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The Red Sox get more pitching

Dec 26, 2012|

Pete and Kirk talk about the Red Sox ongoing moves and what the addition of Joel Hanrahan means for the Red Sox pitching staff.

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Back here however to the big shell beach Jeff Parker -- -- if the big go today and Michael Holley six was 77797937. We don't want like 617779. 3535. Lots on the table today with a Red Sox trade patriots in the Miami Dolphins. And also a very nice went by the Celtics. Yesterday afternoon so lots of talk about whatever is undermined its final of us. And here's John Howard ran -- up next here on the big joy Howard. -- recommitment debate in the words of thanks a lot can't. That my friend and about nine months. Interpreting and don't swell Howard how are you said I wanted to talk about the F patriots finished with a third -- no matter what. I'm hoping today and you'll beat Houston typical came back in the dark and and rocket came down how much -- -- again. That the patriots finished fourth I mean spot or edit them yup yup -- both -- -- for a strong eight and the pats beat Denver. And -- beat Houston and at the plate in Baltimore. Democrat in the way around that would have on give -- -- -- yeah so I think political recruits. What's along power it's a long way to go -- that -- -- -- again. Madison saint rep -- all the way but the the Jesse in the second seed -- chance. Jessica the second that he. Get the secretary that they want I think its second. Concede that they wanted to do that and look at the first. I really -- to -- the second seed just because of Bob bagged up they are right now and secondary public rock obviously it would be this -- and one of those years they really. Would benefit from an agreement the last four -- six Super Bowl winners have come from a non one or number two recede so. It's not it's not mandatory that they get -- I think this particular team this year are really like to see you happy -- at the one seed crazies it appears that the -- That -- -- -- right that's not likely but you know that. But I think -- if you -- -- I think your article for the best seat -- the B try to figure bonuses but it Donna auto and archer I agree play anybody you know he had planned to overcome the potential anyway. Login in all five and -- him in all five it didn't hurt and they play Jackson Boston Pittsburgh and right. Right and that played Denver in the fortunate to the ball five times in the game and characteristic of right or does. The other -- -- -- only you know -- would proceed and attachment so yeah juicy and checked the -- -- just got the projectile. Usually at the plate -- -- tensions are in the pats beat anyone wanted to play that game. Yeah obviously -- the big difference then. Was this team has a lot more upside. That I want seats are pretty. Randy really you don't really fear anybody -- -- open up an adult but I got a -- I think it was right I got that figure right after that 2005 team I think Ross say a man. -- -- bad really bad the big matchup much better against Jacksonville that tied the -- with the Steelers they did that seem to want to see those things are still attainable so it's just the difference -- -- and totally. Totally -- -- Tibet a -- here on the big Cherokee. -- You know you are -- I really love you -- show. Thanks I appreciate that Kirk's been part of it's I'm not really it's. And but it's something I got a question Gloria. It's important phenom offseason for. Red blooded. Baseball player I. And -- wondering what's happening during the winter these guys playing winter ball and so forth. But my main question for you. That you met -- context. Is that dumb we need starting rotation depth it's obvious if anyone in the Fargo down was glued. -- and I am wondering whether routine basis being I'm retooled as a starter. In Guatemala City is being is can it is being considered for that. Well its -- -- have started in the past I -- always on the team to be honest with you but you is that -- I still think there's a chance in my ago. At some point -- Lester book called stamps are -- do brought in if somebody gets dinged up maybe morale if you throw him in the area a thanks but as I've ever says it's you know. Look it's -- and if that relaxes. Yeah but sometimes -- let his emotions get the best of them. And doesn't throw the ball very well just like fair enough that with a fair on the hot stove show their few times piece it sounds like he's an advocate thumbs up. You know I actually don't know he's actually -- like he's an advocate of the seventieth so you know -- personal which makes him valuable politics listen. Out of our last and you can -- we're gonna last at the Oakland game but right guys are going to car and it's happened again. So you know I'm a bigger -- has -- -- -- -- but they -- as I understand it as best clearly he has. -- technical operation it's it's what 7779793767779. A seven under threesome texted to most of the worst Riddick will want to talk -- an aside that -- divers I didn't hear a news a couple of really messed with a view of the I would I would textile. You know he mixes it's it's it's that it will be interesting to see what happens with the service and Ferrero justice ever stories is one of those guys who upon. I don't care who the manager is. Page and click on -- just struggle Valentine is in trouble with everybody legacy now is it worse is that with. On this particular the team with this particular manager. And EB. Can he be valuable I mean is is it worth isn't worth keeping it. Him around -- to blow up and time again that's the idea you know him with this team in this manager what has a handle