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December 27th Hot Stove Show

Dec 27, 2012|

The Hot Stove guys are back once again, this week with Red Sox assistant GM Brian O'Halloran and second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

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It is indeed a hot stove show. All over your WEEI. Sports Radio network Berkman and rob Bradford. And now experiential 7 o'clock Red Sox assistant general manager Brian Howard would join us around 615 and Dustin Pedroia I think its first offseason radio appearance tonight you -- Is first is this will be his first 164. And Dustin Pedroia his debut in the offseason. -- what's going on. -- greetings how are you on very impressive how you -- bowl with -- -- -- chair -- -- -- the second now -- usually -- the pitcher I just wanted to throw out there that you know our friends -- Lee County Florida I believe that Fort Myers, Florida was the hottest place in the US today at a at 84 degree that really true I think so. The sands where even better to 84 degrees find your own island got us. So -- start -- with. With -- Napoli stuff in the -- and all this what is the newest goings on Mike Napoli. I don't know if there's any newest goings on how we we learned today that. We talked a couple sources who just said that other teams are showing interest in Mike Napoli that doesn't mean they've offered him a contract. Because this is since the Red Sox deal and snag. But they're showing interest him and kind of monitoring the situation been in touch with his represent him. So so arm. But and then they wee level wrote saying is that a couple reports out there said that the Red Sox are keeping tabs on roach to just under the same thing here. I mean I had my sense had been that the Red Sox have been keeping tabs on swisher and -- throughout the off seasons ago. I even even after -- of reaching the agreement with Napoli just in case. Sometimes I get out you still have to keep the doors open I guess my question -- and -- I haven't I I have no direct evidence of an increase in activity -- it's not -- -- but it does open an interesting conversation because. Also and Adam LaRoche to Red Sox fans is down a lot more intriguing up more attractive because. Of the image we have of Mike Napoli hit and we've said this time and time again that Mike Napoli was an okay defender first base need to get better. If he's limited physically then that becomes a huge problem for them I think. And then yeah at least get paid what alma -- a very good defender. Can hit is he worth the draft pick which they are holding is he worth a rarity that's the thing two years older and -- -- -- drastic right my sense at the beginning. The offseason from the refs -- before they breached the agreement with Napoli was that they were comfortable with the idea of -- of LaRoche all things being equal draft pick a side of him at two years. Not necessarily three I think at the at the end of that you'd be what 36. But in 3536 met last year the deal so you're talking about having to extend when you're beyond the nationals to the nationals have two years on the table so you need to go one extra year that you're not necessarily comfortable with. Plus giving up the draft pick for a LaRoche that makes it a little bit complicated unless he can find some something sneaky like a sign and trade deal with another team right you up make it work. If you drought to say worst case scenario Napoli fall through completely -- -- break talks they don't do it and the -- see signs with Washington. Where the Red Sox -- Law and we talked about this earlier today by. I think it is why not -- the what's wrong with going with a -- colemans and beat Boris to scream and yell announced his game is sour faced. But here's what the alternatives as this is goes to the the are you going to be disciplined in what you're deal. And if there's not a good alternative out there. You in like you said -- roach is gone is Napoli is gone few teams holed out for. Enormous payday in terms of any trade. My point is is that there's no. Options that are right out in front of our face so if you have to go down that wrote. I'm really Alex might have an option right Federer face sure Mike Martz the guy who becomes immediately expendable at the nationals -- time for sure but what if they are holding out for too much more than you wanna pay. Right then -- because that's that's what Troy -- yeah I mean Mike Morse is a logical fit for the reds -- but that at that point they also know the Red Sox are desperate. All I'm saying is if you get if you go -- of playing. And you can get to a point where you might be able make an acquisition at a more reasonable cost. The do it but it is this comes back now this comes back in Napoli and how important he -- forget about position he plays but that middle the order back and realize that -- so -- I guess my question would be if you don't sign happening I think -- -- they may want to obviously that they don't that doesn't assuming at the turn around and just go get the roast them. Certainly not I do think that they're going to be market alternatives that you can play off of one