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Brian O'Halloran on the Red Sox moves

Dec 27, 2012|

Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with Red Sox Assistant GM Brian O'Halloran about how the signing of Hanrahan provides some stability in the bullpen and how the Red Sox wanted to bring Cody Ross back but couldn't get a deal done.

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Our guys -- get right to -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. Our Red Sox assistant general manager Brian Howard Brian good evening -- you. -- -- don't got to prefer to be called for a assistant GM does he think they like is there is there is -- ranking scale. By evidence at five you guys all find the same -- -- Mike didn't get the etiquette the first class seat that you know he's he's. Of course deserving -- that air force two for from my keys and of course I was I was actually curious I mean you know we talked -- we joke about the number of assistant GMs this. You know to being on the conference call yesterday discussed Joel Hanrahan. Harken back to your fond memories of of 2005 when you were part of the part of the great for headed GM hydra -- I'm not got blocked that period out so. That that didn't popped into my head yesterday now. Well Brian I am curious about him a hand obviously he's a guy who's been an all star closer to each of the last couple of years someone who is on the available for one year. You had someone in Mark -- who you acquired last off season but what's the thought process with regards to. Milan since -- in Boston in the relative value of perhaps orders of Lance and -- you know plus the other problem plus the other prospect who were in the deal. -- -- Sure. I mean I think that the main thing is if Serb boiled down to is is our belief -- and -- and and that's not take anything away from from the guys that we sent over there you gotta give something up to get something in. You reference Milan and and and obviously this season especially early on didn't go. I'm quite as soon as he expected -- we expected but but but he's good pitcher and we we strongly believe that mark and have you know have success with Pittsburgh and he worked his tail off you know after that. That blip early on. And you know went down to the minors and pitched his tail off and and and didn't really get jobs came back up helped us this that are. So you know we know we're we're we're we're giving something up in market and certainly the other guys that went over Pittsburgh and -- trade but. Again boil down to. You know we saw an opportunity. To acquire some one of the one of the what we believe is on top closers in the game. Angel hair and guy who had a guy that's you know that kind of stuff second deck in they can play in the the American League east and really anywhere. And and you know -- we thought that would be something that would make sense for our club and and give -- the chance to. You know it improved for 2013 and and we we believe that we can you know compete for a division title. In 2013 we think that -- and going to be you know a big help in doing so. -- so in the conference call yesterday that you had been satisfied with the kind of what you had found out about his September last year in the struggles and with is -- lack control and other issues com and when he was on the conference call he cited that ankle and hamstring is that. What do you also had identified or were there other things that led you say you know it's not that big a deal what happened in September. Yet I think any time. Up pitchers are on Carrick characteristic that characteristically. Off in command control. They're usually. Usually more than one reason for it could be one reason at least two other things in the delivery. And certainly we had our our scouts bearing down. On on video and and not in person at the time it toward the end of the year. And and we look at a lot of things in and our research. And jolt the -- addressed a couple of those issues that as you mentioned. It's one of those things where. You know we felt we after going to the video and and doing our research talking out. You know we didn't see it as as a long term issue we -- -- a blip on the screen -- pitching. Down the stretch there and you know after Pittsburgh was really out of bed and and there are a number of -- non save opportunities. They came up during that time which as we've seen over the years -- in Boston second. Kind of change change the result a little bit for a closer time not to says that was the reason but. And we felt there might have been multiple you know contributing factors that jolt probably knows better and his health insurance. And delegate said yesterday that. John Farrell and our our pitching coached on the -- Gary -- a bullpen coach. Work with them and and you know make sure any issues that he he does feel and also a medical staff courses would be the position to be ironed out where we're confident -- it. Red Sox assistant general manager Brian how are joins us on the highest social Brian it is. Banner and to Vegas in the front offices have been in contact with provisions for and the -- here in the last couple days. You know I'm not I'm not going to be able to address any specific freeagent. But you know -- I will say that. Then. Has been in touch with certainly a number of free agents and and first first date that is it that you guys are discussing prior to. Mean coming on it is an area of focus I'm not the only area of focus for looking to strengthen our club anyway we can in that process would never end. But then certainly has been in touch with what with a number of free agents. You know on an ongoing conversations over the past few weeks. Brian along those lines I know you can name names or name teams but. Would it surprise you at all if other teams had that kind of checked in on the Napoli situation. -- I wouldn't surprise me at all Mike Napoli is they're really good player. And so -- that would present at all. So since you can't talk specifically about free agents have interest in the hypothetical related to free agents who earned draft pick compensation. Chiefly -- idealist was put out by buster only a couple of days ago that there could be sign and trade scenarios. Is there anything to prevent