it -- there's no way. Browse delegates dep since washed like like a -- what is -- the Valentine negative part. That shows a lot of these guys think of Ferrell organization that they think he can handle this guy exciting at the -- different guy he might not be back -- the sevens as -- papers head screwed on right. In Ferrell and charged well he can help us if he doesn't the first time he screws up he's gone OK with that is cause that's what happens the first time he screws up he's gone. You would think that would be the case and but -- night but he screwed up several times last year especially towards the end immunity drugs can be on that -- how. You know. The Red Sox you know kept around I was relieved I was disappointed. With how that that'll yeah I would it was unfair to Bobby would happen and at that though and we had a well you dirty yellow that awful now -- handled awful mean -- like I said it's the can't get out of my head how we said the breaches ever said. The only. The only Jessica step ball included Bob Saltalamacchia out of the way Oakland just I'll never forget that you want baseball questions. Instead of drama questions and every time yes Bobby Valentine a baseball questions just debuted Smart ass. Obviously -- afternoon and it was one of those rare cases usually where it's seen much of the time the media knew more than manager about the lineup about. Who was her who wasn't -- it really was scary time question you go back and and think about some things that came out of his mouth is just instill even recently what's come out of his mouth and you just grass closing slightly to actually. App teams here for yeah feels like you mean how -- they hired at least -- this really about to happen. That happened he said this is really happening he's gone now and really hear it outside really manager of the Red Sox -- year he wants. It was incredibly he was and I thought he was caught a lot of slack early on -- for a lot of different and rightly so. In but the and the drama he brought himself forces yet whatever you think of John -- as -- manager and that's certainly up for debate certainly understandable. All the other stuff -- -- -- exist at least now be part of your -- life. As a Red Sox. Us into the guys cross over the -- in a -- -- gone through the but the numbers that are most disturbed by the touched on a big show is 2011. The average at two point one walks per nine innings and last year that ballooned to five point four walks. 29 innings and get -- home runs as well. You know five point four walks for closer ninety's that sucks or doesn't work that slot that's and you you've got the you've got a real problems closed in the Red Sox -- said today at the press conference -- -- he's the closer -- -- -- Bailey is no debate starting your -- closer. You get that guy year in some serious trouble now I think the Red Sox are banking on the -- from two years ago was a really good closers if you get that guy. You're in great shape it's a risk but again I think it's a risk it's worth taking a pristine -- abacus deal. -- I'm definitely after the deal is no question about it it's one that's probably be best electric they've made so far. With. Buehrle but got through from you know our yeah our yeah this dismantled the -- -- that habitable -- -- paper right now and write a number of looks looks real good. Hopefully the start pitching we'll have a lot of quality starts and be able to. You know utilize embolden the weights it's shaping up again. All the teams that I have no idea I have no idea Michaels to have Ortiz make the 450 at -- I still. Worry about that and you know I really don't worry about it all year long surely -- of -- not so I'm so much -- just hit in the back of first rates. It it'll be able to run well. -- the -- vs a year ago where. You know -- coming up a great year. Pedroia was healthier Ortiz was healthier you anything Gonzales. Thought you know Carl Crawford and come back and be good player. Is -- differences here this year you know I -- expectations can be as high rotation I think we will better the -- just passed and the -- have will be better. I can't -- out to be worse it and he does that put a Lackey all you want I I still I think Lackey. Is going to be up there to 1415 when I really do now he was even when they sucked a couple of years ago when he socked right. And you want fortunate -- the games the area was still around five wasn't it is a 46. However -- was much better in team. That built them out to a lot of games Kutcher a run support that I got title of this war and this team. This is you know or the or least. He doesn't -- -- for two years ago for -- -- -- about it in the top have been the top of everything offered to category in the top three for. The last you know six or seven -- yeah it's 2003 day basis and we've been consistently been at the top of the leaderboard almost every single offensives that leading the league in many -- offensive categories and that's probably about the that's about the change big time but I would gladly sacrifice some of that if we -- the starting pitching proceeds are crystal balls and they'll get some decent or better than decent starting pitching at the civic and that's what that bullpen. You know they'll be able to you know that to win 92 every game Natick and went for. Do not mean this in open -- or are quirky and bad years and figure him relievers are tough to. To predict but right now this looks like a good bullpen irritation is good I mean that's how you get ta get to -- 8687 wins and I think. If things go right for this team they could get there. He'll play the concerns we still I'm still not convinced he won't be traded before the start of the