another so that you wouldn't be in a position. The position that rob -- of desperation or another team is able to kind of hold you over a barrel I think that Morse. A guy like Justin Morneau for instance I was when -- left before free agency. Would also be potentially trade candidate so. I do think that there would be credible alternatives to Adam LaRoche and probably preferable ones. From my -- but I still think -- think -- be able to get the kind of dictator and type deal where you're basically giving up nothing it's gonna hurt you are you getting the sense that blocking -- them to people -- Napoli that this is a deal that's going to fall through is you can knock them two years is language can change the contract I mean I guess my question would be where they. And it just seems like. From an outsider's perspective of their content. I I don't know that anything has changed protecting actually both positively for BS go longer but they're both in her the more incentive to both parties have to reached an agreement not that they ever had. A disincentive but yeah I think that Napoli. You know the Red Sox for the team to let him the most and showed the most money in. He has a lot of reason to get a deal done with them is a lot of reason to stay off of the market. So I think that I I still think that until we hear otherwise they're the greatest likelihood is they reach. And I agree I think that all of all the things that we know right now my guess is that still Mike Napoli would be here. By. When you start hearing about teams checking in teams showing contrast all it takes is a team who also and didn't get something they need in the offseason. And they get a little desperate and they say you know we're willing to deal with this thing the Red Sox aren't willing to deal with. And we're gonna go above and beyond where we were before but there's no ways this year better deal as right now. You weren't thinks so I mean nobody well I mean what what's the deal what's the deal on the table but what's the deal on the table that's the question is saying it's changed right. You think it's not as mess up my point if it does change some business to open opera that deal. Was going to be as well I think that. Clearly if the Red Sox still have three and 39 without conditions on the table right visit -- deal would be done website but it's changed some mean what I guess my question would be some of these other teams I mean what -- -- the other teams. Well look at the teams that there were interest and before you -- is Seattle. They're Alexander's morality and Fredricka yeah. When you look at Texas you look at what's wells -- the Texas mean bullet missed out and Josh Hamilton. You know in -- need to middle of the order bat as -- that Seattle can get back in and because they -- so they can also play a round of the -- catcher that's -- media and later said all it takes is we've seen teams. In this market who did it hasn't worked out like they had planned. And so if they say hey you know what we have to make him somewhat of a splash shall we need to fill this spot in the lineup then. We're gonna go above and beyond beyond where we were last and all that said I think we're I think. We're in agreement that the likelihood is that Mike Napoli still calling for a three years. We don't know and this is the biggest quite the same way that J. D. Drew and John Lackey kept their five years right now I think it. I think it probably ends up B yeah I mean I'm pretty effectively Q did you get J. D. Drew deal that could have been a three year deal I could have been knocked down a three year deal. Tom if those they if the shoulder problems surfaced but it wasn't any yen at five. Public taxes about assistant I was on with the drug addiction to cup last this why hasn't roach signed. He wants three years that's been that's been the deal breaker. All along that has been -- deal breaker he even said as much explicitly and on the record to the Washington Post. Putts socially or Brian how are coming after the break. The Red Sox assistant general manager making his hot stove show debut -- a -- and -- truck pulled off yet put on the bus that day for Brian. The big for fourth assistant manager of a concern -- for the tremendous and Dustin Pedroia making his. Radio debut this offseason etc. your debut ever. There's lobby for all yet again though I'd realize that's going to be a abbreviated laser show here as -- fields questions from Alex rob and myself. Only seen it this quick break Red Sox assistant manager Brian how are next on the odds are -- -- get right -- -- joining us and the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT -- speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. Our Red Sox assistant general manager Brian Howard -- good evening -- you. Other young guys I prefer to be called for a assistant GM if they like -- there is there is there ranking scale by the heavy -- fives you guys all find the same -- Might I didn't get the idea at first class seat so that you know he's. Of course deserving that air force two for from my keys and of course I was I was actually curious I mean you know we talked we joked about the number of