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Just how useless is the Pro Bowl?

Dec 27, 2012|

The Pro Bowl votes are in, but who cares? Dan Sileo suggests a bowling tournament would be more exciting as he and Dale Arnold fill in for Dennis and Callahan. They guys also break down the Comeback Player of the Year race between Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson

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It's funny as as the probable stop was coming out last night I was thinking about this first the ball. It's a game nobody wants to play at some -- when it was last game are just off DXD. Exhibition season. It's the biggest scam in football when you have to pay for half the product. It painful price for the dot -- shouldn't it's the biggest scam this probable though. Because don't wanna go. Hasn't I don't -- ever gone he went in 01 out waving a girl here at the very first year hasn't gone so I don't see a bowling tournament. Guys bold and something like touch football I mean they don't wanna be in the it's the most useless gain. Rush is talking about agony game last year the -- was last year right that it is the water debacle where -- amid the neither side of the line of scrimmage who takes up and they hold one another into -- agreed upon dance. They also created don't know quote -- and you don't want it there and they say that by the way is how it should be right. Heck wants to get blown up -- -- -- I'll never forget Robert -- it's running back young. I mean it looked like he was an up and coming starry goes in place that -- ASEAN football game like football game as part of a probable. Blows out his knee in his career is -- came back briefly but it you know never the same guy and I -- it was great coming out of Georgia right it was Georgia is Georgia what a great look at football where he was well here's what I was -- personal nobody wants the plane it because. If you -- inseparable you can't go right so nobody wants the plane at factories and second of all. Everybody tries to get out of it anyway and there's that there's a website called awful announcing and had a great week last night as the probable stuff that's coming out. And they said this is the only game. Where reaction to the whole bowl announcement. It's much more attention in the probable. He pays attention to global players wanna make the team because there's incentives and their contracts OK so. Guys make the first team if you make it for the fifth time there's all kinds of incentives you wanna make the club and you wanna be able to have your name. Being able to go to Hawaii however once you get their you don't wanna play and again. Here's what I I have a hard time taking will firstly can take bolsters. Its actionable. There -- two Atlanta Falcons in the April. Or five Kansas City tunnels. There are five Kansas City Chiefs now so it's gonna have to explain to me. Topic Kansas City Chiefs it's a great player to win season. Have got five pro bowlers in the Atlanta Falcons went there to win twelve win season have to I'm gonna. -- -- Guys talk with one another win you're getting closer to the probable voting a guy I was telling you Bob Bob -- you played at Cleveland a two times while walking across the field and we have the vote on dies at our position. That you wanna see in a -- on. So a guy like local come across -- go hey man don't forget to you know they were boys and all this and don't forget the vote for me. For the probable eight. Just like -- -- -- deter people wanted to trip but he also wanted to cash in his contract that he gets from making his sixth or something like that Robles so nice politician it. That was selling -- you're supposed to make it you don't make it in theory it should make it okay you don't sell but it -- here. I love me some some Rob Gronkowski. Really a certain number of games to be in the probable as you said for the -- tips Saturday Jeff Saturday is benched by the Green Bay Packers because he played very well one more -- love them a great player in his day. And I helped put that -- CPA together along with Robert crap out great for him -- Served in the oh no wait that's players giving him the respect for hours last year. For him to be -- -- bail out and has been hurt a -- this year he's in the probable to its success of the team to deal. That's where a lot of -- are not with five Kansas City Chiefs are a lot -- What I can't explain that might not see that kind of record. Fourteen point that many guys probable the voting still third third authorities and I believe sell you gas cell death that explains gronkowski factor in even from the players let's say they voted for gronkowski. You know some players all the do was look at numbers in there and l.'s leading in touched on the ground still leading tight ends and touched OK go he gets in there the fans that may. Never go with fan vote for any all star team that's by the way players are worse. Players -- worse and -- well you're gonna pick your boys and I've seen this I've been down there. Back when -- on probable voting day as. Yeah yeah. -- absolutely absolutely don't -- -- the -- you don't pay attention of football at all except for your game the team you're gonna play not sit around on a Sunday afternoon watching all of the games on red zone channel. You're doing the same thing that the coach is doing college football when there voting for the top 25 okay. You really think that's these -- looking at the top ten teams don't I don't what I look at. Arizona is a good football team of eleven I was just actually they do and he does. He does -- nets went a -- your -- put the Duke Team on every year because that was the first opportunity got they finally told to stop doing now. Last year but I don't I don't care to put duke and a pre season top 25 a a the -- that. So you get your probable balloting out and and this -- -- And NS IL -- -- Briscoe is so upset. That Richard Sherman got left off the Pro Bowl team which we probably should be there and that -- and Jeff Saturday made it any -- it's. He's way cool -- a paid out around the back to shoot -- and it has not announcing audit. Nobody's gonna watch the damn game who cares about the