season is Jacoby Ellsbury and still not entirely 100% in Boise and ago. Well where's it gonna go -- like he did last year and it's the midpoint -- what -- do not agree but I'm saying right now let's just say -- of the Red Sox appear in the critical real very. -- -- The team -- a trade -- Like it could be -- -- you can you do if it -- to think you can get for him and right now obvious salvage his trade value is all that high. You know no it's not obvious it's not that's one of the tricky things that -- briefing is tough because we're. You know are -- say the questions I was indict the -- excellent goal for the year lose them -- -- -- okay. But can they do better than I mean I wanted -- other -- we treated you know fairly and wanna do they try to move the -- last year at the deadline they're trying to move Jacoby Ellsbury. They're trying to trade him the question is can they get all these starting pitching back and it sounds like it's the only thing began to take back story which I understand legacy chip that can bring it. If Roberta back a couple of years ago than I've received a different story but I just I think that was more an aberration but it does that Pete -- gone anyways -- that's 26870. Mental -- it for a while but there were pieces about the ultimate talk about the ultimate half. -- glass half full. How about two Kobe has close to what he was two years ago then Ortiz. It's hot again early on. The pitching is pretty good that there in contention. For the one of wild card spot to report to the playoff spot in general. What do you do you can't trailer door and then what he did you can't trade and currency that. Get a -- -- even if that doesn't happen I mean it's gonna be hard to sell the fan base. Did they remove Ellsbury is it going to be in the mix I think you know. Probably by the deadline no matter what your listings or crazy wrong committed a couple of games sec while you would imagine it's hard not to. So we gonna move Ellsbury that's you tell the fancy -- no we're not to work the season's over. It is -- punting the season presumably if you trade expert who's gonna give up on the season. These fans are forking over on the money pretty seats as much as any of baseball -- giving up policy and that's the thing -- this Ellsbury so many layers at this deal. It's a -- really tough on my guess is he plays a whole year and he walks and get a pick back. And this on today with the and the -- which -- and ran. You know he's he he's a free agent after the season. Now is a free agent after 2013. And Al to -- about your day that this is there clear sign to him anyway. That they are quote unquote you know really going for. And yes the payroll -- -- 171 million looks like to go for until you see who exactly is on their payroll and you know. Don't have -- bought keepsake bright anything is possible with the starting pitching but. As you said UGQ get the feeling this is a 171. Million dollar team I mean that's a team that should be contending absolutely no brainer. Four. Four World Series championship and -- this team we're talking about a 171 million dollar payroll right that maybe be a 500 team. Best -- a crazy thing 175 million dollar deal right now right now you know probably maybe up. In nobody. Nobody realistically thinks his -- shot. The point were answers with the 175 million dollar before the person in its targets guys who've been left over it's pretty dramatic overhaul this team. It's so nobody UN considers this he going 95 games be craziness. At the hundreds of nine million bucks. And as we said we can you can look back -- Baltimore local last year and Emery said the same thing surely thought that was gonna happen and certainly this case like that -- sports all the time. And I must say cap with a rats and that's why. I had the people who gold stream the other way they suck and that does have very they're -- it means they're gonna we're 69 to be worse last year -- not distribute 500 team. While they're 500 team this year. That means they get decent starting pitching in my opinion they're they're they're kind of back contractor can I do think I'm -- -- like I had to halt the Webster's in the dollar grosses. Are gonna come around -- for this team on the other guys in a book arts and Jackie Bradley those those type of players. You know you could see two or three years from now this team being very hopefully -- don't talk all -- all prospects of windows which were knows. And you've got to believe not all of them go ahead and Alberto. Iglesias and farmland all these guys to be good to can be bad. But you're saying this year you -- around 500. Many different next year is it pretty much the same team you know Ellsbury probably gone. Doctor be better next -- is victory that was going to be -- -- that you -- -- the starting pitcher to me it's all about that started pitching might end up being better next year if Webster -- Rosa both make the team they are as good as advertised and again prospects we don't know. You gotta figure all these great prospect -- -- here for the rest until the names you know I just mentioned. They're not all gonna hit they never do -- never they never do very rarely. Server always talk what Jackie Bradley junior read your phone calls OC -- we talk about nobody knows Jackie Bradley cheers and you know I appreciate -- Ellis -- not MVP -- -- -- he's got at all 52 player. And was -- player -- -- you're ready you do well that -- Burks -- army just you just never know that's my point how do we hear about Iglesias. Oases to glee season and he's only twenty when he -- -- -- -- shorts up right now looks a guy can hit the major leagues so you don't.

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