assistant GMs did this. You know to being on the conference call yesterday discussed Joel Hanrahan. Harken back to Europe fond memories of of 2005 when you were part of the part of the great four headed GM hydra affect the. Not to get blocked that period out so that that that didn't pop in my head yesterday now. Well Brian I am curious about Hanrahan obviously he's a guy who's been an all star closer to each of the last couple of years someone who is on the available for one year. You had someone in mark -- and who you acquired last offseason what was the thought process with regards to. Milan since fit in Boston in the relative value of perhaps forty years of Lance and purses you know plus the other problem plus the other prospects who were in the deal. Vs Hanrahan. Sure. I mean I think that. The main thing is if Serb boiled down to is is our belief in until Hanrahan and that's not take anything away from from the guys that we sent over there you got to give them enough to get something in. You referenced Milan and and and obviously this season especially early on didn't go. I'm quite -- that he expected -- we expected but but but he's good pitcher and we've we've strongly believe that mark and -- have you know have success I would Pittsburg and he worked his tail off that you know after that. That blip early on. And you know went down in the minors and pitched his tail off and and and didn't really good -- came back up help that -- better. So you know we know were words where were giving something up and mark and certainly the other guys that went over Pittsburgh in that trade but. -- boil down to. You know we saw an opportunity. To acquire. One of the one of them will we believe he's on top closers in the game. Angel -- and guy who had a guy that's you know that kind of stuff they can -- in the they can play in the the American League east and really anywhere. And and you know we we thought that would be something that would make sense for our club and and give -- the chance to. You know it improve for 2013 and and we we believe that we can you know compete for a division title. In 2013 and we think that and -- can be you know a big help in doing so. Right -- -- in the conference call yesterday that you had been satisfied with the kind of what you had found out about his September last year and the struggles and with his though lacks control and other issues com and when he was on the conference call he cited that ankle and hamstring gazette. What do you also had identified or were there other things that led you say you know it's not that big a deal what happened in September. Yet I think any time. Pitchers are on Carrick characteristic that characteristically. Off in command and control on their usually. Usually more than one reason for it could be one reason at least two other things in his delivery. And certainly we had our our scouts bearing down. On on video and and obviously in person at the time at the end of the year. And and we look at a lot of things in and did our research. And jolt the -- addressed a couple of those issues that as you mentioned. It's one of those things where. You know we felt we after going to the video and and doing our research talking out. You know we didn't see it as as a long term issue we got that kind of a blip on the screen pitching. Down the stretch there and you know after Pittsburgh was really out of bed and and there are a number of it's a non save opportunities. They came up during that time which as we've seen over the years here in Boston action. Can't change change the result a little bit for a closer time not to say that that was the reason but. And we we thought there might have been multiple you know contributing factors that jolt probably know better in health insurance. And I like it said yesterday that. John Farrell and our our pitching coach one unit Gary tuck as bullpen coach. Work with them and and you know make sure any issues that he he does feel and also a medical staff courses would be the position to be ironed out we're we're confident -- -- it. Red Sox assistant general manager Brian how -- joins us on the hot stove show Brian it is. Veteran to Vegas in the front offices have been in contact with provisions for and the -- here in the last couple days. You know I'm I'm not going to be able to address any specific free agent. But you know I will say that. -- Has been in touch with certainly number free agents and -- first first bases in the that you guys were discussing prior to. Me coming on it is an area of focus. I'm not the only area of focus were looking to strengthen our club anyway we can and that process really never and but then certainly has been in touch with -- with a number of free agents. You know on an ongoing conversations over the past few weeks. Brian along those lines I know you can name names -- name teams but. Would it surprise you at all if other teams had that kind of checked in on the Napoli situation. But I know that wouldn't surprise me at all -- Mike Napoli is a really good player. And so that that would present at all. So since you can't talk specifically about free agents have interest in the hypothetical