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It's the post-Christmas gift recap

Dec 26, 2012|

Pepe and Kirk are in on the Big Show today, they talk about the Celtics-Nets game, the Red Sox moves and a little about Patriots-Dolphins.

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Oh ho ho yo -- don't show. Survived another Christmas survived another holiday season -- -- New Year's but so far -- to base giving Christmas or. Marco or wants or whatever. Survived once again. -- did you -- -- -- -- lower court did today for the big go and Michael Holley and the big show merry belated Christmas to you -- your friendly. -- LP a -- I'm fine how are your Christmas protest that viewers. It was okay it was okay. Was okay well you know my family. But everything Eric is a lot of kind of media feuds going on now we've arrived at -- -- with my -- I probably shouldn't talk this but. Well you know you're -- now you're gonna say my mom's. Sister I guess we -- on. Is on the -- Israel first Christmas she was not invited many house Christmas. Those sort of that drama my grandmother turned us all that was -- on them at the end of Damon reports on Harrison. Huge fever -- all kidding aside temperature 103 point eight. So we taken the which has hospital last night for ball four hours or mine is okay now is a lot better got some eyes and we would take -- -- sort of one of those. This secret trying to get to. Drums not for me from me I usually try to get away from Adam on the holidays but it it does it crop up sometimes is that when I leave -- because Simpson. In about a -- freaking. Now she's she's -- are well. So there's that but yeah I -- I think a lot of families have that that Beckett stands of those two stands at type moment yes not the George just in the moment seat Franken a stealth yes. Yes and now we're George looks up because. -- Cuba and because I advocate does that but now what was the I was a big gift which again. Ought to go a lot of nice things in -- real breakthrough on that some ago avenger -- nice and a South Park a boxer shorts. It's great you know apartment slippers. Aria and a good stuff and put it up dot -- doctor Dark Knight rises. Got a lot of nice side knew what we're -- jacket new wuss and insurers and I just that nice stuff Sox. But don't but the -- indeed there are ultimately nice new remote control holder. That's nice that's that's Trent that's nice -- that's a good accurate Camaro that's all evocative of up like that sugar free -- collective agreement between the united Mormon. In the pockets of money. -- thought they go up there you go got a lot of I dug up what it was your biggest. Yeah nice jacket nice project help him as a fueled the debt sort of starts slipping away beam forks about the kids okay jacket a couple of shirts. A couple of nice gift cards yet knows it was it was saw I was I was -- solid B -- B plus it sets. Excellent excellent and again the worst part is going to them augment -- all -- shop around you know -- people just a moment and stuff from. Doctor drew up to control on what Daniel looking for the knew what time did you'd possibly an apartment spot you find it. You find the one guy with it takes for some guy by himself at our age. It does 45 minutes when you get your card actually polo backwards afford -- that its members of these people are doing. -- -- values -- I blue water -- why aren't going to do a check in the phone messages right then the checking it out bonuses in the dorm FaceBook right now leaving the market intelligence that's ridiculous. In cigarette yeah it's -- sad. -- yeah it's it's great to. Well up lots to talk about today we needed to the Red Sox assaults in the patriots are which reputed to -- that's not -- -- obviously in just the so disgusted -- -- talking about the UB Mitchell walk go over it whatever you -- call. By basis that I don't think it's going to be season if it's a -- -- -- four game season it's gonna suck anyway. Up but let's get into it's just we'll start of an excellent start with the Celtics a little bit OPEC and after the match a lot of 430. -- -- -- -- And the second I just I wanted to touch themselves yesterday at the bank WB 2:3 o'clock just definitely got to watch the whole selves and -- at home and and enjoy it. In a months ago not 11 win does not a season make as I was telling me in and then immigrant regarding the cross over but. Certainly a positive step in the right direction solid basketball win and one of the one of the best -- probably -- they beat the clippers. At home whenever once a month and a half ago whenever that was. What a solid road win for the Celtics yesterday and impressive that they did it without pierce and Garnett have. Big games let's opinion point rate -- dispel any points so yeah when you watch the game was actually entertain. For change its -- of -- -- is -- -- for the last month they went they played really well let's say it's there yet you said the clippers brother best once since then. That's why the best of us have seen a place it's at Oklahoma City. In viral yet but I would say. -- -- Oklahoma City -- and here we have quite put their right to political. You know you can jump up and down over December 5 maneuvering that's it was okay. -- a good solid basketball win and he may get the -- you