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Chris Webber talks Celtics-Clippers and the Fab Five

Dec 27, 2012|

A must listen: Chris Webber joins Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell at Staples Center, talking Celtics, Clippers and the Fab Five.

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Which brings us to our full court press the game. -- -- It stars Chris -- here with a -- -- in my TNT humans studio tonight he's doing to game the biggest difference that matches no traffic on the 405. Rush through -- -- doing yes the biggest thing about doing game what I was limited had a Erica and the only good thing because it's reverence that some might tell you know that's the PWW -- every -- got rather remember him throughout his -- argue in on the clippers like everybody -- the thing. Where economic sided who's talking instead of like a big I'm off on the side of his shot I don't know what the word is I love watching and I love seeing teams and our favorite teams and you know of course you -- so the New York all the great legacies but. You know what team has been -- -- their whole career just as much as the Celtics is one. Really good to see them in this position ST where is gonna go on the site well. I think when that they can look at this team right now this statement the memos talking Houston's -- go with the coaches and that they humidity these that you know -- We played a lot of nobody for a while from a the lower bottom teams so this game with a huge game it'll -- you know to get blown out well. It's the confidence builder really football teams that Celtics. Really need to go on the road they went -- games but the clippers need to prove to their faith. You're right they can beat a quality team in the twelve team like felt. -- -- -- -- the point that you know about the so that the Celtics is always gonna play Harding give their effort. And so that's been something that you have and not do so in a while -- -- -- tonight I'd be scared I would wanna play. Adrian honoree KG who doesn't want you don't conditional Obama wouldn't wanna play Rondo and everybody's on to talk about Chris Paul might be the best point guard. So I love that that's Celtic locker room and I and I -- -- -- -- because our production meeting I think the story these could be. He's -- on every guy's argument that -- -- -- show off against -- so is going to be interesting game tonight expressed because you know with so it's always there with their heart and that defense. You let that game like that Sacramento which is now the team that had been to York start to establish itself. To get it definitely and you have to embrace and so you have to know that this team doesn't -- about the record and you better in this -- and that you go to vote who you beat the lakers or another team should be in the off the court. To open like you wanted to have that so it definitely needs to be that balance but on. I think -- that this is the big test because you're gonna look at the celtics' record on the got a good player which are not government. I'll bet they want this game so could you celebrate with with with what to think nothing about them look at the it X later. Camaraderie with one of the things that you. You deal with that now be it out of the game. You can always funny is if I could talk to you more now than when I was playing because when you were you were talking about the game I was little. -- terrorists are nervous that what do you think made him come over trying to sway opinions and it's funny is the same thing -- -- because I've known forever coming over them like with don't know what. You might say that was like you know I just love the game as long the guys though. Just call legacy it is not a personal. But this is a blessing to be able you to be here for Watson you beautiful -- pistons took. To come here and if you go to Eva talk the game -- this the biggest lesson through the vehicles do you run against so I love the camaraderie and I hear when you retire that you go crazy because you don't have that locker room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but you also have walked into what is. These studio show of all time in sports history right now question that you had a lucky you've played with great teams the Michigan Sacramento of that team. With -- with Charles minority that is. The elite of the -- that you had to walk right in and play that we've seen guys don't mention any names Jack can't really perform at that level but you were able to walk ready to do it how. How hard was that he walked in because that's a car already going to eighty miles an hour we'll keep you. You know -- what I did not do it just like a good basketball I was a rookie left for their practice that's our Chris Mullin a Sauna and hot and the colts up and he was joking about I didn't have to stretch. I was about how to Cotto with him because I wanted to learn how to write. You know paperwork -- Dick Stockton do work Ernie Johnson meant to do have a free and work with the Barclays of those guys is it. One overuse the word blessed with. There's so many guys I know that wants to be back in this you know and so. I love someone special but those guys tease -- you know Ernie makes it look easy. If you give you know like a young Fella you know maybe next time so I love it if I look good on TV is because they make you look good on purpose and and that's all those -- automobile myself. Not