related to free agents who earned draft pick compensation. Chiefly this -- was put out by buster only a couple of days ago that there could be sign and trade scenarios. Is there anything to prevent the team in. Major League Baseball from identifying a free agent who is worth free agent who's worth -- the draft pick compensation. In that category there's guys like. LaRoche and like Kyle Lohse and and Rafael Soriano ends. Having another team sign someone who would be giving up let's say a third round pick. And then sending back a prospects rather than parting with a draft pick themselves. Well that's the one thing that would prevent that it would group it is that ruled out point B creator standard kind of secure Major League free agent. Cannot be traded until June 15. Until -- and the following year. Now who could -- you know. Could teams make an agreement and player involved I mean that's that's more something that the commissioner's office but I wanna take a look at closely in and down. And and determine whether whether that would what they felt that was within the spirit of the rules but that's the one provision that I mentioned would. You know just let them hoped you would would prevent that. It's certainly the players and wanna go to a -- team. Brian obviously Cody Ross had as a group agreed to terms are signed with the Arizona recently. Are you go back to win the qualifying opposite to make a decision on on that was -- close in terms of oh whether or not to offer Cody a call flying off her and or some of the reasons that went into that decision. Yeah I don't really wanna get into that that decision making process and but but rebels say that look in the -- Iraq is that -- -- player and and and we. I had strong interest in in bringing him back on sometimes. Sometimes you have interest -- the player and an even even when there is. Mutual interest sometimes you know you're just not able to work it out and and and another opportunity comes up and -- we certainly wish wish -- that that they're really gets -- in fourth -- at least you know hope and expect that he wouldn't and it would have been even. Would -- impact on a few more home runs had he not had the injury which he came back fought back you know against them and and came back on the field quickly. Great guy -- clubhouse. We wish him well -- you know. Just gone back to we did we did have interest in bring him back and just didn't work out. I'm curious at the time that the Dodgers do list it was made you guys obviously cleared a ton of -- of payroll. At that point. Went back in August after that deal was made could you have anticipated that you guys. For 2013 would that would be in a position to. Essentially spent her way almost up to the luxury tax. Two luxury tax threshold for 2013. Yeah I mean you know that the starship group has -- the history of you know. Putting a lot of resources into the team. And you know we didn't know. You know exactly how would play out what the offseason would bring to us what you know free agents would be interest involved in what trade possibilities might come up. But yeah I definitely could have envisioned that. Because I know that our our ownership is committed. To spending whatever you know our resources there are necessary to build a winning team and that was our goal. So -- I don't I don't think it was something that we couldn't couldn't imagine. O'Brien I'm curious about John Farrell's role here the front office a larger voice he has in these decisions in areas. I histories of front office guys opposing ABC year ago when you make a move like -- and a bigger role this Ferrell plays and higher process. John plays a big role the manager I'll always play the big role -- certainly. You know John's history that you noted that -- the farm director and then you know involved in the kind of conversations from the other side. And then obviously you know his role as manager it's important that. That the manager. You know it is part of that process we believe that -- and and certainly. Indicated John -- really valued opinion and then it's a collaborative effort to figure out the best thing to do for the red boxes and and to John -- a really big boys and both literally and figuratively it's pretty pretty booming voice. The ULA no we every year we we look at the scenario in terms of the clubhouse and I don't prioritize. How much did it go into your decisions on these players because a -- most across the board with these guys. The reputation are there they're good clubhouse guys they're outgoing guys. How was this something that you sky set down and say you know listen we have to prioritize this even more than maybe in past years. Yes I think that's a fair fair definite we always value character and make up. And you know it's it's it's always a big component of an evaluation of player and and you know certainly. You look conferred for players that can pick and fitness that very unique environment that we -- in Boston. And you know plays that we always valued that. But you know after after the way things went. Last year and you know them back. September of of the previous year. You know spent at the time of of the big trade