the team in the Major League Baseball from identifying a free agent who is worth free agent who's worth -- draft pick compensation. In that category there's guys like. -- Roche and like Kyle lotions. And Rafael Soriano and having another team sign someone who would be giving up let's say a third round pick. And then sending back -- prospects rather than parting with the draft pick themselves. Well that the one thing that would prevent that it would. It is that ruled out twenty B creator standard kind of secure Majorly free agents. Cannot be traded until June 15. Until in and the following year. Now that could -- you know. Could teams make an agreement -- player involved I mean that's that's more something that the commissioner's office but I wanna take a look at closely in and and and determine whether whether that would what they felt that was within the spirit of the rules but that's the one provision that I mentioned would. You know just. I hope you would would prevent that. It's certainly the player and wanna go to -- -- team. Albright obviously Cody Ross -- as a group agreed to terms are signed with the Arizona recently. You go back to win the qualifying option to make a decision on on that was -- close in terms of oh whether or not to offer to -- call flying off -- Or some of the reasons that went into that decision. Yeah I don't really wanna get into that that decision making process and but but -- say that look in the -- because Iraq is the -- player and and and we. I had strong interest in in bringing him back on sometimes. Sometimes you have interest -- a player and an even even when there is. Mutual interest sometimes you know he's just not able to work it out and and and another opportunity comes often. We we certainly wish wish -- that that they're really -- you enforce -- as we you know hope and expect that he wouldn't and you would have been even. For whatever -- tacked on a few more home runs had not had the injury which he came back fought back you know against them and and came back on the field quickly. Great guy and clubhouse. We wish him well -- you know. Just gone back -- we did we get that interest and bring him back in just didn't work out. I'm curious at the time that the Dodgers still -- that was made you guys obviously cleared a ton of -- -- payroll at that point. Went back in August after that deal was made could you have anticipated that you guys. For 2013 would that would be in a position to. -- -- suspend her way almost up to the luxury tax. Two luxury tax threshold for 2013. Yeah I mean you know that this starship group has the history of of you know. Putting a lot of resources into the team. And you know we didn't know. You know exactly how would play out what the offseason would bring to us what you know free agents would be interest involved and what trade possibilities might come up. But yeah I'd definitely could've envisioned it. Because I know that our our ownership is committed. To spending whatever you know our resources there are necessary to build a winning team and that was our goal. So no I don't I don't think it was something that we couldn't couldn't imagine. O'Brien I'm curious about Jon Farrell's role here the front office a larger voice he has in these decisions you know in areas. I histories -- front office guys oppose an ABC a year ago when you make a move like -- and a bigger role this Ferrell plays and -- process. John plays a big role manager I'll always played a big -- on certainly. You know John that street that you noted that you know -- farm director and and then you know involved in the kind of conversations from the other side. And then obviously you know his role as a manager it's important that. That the manager. You know it is part of that process we believe that in and and certainly. In the case of John we've. Really -- was -- and then it's a collaborative effort to figure out the best thing to do for the -- that isn't. Into Gaza -- really big voice and both literally and figuratively it's pretty pretty booming voice. The you know weigh in no we every year we we look at the scenario in terms of the clubhouse and I don't prioritize. The problem of the clubhouse and the attitude and guys came guys play in Boston can't guys play and Boston are they -- wacky whatever. How much did it go into your decisions on these players because a -- most across the board -- these guys. The reputation are there they're good clubhouse guys -- outgoing guys. How was this something that you sky set down and say you know listen do we have to prioritize this even more than maybe in past years. Yet I think that the ferret -- that and we always value character and make up. Then you know it's it's it's always -- a big component of an evaluation of player and and you know certainly. And you're looking for for players that can they can fitness this very unique environment that we haven't bought it and and you know I think we always valued that. But. You know after after the way things went. Last year and you know the back. September of of the previous year. You know spent at the time of of the big trade you know with the Dodgers as you know what we're doing. Wasn't working what we had to make that we had wasn't working it wasn't for any any one particular. Person's fault or our you know or anything like that is it was you know it was the fact it wasn't working in. And -- when we went into the offseason looking at free agents and trade. Candidate we did that I think put even more emphasis on on on make up than. And who's gonna kid in this environment after the it went through the last well all of last season and and not part of you the year before. Brian between you and Dustin Pedroia I'm guessing you're the only one who's fluent in Russian and Georgian -- save the spicy -- for you. So they'll -- well nothing would surprise -- with PD but. You know I I assume that he doesn't he doesn't speak speak the languages but other gets a fair assumption they would proclaim that it does. I am I also can't Reagan and earn gold -- so I told him give him -- not good. Larry appreciate your time thanks for the help. OK got cyclist Bryant. Thanks as -- our Red Sox assistant general manager. Making his hot -- debut.

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