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Cedric Maxwell talks about the Celtics current road trip

Dec 26, 2012|

Max joins Kirk and Pete and talks about the Celtics Christmas Day game against the Nets and what they will need to do for a successful road trip.

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Back you're the big shopping shiver or any -- -- didn't -- -- just -- a couple of minutes until then back to afford your call 6177797937. And -- what check out the W I FaceBook page go to. FaceBook dot com slash WEEI annual OC a very entertaining picture I've seen this before it's an oldie but -- It's argument out of seated in a long time or may not suit all hook line and Johnny most and a backer today are quite abusing. What amusing or held -- -- and a Glenn played recently. Yeah the idea at the data for average it is fantastic job. I still wonder some of those drove them there were forty shorts and was but. I've received what script I've never seen one but that certainly. Literature -- -- the kids -- on -- Christmas and ruthless in his address is that the -- to the rain departure Maya Rudolph yeah perform Glenn looks like he's a blow. You know he looks like chemical creepy substitute teacher and he has he does a guerrilla threat goes on in the antlers. It's 214 years old yeah it's yeah I'd just like men in tights. Such go to FaceBook -- come -- -- WEEI. And you can check of the picture I'm sure would be some. Colorful comment I would I would afterwards after it right back to Padraig auto checked when Baxter got a low low is up next -- WEEI job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ready. First of all I want and listeners will welcome you know I saying again that they we dilute the guys. Day in day out it's a great thanks so much we appreciate. So -- my question one what what is it opera is an eye on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well pitchers in -- can keep me around the rescue plan Syria or. Seattle -- mountain Ludlow mass. Yeah by the door redskin fans curious the most curious how that -- well actually uses they were good the patriots sucked. Symbolic yet when I was a -- I had a elite member of those it would it would repeatedly but he is to bring these two -- Redskins gave -- kids in. Ever since then -- so a lot and. Okay Serbia rescue France in a report to Sunday night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what he is their chances are in Indian Indian through -- play Yasser. News the governor's chances anybody I mean that they walked. Dallas on Thanksgiving night in Dallas now I certainly do not think that's gonna happen again Mel I think it's going to be yeah a field goal game I -- in my by a touchdown Dallas proudly they did right by director Troy you're -- out there Rick dutrow yeah and there's going to be a field goal game. Three or four point game I guess under the Redskins away I just I have I have no faith and doubt -- -- do crazy things like win games like this -- I cannot spinal it's -- cookie to me but I like -- John I think the thing. It's scary but the Redskins steal is that defense you know degree that pass defense that's still bill -- about that but if they get in the NFC playoffs and they have a home game. I said earlier they win their first round home game they beat a team a -- which they could do where the vikings. -- be surprised at all to see them going to hit the bats like we get a -- -- united definitely give us. You put any of those teams the NFC I give a real live shot to get to volumes I -- Where it's. It's been warned I'm coming in and I am I'm at a pretty -- blog you know the. Yeah no sure and I mean listen -- preserving that mean you could not ask for more from the sky as Iran. I was cycling on and the only meal with Archie he gets you nervous in -- at every game it's like I credit them. -- And they can also -- -- -- the can also there was Chicago Los in the Minnesota loss. Oh at the Washington if they lose yeah right they can also -- which is -- very possible that's why -- you know appear. That's right now you look at that were called John in the kind words if you look at another Republican that it. Because we first heard last week the giants still get into three teams don't lose that really pay much attention -- them I tell now look at these -- I think you think there's any of them now I think and thinking well I don't know I I still on the help I'm saying boasts three losses that usually help where -- gave an absolute individually it could happen. Direct it's -- question about it could happen the fact. I like that every every team that needs the -- I think he's. It's gonna look -- You know I think Green Bay beats Detroit -- you'd think that's a mechanism you know Detroit and that's why outside the bears. I think Detroit beat -- -- the Detroit beat the bears idea I think Detroit beat the bears. I think Minnesota will lose to Green Day. And and and that in the Washington Dallas Washington now. -- -- test or else just -- just it was an -- obviously it doesn't easily sure we can happen. So there's a chance now question is can -- Michael Vick beat. Ambac could be did you guys Nelson has yet apartment that's very accurate let's check in with so it's broadcast to set a -- Hello Mac it's been -- -- redhead in for Glenn and Michael today what's up my friend Merry Christmas. It is -- yeah. And what else was out of my friend how to Christmas. Record Atlantic while Mario Williams may replace all of -- in the casino off. Each. Opportunity. Now what are the it bubble we went to war. Why limit it yeah I went to limit I know you don't you don't to -- stakes I. They -- no problem. One -- the first of all great get for Christmas. It -- happen. Out there. Well it -- at the beginning showing on one win does not a season make as the saying goes -- and it's that was one of the most impressive wins of the year on the road. And I love the fact that. That we get back seen defense like we know that this team is capable playing. Well I think you're right about that you know what she's one game does not make -- them but it's a starting point for this team and I think what they did they'd been. And I like that about them in this game and they rebound the ball bright spots where you know watching