. And it it is really hard in you know the way the NBA is set up its heart set reset button. You know you gotta you gotta be bad for a while to be able to do that and I I didn't mind the idea of taken one more kick the can with the you know the band bring in the band back. What Ainge did and I thought did remarkably well in the offseason was rebuild the bench. But unfortunately. Some dismissive -- asked Terry. Where he has he has hit or miss the heat either comes out and shoots lights out or he can't hit the broadside of a barn. Ray Allen move looks really bad right now because race and celtics' ball well I'm not blaming the Celtics without. Well ray wanted out he wanted out but don't you think when those two guys were battling back and forth that either dock for -- could have made peace. Moved it out a little bit between Rondo and -- And I I just think I think ray had decided it was time to go and I you know I -- KG made his recruiting pitch and Paul made his and obviously -- and Danny were were going hard after he just wanted out and that I don't think it was mainly -- Saturday on the was gonna get him -- that they offered him more money out of Miami right literally a million dollars took less money to go to Miami that's why it that's when I knew. -- just want it and he yen and maybe it was. The Rajon Rondo you know character conflict and they were button heads and all that stuff what ever what he wanted out -- he had the right. I don't not the man he took the choice. Got a lot better chance to win. Here's here's the one thing when you watch the Celtics are just not good on defense consistently enough their benchmark of the -- do you. -- -- They are not good rebounding and playing defense that was a benchmark their entire team right now is inconsistent. Whether it's defense rebounding shooting -- run that run the gamut of everything I rate is they play on Christmas Day. And -- of docs -- after the game adults say it again last night it was the complete opposite. If you stayed awake in. I'm gonna all at orient corner I'd -- -- IA data really all I was out. And ever got better. So you have children watch that mess up night and it was so bad because I woke up -- -- about a 8:39 o'clock from my afternoon nap. Which was slate. That getting a back Tibet. Doesn't try to falsely in the third fourth daughter's going OK -- yeah I can go to -- game didn't help -- -- didn't help me and puts you to sleep I will not at Fermi. -- one other NB a note it will move back to football which is where will spend most of the dated one other NBA now. All in the NBA could be coach of the month for November -- fired in December when you go -- -- it's. Owner like that tell you know you're gonna get helter skelter results would -- -- off. You know the pressure is on to win. Barkley all that stuff the whole hoopla that we had at the beginning reminds me a little bit of the Marlins with Jeffrey -- hey look we got everything now. All the new Jersey's. New arena. There's a lot of pressure now in Brooklyn who would have thought with the nets all week. Thought that was weird and the lakers made their coaching change you know a handful of games into the regular season. And and I am I'm not even making a joke when I say the guy Avery Johnson was the coach I didn't head coach of the month but I didn't I did not know that until yesterday to -- out of the bottom of the crawl and I didn't know that he was named coach of the month or November. When -- -- You'd think some -- had. I don't know I've heard it's guys. I would think he'd probably one of the few times especially in in the first it was 22 guys I'd never met anyway he was coach of the month for November. He gets fired in December and every time an NBA coaching opening you know becomes available. Immediately Phil Jackson's name comes up that's the hot -- and lock and pro prospect -- able to throw a lot of money and -- direction. As much money is Phil Jackson wants probably because he's got that kind of cash to play with. I don't know if it failed with -- -- Southern California lifestyle wants to relocate to Brooklyn but perhaps he does. The one at that he gets to advantages pro -- as the hires they'll one. The former -- yet Egypt showtime the cult of showtime that the conflict in the competition with the -- get that. And -- Guys hates him this news we don't know who read this. Guy has won the most games coach in NBA history. This is a guy though -- that. I used to think it was so over rated as an MBA coach when you can take the personalities Rodman Shaq and Colby. Hip and all those guys and mold them into champions. I think that's even offered and sitting there and designing plight. You know you get -- -- it takes that triangle and he says great you run that technical part of it I'm gonna do with Pat Riley. And what I'm known for you know you're sitting there and you watch him coach guys he's drawing on and on his -- -- heart. I need you guys to do it this way we have to be focused. That's kind of coach you wanna play for that can galvanize your team because when he looked you in the face and he starts up those fingers and you see all those championships on them. You're going to be galvanized as a team I think that would be one of the greatest moves that that franchise can make -- vacant land and Mike you said Dell. You got to put a pretty big price tag on adamant their I'll sit. Deron Williams won't get that that won't get Phil Jackson fired. -- Williams got Avery Johnson fired you put any spin on