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The Red Sox rumor mill is still churning

Dec 27, 2012|

Pete and Kirk are talking about the Red Sox rumors concerning the Mike Napoli deal and the possibility of Adam LaRoche coming to the Red Sox.

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Well welcome to wail away -- addition of the big show. After a big check quicker and what's it gets really and for the bingo. And Michael -- regular phone -- right away 6177797. Indicted 37 taxed at 37937. And also other -- while at 6177793535. Well my proved a lot to talk about today ruled as a footballer but later on and -- that -- -- -- the software approval but later on as well did he -- join us that 1:4 o'clock -- patio. Correct -- thirty. Fourth round their fourth thirties you'll get -- -- -- and take our take on -- what happened with the Celtics in Brooklyn that great win and what to expect. On this stock car on the is continuing this road trip which had the same kind of wrote to pleasure of looking a blast marched ahead. They had the clippers golden state of Sacramento in March obviously -- -- deficit circumstances Celtics did go to -- one and a trip amazement that loss was to Sacramento that's right. That's right or are there yeah -- point seven -- -- -- -- -- -- And be on TNT which -- won't start to look at 11 o'clock. Yeah that's true you know it's a long night but it's a long -- but I am really really looking for -- obligated to sell its orbit also no question about it but let's begin today. With what is going on. With the Red Sox once again and for space because to me Kirk -- seems to be a lot of smoke here. And where there's smoke there's usually fire this Mike Napoli and at -- Whatever is going on here visit Ken Rosenthal others have reported that it's it looks like. Maybe the Red Sox supporting Rosenthal on the on the Pope may put me. A -- on the back burner here are gonna make a serious moral -- or tomorrow -- -- Leaking all this crap bouts of leaking up store making up stories about the Red Sox having -- Trying to get trying to get that is just yeah it's just confusing -- know what's going on but I think you're at the point now where. We talked about yesterday on its own -- waited for while we drew. In the change of language -- contract with Lackey so you know yeah I did spend three plus weeks for Napoli on its own is not that big deal. NATO missile roasting reports that the Red Sox have contacted -- change the dynamic of the whole thing and how the data this way. And the horses can be 33. At a Goodyear last year. A 43 games -- the 5460. Yes and 2011. Then okay 2010. That's -- that's the last three years before that you wanna turn around after not getting three years 39 for Napoli. Just giving three years 39 and another -- is that it's gonna work it and given -- first baseman 39 million bucks. I don't understand downtown and from a defensive standpoint I would -- -- thought -- -- happily settled on the -- question about it. It it's just. It it it boggles the mind doesn't now again. -- got to go back from the public or bring it up about J. D. Drew ticket for 22 days since I wrote it -- 24 year right up Napoli date. Right -- -- 24 Napoli gates -- got to -- four weeks to go before can officially be may be in panic mode here. -- the did take 52 days back in the -- to sign a J. D. Drew right boy I was out of work. Yeah listen I mean so that the but the thing is here which is the organ is organizationally I would just say that OK you don't get Napoli. But you don't get Napoli if you say this -- hurt we're gonna cut bait and aka the -- I'm OK with that Smart Smart and signing him. If you -- a bunch of questions. But you don't have to just been signing other guy to a three year 39 dollar Contra three years 36 were never. You go a different direction you can play dived -- ever complain about not as good. You'll have to jump again and give up draft pick which say don't wanna do. Just to bring in the -- I don't really understand it -- -- a -- -- second round pick which I don't really understand you know if you look at atrocious last three years. Or three years before that. Like any of those 45 years he was a player you -- thirteen fourteen million dollars to. Per year for three years is that individually you're gonna be worth that western it was good he slugged over 500 but again. Yeah before they put 43 games a year before that. So PS for 788 he was OK hobbies -- just 320. Is that kind of player and to me. And this is something I brought up -- the last couple months I really thought -- which was going to be here now the Indians game what four years and 56 yeah that's a lot of money a lot of that is a lot but. I mean if they had done that dealer Kirk -- to be in -- felt about that as opposed to north of this mess right now would it have been would have been worth. You know it's funny we keep coming up to these names every single time I say it's too much money too much money some maybe it's not mean maybe the world just changed my dvds at age 56 million to six million dollars and got it like a lot of -- -- -- -- they want it's pressure you have got ya I wanna swisher. Didn't work out now -- Wherever LaRoche for 339 -- swisher for 456. It's -- it's close. It's close -- not a political -- for the three years. But yeah I mean I just look at them right now at this Napoli things that we thing false through. To me if this deal that seems a World Series team it's okay not to not to have to overspent for another guy if you wanna play Gomez for. They're called for a minute zealots always baby I did forget what was 35 million dollar payroll it's reported on yet they're Gulfport that's that's all -- -- Yes you know I I don't see it you know I just to go from one guy to another guy just because he's out there India as a sign anywhere. If that's necessarily the solution. What. Again. The part that is going to be will be intricacies of the Cleveland can typically can't repeat if the Washington Nationals and and on the -- -- is not. You know feeding. These kind of rumors which does happen agency notes and two. You know it exaggerates and it was a leak information like I guess it's possible but. It is 44 days it's not the 52 at -- at about about J. D. Drew Brett -- does at least perk raise at least half a red flag doesn't it. Well there was problems when -- heading it to mean there's concerns I mean there's a reason Texas -- bad qualifying and they and they know that they said they knew right did you -- there were some Hewitt -- leg room resort -- forever you know our rob talked about my -- and I don't our show before that mean there was there was whispers about it. To be going in there was a concern and then -- they take a physically look at and there are more concerns maybe Red Sox are just saying you know what. This doesn't work we don't like it cannot be flexible with -- we're going to go -- if they do that I applaud them for. It's oppose a feeling cornered and sighing happily to a bad contracts have been hurt if they don't think it's gonna work outside a final at that. But doesn't you have to bring in the -- again there are other options for 345 million bucks for a year. They're first baseman -- copies of the Roche you know just hide