sellinger. Who was tremendous around the glass rebound the basketball. And essentially I think they're they're real difference in when Jason Collins in the lava and Brandon Bass coming out because -- as usual obviously more opulent. But -- sensibly rather have a look at the trouble egyptians just a real Smart. Several political and all physical and know where the speech and I think you really gave trouble aren't that nobody else to look at more confident -- feature to walk. There was still nice to see them win a game like this about KG and Paul -- big gains in both combine you know each had eight points so that was that was another. Up positive side. Italian and which you have those guys that. It Oakley is live in minutes and they'll have you are you know. Get it grabbed all of the way it has been able to see that those two -- or a win to -- You know this is that didn't appeal amid -- said the war. -- and you know cabbage and greens have a doubt about this haven't got will be an effective in all -- of the lord and you know maybe you saw some of that in. You know when you're down a requirement in -- orchestra started out actually out they've lost in the walked which was great trip -- law. -- last Friday. Outlook deeper show -- and I am -- says that he was are we gonna go. I think 31 of the structure and they got the first one and it's probably a hot team right now in the league. In the clippers into epic and all the -- the builder in Colombia to win this game and not think you would you know. Propelled them some really good thanks. -- surprised -- soldiers played this well in his rookie season do you think you'd be a polish guys sort of right from the start. Well -- about he's he's saying you know -- -- for your college lawyer and because of that I think that you see has. He doesn't pan out on the applaud you salute their I would guess at least play the big -- program. They're pretty good top players in that come in the draft and he's just really Smart player. And he -- god uses spot. And he's only learning. You know what you can do on the floor he's a leap for. I know me but he's a he's probably their best option to rebound right now are about spot in the paint. And -- -- on this ash equipped it's something that's an aggravating me these these double tentacles of being called in yesterday when I mean. I'll be honest with you I watch again my tibia and get a chance to hear you you and -- yesterday and I do apologize by. I mean this -- or not -- word I know but this this this type nonsense somebody's wraps and they get together or do you think the critical but the right call and they still screw it up. Yeah I and they went back to me refute this call I know about are the Kevin Garnett about it not think you talk about -- Wallace yeah let's -- this works at the end. -- just grabbed join a short -- just hold on to a Mike. We don't -- All the -- almost it was like OK look at some Utley swung down monitoring and so. You know it was much ado about nothing I only think that technical and should have been all. -- -- early every game out didn't it didn't beat you'd -- -- install third and that's not really not to lose its advantage. Just two ago spent on the on the refereeing again I want to make a huge a lot of -- but the story came out and any get well yeah I mean -- and LeBron had three false called -- last night which -- -- yesterday afternoon which at the it was a miracle. But this other story came out I'm sure you which are probably talked about it. A USA today a couple days ago that LeBron James went through five games without getting a file called Solomon that's actually ridiculous. At that is especially is typical if you year. You know you can you can trade him about it but. LeBron has certain arrogance about it when it comes -- that at all. That last year. -- -- we -- -- get out there. I don't I'll -- -- -- -- -- I'll I'll let you know look I guess you god being felt about the Alla Ali Abul ala. The thing is though Max the fis cal is that you're talking about how is that for the game -- change that was it I mean this is the way the league is and I don't see it getting any better. Yup I don't think -- -- that it is it is more into. You know appellate football in India Russia they're protecting the players respect in the quarterback. But I guess I will probably lead getting into. I've gone time where you know it's what you -- You know a look I'll look pushed. And only maybe gain much -- -- You know so I I camera I don't like their situation would be given the way Vietnam -- you want controller. But it is a game of emotion. And a game there's going to be some doubt late on the ancient sometime late because you would imitate the other thing -- -- -- -- -- -- Right down the street on the whole ordeal for -- to be yet. And the open one you know the chairmanship in 1984. Terror intimidation and there are welcome we're -- typically. But we will validate that the lakers and sometimes you do that is in or people. It's funny so I was actually thinking that very thing if Mikhail does -- -- say does that yesterday and -- Christmas afternoon game. That's the story of the day nationally people are going crazy about you know it and what -- audio suspension audio legal. Russia yeah yeah twenty game suspension right I mean it's just hero world has changed. And it is -- and in this. Part of it is change what have been other I understand the culture we're talk about it. You know try and eliminate violence and all these other things but part of the game is -- Colgate ups and suddenly you win games sometimes. You know I -- I remember Al Davis saying that the great older or Oakland Raiders had a chat sometimes you went through intimidate. And you know on our that's our sports all have always been. But at 27 games this team is fourteen and thirteen and you look at the numbers and they'll tell you know is it's there it's the worst start of the 27 games for this new Big Three but. I'm not surprised -- I -- 99 to play. -- -- out there do you read Europe. And put that -- there differently lots and not when you actually. Rate Ray Allen out around anymore is Joseph Biden at all period Rondo so is a completely new -- -- I. He would you. I was I was three -- -- be fair people the big Obama and Hillary for -- I was