wanting -- whatever you want. Deron Williams wanted to Avery Johnson on that's why he's well and and there are some players in the NBA. Can do that I mean look if if LeBron wants a Dag gone he's probably going to be gone when Kobe wanted to guy gone he was gone. -- -- and and I couldn't picture but I don't know that there's a Celtic who could get -- fired now. I don't know there's a player Kevin Garnett a couple of years ago but not this Kevin Garnett not to all I I could even picture them try and and I don't I mean that sincerely I can't even imagine a scenario you don't think Rondo cut. I don't think so. I was like he's Danny Ainge is right so he's the big rooster in the clubhouse right -- -- I mean everybody says this is Rajon Rondo is team. There have been some clashes between -- and Rondo in the past they have butted heads in the past. Even with all the head butting that goes on. Rondo really likes and respects dock in even a B didn't it be paid. If he went to be any ancients that I want that guy gone and again it would tell tough. I think I think you're right now which certain guys making gay guys blown out when you look at Kobe Bryant wicket the only guy he's really had success with. The guy he thought was going to be his -- got a -- their coach at the beginning of the scenes and that's why I think outside of every other guy from Phil Jackson. To Kobe's career. Is he struggled. With his teammates struggled with winning if it's not Phil Jackson and I think this comes back like you've just said would respect. He doesn't have that guys on the bench and he doesn't respect -- it's gonna take it on himself and Kobe's gonna be number 81. -- -- Kobe is we -- president Phil Jackson he's 81 at night when he quietly got a data while on the and it's a blanket that that's to me the problem Kobe Bryant he's got to look you in the face dealing go pay your going to put me in a position to win. He didn't respect Mike Brown. I wonder if he respects the Antonio right now I wonder if he -- -- wonder if he really respects and that's a 500 basketball team now they're playing a little bit better with that there but feel that. He was back. I think a little bit and it the only reason they say you like that I had -- but here's why I say that did. Remember did Tony was also an assistant twice from Mike -- jet ski on the Olympic team. And that's where -- gotten all right now collect data established that relationship by the way deal for Deron Williams it's now -- second coach that -- You're absolutely right and he. As long as you enable -- You'll lose yet strive law that's I have long if you allow the player to make these decisions. That you keep doing that stuff. It just. You know I gotta win that way. Not to you're you're not gonna win that war like that you're just not going to when you're constantly looking -- you're not trusting what the guy in front he's doing and putting you in a position to win. There's no question you're not gonna win and you ask the question about -- and that's the reason -- what do you none of these Celtics would whatever they tried I couldn't be addiction and beat -- Because of what doc did for them when they all got together no wait now they've all mixed in different pieces along the way. They trust the guy leading them. That whatever goes in that cake batter it's got to come out of nice looking to. It was bad it was bad for the Celtics last night there a 500 basketball team they've been a 500 basketball team all season long. True there going to be any different going forward I'm not sure that there's some magic elixir that there's some button dock and pushed. It's suddenly is gonna turn things around I they look like a 500 team right now. With Eastern Conference being the way it is okay. Are we looking at the bottom and hear 78 like that kind of stuff 678. I mean look what Indiana we don't know Granger injured at the beginning of the year we're still wait for Derrick Rose come in back in Chicago yet that's the caveat there waiting for him. -- runs his guys off the -- constantly what are we looking at what the nets are hanging around 500. There's really not a lot of dominant teams in the Eastern Conference so that we are still top. I think the -- flies out for five somewhere now because the week each strike the west is just killing it right now. And I'm curious what happened to the knicks' Amare Stoudemire comes back because that is always been a little dysfunction between he incremental oil in the water as indeed. We will take very quick 92 break we'll turn our attention of football and man oh man did we get a bunch of stuff handed to us yesterday. Can I can just say this I. I've not come to the point where I feel bad for Tim Tebow. Come on I. I -- I am now I don't now come to the point where I hit the Tim Tebow what happened yesterday. -- ago I don't hate him at all and I I -- -- game you lost him for his Adobe you lost I don't know why I love the guys have lost respect for him today oh absolutely and I and I now have come to the point right idiom and oh by the way. For the first time in NFL history something happened yesterday. Which frankly surprised because it's never happened before. And the patriots play the dolphins this week and hold on to playoff scenarios to work our way through and silly alone help us preview the dolphins. Patriots game in the port 25 matchup -- -- all of that still to come here on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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