in the U would be with the steel guitar what's gonna get sort Napoli kind of contract action. I would think the three year 39 -- -- -- -- and you know some of the options and you probably you have probably was the budget I've action next -- -- -- my 2012 preview I've -- free agent listen. Of the of some first -- of realists are -- to a larger now with some of -- or burial mean because like Berkman to Cairo Giambi Hinske off. Keppinger Kotchman. They'll -- -- while he decides on the side problem. You know and a -- -- -- got wonder what the Red Sox affecting. And what are what are the options and what are some of the better what are the options right now they don't have a first baseman and a -- -- say it really all backfires and Napoli can't play and the -- Is you know that's a back from Washington. Yeah what at what I mean what are some of the viable options and earn a spot then -- response I I would -- title with a attribute them again. His first patient talk about you know making a bet that's would be now -- be Gomez right now I mean Lessig -- science avoid that right the first baseman coming your first baseman and to me honestly. And got rather do that for years and commit forty million dollars that -- the next three years some of the best teams do when the World Series next year some -- you're playing Gomez at first and that's -- -- I would have been happy with swisher because yes this postseason numbers are -- know that they're terrible however. Celeste -- could pop it is bad you don't talk on the short right field porch and India accused him understand all that but. I think you're -- figured can be from all accounts ever met him personally but if -- but he talked to register their clubhouse guy. -- you know at some personality that they. A media lab that that the caddie is a decent place to play first race there and -- gets on base for -- and I think that reasonably healthy. Yeah okay behind works the -- he does all that stuff they like -- to be okay these kind of got a ticket probably age okay is better to the plate discipline guys usually good like that. But latest draft pick compensation keep hearing -- the but the Red Sox has been a road block all want to drop -- and argue -- and I talk about themselves a position where they'd be contacted the Roche may be relatives may be no more than that. We bring up in the play which you say second round pick which they look at the view was significant and they do so you know at that point that the struggling consistent with the languages -- what they're doing nets if they do that. After -- happily it does kind of whiff of panic and give it may not do. But if they do I would start to say well it's different that would have been selling us on. The question is to be issues to begin in the mind of bench Harrington and find out if he feels if this all falls through with Napoli. If they feel compelled to go after La Roche now and and maybe even overpay them who knows. Just because they they feel like now they're -- hundreds and a five billion dollar payroll that is no stopping him now right human ought paper still looks like a very mediocre team at best of 500 team yeah. I think. I'm not change my mind until. And I'll probably all star break is -- that's his way I fully expect -- -- or Napoli I don't care. I expect this team to be hover around the 500 mark around the all star break somewhere -- -- -- three to five games the second wildcard -- -- -- happens fourth sets a match my expected right. What's strange is unique kind of banked on Napoli in the coming back and on first year among all these guys remember at least through the Newsweek first. Another kind of lucky if -- that's the way they go to Roche is even bears option and he wasn't in this thing fell through and really be champs so. -- I could become a bank a lot of Napoli right you're sort of build their off season starting with him. Now again who knows they -- sign in this afternoon we have no idea what these reports at the -- -- -- doubt here. And with the injuries he had before I have to say it's a real big surprise I mean this is a guy who has some serious injury. Concerns. I sit here and read a Texas says guys are you nuts from five await what team in east is so much better than the -- short answer none. Well I certainly in the Yankees -- veteran -- -- yourself in 195 -- question I think the blue jays at least on paper have potential to be better there -- in the Red Sox last video they're -- made it better -- -- better I think on paper they are better campus at Tampa is better than the Red Sox -- did you I don't know I think Baltimore little -- -- last year it cost of a one run games -- their cultural intangible that was unbelievable I could see them having to step -- -- if you wanna tell me. There are such a better than your -- right now. A much her degree -- that it's certainly by an argument the other teams -- -- right now they are. On the very best the fourth best team you know I think most people agree the Red Sox have the best bullpen in India maybe one of the best open to baseball. Right now anyway at least on paper as weights. Shaping up here. Potential to be any -- shape than the starting pitching we just don't know that is going to be the big question mark and Napoli or on the road show what route they wanna put -- for space. You know if if if for starters that they have now that are ready to go. Ticket back on track here if that if jock -- can't fix that horrible first inning ER rate. How -- time Justine trailed after one inning the two winnings last year was absolutely abominable. Their licensees and it's all -- it's all gonna depend on the starting pitchers or big chunk of it short keep saying it I know it. Keep saying it it sounds like a broken record man but dammit that's what it is now it it really matter what Rocha Napoli the first bracing Jon Lester Buchholz or at least Lester ticket back on track. Not a presuming these guys are good they're good today and does matter and right now you look at the situation where they don't have Red Sox don't have the first baseman and you know. It's kind of closing after the Roche it's closed -- Napoli in the -- For guys that are out there must make some deal that we haven't you know exporter heard about. What they do -- for space. It's. It's it's going to be adjusting as a sedative bench Eric and if the snap within falls apart if he feels compelled to really go after La Roche and what that what do they start get into. There's some kind of a -- bidding war with Washington. Knowing that's -- cautions there because they've just been feels that desperate to get a guy like -- Roche. Said go along with the goldmans yeah I'd be really impressed. The Red Sox -- -- repeat insurance and if they didn't get -- fell through and the Roche was mr. Richard it is one way and they punted and when she projected first base -- say OK at least they're. Sticking to their guns that they sign LaRoche we give up a draft pick which. We can debate the value of it and goes against what they've been selling us answer to be conservative from Red Sox game because things sort of have to make it gets -- his inconsistencies going on. Organizational.

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