gonna make fun of that statement that people use I agree all the W captain always like you said nine new players on this team. That's why I'm not getting too carried away right now I may get I like my love what I saw yesterday and I hope. It's a gigantic step in the right direction but to me I'll start out I'll start. Really analyzing dissecting and really get into -- after the all star game because we saw what happened last year the first after the season and nobody expected them to be within. You know cut a five minutes of reaching the NBA finals. Doubt Laramie that you agree -- is still war -- -- one of the best in the game I think you toward the push of the button that. You don't have a brilliant bit -- ball -- through -- -- they're -- and this year has been controlling the initial point of attack. Rob I was pretty good at -- -- ball away once -- -- -- fine but if I get by you know it is guard you're buying and more towards all. There's a good break off breakdown of the public -- and they're not that good. They keep going on in north which this guy did try to rebound and you go below it doesn't happen. Neighbor rarely comes back you would hope that she'd be on all the import -- being their point guard in the trading -- -- And I think that opted defense tremendously. When you seem comeback rests with your browser. I give -- I give it about a week. Argue about a couple weeks -- -- I think that they had targeted you know the first game back -- -- local. I guess I think. The second and third. I think it might be a little bit more. But left much out all of our. You know it to admit that low barrel -- -- you know he's he's coming back from some major. Search from BS show that some we doubled aren't that bad. It is it -- remote and not. Who would have thought years ago would be talking about an incredible match up in the Los Angeles between the clippers and the Celtics I cannot wait. The tomorrow night's game knock affecting was on at 3 o'clock in the morning I wake up from watching that is going to be spectacular. On TNT the whole world going to be watch NC no Ronald gonna have a great game. And I'm sure Paul will and and graphic that day I mean these kind of get regular season games it all happened very -- him. Al carefully at what time we kept it up work the more you got to watch his game tomorrow listen to this game tomorrow night. I would I would totally agree which unit you know way even to the point where I'll go a little bit further. You know -- grip where it pop bridge the great coaches and Antonio spurs side that there -- -- in the team. Home enough the -- Miami because she felt like they need it risks. Yeah I've I've given the sport for as a later on eighteen. And -- The schedule the first game I'll look at that is though are those big games. Like you know San Antonio born into my inner circle begging you right now has the game out what the polite. So from nature not play that game we will be a major disappointment as they've won. Because those other games there a lot of where it left or should I. Game tomorrow night is gonna be cute game the first fifteen games with history you know all the words were -- yeah you know playing great. -- it would be unreal I think. Right now the day it is the best team right now in -- as. We look at Jeff Green in the last couple games played well against Milwaukee before you know but after the the cheek and chipped tooth played pretty well yesterday you get a feeling the start to turn the corner -- little -- here. Where every time you see him turn the quality right though expect the other. And you Lleyton has some exceptional moments. Well up up the problem lies is the wind or the way elections say some of my sources that -- And one of the things that you know -- tell -- said that you know you might not see the best pure -- until maybe triple were. Massacred is coming back from -- open -- them you know surgery. Anyway they had -- in my hand on top of that unit the wheat from the gate or a year. And this is just to. He's a big game alone. Like in our our blog plate what few minutes maybe give a couple -- what the speed of the game would be doubtful because you had -- such a long time. And that's the way he has yet so -- which yeah I think that's why he's been so up and down. Approaching a -- Celtics now twelve and seventy and on Christmas Day and eligible under all this but. Out of those 29 games itself as a player Christmas Day and you play in several of them have ever been on the road that's unbelievable. Yeah and here's the thing Pete our -- I don't -- remember in my -- -- played a game all. Across. I'd never know decades. The they showed that aren't aren't -- ordered to eight years so yeah. I actually do it could be wrong but I'd never ever remember playing a game off. So but you know what it would -- history. -- My -- The dog -- -- after that I didn't want to open. Up pretty well. And not think -- that you oppose national televised games -- those in the instructional ahead. You know a lot of -- TV and I would not be -- -- -- electric all. Chairman Garnett satellite gloves and do what I let the spotlight. You know so the so it will be a very interest you match them into our next game. I can't wait for it and got another great game with gold state on Saturday and you know who knows in the back to back in on Sunday were Sacramento that can be an interest and you're -- you're never knowingly and. -- -- -- -- You cover all you got beaten them this we are all waiting for you -- after the new -- so that's last what they have been stretched me. You talk about looking at the second -- the -- Public right now he's an export our games to me these are confidence builders or confident destroyers. Max rates opera's always have fun again belated Merry Christmas and have fun to go Lockett they elect a poker today. Out today. -- public yeah all right backstage airbags like Cedric Maxwell so this broadcaster to listen to. Tomorrow night will be 10 o'clock up pregame show. With grandy back to that is this must listen radio and it must watch game and survivors were more drivers those who have -- -- you take -- -- -- the -- uses. I you're going to be phenomenal game. I really do for -- season matchup.

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