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Doc Rivers with Grande & Max before the Clippers game

Dec 27, 2012|

Doc Rivers with Grande & Max before the Clippers game

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The Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Our conversation with a head coach brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim. Count us in there are no perfect games but Tuesday Brooklyn is that the way you want to point. -- I would like to play at a higher -- but overall you know. From the second quarter on -- there was true. Ten days ago we talked about what you hoped to see from Jason Collins with his extended minutes. Ten days later is it what you thought it would -- eight or maybe even better. Yet it is the better I think you know obviously no one's gonna get blown revised numbers but it. It is just so many things for the team defensively -- -- an officer with said -- to be in the right place. And I think it makes them feel better you did a great player to do better on the floor and play better. You need to and it -- what's an example of something. He is no one's going to c.s and Macs and apparently don't have time to we're just in the right spot offensively. Which. Makes a team swing the ball instead of -- the guy on the polls you know who took so many points away. From Brooklyn where they just didn't try to go where he was that. We're someone what -- than they would have and they just in the right spot. More people were able to appreciate winter soldier did on Tuesday -- rookies are up and down in everything that's the -- goes but he seems seems anyway from what what -- and answer. To be sort of less affected by the up and down have more club professional even keel it's not fair. Yeah that's more because -- -- like -- -- his emotions were being you know at least two of the jumping but he's just sort variance. As far as the knowledge of the day in bed it probably won't help you not yet been inconsistent with some of the. You always say you never know player to you -- them we talked about Jason Terry financial Barbosa being better on defense say that you thought they were now you've had here for 27 games how has he surprised. Now you know the better shooter from deeper than that but other than that I've seen here for a long time so I have a pretty good at a pretty good -- All right I think this. Clippers past. Fourteen extremely once he's been sports they're doing. Yeah evidently -- so there's so -- government last year. -- -- to -- there are very close and we talked several. Poor their differences and he was in the -- back -- loads of Altidore all the things you have to do that you're required to do good you're good team. And they -- willing to do it last year and now they are all things we talked about continuity teach. Yeah operative -- that you make changes the meaning they have so media lawyers when you think the great Leo and talk to build our writing point. That'll move you get much deeper. I was just talking a rough dollars and she worked a long time forcing when you're he -- -- Mayan -- law he said your team here at Larry Brown in 92 was the best -- team he has seen. Until this when there's always been that sense of the other shoe was gonna drop -- -- your team. Being maybe the best over team before this one did you ever since that when you were here. There we were hurt I thought we had a chance that they are kept together. But you know rooms clubs -- but do they didn't. You know I thought that you've had a chance to building go along work. Whenever I think my profession is brutal something happens in yours that makes me realize how almost random it is with when he -- jobs. The judges of whether or go to democracy. And that's what would happen they are just. That's who are made in me I -- and obviously it was my rent. But how do you go from. Do we bat when he goes to -- their record and because you have one bad month. It's just I don't know that it's strange business of time. Well if you win it declining. -- -- Mario I'm gonna give it back Celtics and clippers next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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