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Thurs. December 27th Whiner Line

Dec 27, 2012|

The Bonecrusher 2.0 Whiner Line!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris -- and this discretion music box to. -- Morris and now those -- your line. This -- disaster. I have never seen. Our defensive tackles his back and now they're spicy another defense to tackle. On the University of Miami didn't sit around looking for girls and it stands and not running to the football and what that hat on someone's asked. You'll aren't going to be -- -- a ball WEEI. Warning airlines I am good I haven't and you read some of the next time I see somebody. And hit somebody -- -- bug patches of somebody dial 6177793535. When a quarterback standing there when he doesn't cornerbacks -- I want someone to joke -- bottom and I wish I don't. It is nice and handy stick in a -- -- says why don't lighting whiner line embarrassing. Add to the city of Miami. Looking at high yield and now -- -- think talent is dating to. And up -- yards two weeks -- blocked blood tests that don't you mean giants. Just lying -- alive and. -- happen. -- up bigger ran up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. Ten times faster than three JAT and T -- Got to blow all right patio store got you know we -- line. And I don't know. More. But the fact that it would pit bulls didn't act -- other guys -- able to -- Florida. And radio tipped in the post nine I know Marco in the process right now. A look at but. Use the word dude. Forces radio that is huge she'll want no one's there to that we weren't so long -- -- dosages. For like they'll likely to chart and -- there were due to me I hate that word more than anything I can't stand it's. But who knows the I had. Your -- on the -- right now you're a -- -- -- -- food buttons does Google bilateral Ryder. -- -- gonna go five row and intimidated and afraid Norfolk and I'll ride the -- -- -- a -- -- -- table writer and not ignore it immediately stop right now stoppage -- bid. -- Step up. The first time in delight. Answer Cooper tonight to play Pete Wentz welcome comments that somebody saw these picks up right now. -- -- Excited about the -- all of that got up from the old glory days it would threaten the man who could better. And that message you think you're entertaining about is when -- over. -- point big debate watch upbeat about good and bad that don't want to. The that the Mormon. It has been an -- as the water and that it is you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've never told. That would. Marat are that won't go -- Greg. Well but maybe god is yes it wouldn't have been -- people forward them back from. What brought that to upgrade. Equipment and -- And then you I would imagine that no. -- maybe that's next electorate just. It was going to be and I would support what -- could go out Obama might want to know more about them but you. Know. You've been talking crap I've got -- But what. Yet again I don't it and. And that -- true you know I met I met Dan before until it. Value ultimatum either you walk by my job is to get his autograph I did not -- this draft him at a charming fellow Henry Kissinger speaks -- -- this. They simply go. Graduation but the -- was an opportunity. The only bet is that as a professional. There have been asked without ever. Oh the humanity. And it also uses double negative -- yesterday's press counselor saying it never not. I call it a restaurant you know obviously the wildcat. It will be and I thought the guys security experts over it would have operating. Involvement of -- involved and some. We entered their verdict itself he wants big right now because of jet that would that the north had problems with -- -- Group you don't want big right now what physical candidate really. -- -- every physical and around. Cattle feed lot of great did you know -- on the -- -- you haven't paid the physical -- -- alone. Although here I can't wait to obligates that they're typically -- the fact that the good I'll probably boys but at the protective of the few times. And Ed what he does better with people. At its worst the pot is an ordinary quarterback which Russia everybody could throw like troop recent rocket like I don't know what I. Five Mississippi we -- -- -- people like Republican Peter physical Pete what can -- jets don't. And as I guess I got up but this those two words for -- Houston Texans go look at -- -- won by four talked about watching this game Sunday he and ride. -- Patrick Chung. C Brandon Spikes not being physical act within the. -- bell against the mighty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's proper channels like people talking this mountains -- Parker's agent is about to take Ryder stop talking. Not crusher 2.0 I have said you -- I don't know -- -- hit -- -- -- it. I mean I -- want I want Olivia Newton John's let's get physical blasting through Gillette Stadium like Odyssey the video. Going to be -- -- how's that. -- -- -- -- -- people aren't coming up with such multiple unique he would need to Tony Romo won't connect. -- how hectic about the -- and that -- so creative thought -- I mean that's. If that's and that's not -- -- I'm much I'm an opera and there are going to be say it before but it's not that are you know I called Tony touchdown until he picks. With politics fix solidly picks and don't don't mess with -- until -- generational he picks the good. Insulting nicknames for quarterback like that. I want to question it is what it would happen. It's true well Stephen Drew. And that's that and I have a million dollars. Script well but that started better -- -- -- good -- -- Quote in the curriculum. Bought a boat or -- but don't look -- now he's spoken. And -- -- by you please you make a lot of you have a lot of ifs in this tonight. I will take the sixty and a half point I'll take my chances are a lot of points. All right got hurt pretty bad -- it bad. Not even have flash back problems -- -- -- there is bad in the NBA it's quite. They have the best record and they -- important -- -- hope it's epidemic the best and what does. Is there. Last year that they -- they want a championship last. And that that has point six some I won't be OK correction 22 and six. Who does -- he already. Heated twentieth six and Scott suited Koppen have to disagree -- an NBA best 22 that's right if that's right currently down rusty who went a seven game series Miami at a clip Miami they go. -- -- -- Out ethnic ethnic and didn't go out there are all pathetic out like bandits fired up at -- that there could be some other things that not a bad -- Output very. But not Nevada saying. We got a better ingredients better we've got to put better at all these faces of faith and they don't let the good baker you've got it's -- -- and it helps our bodies that robot -- -- look it -- yeah. That -- -- Mikey so he's taken what time off than they will be easily it's basically hit some special what we -- It didn't used to ride out the monotone god wouldn't that we have Mikey had a stroke but yeah. And now had this because I just learned to listen wandering in the planet Mikey well. Yeah. Wondering when it. Mike is off again tonight and yes some gonna change my name to Mike try to -- there and figure it out. That's a while iPod by AT&T AT&T forgy LT which reads up till the B 1010 times faster than three GA TT Rick -- pop up.

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