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It's that magical time of year, playoff seeding talk

Dec 26, 2012|

Kirk and Pete are talking about the Patriots potential playoff seeding and how that could affect their mentality heading into the final game of the season against the Miami Dolphins.

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Backyard or three the big show up jumper Kirk radio we view the big go and Michael Holley six was 7779. 79 degrees seven we don't want -- today 6177793535. Texas' 37937. -- coming up the bottom of the -- -- it was broadcaster Cedric Maxwell. It has taken last night's game in this upcoming road trip for the Celtics which is to start tomorrow night. Against the clippers in LA IT NT -- -- Rondo and have a monster game and then Saturday against Golden State one of the surprise teams of the year so far. There ever been doing very well the clippers won fourteen games and Sunday. And they may get a bit of -- breed of against the back to back game on the road against the Sacramento road struggling this year. But tomorrow night that should be that should be held again by really look report to -- down before. You mentioned during the break I think in its avenue them on the -- -- well in myself for viewers -- whoever. It's not like Jews for the Celtics people are gonna texts to talk so mysterious area it's not these people are -- a -- team I think you just kind of wait and see him. Well it's true with a lot of NBA team and there are now -- lakers take a -- below one what governor now chair back at 500 and in other words there were -- overtime number I'm sure. They don't even out there I just thinking get the MBA I just look for more to the second half of the season I just don't get crazy one where the other now. Around here for the last few years themselves have gotten off. This is the this is the worst record up to 27 games this -- sort of disagree. At fourteen and purchased a tickets all that big you'll have people forget they have nine new players on this team. Nine new players. So is gonna it's gonna take some time and one of the better defensive players is. As I enjoyed yet -- Avery Bradley so signify I think you have the -- and not the that doesn't excuse the inconsistencies that they've had this year defensively defense -- terrible no question and they seem to have taken a step in the right direction yesterday hope we will see more -- they were very. There were very aggressive yesterday they were they were all over Brooklyn. And I've -- -- I think most impressive thing was they did yesterday without -- without. KG haven't much against both only had eight points apiece and his team on the championship. I admit that I can't. Again I can't I can't -- guys that I doubt I can't know until all the answers on your forties I doing it for you sir you do on which did last year. Which around this time but no way to -- Well but they give one a lot of doubt that went -- -- -- that -- at the finals they'll posted. -- -- The trailer hit him in the chip but you never thought that it's about his -- -- I was the guy yell and scream -- -- lifestyle is accurate. I was I was I was I was not. Now that relies on both sides I didn't ago -- Eastern Conference finals either now at that point. At that point -- -- I was each convinced of that but I did not want to trade I did not treat Ron despite some times we get ticked off about it for a some -- that would mean unless you've got to deal with you thought you -- to win I would not treat him just trade that would have made no sense included in this contract notes not. I Texaco all -- about about about the about Seattle it's it's organized and beat the -- I I spoke I -- I got to beat the saints did I misspoke Marshawn Lynch they beat the saints yes -- -- But that -- lynch had that game was like 85 yards but he ran he disappeared for five time right and I think what nine seats to. At a piece of -- at some point some ridiculous it was a -- CPU don't want played them you know get Pete Carroll two -- repair for teen youth -- -- patriots answerable. I just yelled don't I can't get into that team. I heard something about the -- about a Seattle team. -- that's what does the -- -- all right because I don't I don't I don't I don't know what I got I definitely Carol I remember being on after that I was in Pittsburgh when it lost 76. And -- take a whole lot of flak for stepped out of bounds in the game that they -- wrong was with a touchdown that -- it was court also well sort right now Johnson pushed them on job -- at Johnson it was it was some of text that would now and I wasn't at Johnson was that of Brazil -- When forget I forget we're at once but that game boys you remember dark -- started running back at all no accord is Smart they were not that sort of forced -- running backs -- stopped on fourth and goal and that's important right -- Bledsoe -- up on the fifty yard line. Without a field