you know with the Dodgers as you know what we're doing. Wasn't working what we had to make that we had wasn't working -- went -- for any any one particular. Person's fault or are you know or anything like that was just it was you know it was the fact it wasn't working in. And -- when we went into the offseason looking at free agents and trade. Candidate we did that I think put even more emphasis on on on make up in. And who's gonna -- in this environment after the period you went through the last what all of last season. And not part of -- of the year before. Brian between you and Dustin Pedroia I'm guessing you're the only one who's fluent in Russian and Georgian -- saved the spicy -- for you. So don't quote well nothing would surprise me with PD but. You know I I assume that he doesn't he doesn't speak because languages but I think it's a fair assumption they would proclaim that it does. Bio I also can't Reagan and earn gold -- so I told him give him not a good. Larry appreciate your time thanks for the help. Okay got thankless Bryant. Thanks as -- our Red Sox assistant manager. Making his hot stove debut break here text or phone calls of doing -- before Pedroia right. So do -- 6177797937. Hot -- questions -- 6177797. And 937. If your phone number here hot stove show apartment and Alex here rob Bradford Dustin Pedroia would join us shortly. Right now writer calls Robin Daytona Beach to be. They guys houses -- on the right up well. All right I guess the question I've got actually it's more of scenarios. Mike Napoli to the Yankees the Yankees with a team I mean it would make sense because. They need to they need a catcher you know it would. That's a catch all time. They could use DH. And on top of that we also we all remember Johnny Damon Teixeira. In Iraq and years ago. When they block the free agent grab of Jose Canseco. And they ended up actually and it backfired on -- when they ended up with cancer -- but the Yankees is history of doing the Sox could see them swoop in and excitable. I don't see it happening in the reason why is because they felt that Russell Martin had two years and seventeen million dollars was too many years and too many dollars even though. As a catcher he profound is above average guys so in short no because of the limits that they have on their payroll. I'm there the guy for -- they extended was actually Kevin Youkilis because he was on a one year deal. Right here's a question. I saw a couple of -- -- about this today in the actually tweet Estes about this. Was just assume we knew we all know Daniel -- is not gonna start next season and it didn't work. The bullpen looks pretty stacked right now now that's a movable feast I understand what is Daniel Bard's role movable feast is a great book it is it is it is. That's a great question I really think if if Daniel Bard is who we was in 20102011. Then he's got to be. One of the centerpiece of the bullpen you just figure out a way to get -- their budget. As things stand right now I find it hard to think that he's not gonna start the year in triple post as of this is this going to be the most won the most watched things and when those first days in Fort Myers is if they do and it could go out and buy it radar gun. How to do it now just the we instance not to be on -- his front side sessions. But people wanna see how Daniel Bard is gonna throw the ball. If it is it going to be different and in you know I think John -- on with -- some Thanksgiving and he said. It was encouraging because he's saying hey listen this isn't about test changing your mind it's about. Addressing some hard court things the you have to deal with physically and mechanically and everything else. And I think that's the right way to approach it how an awful work as a right way to approach which is why I think you need to be very candid and up front that AAA is a real possibility of if this is and the bully you look at the numbers and you activities you've gone through the golf through the roster and I've you hear it today all the guys in mentioned some of the guys I think everyone leaves out two is a service right. In the in I'm off he's gonna be with the team not by any emotions left to -- -- -- -- enjoy that passionate about Alfredo. Play good this pen right now on the game as it can hurt you guys have good years of bad years and it's it's just changes all the time but right now I don't see your role for me unless he's that guy from two years ago and that's part partly that's part of the reason to my mind -- trading -- Anson was the right thing right now he's out of options. And he was what number 8910 on the bullpen pecking chart. I heard Alex talked about this earlier today is that you have Alex Wilson never once about what you know you have so many guys like union Alex Wilson. The we see all the time you get to may you to junior at the July July I'll Sunday. You need bizcast someone's getting Baylor is getting injured coach you Hata is probably getting into you know what of those two guys probably -- spend time on the DO. My short break we come back Dustin Pedroia second baseman the Red Sox will join us on the notion. Let's go show in 937 WEI. All across