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The boys bring in Matt Chatham to figure out the Jaguars performance and preview the Dolphins matchup

Dec 27, 2012|

Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas are filling in for Mut and Lou and welcome in Chatham to join the Pats talk. They discuss the Dolphins offense and how the team's speedy backs matchup against the Pats. They also get into how the Dolphins and Pats are approaching this game from opposite ends of the record spectrum.

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He is British girl looks. The reserve of interior line play both offensively and defensively I continue to this day throughout the globe blog -- a -- Wall watching games with Freddie. I could -- linebackers I -- -- back sort -- what's the offered suffering due to pretty good idea. Over the past however many years into this part of watching watching the interior line play with you I'm constantly seeing things that you point out is that. -- -- ultimate makes me understand more about football. And -- -- the coverage -- a lot of different things but Olympic is couple reporters years ago so after games -- -- -- And even contribute to -- you haven't tackled. This -- recess after -- to -- held up the line to GAAP gods had a block of he didn't get pushed practical level of Libya and create angles were running back on Hewlett. What do you wanna talk to have a guy dominate like that. Is dictated that they always talk to two guys for guys were of that brought a when you watch a whole line up like he -- in many places it takes even if he's not contribute tackles which is doing a great job that you. He dominates -- -- and Eric come to the downside of watching a game with Fred sorrows because it's everything -- happens. There's a ball that nose tackle because believe he's the pivot point that's why -- -- noticed -- you play teams can run the three falcons don't have -- Griswold -- -- regarding governor of -- football inside and football ball -- here in this room we've got another guy who brings a lot to the table. He was a very -- grapes very good NFL player. He's an entrepreneur he's a -- receives all over the place he brings a lot of good insight to what's going on here with the pages in the NFL in general. That thanks for joining us this morning met -- -- Well probably guys not -- today. I -- well look mountain coffee and actually working on the call right now. With all its all good. Or you see million you've looked at the playoff pictures who wanted to what's more how do you see this playing out first off for the New England Patriots. Well we're gonna win I think I think there's a lot of Gustafson and good -- the way I think that's. You know -- turnout could be you know who Ballmer is now and still have my -- sort of Belichick improved mine I guess split I think this is an -- week due to sort of outlook as you know I've been in that situation in the locker room word you're aware of of listeners your aware of what may have made about a place. But because so much -- -- this week on -- actually winning and because it is I gotta get the offseason feeling between 79 in a neat is it is miles and miles from one another to come up with a pretty motivated Miami crew. And the patriots relieved that it is -- trade and something people say but they've been really. Don't need to worry about much but what school Obama down I think the rest is out of control and -- straight overplayed a little bit bullet. I think that the damage to them not putting a good showing up this week to me would be much more severe than. What what flopping in the and so you know knowing that the last two weeks haven't on the way they would like. You know the result was the last week but I think there's a lot to Beijing this week I think it will be -- ten. Locker room intense practice sessions I think it's an easy situation and the focus. So you think the springboard into the playoffs with this team play well it's by a reasonable point and the really the slot they get. I would I would make that argument just because -- so young -- -- statistical -- rather than it you know. If historically speaking at least two more effective it doesn't matter if you play it more last week that. Sort of project which forms will be the next week. Bought you know each team -- its own sort of entity in this team is young and there are a lot of moving pieces I think it's important that. Is much as anything that close some loopholes in the show the last few weeks dramatically of the teams have sort of moved toward trying to count them with them -- Jacksonville. Well right now and now you know they Kamal -- become -- eleven personnel we have our first drive and they barely where we use the -- -- -- -- and things like that in the regular profit. Except for maybe bird counts in a situation stuff. So that that he was sort of a tactical sort of move on their power the say hey we've found them -- -- -- -- we got nothing to lose we can throw against the wall. And -- what works and you know it's opened it was effective for them. So in the event that you probably if it seems better to personnel wise that -- -- that scheme for the over the course of the -- game. It's important vote in the Garden Show that if the team tries to go war war drive that way. You could stop it so I think they're -- you know on the but the term situation a lot of the things popped up last few weeks with. That are uncharacteristic for -- -- -- think the opportunity as much as. Anything is the sort of throw a wrench in what potentially could be some playoff game plan in the public into the there you know if you limited credit I do agree that you know it's that. If if they don't play well this week but they end up on the flop it like that that obviously it is it is more. In packed full board because of the nature of the young locker room I think it is a pretty big deal that they fix some things and so good about what they're doing before. You know Matthew that all these teams effort -- the paper's complete -- him to come up with a -- Right things haven't the patriots see. All they feel a lot but I think what the differences is the it's timing you know it was a bit of time and place for you know the certain down and does the current situation -- -- expect to -- him. No limit I'm -- -- -- not anticipating them. I can be a little more dangerous the issue with this is always -- you -- the show. You