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Wed. December 26th Whiner Line

Dec 26, 2012|

It's the friends of Dan Sileo Whiner Line.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. The -- in my knees aren't buying -- -- proceed with caution. -- -- discretion music but I still don't really Morris and now losing Laura your time. The -- satisfying. That's the whole point man as we lease for the candidate stage means portable is normal and now Davis please hold -- close games like these gave me the wind. These ten men and women in one of my real good about this Internet game. Some good WEEI. Whiner line. Really -- stuff like this then. Based will be pro snow -- This debate is always dial 7793535. A better team than it showed tonight that -- What we gotta do -- every -- we come how we got to do all we can't keep talking about it from whiner line that we talk about the same noted however we got to keep doing it and now obviously this little emotional for you. -- -- That is not right betting you know right but WEEI. Want -- -- -- Johnson -- Bunch -- back to Johnson I think Chad Ochocinco cries after six. Emotional guy wasn't tape out there besides the other cable operators I don't know -- it's emotional cries after children red carpet -- Academy Award rate that writers -- states. Which elect comes out Utley does not waste. I already have -- name for him writers you're on after the victory in picture tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We look forward to a Ali Larter. Why was above my eighteenth -- WEEI live is available on your iPhone android -- Blackberry device brought -- by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to could be ten. GAT and T rethink possible. Very patio outspoken up. -- -- Thanks a lot I lived four houses down there I left my wife. My little -- and gave my seven year old daughter very risky necklace case and a copy gets forty basically it yet mr. stick with the milk and cookies -- And that. Jack -- apparently leftists that tweeted on yesterday's -- cocaine and I mentioned it on Christmas Eve for the fact that I did hear you say that was -- on the show it was a really remember as a somewhere down the -- sugars that. -- didn't go on. What might call Hollywood on vacation. Must have taken it or recognition app with that. Because I've heard now not all river. But that doesn't have that -- -- by -- listening to Great Britain have -- back and we can't do this for another week. And Connecticut and memos from Fall River. Yeah by Norton antivirus on the phone lines holidays it's there is what it is and. Oh god 08. -- -- good lap today dedicated today that John Lackey went fourteen to good yeah I looked -- I. I can't tell -- -- elevated directed at the white all of I can happen. And notice the and that is why he's won fourteen games most years of his at least fourteen games most his his rear its -- developed that's a bit. A preface that by saying fourteen and fifteen minutes after that OK kids that he will be -- -- Batavia may be fourteen wins for the six CR AI us. -- endeavor -- a good chance to beat Kansas City but I only it's possible cancer when nickname are -- College -- -- it but can't people stop it I think things that are -- It's not -- -- -- And the fact is it's not a Petroleos from the medical book. And it all ends of the trouble saying. An individual teams and individual people. Make them all while making a point. Now back up that are are trapped. On a backboard and into the big show what he did -- occur -- that it Ankiel. And that message pizza there -- is not a -- answer shadows of the world where Curtis -- them. -- yeah well that quote you got for Christmas bike -- by coal gold. And he came out the next ten winter. And that yeah. They get a -- this year what you get what you get for Christmas. Saw what cadres treasure favorite present my favorite present I got this year. It was unbelievable big box opens up eye opener Richard Pryor comes. It out that in the evening out and destroy the Toyota -- with some horrible movies that are only see a remake of that would be -- -- -- a little chaotic at this time you know having the world has changed moment like -- is and so drove another -- that the politically correct side of my system like there -- president was -- 35 dollar. Movie card by a -- -- -- -- your bottom line by the to someone. On a nice degree look at movie history. Yeah and stop just stop it. Stop it's -- good point I'm really really beginning to hate the fact that a polite. And that message they'll come around when they do come around all summer those are good point if they agree with you -- that they don't -- that point that they hate you if I don't know is that it's bad points. So we -- the -- well. One acquaintance the government broke down but the and not acknowledge -- And this message I just heard a little snippet this morning a little bit. I just may sound like us a Leo and commercial like Israel is Wikipedia page probably not as fun I mean I don't know. Well you aren't equipment. We're on the rough. What major program -- got the wonderful -- you are. I would just say this about cancer Leo listen I don't know the guy never really heard about that one clip before today Gordon's talent play. I would just this rough. -- -- -- And I -- the series after compliment that is. Is -- these guys who screams a lot to do a lot of -- gives a lot of the the hauling it. We can call up that's fine but just talk regular my -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- beat me up again when you have a I have station yelling screaming I didn't -- and he does not edit out the windows so that's -- he's talking about Roger -- -- 200 million dollars after -- thirty year -- -- Not good not divert it. -- here and -- our editors like Stewart which are new. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- That's problem though you could act -- at the end zone. And that message very fair question very fair question. Is there that Leo. Can't get -- about Abraham Lincoln. -- what can wait but the mind. An awful long time because it was don't want another great mathematically that. And that message that's I thought it was a four hour pat the back and bite him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been an. Yeah. -- of the country. Well whether it is. With that for the but. But applaud you guys tied -- -- -- they've been good as. Apple. It's. Between them. At this site. Wanted to bet that unbelievable. But it hasn't created. I don't know what the development of the but otherwise. It's probable cause it's goodbye. He's he's -- and I was actually I was actually thinking this they -- while I was listening when there are three people having a conversation. Kept -- one of them and he's not the most annoying person that conversation. It was couple weeks we'll -- actually happened -- -- believe it. We know it's -- Italian I heard he might be shocked Indian Filipino sailors and -- trying to -- -- -- You can't know that it could could -- -- well. Operative phrase is that you get work you'll have to quit and stay up analysts and I don't -- -- -- I don't know what your opinion. We get them out of 59 minutes a day. Why did they bring you back. And that meant that. By every question I -- that I would drop Macs at all don't international don't do -- my ultimate sacrifice might shock opens up the instead it was fine the award is going to be steel bad -- -- Interpreted that we don't know about the -- voted that the court before it's gonna put up but it's reporters should go vote and I thought. About Rondo. The you know what we hadn't been with the crowd -- great -- what I don't think specialized and don't. It -- avoid that code on an -- it but I'm also. I don't doubt that that's our one dollar Max -- for a title and a -- plot of the statement people use that his victory. I loved it at that particular incident was good to get into. Well I haven't. We now have a pet hotel thank -- -- -- a reality show and the Internet that they. May have done recently painted very. Let's get back at the end. But at the end of message. Maybe. It's a very shipment Christmas. Went home it's like these he has been he -- past its to all all Laura. He can't. Use harsh words like we got our picture you were horrible waste and lose them. To do. -- show don't do. She turns. It's. Mike Alamo has is on course now as well it's unbelievable the -- you know this -- back for a tremendous rates stuff -- a while I probably AT&T AT&T AT&T forgy LTE which -- up to -- contrast couldn't. Prejean and AT&T rethink possible.

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