the WEEI radio network joining us now on the AT&T outline. Is second baseman for the Red Sox Dustin Pedroia dust that's Turkmen and rob Bradford and Alex -- -- you. Get bigger or it doesn't you Palestine how was Christmas with now with two kids that you do you get stuff for the newborn are now. Yeah -- is get him you know I know those cheaters and saying you know. Arnott so I'll let Turkey -- -- get so -- now we are apparently doesn't go straight to dip or anything. You know are not not all don't -- equipment. It likely that. Via via and so on what you MLB trade rumors here today. And the headlines says Pedroia influence Stephen Drew to pick Boston. I didn't read beyond that by what what what would you make that if that was indeed oh legitimate story. I don't know I I didn't talk so. You know before. For each side and you're hurt or anything in -- I don't know I don't I don't -- that are anything but. You know we're -- -- and I know. A couple years ago when he hurt ankle and out embroidery. You know he came back and and in -- and that -- to -- games last year by. When he's healthy I mean he's he's producing and now. It was a very exciting player and I always remember when he gets the call to me it's a triple. And now they're run the bases well placed where it could be transcendence and he's got a lot of pop in his bat so. You know good help sometimes. The in terms of what you did in the off season you worked out with Jose Iglesias a little bit. When this news went down with -- Stephen Drew did you get a chance it's our -- -- or. Hum as it just one of these things where everyone understands Jose disputes get more at bats. On the dugout October you know you're darker. -- -- four days and and we worked out a little bit hit. Took some ground balls and lift weights. That some things. You know and and -- surely left a bit later. You know we aren't even so. You know he was upset but I mean -- I basically told him you know from my situation in -- I felt like I was ready. And in 2006. The start the year off and play second base and and go play. But we we ended up signing Mark Loretta and you know I ended up being a great victory would mr. Blair play that started out slow struggle beginning and I overcame. You know -- start in an apartment a great year. And then. Got help me for the next year 2000 -- and I really really struggled in all I had done it before I've been through tough times. And I knew how to overcome those arms and knew what to do to help me get back on track. Dustin I guess it's worth asking obviously had finger surgery on your finger after the season house how's the health have you similar kind of test. How all of your digits are doing. All they're good they're good now I I had it done right away they they put like a ten under. I believe in an effort for weeks -- They win its record stricker right out. And it it was basically not mean it is you've been surprised and the only. You'll use your -- when you. When you've you know linger daylight you know really use without much playing baseball sort got to look out. But that's final light -- my thumb healed up that doesn't think he's fine. You know it's -- hasn't -- happened to me you know over -- over last year. You know I root out the time getting through it but. You know I learned a lot about -- there -- sure. -- say go back to that the last couple games obviously didn't mean anything in the and have to play him by it. Or what was the other was besides just wanting to play woes -- reason that you did that live -- live with -- thing in the broken finger in. Was there any kind of message are you wanna -- there was there anything behind. I'm not really I -- -- until. I have a responsibility got their play Munich you know baseball players get paid a lot of money to go up their play. Different go to a lot just. Feel like. They are I know we had a horrible year. It was one of those things I wanted to get through it with all the guys together. You know well a lot of lot of tough times together and not and 100 missed the last couple games. -- over finger. Or anything so you know wanted to make sure that I finished everybody and now you know letter but I know that I'm always going to be their form of herder. Or else -- struggle and our Ernie thanks so. You know to -- -- their -- the each other up. You guys are hurt that a guy is stop upper part of anything like that so well in artist wanna be out -- everybody. Reports surfaced about a month ago dust and that the Red Sox did decide to be in their best interest to begin discussions about a possible long term. -- accentuate view of those conversations taken place or were you that right now process. God I -- aren't thinking -- out. I mean I haven't talked -- into march and I I signed what 45 years ago so but down on the night I. I saw that down you know that's definitely. You know that made me smile obviously I -- via a red -- my whole career and then play it play in that city and and then turn this whole thing around so to get back to where we were in our first couple years there. You know on our arm and leave that up it's you know but and then and then everybody else says my agent so. There are I try