and it went almost feel -- chip that went down the field and strip sack was caused by. Some of the play was the plan for the patriots to cause the fumble. I predict that the Kepler project critical right to trickle in more critical -- requirement relentlessly. And that was his desire to -- indeed it was like 1015 more yards for Vinatieri terrible attempt. Hours that that would host Denver next week there will host Deborah -- -- that would have been a very interesting game. That game. It was pretty well stuck there because that's not sure but that we think about that that could have changed imagine talk about the butterfly effect what could have happened. At the patriots beat the Steelers that year that would host -- you -- your game at home if that if they win that against Iowa tea right now against Denver and it went like voluntary protectors girls are college -- psychology if that happens if they win that game military makes a futile they win that game behind the seven. Tom Brady's merited some third grade teacher right now. Don't know how to change and that's it you never know in Michigan about the border chaos theory you know -- -- -- -- -- Tuesday -- blossom next year the -- -- -- -- -- I don't want nobody's really been talking about the Packers but I feel like there's an opportunity right now up and art I mean. I thought they can beat Seattle in Green Bay pretty easy aren't like they also brought to a landmark. Got a double. Pre -- you know why they've been around that's why are not new an -- Roger and horses -- here I mean Aaron Rodgers -- early in the MVP at taught me as well there's no question about it. Others there's no doubt about it a look I I still that they get screwed in Seattle earlier this year so it's just a question up and the Packers are banged up through. That'll run the ball. Well now at all so I mean they have their they have some issues but certainly bad they can win -- bad bad bad bad towards -- -- and not scary now -- not a volley but they put them out as healthy as they've been in the past it's -- it's Atlanta in the playoffs that. I think a lot of people have been looking at how the falcons you know can win a playoff game. They're that ugly ugly game against New York work I think -- Terkel got law degree -- -- -- -- Yeah and that and and is credibly since then new York stock. And I thought that was the giants turning it around at that point are going to be real fairly consistent ever the same after that game against Green Bay. -- poured everything into that I don't know but I don't know I don't -- anything about the Packers remain very under the radar you're right yeah Atlanta really but you. You can't chopped -- in the playoffs. Also it's NFC you know it's it's right now of people around your focus on the -- -- the -- what the fourth and certainly look -- -- -- tinkering based -- team. I'll be the bears are -- team at all I think Minnesota is is average at best to him in with a great running back and yet. I mean by around around here I think it's just about with a page in the playoff seeding I think people have. In don't know what to expect on the falcons I don't. What I don't I don't know what to expect -- I know that. Actually it felt good to have a -- I would expect from falcons to win order or lose this week of the once -- Have a bye we can lose the next game that's my expectation for his or something -- losing their -- here -- go and let's see. One -- some three seed right now Francisco foresee Washington. Washington hosts washing goes into Atlanta to be stuck the party treatment to Atlanta wanna play Afghan. I know I I would be stunned about -- gets focused on much in and the far right at all but what. It's it's that would be anywhere near the level the jets also obviously right now but -- I'm also not to get caught up -- what's happened in the past with Atlanta I know people like to do that. But I am not because of that the case the giants would have cake walked away the last three games. To a division title and now even though they're. They still have a shot they need more help than any other team to beat Dallas Chicago and Minnesota lose. And they have to win so I mean is it is very very slim chance judge made the playoffs of people because they've dug in the past. The last couple years are a couple times the last 45 seasons that it was automatically happen it's just doesn't work that way so. I know I'm not gonna say you can't say it's water -- with the Cincinnati Bengals always 03 as a head coach. Is it -- -- up the patent to play them in the first round is distinct possibility puff game. And it's I think it's more -- by the colts in the bank from page all sorts of and to me no question about Nowak in what was Dalton I mean as I -- -- dolphins and and his -- doesn't make it very quick thing that he does some things that are -- daily activities in these more -- some -- back here. As well but -- it was a huge step