softness TP haven't seen this year. Was a defensive team and that was the defense you used to seeing results haven't seen it yet really consistently -- yesterday that that was kind of my take. No I totally agree I totally agree was licensee. And as you know it's ultimately I think soldiers to be the steal a Villa of the draft. Gregory saw you know a big flash -- did yesterday how he played I thought he was terrific I thought he was aggressive. Love that. Almost Kurt Rambis type of file not quite as dramatic way that it I was there -- they -- so -- physical follow. Such a screenplay author of the best overall Alabama is okay happens Eric Terry rebound from an awful game you have played pretty well yeah. Rather it you know Rhonda was okay and -- again -- haven't. You watch the nets and I just siblings and dog yeah I just feel like he's on these guys that don't like -- is nets team out -- two and one of the playoffs. But they want the road by the good defensive game out what it would have. That's been shot 40% -- the goods sold like you said road win. You know the way maybe it's a building is something maybe they win six -- 77 -- Vick had to wait this team to do kind of rip off. Yeah and I think it if you know with Avery Bradley on the on the media. Just about ready to come back I think its commitment advocates -- He'll make a difference and have not want to me no one placement wave -- magic -- analysts on the team's gonna you know because that one player went fifteen out of sixteen games and if it can happen but. I do think it's unfair start judging team to go crazy one way or the other this -- the crystal with. It's it's early in the season and and do with this big threes on the stats -- was in The Herald a 1413 it's their worst start. The first 47 games of this new Big Three era. But I still when he read too much of that because liquid well a lot of other sports talk about the second half -- -- policy after Thanksgiving with basketball to me. It's after the all star break I mean you look at what. But however these next three games coming up the Celtics are absolutely. It's brutal schedule tomorrow night at the clippers on TNT this article that states. Which they are going to rely well. Of the young NBA their their 73. And -- -- Sacramento to you know should be elected should be but you never dealt you know on the back -- -- -- -- -- and a third and out on the West Coast you'd never know what can happen but -- certainly. By the clippers went fourteen in a row they're 21 of six and I have been and. I think they come back -- first game is against Memphis so I mean efficacy that you said its three games four games stretcher and it's that's. 21213 it's a matter in May with the kidneys for insurance can be a test to see -- do here. Tomorrow biopic of the clippers will be fun watching Golden State has been terrific this no question in the -- in the Memphis and going back and many times not as a sub for any NBA team and offer seems into a decent road trip especially well on the West Coast. Is going to be it's that first came back and almost always top one also -- seems like it is historically out this team. Too early to judge good or bad I mean if they were you know 1012 games or 500 it's still give you pause. Buy you a positive way I don't think they're gonna be Miami to play answers I just don't think that beating of the years and nothing has changed my mind now. But this idea is a -- figure out 500 dollar yours stretch we'll just wait and see that this. No I agree who were long where we're playing Miami media house and get their great Easter Roberts while long way away but it was it was a good I thought hopefully a positive step in the right direction -- -- for thirty. To join us some will be on LeBron to -- rest of the week so and again into what we on him tomorrow. As usual spot here and fictional. Anyway to four -- 617779793761777. Night seven under threesome will have. They live 11 -- again at 6177793535. Detects a 37. -- 937. -- patio is -- is off today. So it was a it was anti write as often as well they're good for them and so one of the -- it was it wasn't today. Craig Oak -- into that rhetoric president not so good forty gonna do get one good I want you. So the social on table. Couple hours ago or an hour and a half ago the trade and everybody knew was gonna happen finally happened with a Red Sox yet. Jill Hanrahan and also Brock -- second baseman shortstop from the Pittsburgh Pirates bandits and mark the Lansing and is the legitimate though Jerry sands and the bonding pacers to the pirates yeah you know thrilled chilled out don't you know. I'll say this about -- He's gone after two guys -- closers. And both of -- so -- -- we just traded away again and you guys into -- who she receives here a couple of times and hasn't worked out now if he's at his best. I think it's a good trade and I think it look at this team right -- PP one direct their strengths to look for them it's their bullpen. Right now no way obviously is their bullpen but listen -- and had control issues last year. If it's a -- or -- the commerce sort of one Euro liar I don't know but that's the -- -- thing that would give you some pause but. This I think it's a risk worth taking that on Saturday with them on the field with a cancerous