to stay out of that. You know I think direct talks on an emotional guy and my agent that he does so well -- -- try to let them do their job and and historic. Stick to -- on the baseball field. With regards to that was there ever time you talked about how difficult this year was was there ever times you've and you've said many times throughout your career. That you want to be a Red Sox for your career but. Where was there ever a time when this year got so crazy when you when you kind of questions that. I mean I don't know on the during the season I mean there's so many things -- talking in different directions and you try to put the blinders on -- and go play ball that. You know after after. Military restart Carl Josh on -- in major into the doctors and it was. It was one of those things were you know he kind of sit sit down and then look at him and he has you know. You don't know -- direction everything's and the Cardinals year in and be part of -- Kurt you're not -- -- be -- so. I'd -- I didn't. You know on in the back in my mind I would -- thinking that but -- -- I'm still a young guy I'm on the just entering the prime of my career I'm going to be great for a long -- So I mean hopefully the Red Sox -- -- And I understand that I'm on the stroke play every single day as far as I can and try to -- -- organs so long you know that I was going mentality that I had a and and you know this last year a lot of things on and I learned so much from it and make it better and now it's gonna make him make our team better because we're Arctic a lot of guys that aren't. It would wanna do it right. Now you know we did there for a -- kind of slip away from a so you know -- to get back contract. Where another follow on the question of kind of long term future when Longoria signed his -- that six year 100 million dollar extension to run through. Age 36 or something. The immediate thought I had was Austin you know that's kind of the framework for Dustin did anything like that cross your mind as well. I'm not really -- -- In all I'm not under that. In a framework for contracts that are you know what this -- -- and what that guy's neck -- you know not. You got -- the -- I looked at one -- checked my career in my. My rookie year when I route late in the league minimum you know I looked down and -- -- I -- -- my wife I'm like forget it as much money here. It -- your -- that result -- -- -- -- he didn't really matter but. I don't really look at look at all that stuff I understand the business and I know how -- some of the stuff works. But I mean I'll look planned mid August -- viewed as a jobs so. You know I let my agent in -- team and -- that all those guys -- all the guys that. You know are educated stuff that particular. -- Losman made it bother Henry and being acquired in or are. Targeting Mets series you play in 2011. You were one of the guys that faced him was at the first time that you -- but he got on your radar. Pretty much -- series. -- -- -- I've seen and so while I mean he's got great stuff it's got all the lecture is it jumps on you it's kinda. Kind of similar perhaps were kind of have that extra gear in Europe -- capital come out of it and then you see it and then it just. Explode. And down you know it's similar similar stuff so. You know he cannot do Russell had a I technical that a couple games. Not they I think the first I wouldn't do anything compliment of the second I remember in a double or some Musharraf the fireworks. An and an -- -- the sense and I remember in that second out -- the run back the dugout I'm mart. He's and so each desolate -- it'd be built upon a power kind of earmarked already on the prayer also he's got a exploding out on. It can get a lot of lot of huge out for we're I -- You saw a Dempster couple times last year at Texas were jumps out when when you saw him. Talking about a pitcher is a veteran guy you who. I mean he. He's he's gonna fight here and you know -- not gonna give any constricted approached he knows how to win. You know he's gonna bring so much start pitching staffs and and not -- he -- not there eat up innings -- And he's a winner I mean they're they're you know I've -- a lot of guys. That will not lose a player with some over the years. You know they love and and I'm really excited to get out there and play kind of. A noted young -- over here wrote a couple of very controversial column. Can't acquire Merrill I did I still doesn't look outside it's -- these are all excited. Isn't this just listen this is this is our Christmas gift to all the view again assistant. Bring you together for the new year to talk a little bit about. IndyCar if you could explain what your column was about and then I guess testing came a rebuttal given -- is terrific now just an honor roll -- -- all. When I go to college. For them. -- -- in New York. All all broke out of OK typical go to. Typical of what regards at the don't know. What or. -- as opposed to say a statistic up to call pyro was that if Ben is going to be preaching fiscal discipline I think will be tough to give somebody six year kind of deal. Like one out reference for Longoria to a guy who in his contract. Would be his late thirties