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Danny Ainge says Avery Bradley should be back after the New Year

Dec 27, 2012|

Pete and Kirk talk with Danny Ainge about the Celtics' west coast road trip, how he felt watching the Celtics-Nets Christmas day game and when we can expect to see Avery Bradley return to action

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Back here are the big show a 6177797937. -- see guys -- double -- back to your calls in just a bit of speed shepherd. And Kirk -- ahead -- today for big go and Michael Holley and the big joint joining us as he does every week every Thursday. And this time he's alive from a downtown Los Angeles director vessel operations for the Celtics to any -- I did how aria. Yeah again fantastic well let's let's start with with the Christmas Day victory over the Brooklyn nets in my opinion. Probably the most overall complete. Victory of the season -- and went. Well I I don't obviously Oklahoma City and gain was the best. Victory the year. Brooklyn is not playing as well they have been played earlier in the year. I don't -- that it was a good victory that your victory on the road it. The couple that he was that. Ya OK our program -- that what you get the coach fired go on Christmas Day after that victory. Yeah that was that was surprising sales from coach of the month. In the NBA in November do about it yup December that that period usual. But but at least in the has given up a Christmas Day I think one of the most impressive numbers out there was you know pierce and KG only had eight points apiece and viewers you're able to the bench was terrific soldier was terrific. And need it -- I think it's sort of pick a short a lot but this but the -- is capable of. Well I thought that. Jeff Green and so well off the bench where. Very very -- eat according muted but epic numbers the he -- a very important role to. Tokyo. And our principal or the game that order -- turned the key. -- our Big Three regret having all the order but what the war. What you are at their -- is that that opted this year. You know at the bench they're not in it -- pensions don't do better because they're. The -- scores see and especially our team what we re all our caliber player started by. We do need dedicate. As the day it was a good seat -- and only what they're purely sports. I told you before the year started Danny on December 27 -- -- going to -- playing a team with the best record in the NBA recruitment shocked. Not really. Although I probably wouldn't have predicted it -- would -- it. I would have been surprised either they're loaded. Lot of talent. This all played at a very high level that the court. They have interior our interior. Perimeter shooting. You know I think Lamar Odom is a terrific player yet in the best shape but he. Look I started but it better but there. -- Jamal Crawford -- At a thirteen years in BA career. Arguably the best here is they're career is thirteen feet so. It's their plan on all cylinders right. And with a player like that all of the leaders -- actress Paula. The prizes. God does and I think and it's. Number Rhonda didn't get a triple double on national TV like two years ago as a Christmas Day however. Tonight on TNT 1030 start or probably work folks like -- -- eleven but I think that the entire country's going to be watching this matchup with Rondo and Paul -- advocates. It's it's must see NB ATV. Ride I hope it doesn't you know our prospective -- that started to you know 11 batch of you know everybody contribute what we -- that day as we. Got to take the path of least resistance. I've got to be a lot of players beat -- like let. You know the past couple weeks stock has called up this team few times publicly there their toughness insane and judged on their very good basketball team do you see progress heading. Our guests. On both sides he -- -- tougher there were a couple of weeks ago you seemed -- improved its -- put a lot of stock into one Christmas when. Over and that's pretty are you seeing sort of the the end of -- -- your serve which he built for this team your vision in the year started. I've seen stretches. A stretch that that in game that we La I eat a lot of debate. But it -- would you do the work resolved. To ignore he spoke at certain that the quietly we. Can fight through the adversity of each individual gay. And with big aren't going well those six that runs a few turnovers don't Erden. Eighteen did not we need to limit those run. Especially if we could see and I think it's just focus -- -- help although picket that it meant as we you've built at the as the ability to play at a very -- couple. They shelved that and over the last and this isn't just happening this year last year we started out there that. And I didn't think -- -- that you saw the back side. And I thought it. We had as much resolved -- the team I've ever. The second. In the Indy here or always -- NBA finals it's set at the lakers -- authority of the regular season series that it -- I felt like we did have that fight -- resolve what Iraq might -- -- -- about this but there that thought that we let the best basketball this. You know six here era that we -- PG. I thought that that was the best basketball we have ever played. Even to this day it was -- that -- or in the series the series so I know these players happen with India. I I will never doubt that that it shelled. The they're the eight mullah. But they also have a tendency to play well this. And 28. Themselves. For lack of better served throughout the course regulars. But they just again just go back to what we saw Christmas Day what I like I love the defense the way the ball's constantly being attacked I mean it's seen by by everybody I love that kind of basketball. A lovely guys who played you know great transition basketball making the extra pass. Move the ball around me that that look like the Celtics team we've seen. Peaking yet yeah -- higher levels -- -- note. Last year at the end and and you know and obviously in 2010. And 2008. No it was a good game no question about it are all well but our focus is instantly. In her -- of the -- beat the suspect he should. But are better than or we -- Features. So that was encouraging. As. It whatever it would it be you went on the road. It's been a rival it should it's very it would and it. And hopefully we can build up that it is he getting better yet he's part. You know -- last two games in the 24 points twelve rebounds and eleven half blocks I think he's averaging are you. They get that kind of wait and see with him as a unit. Stay there for a while -- -- he done enough the start new reexamined