or are his we're. It is a risk worth taking I think and and all these moves they've done. Except maybe this one are all ones that -- expect the names throughout the -- we talked about is that that I expected. Now you can argue whether they overpaid which I think they did many at all obviously not hugely. But those are the names I expected them to go after I I don't know what people's expectations work. It's -- because we did shows that the embassies and together. People were saying baseball or talking about let you know we don't we are expecting any big time names right Doug Josh Hamilton it would really -- on one -- that was. Paid me I might apart and got into winning that -- happened you know Eddie Griffin did happen I don't wanna fight enemy does -- -- really disagree with Glen when I was out and he -- repaid in five years and I I wouldn't of our. They expect a distinct yet to be fair about it and that's what popped him in the position you're in the first place in America get -- -- -- dodged again and -- -- get bailed -- and I start making. It also if they do that they signed Josh Hamilton a five year deal. They start treading where prospects that you have charity being consistent about -- discipline stuff that starts at what's going on organizational. That's how the and I agree it would not given him the fibers of the game three years or whatever you want it basically it within reason but -- in the. I'm wondering what people expected him expected. You know the victim -- and the dancers the -- the Ross as those names we talked about at the end of the season. As a possibility swisher was nova guy that I thought. I Silva gets mistaken and get him especially but. I that I -- you know when when -- signs of Arizona. For that money. And Ross 26 million for three years when he make three million last year why would you nearly tripled this salary is he worth that. To triple this hour the question here's the quite cigarettes are to Smart and that threat outside him for 26 million dollar. I read were robbed. Bradford wrote that you -- you know Red -- Parker got for 2122. The question is you want Jonny Gomes had two. Two years five million per year mark Cody Ross at three years seven per year of their conversation is -- it is a -- edit drop rather have roster jamming up worlds on command exactly Ross. But victory over thirteen million a year. Even billion dollars ridiculous victory in the ridiculous so you know I but I'll say this -- the rest I don't like heavily victory is a good sign it don't Dempster makes me nervous but. What they've done as everybody said it's been three years they've not gone crazy with these contracts in terms of years so understand their their plans seems to be. You roll over this next generation of guys a lot lot of water pressure on -- in these next guys all these prospects we've heard about a million times worked out they don't think that's it for. That's sort gonna be is. The thing he's gonna have to hang out. Yeah I just don't -- what are the expectations of Red Sox -- corporate Sox nation -- into this season I'm sorry if it's if it's anything. Beyond them. Being around apartment run a 500 market and that that can still be competitive for the second wildcard spot within five or six games I don't know what more can ask for next year. Is it -- what I -- -- the -- Jordan a 41 -- call this was not the year to go out and sign. You know of the just wasn't great -- clubhouse -- I wasn't Ellis adding -- and is no. -- jumped out actually younger guys to put December's under some control -- I don't see. You know maybe they going to to a needy the foreign seventy that is like 45 this after work out Ellsbury I'd be as good as it was two years or how to close that. Lester asked to bounce back. Buckles has to be good all year the ball has to be right guys have David Ortiz has to be healthy a lot of things have to work -- -- to those things don't work out. And and the three things that really have to work out as we talk talk about what time if it's Lackey. Buckles and and Lester yeah those three have to be. You don't really good but I just had to get to an -- at a faster I I agree investor that's a year ago in the same conversation with some different names but you're right I mean these guys all have to be good if not. I'm sure this team contends announcing a jive they signed Josh chemical -- some -- you wanted from 45 years of big box. Doesn't matter if is that is that really gonna it's gonna bring it to the ballpark if Lester and Buchholz and wacky and -- and Demps or if there's growing up I had I had I buy that argument but the ones I mean if you're talking with moderate on this particular team -- going into this year and at that that's signing this year with this particular team my best not store. You know make guys that exhibit is just bad timing pass of the Campbell that the guy you bring in right now there's just too many questions give him five years. Listen -- forget the other stuff forget forget the the personal issues he has given his age is an injury stuff to Josh Hamilton's hurt. In a year and half and his contract on the hook for four more years in 25 million dollars a year per that's that's. But serious stuff it's it's a guide you should just it's better for the resurrected