know -- want to project vote -- try to run for five wide receiver. -- roster doesn't dictate human 45 places to go global percent or your quarterback. Exactly so I mean -- and that that's sort of right on today it's just. You know novelty enter or built to be able do that I think you know of course -- at this time of year. Seventeen weeks most teams have been pretty much all things. What you're not you're not certain as to which teams are going to be able in Denver it's in the world as you -- to a lot of different things but I also think Denver's going to be going to. But to back -- personnel. Rammed down your throat attempts like Miami Google that last so. Each team has built with their own -- of rebels do you do do the topic LB it will conceived of the people. Are doing -- -- bought you also have some limitations and what what should people election they'll pull off a one example of -- the reaching impact you know who now have a lot of respect for reasonable -- Dirty and active in the good period details to both those kids. Pac -- what number I'm I appreciated elect the likes to scrappy group where. What you have a back behind him and Reggie Bush -- a great space where you think demand environment you want to get him out of screen and some of the draw plays split. There are no magic one was injured when that your typical left side. You're not going to be out you know he -- -- the -- you try to get those two blockers for its break up strike. So although the patriots have a problem problems screen the last few weeks. And Reggie would seemingly adopted it would kind of things sometimes the way you built -- allies do. Using that theory of nothing to lose. But does Miami -- the kitchen sink it of the patriots and come up with some wrinkles that they -- noticing. -- I think if is that human habitable Mark Miller kid mr. young -- an -- for prompt it this year who's Daniel Thomas has moved out UV was put on my car. They're down -- -- -- back look in both of these facts are kind of the return of the plane running back kind of thing really glued in place. Space really good sort of change if the guys. But one guy that your other sort of gadget guy gets in the Communist -- the government shall reverses the capital shall consult. You know unusual play is coming out of launches is -- on that on and we don't know who's going to be planned or not. So those three guys are kind of guys who control than usual schemes -- And Laura Miller has played much so years ago but now being involved focused on this is gone. And again as I mentioned I mean you know what what in the kitchen -- -- if you're built with a bunch of sort of cinder blocks were often want food and certain aspects when you're not able sort of plot all kinds of schemes so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would eventually the other team makes adjustments and personalized maps of our great reviews it's without me. Hosting is that if you can team like Miami cumin and nothing to lose onside kick to start the game to get the ball you know fourth down. -- breaks things that you normally wouldn't see obviously. You rely revolt took appropriate them for that type stuff in and it's a team effort to win means a lot -- are going offseason same thing when you have. A team like Kansas City point against general -- -- the same -- but they'll come out and do things -- really haven't done before because what's -- -- Worry did -- mention -- -- because -- go back with emphasis of him and wanna poll that the pump fake you know from back up a biscuit -- -- -- -- -- burn yourself. You know I can put myself in the shoes of the on the part in Beijing and other general parts of the field where -- what. You generally have the op option of the block with 67 or eight guys in the box six would tell you what we're trying to hold up in the double both the outside gunners. Seven those sort of mixed eight we're bringing people constantly up against a block apart. Rather the return once the plate from the -- -- they did that and the guys that had a box that return. But there's nothing in what would have been a tendency or for. Anything to tell -- is that they would've done what they did because they actually ran us weekly outside the bubble of -- which means you have an extra -- and outside. And you're doing out its people endemic part of that. Well you're right it's just it looked like it was just sort of throwing -- but you'll see what sticks. And the war the bank that they're not gonna be ready for and I can sort of amplified the bill with a punt return team because that's. That's not a part of the field there was no -- that would hold you -- alert this. So I think if you're in one of these teams it's going against this you know maybe your little conservative all because. You're aware that each team they just do something that's completely cured or completely beyond the tendency completely on what the sort of plane formation. So at the top spot you've basically got to have one or two guys who always has the rise -- on the field receivers because Google -- But it's a new rule. Bill Belichick coached team gets caught off -- having always theory is a play that appear Israel it. When Europe like -- is up by seven points to against buffalo real -- -- Pod but 'cause it's in there who -- about Miami the -- -- it's a Cisco that the -- right yeah that that if you're there in this defense upon -- Current coverage. That you call the play right so. It was unusual for bill you're caught with a pistol Steve several about the wildcat guy. Lot to a -- that -- that you analyzed dissected it what and -- a punt and punt returns and punt fakes. It pretty pretty thorough it was a pretty -- team's -- -- imminently -- on. -- your outlook with what happened is you know the aura or for the field were which just. Unfathomable that they do in the you know what if your ball you know the oil law. You you -- and I think there were lots of opportunities and seems -- -- on where. Every coordinator will of the -- what does that sort of risk reward if you don't pull off and departure the prospect -- -- -- what what you know white. Why bother but you know you can you can only guard so many things and I think with you know -- is restrictions now on practice weeks. -- at one point they are going back to work on -- -- part of the field so. You have one guy who's assigned -- -- Blocking is based visas Simon is the -- the they got the ball on the