game so why we care now on the -- no way you don't care. Which do we want. The team that has the most players now. Do you want that as a fan base to have you -- team with the most players on what you want that title of having the most players the. -- that impressed me the seven patriots were named yesterday but the thing that jumped out at me. -- former captains. That's the sort of thing that that kind of peaks my interest a little bit including the special team representative Matthew Slater was the special teams captain here. But Brady and Mankins and will fork and yet when you start to look at that that's sort of means some open. Yeah yeah you know what you're here's what aggravated me -- and I -- OP -- and here but Manning again over Brady. Why. He was running away with the bowl from the finger off that clearance you might -- brands around the country so disrespect would raise core rate his career was. Manning's career I. I agree with you there but is there something to be said for the pay at a boy Peyton you came back from a neck injury that he turned around the Broncos franchise email pat on the back. And a trip to light there's no pick out of Boise anyway in the L saying from the players from the fan's point of view maybe it's like an appreciation. -- I mean Adrian Peterson should be approval obviously but I promise you the people were also on -- public in -- I -- -- and Adrian Peterson's come back the name Peyton Manning's comeback as he's got nobody on that football team in Minnesota. Pick people game plan against Christian Ponder. Can't play it would guys seven guys in the odds of that you mean nobody tells you are running right there over the three hole there and if you can stop me stop. It's guy but. Al bottom what Peyton was able to deal -- what he had to do at the beginning of the season win no one on the Denver team had any clue what he was saying at the line of scrimmage. Impressed with Peyton Manning no one ever said that. I'm just -- I'm this I'm trying to give you that side of the argument. Eight he breaks the record on Sunday he's the MVP if he doesn't. Peyton Manning the MB so it goes over 2000 yards that's not good enough for people had. A mass knee injury last year and he does in December 24 by the -- he does it yet. The extras say sixty or seventy yards he needs okay its patent -- He doesn't get the only 105 it's got -- that's where I'm that's where -- that's absurd. Does the stat of the year from about 88. Was this -- He has more yards passed -- that yet and aryan Foster has averaged per carry this year. And it was his yards after initial contact average is better than area impostors rushing. Unreal I played against Eric Dickerson. I thought Eric Dickerson was one of the absolutely. Special backs of all time in the boat Jack to play. This guy here when he's doing he is a version of Bo Jackson and Eric Dickerson -- up all right but he's got the break -- speed he's got the power of Bo Jackson Andy's got. -- -- -- to disguise because he's challenging people every single slot today. You know -- racket to beat you. They played against one and in Italy today got a setup for the quarterbacks. If he doesn't win the most valuable player Adrian Peterson. No guy and running back ever win the award ever again. And it should just because the MVP of the quarterbacks because if you're not gonna give it this year Adrian Peterson. Like what may I say -- of its -- about the Heisman Trophy what do what do you notice about it guys holding a football. And hope -- from -- that's what does not turned to the MVP is now offensively ward for quarterback. Sector says Ellis Brady is great but Manning is simply a little bit better Norris no disrespect. To TB I'm I'm kind of with -- on this one from a career perspective. My money's on Brady to. But I just don't think Peyton -- better and number even now not now. It it is a remarkable thing he's done coming back I wouldn't even played again. They're telling me -- -- wrong in your neck here eased off getting experimental treatments in Germany and do and this is like minor brain surgery -- well think about it you know. Why would even take the chance of in the fact that you love the game and and you have to be there. They tell you you know you got a little thing in your neck here you take a shot -- knows you know bad stuff can happen but you're gonna go out there I give them all the credit in the world. -- if you had to win one football game of all the players being equal game nobody has any more superstars it's just Brady and Manning. If you put those two dudes against one another you're taking Brady. Yes now now we are our our opinion here is a look a little bit clouded because. A lot of Peyton Manning's playoff problems have come against the patriots so we've seen him up close and personal have issues he he beat the patriots net AFC championship. Where the the patriots had you know god almighty that huge lead -- nothing. Right and Eli. And I am off that's out of Peyton Manning if the patriots have a little more -- yeah. And you know what he does he doesn't force to gain Eli Eli allows the game the -- him. Gotta hand of football -- he does he's got to hand it -- 25 times he well we're Peyton Manning in my opinion. I think he forced the game sometimes especially in the post season and that's why you see turnovers with him. Brady does the same thing that you like allows big game -- him. Goes to -- it -- to him the football off. I have to do intermediate passing have to go vertical Brady will look at the environment around him and that's -- black called -- a -- This guy is so ruling on the field -- in his brain Brady but I think. -- like so much on his ability dale that. To meet with Eli Eli is a lot Mike tomorrow okay he's a little more consistent and Tom OK but. I board fear of EU like that I would be -- -- and if you look at both players have both Brothers right now. Really gonna take Peyton Manning -- that right now not -- because I've. I hate I'm regional like against my team that he's done it -- Meant comply -- especially clutch moment yet fourth quarter as one of the best quarterbacks the last two years.

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