stayed away. I'm sure is that two or three great years and Anaheim good luck to -- the right move not to sign obviously the right move not to go you're Greinke was just an offseason that big -- free agents don't work for the state. I keep hearing people call in all the different shows some people went in there and there really thought I had people still are upset. About and I kept saying I keep scratch and I don't what what he wanted to do. What other what names out there did you expect them to get -- -- get one argue about overpaying that's different argument that's different right and will agree with you Doug Garrett -- -- -- -- I'll agree with -- yeah I just don't know. Realistically the expectations for me. Were they are going to be about a 500 team next year. And hope we stay within 456 games in the second while -- -- -- that's I don't know how we can expect anything other than that now we can talk about what ball mortem last year. We can talk about what the open date did last year certainly those kind of situations -- happen I'm not. I'm my and also not looking and crystal ball say they're going to be disasters they -- and have no chance of winning anything I think that's foolish from people go the other extreme as well. You have guys who if there if they're good in its not ridiculous to think that Lester. -- colts and it's a dumpster forget Lackey for second -- three guys are good if there'll good mixture. I'll definitely be on the bullpen with a pretty good life should be OK it's easy to make a case to get the Red Sox 586. Wins but again 7273. When. Is also easy to do you say listen but Lester pitches like he did last year -- -- buckled gets injured -- crazy. When Pedroia hurt -- the -- teases her with these bullpen guys -- that having good years. Have bad years so it's it's it's it's going to be interesting thing as bad as they were last year as you forget September as bad as they were last year. At the deadline they were what 22 and a half games it's like a wild card it's hard it's hard to be in the mix that's the other thing nobody and -- -- walk arm except. I'd be able to at least for a little while at least for a little while and who knows and if the before it is we talked about. It's Somalia to get the fifteen wins -- -- notes I mean anything it's it's not impossible. I think it's unlikely. That all four average around fifty wedding it's unlikely. I -- yeah what a bigger keys to see how Lester rebounds from his and poverty obviously is worst season that's what Ferrell has its brokers are -- here rate. What's next the -- that he didn't part of those guys are very degrees in the Ferrell so I can bar gets straightened out -- little -- if he can't get -- rather -- the bullpen is really. A slow defied billion -- still not sure what you're doubting him I don't know because he was awful often mostly -- specific. South Park character here boxer shorts or is a sort of a -- has already has all the guys that's all I like despite efforts that was that is that the with a mustache that stands there. Yeah as a tiles after a -- -- idea understands that he's come -- favorite character -- Yeah he's he's interest in these are random dash these interest and yet he has that metro sexual good. He's got that. Attack that. -- -- Our vote of 6177797937. Other we -- like 61777. I 3535 text that 379370. -- At the ship three to six as well and that Europe -- which is Tino Pete that. At her commitment -- men okay -- -- I -- but don't what is your avatar you have on your -- Your room your avatar in your room. -- or president Franklin Pierce. I believe it is a BC it is SE Thomas Howell from the original -- -- policy the fact they remade read on his embarrassment. Should be assisting -- Should leave the godfathers the cast of blockers in the red council -- on even though. While we while Buffalo's. Off. I check out my answer to remain at the worst remake -- I've seen so far one of the worst of Bryant's long. I was an adorable our little I'm Omar -- the I I I advocate there was that is just awful it is just awful -- I cried it was awful. I know you as a bad remake was the dignity shot for shot cycle. Austrians in direct and always has no gas in order pizza yeah and Asia as yeah in the jail Judy it was an ominous it was that makes it's almost always -- -- exactly -- -- Archive Pfeiffer and unemployed. Bright people but I bet -- -- right I was absolutely. Awful who. -- may. Edit it and and the guys played George palace -- just insists. Ridiculously. Not believable and try to do -- on the same dialogue is first what's a remake it's -- original. We have three hours and forty minutes of the maybe gonna steal -- -- would -- -- by the trailers no I don't buy a cup and all of -- don't do it second -- its interest. It does look at -- a couple richer while the lack of the remake of the remit the Christopher Reeve and -- the last one. But the which was like a -- a year ago Arnold terrible with Kevin Spacey yes all of the killer super it was not bad. He was -- was OK the movie was bad and I have been I have I am concerned about this the -- I don't know its looks OK Ross approached a -- to row Kevin -- in England for real neighborhood you can doubted that -- the holidays you know.

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