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Dustin Pedroia challenges Kirk Minihane to a fight

Dec 27, 2012|

Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with Dustin about the Red Sox offseason and what he thinks of some of the recent moves. Kirk also rubs Dustin the wrong way, prompting the challenge for a fight from the Red Sox second baseman.

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Let's -- show in 937 WEI. All across the WEEI radio network joining us now on the AT&T outline. -- second baseman for the Red Sox Dustin Pedroia dust that's Turkmen and rob Bradford and Alex beer -- you. Currently at or against an eye view -- -- -- how was Christmas with with two kids that you do you get stuff for the newborn now. It -- -- give me you know I know those -- -- -- you know. I don't know so opponent start cheating I guess so not now we are apparently doesn't go straight to dip or anything. You know are not I'll I'll I'll -- -- quicker. It likely that. Or area via and so on what you MLB trade rumors. Here today and the headline says Pedroia influence Stephen Drew to pick Boston. I didn't read beyond that but -- what a what would you make of that if that was indeed oh legitimate story. I don't know why I I didn't talk to on. You know before. -- -- -- or anything you know I I don't know I don't I didn't see that are anything but. You know we're glad alum and I know. A couple years ago when he hurt ankle and how brutal injury out. You know he came back and not nor is one that says to some games last year by. When he's healthy companies he's producing and now. It was a very exciting player and I mean I always remember when he gets that call to me it's a triple. And now they're run the bases well placed where it could be transcendence and he's got a lot of pop in his bat so. -- it helped sabotage. -- the in terms of what you did in the off season you worked out with Jose Iglesias a little bit. When this news went down with a Stephen Drew did you get a chance to talk to -- today or. Hum as it just one of these things where everyone understands Jose disputes get more at bats. -- yeah yeah I talk to him you know you're dark -- or that for Asians and it worked out a little bit hit. Took some ground balls and lift weights. And -- and things. You know -- end actually -- left couple days later are. You know we aren't even so. You know he was upset but. I mean I'd -- basically told him you know from my situation in our heart felt like I was ready. And in 2006. The start the year off -- second base and and and go play. But we we ended up starting Mark Loretta -- You know I ended up being a great thing for Maryland to AAA -- play that started out slow struggle beginning I overcame and you know Bart -- in the apartment a great year. And god help me for the next year 2007 -- really really struggled in all I had done it before I've been through tough times. And I knew how to overcome those arms and and they knew what to do to help me get back on track. Dustin I guess it's worth asking obviously had finger surgery on your finger after the season house how's the health have you been there kind of test. How -- your digits are doing. -- they're -- they're good now I I had it done right away they they put like a pennant that are I believe in an effort for weeks and they win its record took -- right out. And it it was basically not only is he being surprised that the only the only -- picky when you. When -- you know leaguer daylight you know relate -- much player -- also are kind of luck out. But got final might I might sound sealed up that doesn't think it's fine. It's got an absolute street deal happened to me you know over the over last year. You know to -- topped the time getting through it but. You know I learned a lot about what -- boxer. Was gonna say going back to the the last couple games obviously didn't mean anything in the and have to play him by it. What was the other was besides just wanting to play woes -- reason that you did that with the -- with the -- saying in the broken finger in. Was there any kind of message are you wanna -- or was there anything behind. I'm not really I mean act until. I have a responsibility got their play Munich you know -- where -- paid a lot of money to go out there and play. -- for the fans though it's a lot just. Feel like. It hard and I know we had a horrible year. It was one of those things I wanted to get through it with all the guys together. You know well a lot of lot of tough times together and not and 100 missed those last couple games. -- over finger. Or anything so you know wanted to make sure that I finished everybody and -- you know letter but I know that I'm always going to be their form of herder. Or also struggle an -- -- Ernie thanks so. You know to cheat get your money the each other up. You know guys are hurt other -- is the upper part of anything like that so well -- when -- got -- -- Reports surfaced about a month ago dust and that the Red Sox did decide to be in their best interest to begin discussions about a possible long term. Contract eccentric view of those conversations taken place or were you that right now process. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I haven't talked Marty into march and I I signed what 45 years ago so but on army not I I saw that down. You know that's definitely don't. You know that made me smile on and obviously I wanna be your. A red sock in my whole career and played play in that city and and and turn this whole thing around so it to get back to where we were -- our first couple years they're. You know on our on the leave that up it's you know dependent and they and everybody else and my agents so there are -- I try to stay out of -- You know I think direct socks off an emotional guy and my agent that he does so well -- -- -- to let them do their job and stick. Stick to -- on the baseball field. With regards to that was there ever time he talked about how difficult this year was was there ever times you've and you've said many times throughout their career. That you want to be a Red Sox for your career but. Where was there ever a time when this year got so crazy when you when you kind of questions that. I mean I don't know on the during the season I mean are so many things you know talking in different directions that he would try to put the blinders on and go play ball that. You know after after. Penetrate restart Carl Josh. On nick and -- into the -- I mean it was it was one of those things were you know you kind of sit sit down and then look at him and see that you know. You don't know which direction everything and you don't know what you're going to be part of bitter burger not going to be harder so. -- I didn't. You know on in the back my mind I would polished thinking that but you know it's still a young guy on the on the just entering the prime of my career I'm going to be great for a long arms. So I mean hopefully the Red Sox see that it. And I understand that I'm on this sort of play every single day it's sort of like and then try to -- organs so long you know that outgoing mentality that I -- And and you know this last year a lot of things on an -- -- so much from its gonna make it better and down it's gonna make him make -- better because we're I think a lot of guys that learn. It would wanna do it right. Now you know we did there for a while kind of slipped away from -- so you know where to get back contract. -- -- another follow on the question of kind of long term future when Longoria signed his -- that six year 100 million dollar extension to run through. Age 36 or something. The immediate thought I had was Austin you know that's kind of the framework for Dustin did anything like that cross your mind as well. I'm not really got it record. In all I'm not I'm not good at. In a framework for contracts that are you know what that -- making that guy's -- and you know I'm not. Got -- the -- I looked at one -- checked my career in my. My rookie year and I were out late in the league minimum you know I looked down like man we're out of my wife like -- get paid this much money here. You know I'll do that you know aren't that result -- -- -- or even really matter but. So are really look at look at all that stuff I understand the business and I know how how some of the stuff works. But I mean I'm up -- -- -- and I don't even do that job so. You know I let my agent and the team and all that all those guys in all the guys that. You know are educated stuff that particular. A -- has been made and bother Henry and being acquired in or are. Targeting Mets series you play in 2011. You were one of the guys that faced him was at the first time that you can he got on your radar. Pretty much -- series. Our RB -- I've -- and so while army expect great stuff it's got all the lecture is it jumps on its kinda. But similar perhaps words and I had that extra -- in perhaps capital come out of it and that you see it and then it. Explode. And now you know it's similar similar stuff so. You know eke out he blew out a way to. I technical that a couple games. Not they I think the first and I wouldn't do anything compliment and second I remember -- a double some Musharraf the fireworks. And it -- up -- -- the sense and I remember in -- second out about the run back the dugout I'm mart. He's and so each desolate you're it'd feel that supplied the power candid camera following it -- apparel so -- got -- exploding out on. He's gonna get a lot of lot of huge out for now works -- You saw a Dempster a couple times last year at Texas -- jumps out when when you saw him. I -- that a -- is a veteran guy you who I mean he. He's he's gonna fight here and you know it's not gonna give any constricted approached he knows how to win. You know he's gonna -- so much start pitching staffs in non verbal he he goes not there eat up innings. And he's a winner I mean they're they're in art stock to a lot of guys. Luke -- not used to have played with him over the years. You know they love and and you know I'm really excited to get out there and play aren't -- A noted young -- over here wrote a couple of very controversial column. Record acquire -- thought I did I still doesn't let outside talk to us they're all excited. -- just this listen this is this is our Christmas gift -- all the viewing gases to bring you together for the new year to talk little bit about. IndyCar if you could explain what your column was about and then I guess testing came a rebuttal given bottles is terrific now just an honor roll. -- all. When I go to college. For them. For -- in New York. All all Erica oh. OK typical go to. Typical of what regards at the -- I don't know I don't know what order. Office. Today just to stay up track called -- was that if Ben is gonna be preaching fiscal discipline I think will be tough to give somebody six year kind of deal. Like -- out reference for Longoria to a guy within this contract. Would be his late thirties and as I wrote now I'm sure you read the column. I'm knocking it was a player in the -- -- -- player I just think it doesn't make a lot of sense given the history of guys -- that -- making that money taller. -- started all all you're guard art -- response that yet her -- whatever whenever I'm an eyelash your play at all noted it. I. Think that we can only have a little chitchat about what I'm gonna do and I hear. Have a great time and -- RD line up would drop we're gonna set up something or maybe like. I don't know a artillery you know or maybe we can do we wicket to a park over there we -- set up like out like a charity fight. -- could -- -- Well I would say I would -- you know I think you sure he would win that fight that's great for -- -- -- the charity is it about the -- -- it original call it where did you go to Georgia college. Thought. Arizona State that it took a typical typical but I would just I would say that. I would say that you know again I must say that should be your attitude exactly the -- -- that you. Yeah -- time now looks like a lot I like you've got art I'm. Give it back. Yeah that's that's fine all saying is it's a risk I would take but I understand whether it's Oxford. Yeah I areas that I think they're completely understand and I -- But nobody is willing to -- -- -- five foot 750 pound -- Atlanta and thought about doing your size it's at the age the age and injury history this is what happens I think we look at guys just statistically I'm saying you can get out liar. I'm just saying that's how much. Whether it's a big -- you should take out he Turkmen and called you a great player is to it I think is gonna golfer I don't think. Like you know I do today and I say that. That made a whole conversation you you give somebody compliment. -- you should see my jab Eagles are finally did you not out job at the death he does have a lengthy does LSI's -- -- yeah I think that when you are booking and charity. Boxing matches he would need seven years in France I think it's DR Corey and I saw that. Start at Arco in my own out there will do it until like rocked against -- rush around the -- I have a feeling that even if it was in Boston Dustin you might still have a home and just the place in my living room I'll tell you right now you have the home field. But at. Our may -- you're around locker on your outlook of a more chitchat I sounds. If you should go out to work out what do you an Arizona man Fredette Bradford just on and we appreciate the -- have a good new year are bigger tests at new. That's Dustin Pedroia Red Sox second baseman. Youkilis brought. It and they say at Fordham I felt like we brought people together. I was you know. -- you do is you can't sort of you can not arrange enough event for ARCO Arena seven years down. That's our main well our co exist seven years I don't know about it -- -- -- -- -- US. You yeah you might get -- I mean I get started -- every. Yeah oh yeah -- my career just like your regular great player. But you note that read the call and you did but I say -- a great player Michael you're a great fighter we knowledge we have two minutes. It's one minute two minutes right. Let me just say -- I understand my perspective. And that's that's for yeah dangerous bet to go with players in their mid thirties all of of the typical free agent deals do run to average 36 to try to stay away from spots secured except for the right players I do think have been exaggerated -- the degree to which I don't think there's -- on a -- policy and avoid the second baseman forget who he is what he means different just for second -- on the side. Would fit that April historically guys with his production levels through their rage you know kind of when he nine was sort of injuries and even with some injuries even you know have but have performed pretty well through their mid thirties their their hall fame caliber guys there's a reason why in FL their baseline is really high -- examples rob. Your thoughts. -- wrap up here. Out there I think that Pedroia is gonna think you're exactly how he came across -- thinking he's always gonna things like this as well there's always get there. And with the way the you're going in that I think some of it stems off and Alex is right in terms of the history of the position in the contracts and everything. Yeah but I think one of things that you want -- brought up in the column was the injuries in the way he plays also yeah that'd been you know we we talked about that with Kevin Youkilis Adam. You know before but. Yeah I you know I do think that he's a guy that they have to keep around bomb. In some way shape perform I don't know if it's five seats you're you whatever it is. But you can't keep losing these guys ME you -- you know what you have in if you know you have with a guy that you've got to make a bigger priority keep the next Ortiz right.

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