maybe he can have a role on this team soon. Well we're we're excited about what happens to be. Excited about the development -- -- beginning. At all where years. I don't really want it disrupted so right now there are a lot of it. Are opportunities. Out right in our club are deep traveling so much that we built. I have a lot of practice. And so I think that record -- that it -- -- eating all that attention. At Purdue is seen it is that I think -- good let it be be right. What's been I'd say it's different level of competition obviously but what what's been your reports -- if you've seen them what's been differ with him down there vs -- what was going on before the pre season you know overall with him. Well -- elegant player and I think that he is hitting it and learning terminology. On the but it culture about the I in the -- you. Elude his brother public Patrick taught there in people slowly. Along with tradition. -- -- EPA. Thing which barriers. I think there's a lot in that back -- over. Patient as we. -- He would develop as it -- it just -- the big picture. Talking with a Celtics director of basketball operations that Danny -- the big show. -- also -- -- that was frustrating we had Max on yesterday I asked her about this again what happened to Brooklyn and at the KG that ridiculous double technical called Wallace. What what is this nonsense gonna stop what what what can you Laura and I mean if it's got to stop it's ridiculous. You know I don't know I've needed it. I'd I thought it was I didn't think it was the right call. But you know every game I'll watch whether college here. Or NBA here here it seems as though it all that I. And beat the way it is it that big gold -- 35 years I'd like so. I'm sure that back indicate that do. You know I think that they're just trying to keep the game -- -- And not give anybody every try to stop all the not the and extracurricular -- to go on the court the McCain. And I think they've bought that both parties are guilty. Of just. Actions that didn't -- it. In the course of the game but it is easier -- rather than blame her. Activity and it and it stopped. It is a frustrating for you and dock and the players that and it's amazing numbers as we saw used to consult explained on Christmas Day but I in I -- was bad and all this bad. Other 29 games played the Celtics are twelve to seventy on Christmas Day -- won eight of them have been on the road. I mean I mean that that many concerts -- -- shows booked at the garden of the -- -- or are you know what what wherever the name of the boy who has Dana anyway women happy to tell me the players were 2321. -- the frustrated at the -- simply 29 games on the -- all -- every Christmas -- -- seem to play are always been playing on the road one time in the history that they in the for that that -- Christmas -- they played at home. That's that's a little crazy to me. Right well you know I think it would be active player all of that everybody would like to be all but. It for whatever reason I don't know beat beat Barbara. If we don't control that. -- -- -- I watched that it's funny mentioned that you are watched 8586. Christmas game again NBA doesn't guarantee any. Well you -- -- -- again you hear guys say about team -- won 7072. Games that's one of those games you lose games like that of 24 -- what happens a. You know I think that happened to that but I did right I don't negate sixteen but it is the team. You know ever -- -- what India. But even -- -- you let your guard -- a Big Apple. I think the easiest thing you do it like I respect what. Think everybody. Start playing career. And not think -- so much about the shot and I think that he'd -- it will be this way let their guard a little bit it's hard. You've got to be -- At 86 we did that a lot of boat used it beat out a way to win the game. It seemed like every that we at one point lead it backed up by epic indicate that. I think. Those things just happen and -- in the night at that point late in the third. On the road a lot he came back beat Chicago -- Though it is saying it is those out in the NBA and it's not because. You're you're playing a lot of gains as one reason why it happened here. As a player you know you don't try to think of the game but you can't help but realize yet in the next night. And then there's guys about the bit -- the latest week the brash. If they have nothing to lose so it is all very light so breathe easy. By Denny every Bradley who shall we expect him back on the Wednesday against Memphis next week. -- I think so I'd bet that that that are. Eight for awhile and add anything to change yeah. You know will make sure that it. Or we -- out there picture is pretty. And you know we don't we don't arrest him -- make sure he's ready but yet he's he's worked extremely hard. Everybody excited you'd agree about the good practice at a set back orchestra. Albeit that will be. All right Denny thanks so much and have a happy new year we'll talk we'll talk to you next week. All right guys happy new year. Thanks Angela I'm Danny age just Celtics director basketball operations and what a stretch coming up for the Celtics great game to -- up tonight. The clippers Saturday act Golden State which to be another great game at Sacramento on Sunday team that lost two out their last year. In the in the mid march and and the next him after that is home against a mattress -- -- Avery Bradley would racks of some interest in times of for the Celtics and that did you learn a whole heck of a lot here over the next three games but I think it's going to be very interest to your Celtics three and it's pretty good test. That is not a good good DC where you are -- progress you're -- snotty definitive statement on the 201213. Celtics but I agree that. -- -- on this that 85 B six teams the best he matters. On night nobody -- there's no there's no doubt about an elderly -- -- -- really people younger kids now -- never seen that team play. With Walter coming off the bench raw data mean bird that peak Mattel this and he will tell you that Christmas Day -- up a 24 on the net the other forget it and they lost. And they were living with hair and live there on the terror of that and -- they only lost one game at home -- -- was support material -- Was bike thirty feet below 41 at home that your motto playoff games -- in the name of 39 through the next year I was in Portland Utah that was -- -- -- -- -- that really really -- -- -- -- I was like 1820 points yeah yeah. Yeah exactly I was one that and it wasn't what it was the really go to the ruling and I text files but exactly Hampshire.

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