run and he needs to he would he needs to work it is awareness is there it's it's really sort of trickled down but you know sometimes they get just. Well what do you think about the the other two road games that are important patriots fans in the playoffs do with the Houston and Denver play. Well I've heard some would call this week your personal commentary on on the colts in Houston you know I. Just the idea. And again we know this -- players and former players that you know it's certainly not a cold coming out and in providing commentary as the stated yes we're gonna try to win and give -- you know. Yes all the players who played out there answering questions that I look back I don't think there's really -- any rational reason for them not to be trying to win it for much the same reason there. They are sort of the French team that had a nice turn around the season but I don't think mrs. You know Peyton Manning colts -- -- the consistent forward to because they're condition doesn't move much with the last game just sort of what you guys because these. Especially with what we're gonna come back for the first time the public or you know sort of a good taste in the mouth. Animal more applicable to carry into the well so you know there are a lot of quotes and commentary offered up by players about of course you wouldn't do -- and again I don't think it's because undermine and it was the possibility of -- sort of you question compulsory -- thing. This happened which I think it is negative and I think I think Houston's. And not. Think immunity the shot probably cool little hole maybe even pull that -- also Victor pictured him looking for move game. I think they'll probably possible. To me he's analyst Indianapolis took minus fourteen and give or take. A quarterback's. Leo he's turned the ball always sacked him. They still find a way to win and you know that coach gonna come back but he hasn't. He hasn't been a head coach. -- that there may detract from. From -- how they want to they've rallied around the assistant coach for the other coach going back but. Indianapolis -- -- anger gets spread to bigger powder by JC here 512 guys are still pulled out they've had a couple and a few minutes into the but this is a team that's somehow kept them culpable of the water the whole time even though it statistically with a -- -- -- who has probably shouldn't be there. Yes to -- point because you know we often you'll learn about the federal walks in you know he's one of the top draft pick -- Is that good name and he's got a bright future all the things when you see very nearly one pick regardless of what via the take away portion of the 40. It's hard to imagine that you have the -- did. Given all the way of effort which would have been -- is that there is certainly an emotional component politics they're doing. What you know you look at you look at outlook -- like this is a rookie. The colonials -- coaches they pollute the you know very much emotional leader. Much less sexism will close involvement -- -- that -- it -- career and stop was made up of guys. Al Saunders Mike -- you've got a lot of who live below the team in the NFL at the most former head coach is under another step since I'm period. So you probably like Mercury and here in India now a couple of the guys who have been portions have been. The real ball and sort of -- -- -- imagine O'Donnell coming back. I don't think there's you know and some dramatic scheme change it's just sort of a figurehead -- -- -- of course -- -- coaching now what I think the emotional lift. Sort of the leadership bout but maybe some of this is making critical situation might change what it is interesting you mention the turnover differential well because. Symbian a situation about it is very unusual but the look last week Jack -- actually post one. Well -- in the -- and whatever that that's for order through so there. There's always the monopolies and rule breakers there. And the other game of course be astute observer of the unifil -- you know like almost a reasonably sound mind experts the Kansas City. Has no chance of below asset that bad recipes beyond the smoke -- -- set not mr. Obama I would correct your boyfriend. They don't want it in the spotlight as 25. -- would hold onto a requirement is we always hit the city eagle bottom of the barrel by as they hold on the ball it would. They have a hello hello -- -- the -- trends could. You see any chance of that happening. I'm looking McChrystal all know particularly -- earlier so 2000. Through the city blacks WW gonna happen. That it will -- we appreciate your insight we appreciate you joining us look forward to call comes out tomorrow is that correct. Excellent very good. We'll look forward to this weekend and we'll see where the -- is William I've read through the playoffs Leah Rosen looking forward to a good playoff run. I've got about excessive by. As obnoxious and on the -- -- one minus 25 my -- -- -- I was like Arnold because the along debates to think. External Boston all of that's part of stink but it cleared up that -- Because a play for what. For us for -- the that played a -- mediocre -- if you watch and they have to -- supported using your logic in what how many yards against. I was twelve Butler to also objects or who's gonna objects to a foreign fiftieth patriots. -- -- -- those close games sold for 500 ability to measure but it got beat by fifty point 526 doses of spanking using your words right. OK so -- -- -- physically Jacksonville's banked. Physically -- Jacksonville did a pretty good job is depicted draft of Mitt mobile police also respect. But the page they -- lucky. Now you say that was it just so lucky that that game was a little brutal XP wow -- they had the crickets on a rope a revelation from fruits -- those revelations they want. It was a forgone conclusion that it that was that was a pool play game -- but there were no nerves -- -- was there I mean not really especially when the UV that is racism I don't know one by an electric going who you rooted in the build 42 Richard we usually the first draft of which about a forty. Our guys will get ordered him back to a phones so we appreciate the about Jordan's for for a little bit more -- -- give some good insight 617779. 7937. Or you can give us on the text line 379. Resettle we look forward to your input power in Randolph -- -- calls quarterback --

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