and as I wrote now I'm sure you read the column. I'm knocking it was a player -- your terrific player I just think it doesn't make a lot of sense of history of guys -- that -- making that kind of money taller. -- so it all all your parent aren't I response that yet her when whatever whenever I'm an eyelash your plan at all noted it. Back when. We actually have a little chitchat about what I'm gonna do and I hear. Have a great time and best and I RD line it up with a rob we're gonna set up something or maybe like. I don't know artillery you know or maybe we we can do we wicket to a -- over there we can set up like out like a charity fight. -- Well I would say I would -- you know I think you sure he would win that fight that's great for and great for the charity is it about the -- off it which you call it where did you go to Georgia college. Thought. Arizona State that it took a typical typical but I would just I would say that. I would say that you know again how much in that should be your attitude exactly the play at Mike he's our. I'm ally ally -- like you've got -- -- Given back. That's that's fine all saying is it's a risk I would take but I understand why the Red Sox would. Yeah I areas that I think they're completely understand and I get a but nobody is worried about five foot 750 pound guy. Atlanta and -- -- doing your size it's at the age the age and injury history this is what happens I think we look at guys just statistically I'm saying you can get out liar. I'm just saying that's how much. What are the reds are big -- you should take out he Turkmen and called you a great player is to it I think is going to be also I don't think. Like you know I do today to say that. That made a whole conversation you you give somebody compliment. Listen you should see my -- yeah. Finally did you not our job to the death he does have -- he does LSI's -- I've got to think that when you are booking and charity. Boxing matches he -- seven years in France I fixed. DR -- and I saw that. Start at Arco in my own out there we'll do it until it rocked against -- rush around in the semis I have a feeling that even if it was in Boston Dustin you might still have a little bit and it doesn't have to place in my living room I'll tell you right now you have the home field. -- Are they out of your round locker. I look at more -- I subsidies should go out to work out with you and Arizona man for that Bradford doesn't that we appreciate the time have a good new year. -- -- -- -- -- That's Dustin Pedroia Red Sox second baseman. Youkilis where -- -- a base -- Fordham I felt like we brought people together. I was you know. -- you didn't you can't sort of you cannot arrange enough event for ARCO Arena seven years down. That's our main well our co exist seven years I don't know about it -- Oh win that fight. -- You yeah you might get -- I mean I had target as has every week. Yeah according to in my career just like your regular great player. But you note that read the call and he did it but I said it was a great player Michael -- great fighter we dollars we have two minutes that. When it's one minute two minutes -- let me just say -- I understand my perspective. And that's that's turned out dangerous bet to go with players in their mid thirties out of the typical free agent deals do run to average 36 to try to stay away from spots secured except for the right players I do think that's been exaggerated -- degree to which I don't think there's an. I'm a blanket policy of avoid the second baseman forget who he is what he means -- -- just for second putting on the side. Would fit that April historically guys with his production levels through their rage you know kind of when he nine was -- injuries and even with some injuries even you know have but have performed pretty well through their mid thirties their their hall fame caliber guys there's a reason why in FL their baseline is really high -- sample size rob. Your thoughts. Wrap up here. Out there I think that Pedroia is gonna think you're exactly how he came across this thanking me he's always gonna -- well this is where there's always get there. And with the way that you're going in and I think some of it stems off and Alex is right in terms of the history of the position in the contracts everything. Yeah but I think one of things that you won a brought up in the column was the injuries in the way he plays also yeah -- been you know we we talked about that with Kevin Youkilis Adam. You know before -- Yeah I you know I do think that he's a guy that they have to keep around bomb. In some way shape perform I don't know if it's five seats you're you whatever it is. But you can't keep losing these guys MEU you know what you have in if you know you have with a guy that you've got to make a big a priority keep. The next Ortiz right that's it hot -- show we're done for this week thanks to robbed Alex Dustin Pedroia Bryan know how we were back in 2013. Final hot stove show. 2012 isn't that right that's right it that is that is correct unless we're gonna do -- We do one on holidays yes John Ryder next John -- next and prestige.

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