by in the race at last Friday thought it was the first time in -- I felt that it chance. What in Pittsburgh they did -- -- -- -- what thirteen to ten but that was it that was a huge. Win for them if you want to get an unaccustomed. What's government and there's again notable Roethlisberger picked audio problem the fourth quarter Roethlisberger. Do not regret his mouth last week about the -- -- not calling on the right plays and he screws up more like me. That game I -- believe after that pick not word one from Phil Simms so bad throw us with a bad people not to you right now nothing I was shocked he got a six upping your quarterback of the fourth quarter both -- right that the second straight -- he's -- team game it's now. -- absolutely it's it's it's. It's. I don't I don't understand -- because certainly he's had. This -- for Brady and Manning and Aaron Rodgers that stuff fighting guiding genetic I understand that but Ben Roethlisberger. -- a disgrace. We'll go to -- about two weeks ago and then. You mean because he -- game. Across America is terrible pick them in Denver pick of the Dallas -- week for the -- secret place now is terrible idea prosper awful and the cowboys shall have a chance when division which I -- -- they went with -- -- -- the best organized it and you value it's going to be. In the in the Washington hammered him on Thanksgiving night in Dallas. I wonder. I wonder what's gonna happen and you gotta figure it's going to be a close game I've got to figure -- public -- tomorrow and be competitive but. They just do things I mean is there any team more real -- this'll count that deal. They're not I believe we have Tony -- quarterback this cycle to -- it's easy to throw two of the worst in the that the terrace of the worst time. CNN the Redskins a -- but I agree to be close at that your really good son in nineteen yeah that's an obvious game it is the right thing clearly flexing that one. To go one should be a lot of fun to be points to the quarterbacks are fun to watch but yet again we talked about teams in history. You say well you can't bank -- do this you can't bank on this team that into before you just feel like -- stock when it came to physically never win those games and they just don't. Now they're bigger -- let me think about -- -- -- almost it would dump the Cleveland by weak points like him -- it's amazing -- -- -- position not that not that meant that even make the playoffs -- win the division and -- -- personal and and get home playoff game. Get sent home playoff game got. Oh that's good thing for them -- right loses its ability to play better on the road by. It's just it's it's just amazing just amazing. You see some of the games you know Seattle Saint Louis though that's that would show played lousy in Saint Louis early this year it was -- there. You you -- -- you think about how Miami beat Seattle in a few weeks ago if you if you slept. It's the league is crazy and tell him it's just it's just crazy abide really do feel. I will be interesting to watch this week one number and watches knocked out on Tom Brady because the last couple weeks -- -- on nine and seven respectively. He up popped a few times in another and that's sacked three times each of the last day we saw about golf five -- -- -- and finally right. In position it's still was interesting to see how the other objectionable tax and he's all right -- right back. Right exactly I thought services or get -- is against everybody that was surprise a physical Jackson was there more physical -- when I got to Brady hit him a lot I did not. Other pictures -- score million -- -- -- I mean it shocked at Becky was a stunner from it that there are going. Take care business blow them out in get out but he says he it's hard to predict week in week out. But I did not think that the Braves can be under fire a lot particularly hits and a surprising story line. That was and then you go back and -- do remember how Jackson played against Houston national lost additional one back into when they were up by double digits in that game and basically get familiar points ago they -- yeah that's -- -- -- -- game this game they did not. Now that's a quote it's not a Miami I mean Miami's ten -- -- through. 80% completions against Jacksonville to which -- cut this morning for what between 243. Win. There wasn't close via and these are about one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time Brady and you know that is united that is moments they had the worst two interceptions that. Go to a couple bus stop passers by hadn't -- -- moment struggling struggling against this this juggernaut all of our direct 31 -- -- or you know this. It's unbelievable but the interest -- about Jackson although -- before the game. For team is bad as they are that reckon they were plus one in the turnover ratio which -- -- 212 let's assume that that answer.

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