Beatrice and seeing you know how the game has changed them know when I looked at it from always at them you know. That old school term goal -- bat well it was different a lot more physical the difference now that we you played in we have right now what do you think we're off towards the voters throughout. Masters when you've played because I mean news on the in the and non news that was group Rome and and I think the rules change you know once you start having. Couldn't -- David Johnson. Maybe with a -- -- play -- because he could hit -- I thought it hardly let the writers though. You you're exactly right it's a different game in the something that I -- complain about the changes the game but it's up economic brief that the same time -- -- receive. At least like to run these guys you do a lot of different things that's really what I am upset about. You can't take office he can't take the center and author again you know it gently. More people don't know -- out street on if you do FaceBook you have baseball about a cancer can you. So I get that the game's faster but maybe the senate position things I always thought Tim Duncan with the center. Now they because he was bank would be a powerful and -- and of abuse them or if it I think -- you can move along Hugo incidences you could evolve with the game so. You know that that's what I don't like the fact take the physical -- this -- -- -- You don't allowed to beat these guys that produced -- you know my view those 61 -- under because -- it bella I don't want to. It's a lot of -- over the last year so much twentieth anniversary stuff about fab five. Do you think that now after all the appreciation of it and looking what the game's become not just on the court. What that team accomplished but culturally in the change of the game do you think that team and a group of people. Has finally gotten its own. I hope so I think this first of all this is a game in which it was when it was very honest we do when it's championship orbit because our courts are what department who picked up -- -- -- four. But what we did accomplish was also hoping for or colleges this thing so. You won't have all freshman team that this computing is great scenes the music could go -- -- there's not going to be more senior Christian leaders on both counts there's ever played so. And no coach -- people who always. In sorted me myself over write a book who have used to dock with the problem up here. Populism how horrible it was with the best part about -- we. We have the fab five of them went with the lottery is going with them real -- from routine all the way -- was like one of the world's biggest investment. I didn't India -- some of the people we brought -- how many people -- sport of basketball how many different -- I mean you know it's funny -- -- at least she's about 85 is overseas have a black Sox. Black sneakers exceeded even -- wise of the sun you know -- work out so is that no. How many people we brought together through the sport how much fun we had so I don't know whoever -- accepted but even -- a championship so we don't need to be treated like him. We changed the Coetzer and for that I'm happy we worked hard if we could so cute as you can do whatever you are no matter what type of stereotypes to put on your young on this. I'm not good or whatever it's you can overcome those are words of people get that on the story. -- school that is that really is amazing to me when I think about it that look back ago. Well I do remember the fab five. Of course like it but other things that don't remember about that bureau hula who won this yet I don't really going to -- and I can remember that it. But it's only reason I -- remember because you know will vote Carol opera you're good -- and that's Hillary nervous because I'm -- -- -- them but what the majority report I can't really think of equity players who want that many teams but I continue knows I had Michigan team in the Eagles got to within a so. That the culture that you guys involved in the public -- expected to gain even to the point that you feel that sacramental small market. In the for the gets a lot of them here it had to be a thing right now of doing in my when you comment -- Japanese that it had to beat them over the bulls. Yeah down right hurt -- moment it is okay. On on the use -- right in the in this view of whatever offers that -- in the old guard touched the glory and you receive a -- -- the -- the treatment. Even give him work academic village in BA TV last two years he told a lot of stories about double with those who want to nobody on the radio I promised to have a I would but. You know we wanted to be you know I'm a lot like you -- on -- Gaza is the way that you guys went out and destroy people -- The way the if it is you know both these attractive to everybody in and those type of things to do with. Recount if so source that it is calling your name them or on the -- and with -- won't be both type team -- you guys were. On you could say DeVito -- just don't take any losses lines down so that's the type of art which obviously -- Chris Robertson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's why -- minutes -- its upward to a person I know coach is that a bit well. That the right now he is the goal wins that's -- -- So yeah well you know the big -- over and -- our book corporate. Audience -- -- W yeah Celtics radio network.

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